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Your Vibration Helps Earth’s Ascension - Goddess of Creation

Your Vibration Helps Earth’s Ascension - Goddess of Creation

We have spoken at length the last several years of the ascension of Earth.  I know this is happening in several segments and we are literally at the end of this process.  Frequently people will get caught up with what is spoken about by the media or the perception that nothing is happening.  There is actually a great deal happening with taking down the corruption that has been in place for thousands of years. It is easy to say this is crazy and I don’t want to go there; however, society needs to awaken and this is a part of the process.

During this channel, while in the All That Is, the Goddess gave us a chance to experience our life through the higher, light vibration.  For many, they were able to see their life with all that is happening.  There continues to be a large number of people on earth who are unaware of what is going on.  It was with this group that everyone worked at this time. It is becoming more evident to me that there will be a certain who never wake up.  However, especially after we worked with this energy tonight I could see a wave of light moved around the earth becoming brighter and brighter.  

There is such a strong sense now that this can be slow and drawn out or it can move swiftly and become complete.  I believe that things have gone slowly so as to awaken humanity slowly thereby creating stability.  however, we are past the tipping point and things will accelerate at this time or very soon. 

Be present and remember you have so much more to offer than you realize!! 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family!  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.  I reach out and just flood your energy with the love, the light, and the universal essence that runs through me and also flows through you.

As humans, you’ve been very busy.  You have perceptions of things that may be going on in your mind and your mental body and it may occupy your days.  Humans have a tendency to be driven be it through their intention of whatever it is they may seek to manifest in their life or whatsoever it may be.  As this vibration and frequency of the 5th dimension is making itself present and available for all, there are many of you in the flow between the dimensions.  There may be a part of you that gets caught up in your everyday life, there may be another part of you that is truly feeling the transition and the transformation that goes along with the higher frequency.

I invite you to take a moment as I send my energy into each one of you as you are here present on earth to look at your life.  So often when we are in the All That Is, we are looking from that higher vibration down; but look at it now.  Make note of anything that may be coming to you.

I invite you to take in one more deep breath where you follow that breath of energy into your heart center and your chakra of your heart center; tap into that essence of that vibration and creating a ball of light or energy.  Just imagining that happening is all you need to do and it is created.

Take a portion of that and you send it down through your energy bodies.  It goes down through your root center and into the earth.  As it moves into the earth it spreads out.  I invite you to take a moment to feel the energies of Gaia.  Feel the pulsation or the heartbeat of the earth.  As that happens, you have an even deeper awareness both of Gaia by sending love and light into her as she sends it back up within you, you are anchoring your energies and in that flow of light.

You allow that to come back up within you and into your heart center once more and you feel that ball of energy and you take a portion of it and send it up through your throat, your third eye, your head center and it goes out through the top of your head until it aligns with your higher self. Look around at what this space is.  It may be as if it is brand-new.  You may see the many things you have done in the past. 

Your higher self is a way of working with your everyday life and that alignment between the frequency of your everyday life and your higher self is expanding and moving more easily.

You send that stream of light even further than your higher self.  Your higher self is a space between you the human and your divinity.  So, you allow your consciousness to stream even further until you align with the soul plane and you feel your energies connect with your divinity.

For some, it is as if there is a starburst in your energy just expands going in every different direction.  For others, it is as if you see yourself as the person you are and you merge with that person.  And still, others do not have a specific perception of what this is, however you trust and you allow your consciousness to simply blend with who you are expanding even bigger.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.  As we embrace, I invite you to feel your consciousness expand even further.  And everything moves into the All That Is.  Look around the All That Is.  Look at this space this is a place of creation, this is a place of experiences, it is a place where you may return to as often as you need.  This is a place to process if there is a problem going on in your life, if you are seeking answers you come here.  You have access to not only the higher vibration and frequency but many different guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters are here to work with you.  Not only that, your own high vibrational frequency is here to work with you.

Upon the earth, it is becoming more and more evident that there are a minimum of two separate pathways that people are living.  There is a pathway based on fear and control.  This is a pathway where many people don’t even realize that they are being controlled because they allow their fear to dictate their reality.

