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Wisdom of the Council: It’s All Good News!

Wisdom of the Council: It’s All Good News!

We are so pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you all on this fine and glorious day indeed. We bring you good news. We bring you news of momentum and forward motion in areas of your life that may have felt stagnant, stuck, or unfulfilling. 

You have been through many planetary shifts. Often, we do not talk deeply about what is going on in what you might call the ethers, sort of say. We remind you always that everything is happening for you, everything is supporting you, everything is always working out for you. So at no time are there things outside of you that are controlling you or intentionally trying to harm you or keep you in an awful-feeling place.

No matter what is going on in the sun and the moon and the stars, you always have the opportunity to choose the highest level of consciousness, which will allow you to maintain a vibration that is an alignment to a state of joy, alignment to a state of peace, alignment to a state of love and abundance, and then you get the incredible, magical support from time to time of planetary positioning and energies and all sorts of flow that comes through certain times that really provides incredible momentum for rapid transformation, rapid manifestation, and new levels of creation.

You are entering into a very, very, very creative time, a time of creation, and we want to remind you that true creation has no agenda. It is just the manifestation of pure love within you and all around you in whatever form is of the highest and best good. 

You may have felt—coming off of the last few days, few weeks, even few months, even with this last year—you may have felt very stuck, very isolated, very sedentary in your day-to-day life, and you’re going to see that change at a very rapid pace. Are you ready? Are you ready to embrace all that you have been creating? Are you ready for the manifestation and the birthing of all that you have been creating?

For many of you in the northern hemisphere you are coming into springtime. You are starting to see the shift in the days getting longer, in the days getting warmer, and you’re looking forward to this time of blossoming and blooming. And whenever you’re hearing this message and wherever you are on the planet you can choose and decide that the time of blossoming and blooming is happening for you. 

There’s been so much resistance in your world, especially over the last few months and in the last year. You have been navigating through the time of Covid and the coronavirus, which we said about a year ago to you was all about bringing balance to systems, bringing balance to your system, up-leveling everything in your life such that you find balance in a new, upgraded, up-leveled system, a biological system, energetic system. All the fields of electromagnetic energy that support you have gone to another level. Everything is up-leveling. And it didn’t matter what event it was that allowed you all to come into a next level of experience and upgrade your system and find balance at a new level of momentum, but all was happening for you, we assure you.

Now you’re going to see, very quickly you’re going to see life open up to you, opportunities open up to you, things that you have desired begin to show up seemingly overnight, but we assure you it has not been overnight—although there is no time and space like you experience it from our perspective. You experience delays. You experience this idea that you’re going through a calendar year—the circle of a day and a night, the sun rises and the sun sets, circular motion, a calendar going around, going through the calendar, going around, the planet orbiting, the planet orbiting around the sun, and you see all of this as a circular orbit. But you are in the center of this orbit, this force field of consciousness that is you, and there are all sorts of things orbiting around you. And through vibration, through frequency, through consciousness, through energy, through this force field that is you, you begin to draw more and more and more into your orbit. And you can feel it orbiting around you. You might not be able to see it yet, but you’re going to start seeing it really, really, quickly move into your experience. And again, we ask you, are you ready to embrace all that you have created? 

You begin to feel things in your orbit. You are a force field of consciousness made up of particles of infinite creation that are always responding to you. That is all the potential and the possibility that is orbiting around you. Relationships, opportunities, resources, money, ideas, inspiration. Potential and possibility are everywhere. 

And so, as you focus, as you come into higher states of consciousness, you begin to move that energy into form. The ultimate formula for creation: consciousness moves energy into form. You have all this potential and possibility orbiting around you, and for many different reasons, but the best we can give you is just divine right time. You don’t control the divine right time, and others don’t really control the divine right time. 

