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16 Signs You’ve Made an Authentic Soulmate Connection

16 Signs You’ve Made an Authentic Soulmate Connection

Everyone wants to find their soulmate. But the problem is it casts the role as being singular. The reality is you can have a soulmate connection with many people, including those from your soul group or soul family.

The assumption that most people have is their soulmate is their twin flame. And the two terms are interchangeable to an extent. But where the confusion comes in is that your twin flame will always be your soulmate. But a soulmate won’t always be your twin flame.

Throughout the course of your life, you’ll have many soulmate connections. They’ll come in the form of family ties, close friendships, and even with your pets. Each will have their own particular dynamic. But all of them will have many of the following characteristics.

  1. You Feel Like You Known Each Other Far Longer Than You Have
  2. You Share a Similar Backstory Before Meeting
  3. Your Ideals are Closely Matched with One Another 
  4. You Have an Almost Telepathic Understanding
  5. You Empower Each Other Without Becoming Co-Dependent
  6. You Feel Like There’s Nothing You Can’t Handle Together
  7. You Can Hold Long Comfortable Silences with One Another
  8. They Know You Better Than You Know Yourself
  9. Your Soulmate Comes into Your Life Representing Huge Chang
  10. You Act as Each Other’s Teacher
  11. You’re Willing to Put Their Needs Before Your Own
  12. You Experience Huge Synchronicities That Keep Drawing You Together
  13. There is an Unconditional Acceptance of Each Other Just as You Are
  14. You Can Talk About Anything Together
  15. You Respect Each Other’s Personal Boundaries
  16. You Don’t Exhibit Possessiveness (They’re Free to Leave at Any Time)

How Do Soulmate Connections Benefit Your Spiritual Growth?

  1. You Feel Like You Known Each Other Far Longer Than You Have

There’s something that just clicks when you’re in the presence of a soulmate. You can skip straight past the small talk and dive deep into topics that would take many others a while to warm up to.

You have an innate knowing that you’ve met this person before. You may not ascribe it to past lives or any other form of soul connection. But you know deep within your heart-space that the person you’re speaking to is a part of your tribe.

  1. You Share a Similar Backstory Before Meeting

You may discover you share a similar backstory with your soulmate. Oftentimes, the reason you’re brought together with like souls is to complete an energetic exchange. Each of you can hold a piece that the other needs to heal their emotional wounds.

You might also be on a similar trajectory on your soul’s journey. By meeting, you may be fulfilling part of your soul contracts to aid each other in your mission. It’s not uncommon for souls from the same group or soul family to arrange meetings in their physical incarnations. 

  1. Your Ideals are Closely Matched with One Another 

When you speak with a soulmate, in many ways, it will feel like speaking with a mirrored version of yourself. You’ll find a lot of common ground. It’ll feel uncanny to converse with someone who you agree on so much with.

Your politics – or lack of – spirituality, ethics towards the consumption of animal products, and overall emotional intelligence will be very much on the same level. You will disagree on some things, sure. But you will have more in common than not. 

  1. You Have an Almost Telepathic Understanding

You’ve probably had relationships with people where you’ve been able to tell what’s on their minds. When you match your frequency with someone else’s or share a bond based on your vibratory level, you work in synchronistic fashion with one another.

You may find yourself finishing each other sentences, suggesting an idea they were just about to come up with themselves, and even saying the same word simultaneously. When you enter this flow state, you’ve tapped into the consciousness field that surrounds us.

  1. You Empower Each Other Without Becoming Co-Dependent

When you’re together, you inspire each other to greater and greater heights. You see where each other is heading and just ‘get it.’ You understand the passion that’s driving your soulmate to achieve their goals, and you give conditional support where others would cast judgment.

But you don’t allow this bond to interfere with either of your free-will choices. You’re still each your own sovereign being. You can make your own decisions without the other. The support you receive is welcome, and you could be just as successful without it. But the journey’s much more enjoyable with their input.

  1. You Feel Like There’s Nothing You Can’t Handle Together

Any form of soulmate connection is synergistic by nature. When you come together with someone, you become greater than the sum of your equal parts. You enter into a state of accelerated growth where you each raise the others’ vibration.

Your co-creative skills become magnified as your collective I AM Presence energies work together to open up new opportunities and bring more of your heart’s desires into your field of awareness.

  1. You Can Hold Long Comfortable Silences with One Another

The hallmark of any solid connection, soulmate or otherwise, isn’t communication. It’s silence. For most of us, the idea of not saying a word fills us with dread. It’s surely a sign that there’s something wrong, and we’ll do anything to fill the void.

This silence is golden when you’re in a deep soulmate connection with someone. You cherish it. The moments in between the words you speak become more meaningful than the ideas you share. You come to value the presence of each other’s energy in a way that transcends language.

  1. They Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

You can reach a stage with your soulmate where they can predict your every move. They can see your mistakes before you even make them. They can see how you’re going to react in a given situation and steer things towards a more harmonious outcome.

And it’s a mutual exchange. You’ll both use your precognitive and intuitive abilities for the benefit of one another. Sometimes your discernment filter isn’t working as it should, and you hit a blind spot. But your soulmate will make the save with synchronistic timing.

