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Master Lanto: The Light Shines Brightest During Tough Times

Master Lanto: The Light Shines Brightest During Tough Times

Dear souls, dear consciences present at this moment, gathered by and for the Light, I greet you.

I am Master Lanto. I am associated with Sanat Kumara, Melchizedek, and a few others in speaking to you, not to teach, but to discourse and utter a few sentences, we hope the most accurate possible for each of you, so that you may receive what is necessary for you. And when we say receiving, we are not simply talking about practical information, verbalized information, really also information in the energy that we send through our words, through our sentences, where we try to create keys of opening to the Light, where we try to protect and preserve all those who have asked us, this request for protection.

We are now, as you will have noticed, entering a different era which began a few months ago, and which will continue for a few more months or perhaps a few years.

This year that you call 2024, is a year, again, of the cycle of change, the cycle of transformation. In this year of transformation, you will discover yourself. You will, very often, each of you, be pushed to your limits, pushed a little to the limit. You will have to know how to position yourself and know how to move forward. Undoubtedly, in order to be wiser, it will probably be necessary to understand that from now on nothing can be the same as before. There are certain events, certain things, that make us know that the path of a life changes, that destinies cross, recross, intersect, that entire populations are forced to change their ways of life and existence. Well, you're probably in one of those moments.

I know that you would like us to have a lot of clarification, almost surgical on when, how, why, how much, yet from a spiritual point of view, all this is not necessarily the best answer to give you. And then, first of all, we don't want to dispense too many fears. Some of the things we are going to say today will no doubt make you fear certain events, but the message, the very title of my speech is even in difficult times, the Light is extremely bright.

You are moving towards an era of peace, an era of love and an era of joy, do not doubt it. You are entering an era — and I said an era, an era is a long time — of fraternity, tolerance and love. You've of course guessed that you're not in that era today. You guessed that you're not in that space even today, because you're in the fight. Yes, I use the word combat voluntarily. The warriors of Light are at work, whether these warriors of Light are from Heaven or Earth, they are at work, they are at work, you are at work.

What is this work? The work is the work of your life, you have come to show and live love on Earth. You have come to raise the frequency of planet Earth, and it is also raising you. It's a two-person job with her . All this could be very complex to explain to you that, regularly, one passes in front of the other and that thus your energies harmonize, in fact, this is the case. It is.

Your planet has been, and still is, subjected to negative spawn. It is prey to shadows that have tried — and see, I am already speaking in the past tense — who have tried to corrupt your consciences, to corrupt your minds, leading you to all forms of vices, to all forms of addictions, to all forms of embezzlement, making you look good for evil and evil for good. And it's going to accelerate, I'm telling you, we're telling you.

Today you are living in a time that is not yet perfectly wonderful, in which people who are in the Light, people who are in true spirituality are going to be attacked. They will be made to look like demons, when it is the demon who will attack. They will be made to look like the shadow, when it is the shadow that will be present in these attacks. They will be made to look less than nothing, when they are certainly the ones you will need the most.

In these circumstances, dear friends, of course we are friends, do not doubt this, follow your heart, listen to your heart, not your doubts, since doubt will be sown on many people, on many circumstances. Therefore, listen to what sounds right inside you, not what awakens old patterns of fear, not what makes you believe that you are weak, on the contrary, what reminds you how strong you are. You are children of God. You are children of the Divine Womb, of Divine Love. Thus, your power over this world is great.

I understand that some of you feel dejected and say, "I can't do anything anymore. I have no choice. Maybe you think you don't have a choice about what you experience and what you possibly even feel sometimes; sometimes. Still, you have the choice to stand up You have the choice to remember who you are . You have the choice to remember that you are, I repeat, God's children.

So arise, child of God. Get up.

Show your Light. No matter the circumstances, no matter what happens, no matter what the outside shows you, show who you really are.

Show your Light. Vibrate high and vibrate hard, for this vibration will take you out of every possible and imaginable impediment for a human being.

It is your vibration that the shadow seeks not merely to diminish, but to annihilate Tags: This non-light, which had its source and its reason until now, this non-light, in this final struggle that you are living through over a few months and a few years, this non-light will seek to bring down your morality. It will seek to restrict your freedoms, to create new prophets for you that will not be prophets, and to create new solutions that will not be prophets either. And then, it will discredit what is true, I would remind you, by making people believe that the true is false and that the false is true, on many points.