So many of you are living at such heightened levels of consciousness and awareness, really, really following the energy, letting the light guide the way, showing up, seeing how it feels, and letting yourself come to a place of clarity and certainty and choicelessness through your confidence in yourself to show up, see how it feels, follow the energy, let the light guide the way, and trust that what you need will be there when you need it, and trust that in the meantime everything is always happening for you and working out for you and moving towards you in the divine right time, in the divine right way. And sometimes there are gifts that you would miss out on, magical things, miracles, extra special blessings that come in divine right time

You’re never going to be able to figure that out. You’re never going to be able to control that. You’re never going to be able to demand through focusing in such a way that you think you can force energy into certain manifestations to happen your way. You may be able to do that to some extent, but it’ll never feel very good to you. And the only way that you would even want to do that or reason you would want to do that is where you are is not where you want to be, which would mean that you’re creating a gap, which would mean that you’re holding yourself in lack, limitation, separation or judgment of yourself or another or the situation as not right, therefore wrong, therefore it will not feel very good to you. 

So, there’s no need for all of that. You could trust in the divine right time. Are there answers sometimes in the position of the sun and the moon and the stars relative to you and your planet that have things to do with divine right time? Yeah. But they are all of you, not outside of you, and your human just does not have the full picture or the grander perspective or the highest level of awareness that all is happening in the highest and best good. But oh, when it starts to move into place for you and you start to feel that rapid manifestation and you start to really feel that momentum and things start to fall in place so perfectly, seemingly overnight, you say, ‘Hallelujah, amen, thank you,’ and just open up and allow and receive and let it come to you because that is how you know it is the divine right time, the divine right way. And you can remind your magnificent humans that you are never forgotten, the universe is always conspiring in your favor and in your highest good, and your soul, your higher self is always out ahead of you orchestrating things on your behalf that are so beyond what you could even think to ask for. 

We told you we had good news. There is nothing here for you but good news. And you don’t have to have the idea or the belief or the judgment that there is bad news to have good news and then more good news, and maybe just maybe you choose that forevermore it’s all good news because it’s all happening for you and you know. But this is especially good. This is especially exciting. This is an especially fun time for all of you. You’re going to feel very supported. You’re going to feel a lot of really high vibrational energy supporting you that you’re going to integrate into your experiences that will continue to up-level your experiences, and it’s just going to be a little easier. 

Your human’s going to want to try to understand why. And so the answer that we would give to please your wonderful humans would be that you’ve been preparing for this. You’ve been preparing for this. Just like seasons. You come into certain seasons knowing that the grass is going to grow, and the buds are going to bloom and the days are going to get longer and the days are going to get warmer and you’re going to start seeing new life all around you, new beginnings, new life, creation. 

There is a law of gestation in physical form. Now, that doesn’t mean the complete manifestation of your desire isn’t here all the time. You are creating your reality, but some of the things that are consciousness moving energy into form take a little time to come into perfect form. And you wouldn’t want it to happen any sooner because there are beautiful pieces coming together, and they’ve been coming together. 

And for a lot of you you’re going to feel like it’s been a whole year that you’ve been in these magnificent cocoons waiting to witness the freedom within your transformation and the beauty of your creation, and now is that time. You can choose that you are in a reality that is very different than what you’ve experienced in the past. 

Many of you talk about ascension. You hear us talk about realization. And another term often used is enlightenment. Ascension, enlightenment, realization. And so, you come into realization by integrating every part of you. Realization is to really come into the awareness that you are not this separate soul separate from this what you call personality, or some of you call ego, and all these different fragmented aspects of you that you deny and doubt and reject or are ashamed of. 

It is about coming to a place where you realize that what you ultimately are is a force field of consciousness. You are consciousness that is not limited to the body. The consciousness that creates worlds. The consciousness that focused you into this world. You are consciousness conscious of everything within all of creation. You are conscious that you are the Isness of All That Is. And while your brain might not be able to understand or explain that, there’s something inside of you that can feel that. 

We also talk about you being multidimensional. So, you’re this force field of consciousness expressing in multiple different dimensions of consciousness and reality. There’s so much more to you than you could ever imagine yourself to be. And all that is simply asked of you is to allow it. Not try to figure it out, to allow it, not doubt it, not deny it.

