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Message from Jesus: Ignorant Or Buddha?

Message from Jesus: Ignorant Or Buddha?

If a person feels threatened in some way, if a person sees their life in danger, fears arise.

This survival impulse is an instinct given by GOD so that you respect, preserve and guard your life. That's why the fear of death is programmed into your cells. This program is only erased when a person has entered the corridor of transition, when his soul is ready and has let go of a human existence. Anyone who no longer has fears is either an ignoramus or a Buddha.

Full of fears

JJK: This will probably be a long conversation! I've been full of anxiety for about a week. I worry about my family, about the publisher, about my health. The ravages of time are also gnawing at me: wrinkles, skin changes, teeth, mobility is decreasing, my hair is now really white - in the end it is probably the fear of an unfinished life and death that drives me. It's been more intense than it has been in a long time for about a week and yesterday evening it was all over! As if a lock had been released, everything was over. In the afternoon I had another strange experience, but this has also happened to me repeatedly. I'm in Vienna, walking down a street, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a young man appears in front of me and insults me wildly. A cascade of insults full of aggression was unleashed on me. I walked on quietly and thought about what this meant. Yes, and that’s my question: What’s all this about?

JESUS: I am with you and I am with all people who trustingly turn to me. Wherever your light needs reinforcement to shine, I am there. Verily, every person is in my care and every person is consecrated to the love of God.

What happened and what is happening to you, Jahn?

Task of a medium

The most difficult task for a medium is to sort the incoming energies, to separate the wheat from the chaff, to process and integrate them. Preparing accurately for this work is of great importance - and you were prepared and you are prepared.

Then why all this?

Because you constantly immerse yourself and have to immerse yourself in a wide variety of collective fears.

Only in this way can you receive messages for people who are really stuck in their fear scenarios and channel them in such a way that they provide help for those affected. Sometimes your own issues come to the surface, you get triggered and then it feels like the past week.

The work as a channel is complex and very few people can imagine the energies that surround a person who carries out this task and the forces that they have to deal with.

JJK: Not a “peace and joy pancake job,” right?

JESUS: A work that completely challenges a person and demands everything from him, especially in this time when so many different energy fields intersect, overlap and interpenetrate.

Things tend to get mixed up here and at the end of the day or at the end of a week the correct assignments have to be found again. You have been prepared for this and will receive ongoing training for it.

JJK: But why the crazy guy who yelled at me?! It's happened to me several times in this way that someone suddenly appeared out of nowhere and wanted to finish me off. Yesterday the obviously crazy man almost got physical...

JESUS: The reason is your presence. Whenever you move into a new vibrational level, that is, when your light factor is raised because a transformation process has been completed, it is possible for such attacks to occur. Why? Since the new status is not yet locked and sealed. In this transition phase of an energetically fresh operation, the goal is to bring you off center and unsettle you. Finally you feel comfortable with yourself and life again, you finally have perspective again - and then this.

People you encounter in this way suffer from dark connotations and a concentrated load of malice jumps out at you. Here, forces of cold light want to destabilize you, unsettle you and sometimes just ruin your day. These attacks are still possible because the vibration levels touch each other. As long as several earths, that is, as long as the different timelines still touch each other and light and dark beings populate this earth, this is possible and also probable. What does that do to you?

JJK: Somehow I'm confused at first but then I quickly put it aside. I think it makes me stronger and more awake - at least I never feel hurt or hurt inside.

JESUS: Your ego no longer feels attacked, that's why this is possible and this is the most valuable preparation for working in any medium and at the same time the most valuable quality for the success of a human life.

Is the best yet to come?

JJK: You know, sometimes I have thoughts about how long I'm going to keep doing this, is there something else waiting for me or have I perhaps soon accomplished what I came to do? I oscillate between “the best is yet to come” and “that’s it.”

JESUS: The most beautiful and important part of your work is yet to come. You are important for your family, for the publisher and for the people who are finding your valuable work in ever greater numbers. God will call you away when the time comes - and that time has certainly not yet come. All physical changes are natural processes, but they occur slowly and some things stop. Methods for renewing cells exist and they will also provide you with valuable services.