It is very likely — I am speaking in probability, reading the probability file of the Akashic annals — that you will be made to believe in the arrival of extraterrestrials right now. Your galactic brothers are not far away. Their landing is, on our scale, imminent, on yours, possibly in a few months, quite a few months, potentially quite a few years. It's very hard to estimate. In any case, you will be made to believe that they are the enemy. We'll scare you with this. Do not be afraid. Don't listen to these legends. Don't listen to these fakes to hide the truth from you Tags: Indeed, if we show you a few fakes, we will prove to you that they are fakes. As a result, when the truth comes, when the real things appear, you will believe that they are false, you will believe that it is still a joke. It won't be one of them.

Once again, here, discernment, the heart, the vibration, this is what will be your compass. Don't believe anyone except your heart. Be confident. Feel protected because you are. I repeat, you are of Divine birth.

In this year, many peoples will try to find the path to freedom, will try to leave these increasingly numerous oppressions under any pretext of global divisions. We will make people believe that they are malicious or are people who are full of hatred, when in truth, this will not be the case, just people who point out the real errors. They too will be plunged into disgrace.

It's going to be difficult for human beings to recognize the wheat from the chaff, that's why I repeat, how else can I say it, vibration, energy and love are big keys Tags: Furthermore, remember this, in God's Plan, it is written that you will get out of all this. Humanity, not all men and women, but humanity will get out of this muddy terrain in which it has been put, to get out better now. You will get through this. Humanity, embodied consciousnesses, have already won this fight against non-light.

In truth, you already know that this fight is won, what you don't know is this famous 'when', because it depends, not on you alone, it depends on an entire humanity. It depends on an entire population who will stop believing in lies, who will no longer be enough to scare them into saying " Save Me ", who will understand that they themselves are the ones who will save themselves. . You are your own Savior. It can not be otherwise.

Ultimately, our role is to accompany those who want to be saved, only accompanying does not mean DOING. So, to those who sometimes say to us, and we understand, " Why don't you act? Why don't you do anything? We accompany, we are Guides, not leaders. So, to We are the ones who help you, help you move forward if you want to move forward . This deep desire to move forward, to no longer be afraid, must come from you. We are here to help, to assist in your own delivery. We can't convert anyone; we don't have to .We wouldn't be in love if we did that. We would be in the business of forcibly converting, that is not our role. Our role is to get your hearts to say, "Yes, this is the way, this is the game."

Non-light is opposed to love. The only force that stands in the way of love is fear. Therefore, this year we will try to scare you with attacks — there will be attacks, hijackings — there will be a few. You'll be scared with the climate of your planet, which is actually aligning with its true energy, so, yes, yes, it's going to shake, yes, it's going to move, yes, the waters are going to rise, yes. Understand, this was provided for in his own plan, you are not the first cause.

Take care of nature, but don't feel guilty about everything that's going to happen. You are not the ones in charge. The Earth is growing. As you grew yourselves, your bones took up more space, your body began to grow. The body of the Earth is also growing. Those who will later be able to make this measurement will see that the Earth is growing on its scale. and It needs to grow, it needs to evolve. It needs to move forward, this planet. You can preserve it, obviously you don't have to feel guilty about what was planned, what has already happened, this breathing. This contraction-relaxation is a breath, and, again, the non-light will tempt fear here.

The non-light will try to make you believe that you are guilty of everything, all the time, that you don't have to say this without spreading hatred, that you don't have to do this without being responsible. That's not the case , you're God's children, dammit! I'll say it again. We are here to repeat it to you as many times as necessary.

Remember who you are . You are sovereign over your future, sovereign over what will happen. Sovereign means neither responsible nor guilty. Sovereign, you are the king, the world does not bend to what you want, the world bends to what you radiate, to what you emit, to what you feel, to what you are.

Rise up, children of Light. We say it again, don't let anyone put you down. Rise up, children of Light. The time has come, the hour is opportune, to the extent that, yes, your galactic brothers have every intention of positioning their presence with you, forget the 'when', in truth it is already done. From then on in your visibility, it could well appear in this solar revolution, in this year, in one form or another, not necessarily the one you imagine.

Unquestionably, the Light has won. It is on this news that I wish to base the second part of my speech. Faced with fear, there will be resisters, people who will stand up. In the face of pain, there will be solidarity from everyone. Faced with the lack of money for some, there will also be this, a solidarity that will be put in place. The human heart is good.