Realization: the integration of every part of you. To not deny any part of you, to not doubt any part of you, to not reject any part of you, to not be ashamed of any part of you, to come into the fullness and the wholeness and the completeness of all that you are in this expanded force field of consciousness that is you, and then focus, truly focus the holographic images that you project into this force field of consciousness because that is what the particles of infinite creation that are always responding to you, that’s what they are taking direction from, that is what they’re reacting to, in perfect harmony, wanted or unwanted. 

Enlightenment: to come into the light, to come into oneness with the light, with Source, with God. Again, you don’t have to create the experience of darkness and reject the former parts of you or deny the former parts of you or doubt any part of you to come fully into the light of all that you are. And then you find yourself even beyond enlightenment in this what you might call beingness. You have moments of this. An enlightenment experience is certainly transformational, but you don’t reach enlightenment without a level of practice, especially when it’s easy to find the place of total stillness and presence in the moment where all is known. 

You know you’ve reached a level of enlightenment because you know everything is perfect just as it is. All is well because all there is is the moment. All that exists is the moment. This moment, that’s all there is. Just this moment. It’s here, and it’s now, and it is all you, and the whole universe is within you, and you are within it all. Enlightened.

And then there is ascension. You talk about wanting to ascend to higher levels. Higher levels of what? Higher levels of consciousness, which bring you into higher levels of reality. And then you start to entangle a bit with judgment of whether that’s in form or not in form or in this earth or in that earth. And we know we bring to you a lot of information about this thing you call the New Earth, or we call the New Earth, or the 5th Dimension or Heaven on Earth. 

We want you to understand that there are states of consciousness beyond what you have experienced in most of your life that are available to you. Do these places need a name? Do you have to knock on the door and know exactly where it is, the name of where it is you’re going or what dimension it’s in? No. But your human brains find that fascinating, and it gives you a perspective of more that’s possible, which is a wonderful thing. 

Ascension is—from this level of awareness that all of you are in no matter where you are on this journey—ascension is about two things. You will know that you are coming into ascension, Number 1, when you no longer have a story that includes you being victimized, less than, tarnished, having failed, feeling shame, or having any animosity whatsoever towards any other in your life. 

Ascension is only possible when you go beyond your story, which is why for most people ascension is a curiosity, not an experience. It’s available to all, of course. But most barely get through transformation because as you go through the 4th Dimension of transformation, which is realizing—you ask the question ‘Who am I?’ and you begin to realize you’re not your circumstances and you’re not your conditions, where in the 3rd Dimension of consciousness you believe you are—

The 3rd Dimension of consciousness, the state of consciousness based on an experience of separation, a lower vibration, a lower frequency, which moves you into a level of density where you experience separation. Separate from each other, separate from Source, separate from God. In that there’s right and wrong. There’s good and bad. There is prejudice and injustice and pain and suffering and lack and limitation and struggle and fear. And there’s nothing wrong with any of this because it is understood that what you are is consciousness experiencing yourself in a lower dimension or an experience of density. 

When you start asking the question ‘Who am I?’ and you realize you’re not your circumstances and you’re not your conditions and that you can change them, you begin to move into the 4th Dimension of consciousness where you start to look to heal, you start to look to fix, you start to look to change, and you attract to you all sorts of incredible modalities and tools and teachers and things that help you to transform. 

You find you have a pain in your body, and you realize that you’re not the pain, that maybe the pain is coming from an emotion, and you can fix the emotion or change the emotion or heal the emotion and fix and change and heal the body. And it’s a wonderful thing. But many of you get stuck in this dimension of transformation for all your lifetimes because you’re constantly looking at what is wrong with you, what needs to be fixed in you, what needs to be healed in you, what needs to be changed in you, and then you are constantly in a state of judgment, entangled in these lower dimensions of consciousness, because you’re trying to fix the other, you’re trying to change the other, you’re constantly trying to heal the other and yourself. 

