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Experience the Lion’s Gate Portal - Goddess of Creation

Experience the Lion’s Gate Portal - Goddess of Creation

Every year in August, we experience an influx of energy known as the Lion’s Gate.  There is a great deal more that you can read about in astrology, but the sense has always been that this is about the energy in Leo — thinking of the lion and the strength, power, knowledge, and movement that a lion represents. It is also about manifesting and frequently around manifesting abundance. 

This channel occurred on the eve of when this powerful portal is closing, and it gave us an opportunity to experience the energies in a new way. First of all, the Goddess began to merge with us when we were in our Higher Selves.  This is different because usually, it is when we are merged with our soul.  What she said was that everyone from the place of their higher self is exhibiting a similar frequency to our soul essence.  This is another indicator of how the energies and frequencies are shifting upwards. We then had a chance once in the All That Is to merge with the stars and planets of the Leo constellation.  This was super strong, and I could feel their balance and flow.

Once we were there, I could see the portal which this energy was moving through.  It felt to me predominantly going from the universe into the earth.  There was such a strong pull! The Goddess invited us to stand in the portal and experience the energy and actually move through the portal to see what it is like and where the energy goes.  The Earth looked very different.  There was greater transparency, the trees, grass, water, houses, everything looked clearer.  Once through, the Goddess had us stand to the side, and this strong column of light came through.  This was a solar flare from the Central Sun, which was then pulsing into the Earth.  This was going to particular places and then breaking up the old energy so that the new that we had just experienced could flow into place.  

This is a very powerful time of change and it’s important to release whatever is old or stuck so that you may move in a new direction.  

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out to each one of you.  I open up my heart that each one of you may feel the energy, the light, the presence for who I am.

As you are here in this now moment still grounded upon the Earth it is easy to become distracted within your life, especially as there are multiple experiences that are taking place. This time in which the influence and the impulses come from so many different directions it is essential that you clear out the distractions and be present within yourself.

I do wish to take a moment and speak with you about that. As Shelly was mentioning before we began the channel. It is your alignment with Soul that opens the doorway to your spirituality. It is your alignment to Soul that helps to move you from the lower frequencies into the higher. It is your alignment to Soul that opens up your energy force so that you may be aware of who you are as this individual, unique person. That is one of the strongest aspects of being aligned with that Soul energy is that it is unique unto you. It is something that is so special.

You have lived so many different experiences. This is your time to open up that doorway so that you may understand who you are. For years those of you in the spiritual community have said you are more than just this lifetime. They have said you are a spiritual being having a life existence. They have said you have access to infinite wisdom.

For many of you, you didn’t really know what that meant or the degree to which you could access it. Now through all that is happening you have a much greater awareness for what that is. You, it is you understanding that you are unique. That you as your Soul have lived these amazing experiences and that therefore you the person you are have an opportunity to let that be your everyday reality. So, take that deep breath in like we did at the beginning and just breathe down within yourself in acceptance for who you are.

As you feel your energies focusing within create that ball of energy and light within your heart. So many of you do this automatically. If it is something new to you just envision a swirling ball of energy that is from within your heart center. You send a stream of that and it goes down through your energy bodies. It goes all the way into the Earth. As it moves within the Earth, it spreads out in different directions.

You can actually feel how this is anchoring you. You were already bringing your focus within and now as you send your energy into the earth plane it just anchors you in such a way that you know you are here upon the Earth and that the Earth is here in support of you.

Let that flow come back up within you through your energy bodies. It comes into your heart center once more anchoring within.  You can feel that ball of light. You send it up through your throat, your third eye, your head center.  You move into the space of your Higher Self.

Whenever you arrive within this area, I invite you to look around at what is here. There may be parts of your life that you are working upon that are present within this space. If it is either not supporting you; or something that no longer serves you; or perhaps even is something that you just struggling with just take this moment, ~phew~, and clear out. Clear out the space of your Higher Self. When you do that most often you are now noticing opportunities that were missed or even a clean slate that you may perhaps create something new.

I the Goddess walk in amongst. Isn’t this funny I’ve done this before. So, you know what this is showing the space of your Higher Self is much closer to the space of your Soul. In the past, there’s been a pretty significant divide between the light and the frequency of your Higher Self and your Soul essence, and then you make that last step moving up into your Soul. However, as I’m looking at you, I felt very much the energy where I usually merge with you. So perhaps that is food for thought in your everyday life. That you are creating on a continuous basis and that which flows into your consciousness is much more deeply connected to your Soul and therefore your soul energy is coming in. It is probably able to come in because there is enough of the higher frequency that supports it.

You allow your frequency and your energy to move so that you are directly embracing your Soul essence. As I say this you can feel how you do shift up to an even higher frequency. I take this moment to be aware of what your Soul is to you. Perhaps look at where your Higher Self vibration is in relationship to the soul plane.

I have already merged with many of you but I now come in with even more of my light energy so that I may more consciously merge with you in the expanded state of your Divinity. As our energies merge together, we shift into the All That Is.

As you look around the All That Is in this now moment there is a transformation in the energy. We are here at the time of the Lions Gate and that portal that takes the energy from the Universe into the Earth and the Earth out to the Universe is in a much more open position than is typical. So, look around. You may notice opportunities, people, energies, more about the Universe or even the Earth plane here within this space right now. Indeed, it is somewhat crowded.

My sense is that this is representing many, many energies that want to participate in the flow of this portal. What I’m doing in this now moment is sending a ball of energy rolling through, phew, that it may clear out anything that does not support this group, or anything that even though it may be a similar frequency is not necessarily in the best interest of all.