Even if the non-light has done everything to create war zones all over the world, at one time or another, if humans, I repeat, if you decide to ally, no one will be left. will never have power over you, finally you will understand that you have power over everything.

None of you will be able to say, " I can't, I don't know, I didn't know ". This is also what is important, and this is why I reveal the Light. Tea 'I didn't know ' will now be nothing more than blindness, at the end of this year for example. He who does not want to see will not see, on the other hand he who wanted to see, will see, will really see. This has already begun, this plan of revelations, this will continue and continue.

Underneath masks, there will still be obstacles, people who will try to, what, to hide that the king is naked? The king is naked. You know the strategies now; you've already lived them. As the non-light always makes the same mistake, that of laying down all its strategies very quickly, over 6 months, a year, a year and a half, it has already done everything it is going to do to you next, which will only be a repetition in another form with other words. There will be other restrictions, other passes, other "to respect the will of each", "to respect the will of all", always hidden in a form, I repeat, of false light, while the true Light will be presented as the shadow, this is the beginning of my discourse.

The true Light tolerates everyone equally. It does not give more power to one or the other. Under the very pretext of oppression, there is no power to give, there is nothing but equality . It's important to understand that. Tolerance is going to be necessary to move forward, compassion. Dare we say it, love is going to be necessary.

Many of you have been driven by circumstances to hate this time, to hate this time, to hate what is happening. Please don't do that. Don't hate this time, don't hate this time, don't hate what's going on, rather be in the understanding to say that it's necessary. It's a difficult moment, certainly, not hateful.

See, when a woman gives birth, is the pain detestable, is the pain of childbirth detestable? Perhaps, you may say, however, it serves to bring about the birth of a new child. The contractions that are painful are used to push that child out of the mother's body. In the same way, the Light is growing from Gaia's body, from the body of the Earth, and this Light, this truth, this path, is bringing you to a Promised Land. And when I say a land, I'm not talking about a small territory, really a whole Earth, a Promised Land.

This is going to be difficult because in the different probabilities, there are several where many human beings are going to have to help from the Beyond, or join the Afterlife to help this passage, to help this situation evolve. In spite of everything, do not be afraid, all those who are in the Afterlife are blessed and bless you, because, yes, the strength of these deceased relatives, these beings, these ancestors, in the Beyond, this force is very powerful to put the Light on the Earth. It has been proposed to all beings from the Afterlife to come and help those of Earth, and this is already underway. They will be your ancestors and they will help you. They will help you because they have already experienced this at one time or another, in one life or another.

You'll understand what the Afterlife is all about this year. Many spiritual beings will come to talk to you about this Beyond so that you will no longer be afraid of it, to understand that in truth it is your true home, not to return to it quickly, above all to understand that, yes, you can be helped by Heaven, of course. Not only by angels, archangels or the Ascension Masters that we are, moreover, by all those who have left and returned, by all the beings who have been present for a few years, by all those who have left for a few years, all these will help you, all these will accompany you.

In this way, there is great strength here. This powerful manifestation of the Light is immutable, and I repeat, listen to me, the shadow has lost this battle. It's a foregone conclusion. The only thing that these forces of non-light can do, that is to say, these forces of non-progress — because non-light has, I repeat, a meaning also on your planet, you have to know the shadow to know the Light, yet the non-light has tried to take up all the space, the shadow has tried to take all the space — it will still struggle and try to put darkness on the Earth. It will try to get as many people back as possible, making them believe that they have made a mistake in spirituality, or worse, asking them to be too much in this spirituality.

Some will say to me, "Master Lanto, can we be too spiritual? “My answer is yes, if you've forgotten to live on Earth .Yes, if you only focus on what you're going to experience in the afterlife. You may be interested in it, but don't forget why you came . You have come to Earth to do deeds and your love. You did not come to pray morning, noon and night, even though, believe me, we will have other discourses in other months based solely on the power of prayer, which is powerful. True prayer is the action, the action, the movement, the energy that you put into DOING, not just asking , but DOING, to put that love on Earth, to do acts of kindness, to do things of sharing. This is what Heaven will remember about you when you leave, not your demands, concretely what you have done. Of course, we will accompany you.