Everything is moving towards people aging healthily and rejuvenated. Associating old age with illness is a big mistake, this mistake is now being recognized and appropriate remedies will prevail.

JJK: What always concerns me is fear. It's often said: "Get out of fear!", or a lot of people keep saying: "I'm not afraid - of nothing and of no one!" I can't claim that for myself. I always have fears - even though I trust GOD and know that my life is also safe in the hands of the Creator. I never have any doubts about that, but fears, as described at the beginning, are already there...

Who isn't afraid?

JESUS: You are afraid because you look. You look at the state of the world and the condition of people. You see how delicate some things are and how quickly fate can destroy some things.

You live in this world that is emerging and where the decisive battle for supremacy between light and shadow is now raging. You not only know the bright potential - because you are equipped with negative experiences as well as positive developments - from many eras. You carry this cellular, planetary and universal memory within you. You look and can perceive – and make deductions. This can also cause fears. However, you go through these fears, you overcome them and therefore you don't let them deter you from your course.

There is a difference between not being afraid because you simply don't notice a lot of things - and between going through the world with your eyes open and having to see again and again what is going wrong in this world. Anyone who not only looks at the sky when the sun is shining, but also sees how it can darken, is never a stranger to fear.

It is important to understand that human cellular memory is entirely geared towards life and survival. Every human cell wants to live, to be alive. This is the nature of every human being.

If a person feels threatened in some way, if a person sees their life in danger, fears arise. This survival impulse is an instinct given by GOD so that you respect, preserve and guard your life. That's why the fear of death is programmed into your cells. This program is only erased when a person has entered the corridor of transition, when his soul is ready and has let go of a human existence.

Anyone who no longer has fears is either an ignoramus or a Buddha.

JJK: Fear can also protect you from harm, namely if you take precautions in good time because of an obvious danger.

JESUS: This is the natural way fear works. That's where fears belong and that's their place.

As long as fear serves you, it is a valuable companion, but if fear drives you and prevents you from living, paralyzes you and directs you negatively, something needs to be changed.

Just let GOD do it!

JJK: I often think to myself to just take life as it comes, not to want to explain everything, neither to myself nor to others, not to have to understand or want to know everything - to just live and let GOD do it.

JESUS: Anyone who has made room for this attitude within themselves will find it easy to shape their life in this way. Once all the mental waste has been disposed of and the emotional wounds have healed to a certain degree, then this is the logical consequence.

Living simply means having removed the obstacles that the ego has placed in your way. That is the mastery, that is the pivotal point of every human existence: to let GOD do it! And letting GOD do it is only possible when your DIVINE BEING has taken the place of the WILL OF THE EGO.

The truther scene

JJK: One more question about the so-called truther scene. Isn't it the case that a lot of fears are spread here? Days ago I saw a video in which a spiritual teacher pointed this out. There's a pretty fine line between necessary education and stirring up new fears - right?

JESUS: What is to come to light must come to light. This is essential for processing and healing.

However, what is also neglected in the scene you mentioned is the focus on the bright events. This negative side needs to be corrected.

Exposing things is one thing and is indispensable, but raising people up and making them aware of positive developments with the appropriate emphasis is the OTHER aspect. This is currently underrepresented, but will gain more and more space and importance in the future.

Don't worry, we'll take care of that too. Take your life into your hands and live it with GOD. This is what is important now for the light warriors who have been tried and tested in epochs and trained in many lives.

At the center is GOD and at the center is YOU WITH GOD.

This concludes our conversation today.

Everything and every person is taken care of. From the beginning to the end, in the finite and in the infinity of GOD.


Message after message

JJK: Suspicious timing! Because just as this conversation ended and I had finished the message, my brother Karl called me and told me that his car had a flat tire, fortunately there was no danger for Karl, in any case but the car has to go to the workshop. It's all coming together: about 10 days ago, the fender damage caused by a hit-and-run accident on my wife's parked car and now Karl's tire is punctured.

JESUS: This is how destructively charged energy that has moved around you behaves.

Because it was impossible with you, she looked for another way to unload and found it in the respective cars.

As long as the most diverse forces operate on earth and affect people, this is a part of life. This is the message after the message.


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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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