Now, there are many extraordinary teachers, messengers, healers, wayshowers, guides on this planet that are deeply in a level of innocence and impeccableness, that the pure light flows through them, and incredible healing occurs. Many of you are healers, and we honor your love for humanity and the animals and the planet and your desire to bring healing to the world. And we say that you cannot give what you do not have. So, as you heal yourself you contribute to the healing on the planet. As you love yourself, you can contribute to the love on the planet. As you raise your own vibration, you contribute to the raising of the vibration of the planet. And there’s yet another dimension of consciousness that’s available to you. 

The 5th Dimension or another level of ascension invites you into pure love, pure oneness while still being individuals, where your wellbeing and abundance is assured, where you are so much more powerful than you’ve ever known yourself to be in physical form. But this takes going beyond judgment. 

Now, there is observation, there is discernment, there is clarity. Judgment is where you still move yourself into separation from Source, the lack of Source, a limitation because there’s not enough Source or God or light or the Divine or energy or consciousness or whatever you want to call it for you to experience or for the other to experience the perfection of the moment. 

Judgment always keeps you entangled in the constant need of transformation. There is nothing wrong with this, but many of you are asking about ascension. And in order to move into ascension you need to go beyond the story of what still needs to be fixed and what’s wrong and what needs to be changed and what needs to be healed. You realize that you elevated your consciousness to a level that the stories are just not there anymore—the stories of your childhood, the stories of your exes, the stories of your mistakes, the stories of your failures. You don’t identify with what you’ve been through because you remember who you really are. So, you notice that stories just aren’t really there anymore, and you’ll notice that you have elevated your entire experience such that there’s almost no recall at all of anything other than love. 

Now, if you’ve had a past trauma and suffering and pain and you continue to talk about it in this moment, in those moments that you’re in the old story you’re not allowing the new energy because you are recreating through your recall old energy patterns and frequencies that you’re in in this moment instead of allowing the new energy and new consciousness and new frequencies that are here for you, especially now. 

And so how badly do you really want your story? Why do you cling so tightly to your wounds, your pain, your failures, where you were victimized? Why do you identify with that as who you are when you know that you are God, you are Source, you are the Divine, you are the I Am That I Am, you are Creator within your own creation? What do you get from holding yourself in an old story? 

Well, then people won’t understand what I’ve been through. They just don’t know how tough I’ve had it. You’re fighting for your limitation. Because that person really did abuse me. You’re fighting for your limitation. Well, I really did suffer a lot to get here. You’re fighting for your limitation, which will just hold you in a state of experiencing limitation, and then there’s a lack of power, love, joy, peace, harmony, abundance, freedom, all the things you really want. 

So, yes, you can honor your journey for as long as you wish to do so, but you’re going to come to a place either in form or in the moment you release the density of the body and transition back into the nonphysical consciousness, which is the majority of what you are. Your story’s going to be gone in that moment anyway, and yet your journey will still be honored. 

You can continue to cling to the false identity of who you were, or you can see and experience what’s possible for you in your reality when you embrace fully who you really are. There’s not one of you who has not asked the question, Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What’s my calling? What am I supposed to do? Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? And all of you in the moments of stillness within the answer to that question: you are light, you are love, you are Source, you are Divine, you are God, you are the I Am That I Am, something beyond a personality and a name and a story. 

And as you allow yourself in moments of realization and enlightenment to go beyond the personality, the story, the false identity of who you thought yourself to be— In those moments that you go beyond in the light, in the love, in your connection to Source and the Divine and the God within you, you can feel a truth within you. And in those moments you are in ascended states of consciousness. And the more you’re there, the more you acclimate those vibrations and those frequencies of ascended states, and they become your reality, and you will notice that there is only love. You literally have to drag yourself back into a not-so-good-feeling place to tell a story about you or your life that is anything other than love. 

So, if you want ascension, you’ve got to be willing to let your story be of love and only love, and your recall is only of the love. 