Consider in front of you as if you see the Universe. As you look at the star, the constellations that represent Leo, you will notice that there is a gathering of energy and it has a swirling effect to it. In many places within the Universe, there is a stasis. Meaning that there is no movement or flow. However, as you look at the constellations the merging of stars and planets creates a flow of energy.

Take this opportunity to have a sense of you yourself merging with that which is the image of the lion or the image of Leo. For some of you there’s not a strong presence. For others you can hear tones, perhaps see colors and light, or perhaps just feel a difference in the frequency. As we merge with this vibration, what I notice is that there is this expansion of light, and I see moving into that light some of that energy that people refer to as a solar flare.

What that means is that this is a constellation that is constantly there; that is constantly working with the other stars and planets within this alignment. However, this time I see coming through it that energy from the Universal Sun. It looks as if it is a beam of light. However, as it meets this constellation, it expands out, and there is a sense of it energizing these planets and stars.

As you look through you might have a sense of looking down through a tube. You can see Gaia at the other end. At first, as you’re looking it may seem as if you see the entire planet. However, this will separate and move into different places around the planet where there will be an impulse of energy and light. So now I wish to describe what I am seeing. You of course may have additional information or something totally different. There are many different ways to interpret what is happening. I invite you to be present and as if you are stepping into this portal, you can feel your energy as it moves through and you arrive upon the Earth.

Where you arrive it is the Earth that has completed the ascension it is your planet. It is not a different planet. But what you see when you first arrive is all the lush vegetation. You could feel the frequency of balance, and as you look around you may notice that the cities or the countryside of the oceans look different and that difference is because you are here at that higher frequency.

I wish for you to experience the movement and the flow of energy from this portal to see where that energy comes out. Not every portal is the same. This is where the one associated with Leo is sending its energy because this is where it is needed at this time.

As each of you arrive you shift moving aside and at a time when people are no longer physically moving through here, or energetically moving through here, there will be an impulsive light that comes from the Central Sun. Phew, as that moves through you can see how it breaks up some of the energy that is stuck. Then you see how what you noticed when you first arrived flows into the space where the stuck energy was before.

What I perceive is that much of it had to do with towns. Much of it had to do with corporations, certain people. I invite you to now go down and just focus upon you as if you are looking at you your life, the people around you, the people that are in your life. Take a moment and observe from this detached place. You can see how there are so many people that have been frustrated for a very long time and perhaps you are one of them. Observe how this energy clears that out. You can see how once you have shifted that which has been the focus for so very long you now see people looking in a new direction, experiencing life as something new.

Take this moment and consider your life. If there’s anything that’s been stuck send in a ball of energy just clear up that stuck energy. Open to new potentials. Let the strength of the lion be with you. Let the power of the energy that comes from within you, within your Soul, within your Essence become the forefront of your life. Phew, I could feel each one of you letting that move through you to a greater degree.

This moment is also about abundance and about financial change and opening up. Open up and feel the alignment that goes with this high light frequency. See the abundance that is all around. See that clearing out of the old and all of the gifts, all of the abundance, and the gold and minerals. You see it distributed to all. You see it working to support all. As people clear out and get out of that rut of lack and not yet, and when’s it gonna happen, and all of these places that people have been stuck it leaves you open to something new, but you have to let it go.  Phew, there you go.

With that last wave, we saw it going through so much of the collective consciousness that still was stuck and didn’t think there was anything other than what was in their face. Breathe in and breathe out.

Allow your focus to shift back once more into the All That Is. This time what you see before you is this vibration and this frequency where you have that perception of being in a much broader expansion. Look at your life now from this higher perspective. Look at the world from this higher perspective. Put forth a clear intention that this transformation is thorough, is complete, and while it does need to disrupt certain things to create change that anything like that is minimal.

The more that people are already in that flow and in that frequency the less of the trauma that you will see. So, gather your friends your loved ones and just let them be in the flow of what you know. Let society be in the flow at the higher light frequency. Let this flow throughout your family, your work, your town, your state, your country, the world. Each one of you within your own right have so much power and potential. Step into it, embrace it. Understand that you need not always analyze every single step but simply be in this presence.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you do so you create that circle of energy and light. You’ve already been aligned with the Earth and working with the Earth so you see as it comes up that transformed vibration and frequency is illustrated within the Hologram. Each one of you send your own intention, your own transformation, your own opening to the massive abundance within and around you.

As that is complete there is an aspect that goes out it. It merges with that open portal of the Lions Gate and the remainder goes back down; you follow that pathway from the hologram. As it merges with the Earth you see it spreading out, and not only everything from the portal of the Lions Gate but your own personal change and transformation is moving within all of this. You see it, this seamless flow at this time because we’ve already cleared out the collective consciousness.

It always goes down and it anchors within the center of the Earth and then it comes up through all the various levels and physicality that is your Earth. It flows up within you from where you anchored and Gaia. It comes up into all those people that may as yet be unawake, and it creates new potentials for each one of them.

You allow the flow to come back within you from your Higher Self and your Divinity. As it comes back down it streams down coming down through the head to all your energy bodies and it anchors within Gaia. You bring up that anchor from Gaia, you bring down the energy of the Universe, and it all merges and flows up and down through you as the physical person, through your emotions, your beliefs, and your energy bodies so that everything is within balance.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Beloved family and friends as you’re in this now moment where the true energy of the Lions Gate is opening up, it’s coming through, it’s sending these impulses, be open to allow it to support you or create change in the best way that supports you.

If you’re listening to this someplace down the road know that you can always tap into this energy and utilize it to create whatever is happening in that now moment because all is happening in that spiral of time that is nonlinear.

Be open to a life that fully supports you. Be open to relationships, jobs, experiences that fully support you. You are the expression of your massive Soul essence. Feel that. Let it be present and let that flow through you in every way possible.

Beloved know that I am ever with you and within you.


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website:
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