  1. Your Soulmate Comes into Your Life Representing Huge Chang

Whenever a soulmate enters your life, it’s a sign you’re about to take a quantum leap in your spiritual journey. The status quo is about to be shaken up in a huge way. It could mean anything. And most often, a soulmate will bring the change you least expect.

Whatever the case, you’re going to be challenged. You’re going to be asked to let go of some old ways that are no longer serving you. It could be a long, hard road. But the rewards will far outweigh the trouble you endure.

  1. You Act as Each Other’s Teacher

One of the most rewarding aspects of having a soulmate connection is the shared learning experiences you create. You’ll each trade places of being the master and student at various times throughout your relationship.

It will be more of an unspoken dynamic. You may not even be fully aware of it without the benefit of reflection and hindsight. You’ll simply act in the moment. There are no set rules for who will do what for whom and when. You exist in the flow state.

  1. You’re Willing to Put Their Needs Before Your Own

The deeper the connection you have with a soulmate, the more you’ll be willing to put their needs in front of your own. It’ll be an automatic reaction. You’ll simply do it without question. The boundaries between you will appear almost non-existent.

You reach a point where your happiness is dependent on their happiness. And if having an experience or possession at their expense means that it will leave them hurt or neglected, then for you, it isn’t a thing worth having. You’d much rather they have it instead.

  1. You Experience Huge Synchronicities That Keep Drawing You Together

At the start of your journey, before you’ve even met each other, you may bump into your soulmate over and over again. You may dismiss it at first. But over time, these ‘chance encounters can become so frequent it serves as a call to action. You have to introduce yourself.

The fact you’re being placed in the same vicinity as one another is the Universe’s and your Higher Self’s way of trying to facilitate a connection. You’re being guided towards one another with a not-so-subtle hint that each of you should be in the other’s life. Don’t be afraid to take a chance.

  1. There is an Unconditional Acceptance of Each Other Just as You Are

Neither of you tries to change the other. Although you’ll share a lot in common with one another, it’s only natural you’ll also have some disagreements. It’s human nature. The big difference with a soulmate connection is these won’t come to define your relationship.

You’ll embrace your differences because that is where there will be the most opportunity for growth. You both hold a different part of the same puzzle. And it’s only by coming together and accepting each other for who you are that you can flourish.

  1. You Can Talk About Anything Together

For many, there are some subjects that are off-limits, no matter the level of connection. But for true soulmates, those are the topics you’ll get the most enjoyment out of talking about. You’ll lay it all on the line for the sake of honesty.

You have no problem being vulnerable and sharing your feelings because you don’t have the fear of being judged hanging over you. There is a safety that allows you to open up about anything. Even if it might be potentially damaging, you can work through issues together.

  1. You Respect Each Other’s Personal Boundaries

You would never ask your soulmate to do something you know they’re uncomfortable with. It wouldn’t even enter your mind. You wouldn’t ask them to compromise their values not only because it’s the right thing to do but because they would never do the same.

Your shared principles are what brought you together. So, to ask your soulmate to put them aside would ruin your connection. You each share the belief that you treat others the way that you wish to be treated in return. And that’s no more apparent than with the respect of boundaries.

  1. You Don’t Exhibit Possessiveness (They’re Free to Leave at Any Time)

The true mark of love is wanting the other person to be happy so much that you’re willing to let them go to follow their dreams. It’s the ultimate act of self-sacrifice in any relationship. You’re giving up the love you could have because you know it would limit the other person.

Authentic soulmate connections have this same thread of selflessness running through their core. Some connections do last a lifetime, while others are only fleeting. But for those who recognise this, just having experienced it in the first place is more than enough. You’ll always respect their freedom.

How Do Soulmate Connections Benefit Your Spiritual Growth?

Making a true soulmate connection is one of the most enriching experiences you can have on your soul’s journey. You plan these meetings far in advance in the spirit world. In fact, it’s one of the key reasons you come to Earth – to meet your friends!

Some of these soulmate connections may only be fleeting, but they’ll be no less rewarding, and the benefits extend far beyond recreation.

These meetings often come at a time when you’re at the lowest of low ebbs in your life or when you’re stuck in a rut and need some excitement injected into your life. 

Soulmate connections make you sit up and take notice. 

They’re such electrifying experiences; they literally jolt you to attention!

The full list of benefits you gain from each soulmate or individual encounter can’t fully be quantified here. 

But the common ground they all share is that they’re catalysts for growth, often helping you complete soul contracts that will absolve you of past life karma you may have accrued during a shared lifetime. 

They’re your greatest allies… 

Through this incarnation and each subsequent life you’ll experience.

All the way to ascension and beyond…

Sam Booomer
Sam’s work as a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner has led him to dedicate his life to helping other’s raise their vibration and embrace the best version of themselves. If you’re ready to explore yourself more deeply than you’ve thought possible, to release old traumas, and finally connect with your life’s purpose – you can. If you’re ready to take this incredible journey of self-exploration, self-healing and self-mastery, I’d love it if you’d join me, and I’d be honoured to be your guide.

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