We say appreciation is the enjoyment of the good, and we say forgiveness is not about forgetting, it’s about choosing to only remember the love, the good times, the happy moments because those are the only moments that are true. Joy is what you are. Peace is what you are. Love is what you are. It’s what everyone else also is too when they’re not holding themselves in a density where they have forgotten who and what they are. 

Those moments in pain and trauma and drama and suffering are wounded unconsciousness expressing itself in the world or in your life or in yourself or in your body or in your thoughts and you’re thinking and your behaviors. There is a wound and there is an unconsciousness in the triggering of that wound where one forgets who they are, and that is where all pain and suffering occur.

And so what heals a wound? Believe it or not, the thing that heals every wound is Source, light, God, love, the Divine. The vibration, the frequency of Creator is what heals everything. And you wouldn’t even need to be specific about what you were healing when the light of Source and God is flowing through you.

These unconscious wounds when brought to the light or in those moments when there’s an openness to Source and an allowing that heals the wounds of the unconscious. You don’t have to fix it. You don’t have to change it. You don’t even have to know exactly what it is you’re healing, the more you come into higher levels of consciousness and let the light through. Let the Source through. Let Creator flow through you. 

So, your stories. It’s your opportunity. We said there is good news, very good news, rapid momentum, rapid manifestation, everything opening up to you. New energy, new consciousness, new beginnings all opening up as if it’s in the blink of an eye showing up for you. Why would you want to take any wounded, limited, lackful, unwanted part with you? 

And it’s not about denying it or doubting it. It’s just simply not the truth of you. You’re actually fighting for your limitation when you think, well, isn’t that doubting or denying some part of me? No, it’s you fighting for your limitation. You are not those things. You never were. You couldn’t possibly be, which is why they feel so awful to you to think that way or feel that way about yourself. 

So, being very, very, very conscious, and aware of your old stories. And the truth is where you have used them to connect with others there’s nothing wrong with this, but if you would allow yourself to see that you can connect purely through your state of consciousness and the light and love you’re expressing through you to reach the same level of connection and openness and cooperation and collaboration that’s based in pure love, not bonding over limitation—not that there’s anything wrong with this, truly. But there is a higher, more conscious way to draw your soulmates, your kindred souls, your tribe, your like-minded friends to you—through your love, through your light, through your embodiment, through your mastery, through your joy, through your freedom, through your playfulness and creativity. 

So, the second really important thing about ascension is going beyond fear. Fear is just not part of your experience. Doesn’t matter what happens, there’s no fear. How could there be? There’s nothing to fear in higher dimensions of consciousness. There’s nothing to really fear in lower dimensions of consciousness. However, that’s where all the big hairy monsters are hiding under the bed, in lower dimensions of consciousness. 

So, fear. Some of you like the term false evidence appearing real, a story that you’re projecting in your holographic image and projecting into this force field of consciousness is you that is unwanted, undesired, and somehow paints a picture that you’re powerless, helpless, abandoned, unloved. It’s not real. You know this. Yes, does it seem real sometimes? Yes, but let’s explain to you why. Because you’re getting images of it and pictures of it and you’re projecting those holographically with your thoughts, what you’re thinking, with your mind, with your visualization, with your vision, with your focus. You’re projecting them into this moment, so your body thinks it’s happening now even when it’s not happening now. 

We don’t want any of you to start experimenting with playing with lions and tigers and bears to prove our point, but you would say, well, fear really is real, because if I was walking out in the woods and I saw a tiger or a lion or a bear I would go into fear and I would run. And if I didn’t get away it would kill me and eat me, and that fear really is real. 

But the truth is if you were in the highest dimension of consciousness and vibration and frequency and light that lion or tiger or bear wouldn’t come anywhere near you. Or if they did it would be pure curiosity. And if you stayed out of the fear all they would see is your light. Are they going to attack the light? Have you ever seen a lion or a tiger or a bear out there just attacking the sunlight coming from the sun? No. Or the air? No. Predators understand that the fear response is what makes something prey on a very unconscious level. So, when you don’t act like prey to anyone, you will have nothing to fear. 