Most of you are probably familiar with the saying: Help yourself, Heaven will help you. It is exact, profoundly accurate. You are invited to take the first steps together, with others, not alone, with others. What you do in your corner is important, but what you do as a group is even more important, as soon as it creates a gigantic movement of a magnitude you cannot define. If you awaken to the Consciousness, to the knowledge of who you really are, of these children of the Divine, of these sparks of Light, the force of your energy, the strength of your struggle, apparently, can only make the shadow recede, which will make you believe, once again, that this is a bad solution . In this case, it's the right one.

You know, from time to time we get this question: Has the non-light, the shadow, invaded the Governments of this Earth? I would like to say no. If, on the surface, "those you see" may have ideas that are not very luminous, we will say, in any case, that are closer to the shadow than to the Light, know that the Light is hidden in each of the ministries , in each government. In every place where there is power , there are beings who are ready, there, who are a little bit in their departures, who are ready to act at the majestic call of the whole of humanity, which cannot act, as long as it sees a people asleep. Now, when the peoples awaken, and it has already begun—I am not telling you when this will happen, it has already begun—these beings attached to the Light, in ministries, in governments, in commissions, these beings will know that it is time to raise their heads and set their actions on this world. It's going to be a wonderful moment, because they've taken the time. And that's how we recognize the Light, the Light takes its time, the non-light always wants to do everything quickly.

The Light, it takes the time to take clues, to gather information, to prepare, and then it appears. It appears, not suddenly, just quietly. The sun is rising. You will see a few rays this year, and more and more rays in the years that follow, until you are only illuminated by the Light of the Sages. You are really, really, so close to the Light, all that's missing is this massive awakening that will take the time that is needed. A month, a year, 10 years, really, who knows? However, we have this wonderful hope that everything is possible right now, this year, this decade, for the good reason that everything is ready.

I repeat, to the true Lightworkers who hear me and listen to me, or who read me, you will be attacked this year. It's going to be difficult. People will criticize you, won't accept what you're doing, say you're actually the shadow. Don't give up, these attacks are futile. They come from a place that will not reach you if you stay strong, if you understand, if you don't let go of the Light.

Don't give up. We will be by your side. These reputational attacks, these moral attacks don't have to get to you. Stay upright. Keep going. Ignore those who criticize, they are not working for the Light. Understand that. They don't know, for some of them, they think their criticism is sincere, really it isn't. There is no benevolence, there are just beings who would like to put their desires or what they would like to hear first, and who will not tolerate your words, or your actions, or the way you act, yet keep going.

Continue to spread the Light as you are accustomed to do, through your various and varied arts, through your songs, through your broadcasts, through your paintings, through your constructions, continue. Carry on. We are the ones who will encourage you, and you will hear that little voice that we are inside asking for encouragement: 'Advance, child of Light. Do not listen to those who are backbiting. Don't listen to those who hurt you. They are not working for the Light. Let them believe what they want, they've lost and you've already won. Go on your way, confident and with my head upright, I have already won, not won money but gained love, gained divine strength, won."

Money will of course be a stock that is going to be very shaken this year, very, very shaken this year. Don't be afraid of that either. Other systems will be put in place temporarily and then permanently, which will be able to take the place of this path.

You know, when the non-light goes away, it's not going to leave the void behind, even if that's what it imagines. The non-light always tries the scorched earth tactic, in truth, there are already solutions. The solutions already exist, and they will be implemented in the right time, in the right time. At the right time, in the right place, everything will be placed exactly.

You are living in this era of revelations. You are living in this Age of Light, so children of Light, be blessed and be reassured. Again, you won. You've won. Don't get into fear, it was never a religion. It has never been a religion. It started, if you want to know everything, 4 or 5 years ago. This can continue for 1 or 2 years, or 4 or 5 years, or another 5 to 10 years. Of course, we'll say it over and over again, because you have to hold on as long as you're shaken up on the plane. You have to hold on. The landing on the Peace Pad is coming soon. We repeat, this does not depend on us, it also depends on this human awakening.

We are optimistic by vocation, by vibration. Obviously, we see the delays, we understand them. Truth be told, we are waiting because we know what is going to be. We know that very, very well. We don't talk about time, like you, we talk from experience. We say: humanity is living and will live its period of rebirth, its period of knowing who it really is, of recognizing who it really is. Humanity will succeed in placing itself in the universe, in understanding what its place is, from every point of view.