And then there is another path where people are in the high light frequency that we align with right here, and within the fifth dimensional frequency there is some energy that is still that fourth dimension and some the fifth, and some are solidly within the fifth.  Within the fifth dimensional frequency, you are able to see the difference between stepping into fear without even being conscious of your choices in your thoughts and your process and making that conscious choice to vibrate at a higher frequency that steps outside of control, it steps outside of fear, it keeps you solidly within love and compassion.

There are many variations in between these two.  And most people will find themselves flowing between those variations.  Take a moment to look out at your life, as always it is as if there is a big screen in front of you.  Look at the universe, you can see your life.  As you are looking at your life, just take notice.  Are you in that slower frequency where you are not feeling a lot of movement and flow?  Where you and the people around you are in fear.

Or do you see yourself kind of hovering above the rest and just gently moving through your day?  If you are one of those that is already vibrating at the higher frequency that I invite you to follow that path even more looking at options and looking at what it is that you may do to enhance your life.  We will go more deeply into that in a moment.

I always love when I say something like that because there is a certain number that just goes shooting out like a shooting star into the universe.

For those of you that find at least a portion of your day you get bogged down in fear perhaps it’s you, perhaps it’s your family, perhaps it’s your work, perhaps as what you are being told through the media; there are many different reasons why people get pulled into that energy.

But look at yourself.  Look at yourself when there is something outside of you telling you how to feel, what to think, what to do.  As you look at that, it creates a vibration that everybody here that is tapping into it, I can literally feel you being pulled down.  So, for you or anyone else in the world that is stuck in that, frequently from an unconscious place.  We’re going to reach out to that vibration.  We are going to reach out and everybody that is in that situation and is being controlled by others or living their life in fear and we’re going to just tap into those energies of those people and we are going to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and let it go.  Let go whatever anchors a holding you down.

For some of you, I can see that that was enough for you and you are now flying off with the others which tells me that chances are you don’t even realize that you are being pulled down into that low frequency.  So now if there is anybody else, which I see, I invite you to just go within yourself and ask the question ‘how does this serve me’?  I know that frequently that makes people mad because they think it doesn’t serve me, I would be gone if I could, which is absolutely true.  So, there is something in this that is either teaching you a lesson or giving you an experience, or that you are may be working with another; but it is keeping you hooked in and therefore it serves you for one reason or another.

As you allow that to move through you ask to know whatever it may be, so that you may learn that lesson or learned the experience; take in another breath ~whew~ and let it go.

More of you left to go off into the higher frequencies.  The remainder that I see within the space are people that are stuck and are unconscious, they are unaware that you have opportunities available to you, higher vibrations, higher frequencies.  Perhaps these are people that you know, perhaps it is still you.  So, I call down the universal light, I call that light to just shine on every one that is here and I send that light into and around every single person on earth.  So yes, I shifted the focus from the All That Is onto the earth plane and I send this light into every single person that remains unaware so that they may awaken.

For many, it is simply creating a light or a frequency that moves in and between everybody upon the earth.  What I see, is that many of you that were like shooting stars going out have now returned and you too are shining the unconditional love and compassion into all that are upon the earth.

As you see the beams of light that come up from the earth, there are certain pockets in which there is less light than others.  So, wherever that may be if you have that perception, shift your focus and send light and love into those areas.

Not only are many, many people unaware or un-awakened, there has also been massive corruption in your system.  Not just one government but the entire world.  As this light from each one of you illuminates more and more and more that corruption becomes illuminated.  That also helps to break the chains that some are feeling.

I invite you to pay attention to how much of that energy and light move through you as you send it into the earth.  For those areas of the earth that have not had an opportunity to tune into these frequencies, it is as if there is an activation that is taking place, giving people the opportunity to awaken.