Some of you are getting that. If you don’t act like prey, like the victim, then you will have no predators. You will be preyed on by no one and nothing. 

Now, again, there’s no judgment from our side ever. Some of you would say, ‘But what about children or animals that are harmed that aren’t acting like prey and predators harm them?’ We understand the nature of your question, but is it your reality now? And the little girl or the little boy, truly, within them has the power and the light even though they feel smaller and not as strong or not as in control as an adult or a parent. If a child truly remembered the Source within them in that moment, they could change the course and the trajectory and the outcome. 

And we would never say that anyone would intentionally choose or would deserve to be hurt or harmed or abused, but in this moment from where you are and what you know there is nothing to fear, period, exclamation mark. There’s nothing for you to fear from who you are now, this state of consciousness, this level of awareness, this perspective that you are in now. 

Again, we guide you back to love. Love feels good. Love is what you are. You’re not looking for love. You’re not waiting for love. You’re not hoping someone loves you. You are love, period. That’s what you are. There is no one out there that can make you more loved than the you that you already are. However, what you’re looking for are opportunities for expanding that love, expressing that love, and experiencing more of the love that you already are. Expanding the love that you already are, expressing more of the love that you already are, and experiencing more of the love that you already are. Whether that is through being a parent, romantic relationships, friendships, business opportunities, whatever it is. It’s not about getting love out there that will complete you right here. It is all an opportunity to expand the love that you are, experience more of the love that you are, and express more of the love that you are.

Now, that you can get really excited about because there are going to be a whole lot of opportunities for you. As we said, we have good news. There are going to be a whole lot of opportunities for you to expand all of this love that you are into some of the richest, most fulfilling, meaningful experiences of your lifetime beyond what you could imagine. 

And there are all sorts of opportunities for you to express all this love that you are. It’s all here, it’s all coming, the momentum. The gates are open. The flow is massive if you just allow it and just become very aware of your story and your fear and what you’re focused on. 

We would never say any of you are sort of procrastinators, but you sort of want to just focus on what is and whether it’s right or not, and mainly you want to focus on what’s not right so that you have something to focus on changing or fixing or healing. Then you want to focus on feeling your way into the reality that you want to create for you. 

Creation is a very active role. Many of you want to take action. You want to take action. You want to take action. Where’s the inspired action? Give me the inspired action. Creation is focusing. That is an action. Creating is focusing on the reality you want to create. That is an action. Or the reality that you want to feel your way into. So, when you focus what you’re feeling and focused on, it’s a very active role. Not a passive role. You’re not just sitting around waiting for the sun and the moon and the stars to align, waiting for divine timing, waiting for the divine right time. You’re not sitting around waiting for it. 

That is passive. That implies that you’re not the creator of your life. That implies that you don’t have the power. But then you say, ‘Well, I want it now. Why don’t I have the power to do that?’ And you actually do, but part of it might be experienced in higher dimensions of consciousness that are nonphysical realities, and if you would focus on that you would realize it’s a very active role that you play in creation

And then some of you say, ‘Ah, you know, I just don’t really want to focus that much. I don’t want to have to focus my attention and intention that much. I would just rather complain about what is or what isn’t here now.’ And we know it sounds silly, but some of you can laugh at that because that’s really what you do. ‘I’d rather just be pissed off and upset about what isn’t here now. I’d rather just be frustrated and in resistance to what is and what I don’t like and the way I don’t want to be than to actively focus on feeling into the reality I want more of.’ 

And so let this seep into your awareness. Let this expand your perspective. Let this really begin to bring you into an ascended state of consciousness where you really start allowing the new energy, the new consciousness, the new frequency to surprise you and delight you and deliver to you beyond your wildest imagination all of the potentials and the possibilities that are orbiting around you. Every potential, every possibility exists within this force field of consciousness that is you. Just orbiting around you until you begin to focus on it, and you begin to move that experience to you. 