None of you, none of you, have been left behind or forgotten or set aside, or positioned on Earth by what, out of revenge? No. Each of you has chosen. The very, very, very, very, very vast majority of you have chosen this time, have chosen these times, insofar as if everything is transformed, it is also an exceptional opportunity to change the human being, who constantly lives the same experiences and who often repeats the same mistakes, and who offers himself here the opportunity to find new examples, new possibilities.

The generation that has begun to come and continues to come will be an open, tolerant, and, I say, happy generation; happy, open to the Spirit too, because she will have seen and experienced so many incredible things, that she will very quickly understand all the techniques of manipulation.

By remembering your true nature, by remembering who you are, you will find Peace within yourself Tags: You can deposit this peace on Earth. When you feel peace, calmness, and stability within you, radiatePosition this on the war zones of your world and you will see them subsidize, as there is this augury of appeasement of unnecessary wars on this Earth. You can be made to fear a world war, but it would not last, since you can position peace quickly.

Climb. Rise to the frequency you desire, and your desire will be fulfilled. If you leave your frequency low, you'll experience it too . However, always, in every moment, in every moment, in every day, in every second, in every hour, you have the opportunity to change your attitude and energy. It's not easy in a human body.

Your body is subjected to a whole bunch of information, information that we're going to call biological information, suffering, hormones, injuries, which can make it difficult for the act of becoming aware of each of your vibrations. In addition, your body is also bombarded with information that is sometimes electromagnetic, sometimes psychic, sometimes it is information that we would say is almost subliminal that this body undergoes.

Here, as you are in the world of information, this is where prayer can come into play. So you understand that the most powerful prayers you can ask, at least the simplest ones, are to ask us to protect you from this disturbing information around you.

You can't be protected from yourself, from your will Tags: On the other hand For this, "be with us" is a good prayer. "Protect me" is a good prayer.

We will not do it for you, that is to say, when you pray for Peace, we cannot create Peace, we can protect you so that you are able to create within yourself a state of peace, so that when you ask us for Peace, what we are going to do for you is to give you the opportunity to be at peace. When you pray for love, what we're going to give you is the opportunity to feel love. What for? Because once you feel peace, and once you feel love, you will be able to emit that yourselves on Earth . All you have to do is imagine a globe in front of you, or imagine taking Gaia in your arms, and transferring this peace to her, transferring this love to her.

Remember that when you pray, it is to give yourself the opportunity to be the sample of what you ask in prayer, so that you can then dilute that sample, that first information that you generate of yourselves, in the divine nature of the Earth. This is what deifying the Earth is all about. This is what it means to bring your love . We love you. We are at peace. We are already what you ask for, in this case it is up to you to become so, because in this school that is life, in this school that is your world, love is the key, the one, the only one, that will lead you to your true nature.

I repeat, all that stands in the way of love is fear, so what do I need to work on? Think. Just ask yourself this question, 'what scares me?' and you'll have your job, you'll have your duty or what you need to work on. On the other hand, when you then say to yourself, "But I can't do anything about it wrong, folks. You're wrong. Change your attitude, change your vision. “I can't change my attitude — I can't change my vision,” that's also not true. The more you feel constrained, the more you will be subjected to coercion. It's going to take work. It's going to take consistency.

It's not easy to become a Conscious human . It's a bit like growing up again, recreating a new adolescence, growing again, not your bones this time but your consciousness, in a different way. It takes a bit of consistency.

Remember. When you were a teenager, it wasn't easy to become a man, it wasn't easy to become a woman. There were a lot of times when it was a bit complicated to know your character, to know who you were or how you reacted. A whole bunch of contradictory information here again came to oppose you, one group, another group, friends, other friends. Your body even seemed to oppose your own will, yet it eventually bent and you ended up associating with one group rather than another.

Here, it is the same. You are those adolescents of Consciousness who now have to choose and be constant in your evolution. This is going to take 1 month, 2 months, 10 months, 10 years, whatever, this job, you're going to take it with you. You will take this work with you. You will take this fight towards the Light with you.

Duality will continue to exist on Earth. Duality is not going to disappear tomorrow or even the day after. There will always be certain forces that come against you. We do not promise you Paradise on Earth, simply a land of freedom, a land of understanding, a land of mutualization, a land of harmony, a land of sharing.