Allow your focus to return to the All That Is. Again, you see that screen in front of you that represents your life.  As you look at the various experiences that are happening in your life can you take an opportunity and consciously choose love?  Choose the potential, choose the opportunity.  What happens to you as you choose love is that you will find that you will become very distanced from the turmoil that is taking place upon Earth.  It is hard in your everyday life not to get pulled into that, however, taking your energy out of any situation that causes you anxiety, pain, suffering allows you and everybody else that is of the higher frequency to experience the greater flow and energy. 

As we look at this, our focus is been upon the earth.  But now have a sense of shifting to look into the universe.  As you look out at the universe your perception may be of a black sky with stars and planets.  However, I invite you to look at the universe with your inner eyes.  Take in a deep breath and breathe out.  As you look at the universe, just as you noticed upon the earth that there were places of bright white lights so too you will see that.  Most especially at this time surrounding the earth but even as you look down your galaxy.

Some may have the perception of the ships that fly through.  I invite you to have a sense of expanding allowing your consciousness to shift into an even higher frequency so that you may see what is around you.  No matter what goes through your mind be open, be in the flow of awareness.  This takes you further and further and further away from the low vibrational frequencies that are now transitioning off the earth 

As you look through the all that is again looking at the universe, many of you may notice that there is a second earth or what looks similar to your earth.  It may be that some individuals that choose to remain in the very narrow low frequency will shift to that other earth, which in turn may move most likely into a different universe.  The whole entire universe that you find yourself within is ascending to a higher level of consciousness.  And therefore, any that absolutely refuse to transition into the higher frequency will shift into that other location and that will move into a different universe.

There are already people that have been moving off and on to that other planet.  There are others that are opening up more and more, as that very low vibration is removed from the Earth.

Take a look at you and your life.  You are the lightworkers.  You chose to assist humanity in all the transformation that is taking place and you are doing a beautiful job!  Even in the short period of time open to perceive not only how much of humanity is opening up to the higher frequency, but how much of that lower vibration is able to be cleared out.  As you stand here in this space, I invite you to recognize that you have an amazing capacity for love and compassion.  Allow that to simply flow through you.

As all of this expands you have the opportunity to create change within your life.  Be that person that disconnects from whatever may be going on in the world.  Be that person that is supportive of others by shining the light of love.  Be that individual that is in the space of self-love and is filling up with compassion so that you look at the world through the eyes of compassion.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out.  You are so much more than what you realize.  Open the doorway and step full force into who you are!

I invite you to return, coming back together as a group.  We have already been working with the energies, both of the universe and of the earth, however, create that cycle, and the hologram of the earth comes up within you.  You may notice that there is still light that is shining forth from the various places upon the earth (as seen in the hologram).  Send love and light into the entire hologram until the entire earth illuminates with light. 

As you do so, you send an aspect of that out into the universe and the remainder goes down into the earth.  As it connects with the energy of the earth, you see it as it moves through the matrix or the energy pattern that surrounds the earth.  This has expanded into a higher frequency.  It, therefore, is illuminated with this higher vibration.  That ball from the hologram keeps going further and further into the earth.  Until it anchors inside the center of the earth.  In here you can see those seventh and ninth dimensional frequencies and even higher as they keep rising also.

You anchor within that space in these balls of energy and light expand coming up, coming up through all the subterranean tunnels illuminating all of them with light assisting anybody that is there.  It comes up through the earth.  It comes up into every individual upon the earth and they may receive it or not as they so choose.

I invite you to receive your own frequency and vibration.  You are anchoring it through that in which you anchored to Gaia at the very beginning.  You then pull the rest of your consciousness down; it comes down to that column of light that links you to your divinity.  As everything moves up and down through you, take a moment to look around at your life.  Look around at your surroundings can you see the difference that is here?  Can you see how much is already changing, and it is available for you.

All right beloved family, remember, that you have the ability to make such a change in the world.  Remember that humanity is an alignment that blends everyone together at the soul level.  So, remember to maintain your place of balance, expansion, and growth, so that it will give everyone around you the opportunity to also step up into those potentials. 

You are here!  You’ve done the hard work!  Be open to receive the benefit.  Be open to be in the place and expansion for who you are at that which is the high light vibration.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you!


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation

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