There’s a whole lot in here if you’re ready to hear it. We said all time is circular. All time is orbiting around you. All potential is orbiting around you. All possibilities are orbiting all around you, are in your orbit, in this force field of consciousness that is you. When you begin to focus, you begin to bring that orbit into focus. Your consciousness begins to move the energy into form. It’s orbiting. It’s pure potential and possibility. And you begin to focus on it and you begin to focus your consciousness, and it begins to focus the energy and it begins to move that potential and that possibility into form. And then you realize it’s been right here right now all along. It’s been here in you, in this force field of consciousness that is you all along. You’ve just now drawn that reality through you, this force field of consciousness that is you, with the particles of infinite creation that are always responding to you, and now it’s what you call your reality. Our maybe best explanation of how reality is moving through you. You’re not out there chasing it down. Your destiny comes to you. What’s meant for you will come to you because it’s already here for you.

So much good news for you. Let it all in. Have some fun. Really get excited about your lives. Everything is blossoming and blooming for you. You are a force field of pure potential and infinite possibility. You are Creator of your reality. You’ve been creating these realities, and now you’re going to see them move into your physical experiences in really miraculous ways. We could not be more excited for you. 

So, we remind you you are everything you wish to be, everything you could possibly imagine. Every potential and possibility is right here, in your orbit, in this force field of consciousness that is you. You are everything you wish to be. You already are. It is all within you, and it always has been. And so it is.

The Wisdom of The Council channeled by Sara Landon during a live MASTERS CLASS call on February 21, 2021


sara landon
Sara Landon

Passionate about living her highest potential, Sara Landon is a guide for leaders, wayshowers, and changemakers contributing to raising the vibration of the planet.  She shines a light on the path for others to expand beyond the perceived limitations of the human experience and live as the masters that they are while remaining grounded in the modern world.

As the masterful channel of The Council, Sara focuses to be the ultimate student of the wisdom and teachings she receives and is committed to conscious, impeccable creation. Her intention is to be the purest channel of a grander perspective of what is possible and to help others discover that they have the same ability to connect to higher levels of consciousness and guidance.

Sara holds the vision of living in a fully awakened world where all beings live harmoniously with one another, the planet, the animals, and within themselves. She helps those who are ready to play in new levels of energy reconnect with all that they are so they may live, love, and lead in this time of awakening. 

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Welcome (almost!) to Fall! We’re turning the Great Wheel once again, toward ... Read more

Virgo Mythology

Virgo Mythology

The Virgo Myth In all of constellation mythology, few legends are as misund... Read more



The Self - Sufficiency Stone Sapphire has a calming and regulating effect o... Read more

The Vine: September 2nd - September 29th

The Vine: September 2nd - September 29th

The Autumnal Equinox ( Alban Elfed ) Celtic Symbol : The White Swan Zodiac... Read more

Virgo's Featured Stone - Sugilite

Virgo's Featured Stone - Sugilite

Sugilite Birthstone: Virgo Planet: Mercury Element: Earth Chakra: Crown ... Read more

Mabon Modern Style

Mabon Modern Style

The Mabon season begins somewhere around the 21st-22nd of September and cont... Read more



Mabon 2020 will begin on Monday, September 21 and ends on&nbs... Read more

Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet Faithfulness and modesty. “I will always be true to you.” Hel... Read more



VIRGO Aug 23 - Sept 22 Spirit: To follow opportunity and serve Ego: Analyti... Read more

Peridot: The Healer's Stone

Peridot: The Healer's Stone

Peridot has been used as a Power Stone for centuries. Peridot fosters emotio... Read more

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Brown Bear – Amethyst – Violet – Purple August 23 to September 22... Read more

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline

Synonym: Rainbow Tourmaline The watermelon tourmaline is a rare variety tha... Read more

Sun in Virgo

Sun in Virgo

An Overview of Sun Sign Characteristics for Virgo The ruler of Virgo is Mer... Read more

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