These values ​​will predominate over the capture of energy, the capture of power, the capture of money. All of this will not be possessed by one, but could be possessed by all in a harmony that you do not yet know, since creating unnecessary desires and needs is also one of the favorite games of the non-light. Sometimes, see, to feel good in your home, to feel safe, surrounded by friends or people you can consider friends, it is so much more valuable than any kingdom where you have only enemies.

To all the warriors of Light, you who are going to be attacked and mocked this year, know that you are working to create this harmony, know that your work is great, know that you have the courage that you do not think you have. You have the consistency you don't think you have. For some years now you have been subjected to these assaults, this last resistance of the non-light that has already lost. In the end, everything will be fine.

All is well in the hearts of men, but do they know how to listen to this heart? Does humanity know how to listen to what he says to them inside: 'Relax. Everything is taken care of. God knows what He's doing."

So, when you are in this state of mind, then when you are in this Consciousness, then when you are already in this harmony, this peace and this love, we will be there and we will accompany you to live this even more intensely, to understand what you can do with these new, greater, stronger emotions, more intense, these positive emotions.

There you go, my friends, you have already won, and no one will have lost.

This life path continues. This is a wonderful time to teach you so much.

Don't be fooled by fear.

Do not be persuaded that the Light was not the Light.

Don't think that you have come by chance here and now.

Do not think that you are lost or condemned to live or live again, this is such an important field of Light and Love in this world. No one is trapped in incarnations. Only the Light is present at every moment and in every moment.

You have come to spread who you are, and to remember who you are.

Remembering who you are is a great force, the one that unites you to God, to your Father, to our Father, the one that allows you to feel, to vibrate, all that God is, this being, this energy, for whom you feel a Love so great that sometimes you have even forgotten it.

Friends, brothers and sisters of Light, be blessed in this time, be blessed in this time, and welcome to this beautiful year that is beginning.

Channeled by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Translation by

Public channeling of 09.01.2024 by Sylvain Didelot, transcribed by Marie-Claire.

Sylvain's rating : The pipes represent augurs, i.e. a presentation of the path we are heading towards if we continue on the same road. Nothing is set in stone. We can speed up or decrease the arrival of events, or change routes. These decisions belong to humans and depend only on the choices and behaviors of humanity, in this school of life and love revealed through incarnation on Earth.

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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    Ascended Masters
    Decide the name of the Ascended Master with whom you wish to connect with before going into the Master Chamber.

    Please close your eyes and begin taking deep breaths of Archangel Metatron’s golden energy when you are relaxed continue by saying this prayer:

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  • Comte Saint-Germain Open or Close
    saint germain

    Comte Saint-Germain: A Man Beyond His Time

    Many average, reasonable men can conceive wisdom only under the boring form of a sermon and think of the sage only in the semblance of a clergyman. For such men prudery, hypocrisy, and the most abject enslavement to ritual habit and prejudice must be the everyday virtues. When therefore it happens that a genuine sage, by way of amusing himself, mystifies his contemporaries, follows a woman, or lightheartedly raises his glass, he is condemned eternally by the army of short-sighted people whose judgment forms posterity.

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  • The Violet Flame Open or Close
    The Violet Flame

    FOR CENTURIES, alchemists have sought to change base metals into gold. But the transmutation of metals like lead into gold is symbolic of a higher and more noble alchemy -- the alchemy of self-transformation.

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  • Saint Germain & The Pillar of the Violet Flame Open or Close
    Saint Germain & The Pillar of the Violet Flame

    More than fifty thousand years ago, a golden civilization thrived in a fertile country with a semitropical climate where the Sahara Desert now is. It was filled with great peace, happiness and prosperity and ruled with supreme justice and wisdom by Saint Germain.

    As the High Priest of the Violet Flame Temple on the mainland of Atlantis thirteen thousand years ago, [13=4=4th dimension=time] Saint Germain sustained by his invocations and his causal body a pillar of fire, a fountain of violet singing flame, which magnetized people from near and far to be set free from every binding condition of body, mind and soul. This they achieved by self-effort through the offering of invocations and the practice of Seventh Ray rituals to the sacred fire.

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  • Sanhia: How Should I Deal With My Strong Feelings? Open or Close
    Sanhia: How Should I Deal With My Strong Feelings?

    There is a significant difference between noticing a feeling that comes up in your now and defining yourself by that feeling and accepting it as the truth about you.

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