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You Can’t Skip The Middle Step

middle step

As we become more OURSELVES we are creating a safe space, first for ourselves, and then for others, if they are open. The safe space is created by accepting ourselves and all of our emotions. Being o.k. with just where we are at emotionally and physically. No, we don’t have to love it, because lots of it can be uncomfortable at times. But allowing it to be is the elixir for change and transformation.

We are not trying to be a better human, or trying to improve who we are. The TEN WAYS TO A BETTER YOU book is passé. What you may consider your worst qualities are not at all. They are just part of being human.

Many would be shocked hearing that.  They would say we are uncaring. We would be considered part of the problem, not the solution to the woes of the world.

You should strive to be more SELFLESS, they contend.  An honorable and good person considers the welfare of others first. And then maybe they would cite the current President of the U.S. and his administration as the perfect example of SELFISH gone horribly wrong.

But what they don’t understand is that the person who ascended to the most powerful position in the world, who is creating such chaos and stomping on the human and social rights of so many….is himself a product of self-hate.

What so many see as too much self-love is not at all. It’s the splitting of the heart and the mind. It the inability to see value in the self, including all the emotions of sadness, and fear. So he has no choice, he believes, but to find that value outside himself….and because he equates value with power, he asks, “how powerful can I become?”

And he comes from a culture that values powerful men in terms of money, status, fame, stoicism, aggression, and sexual prowess. He doesn’t even need to embody those attributes, but only to fool others into believing he embodies them.

So he lives a one-dimensional life. There is not much depth, little compassion and he’s not really even that interesting.  Consequently, he believes that he has to project the illusion that he is the smartest, the best, and the biggest winner.

All very self-serving.

But one could say that on a soul level he is serving others by exemplifying the mind as the KING GONE MAD.  The imbalanced patriarchy personified.  At least to those who see through his charade.

So he has managed to become the focus of a tremendous amount of attention, which he craves like opium.

But like an addict, it’s never enough, and the next fix has to be bigger, and more dangerous.

Some find him fascinating.  Well, even that quality is manufactured, not real. All show, not much go. But it is a fascinating study of how powerful the mind can be, and how it can attract so much dissonance. Since like attracts like, it’s the perfect storm.  Those who harbor similar attributes are enabled and emboldened.

He gives permission with his own example for the other self-haters to hate others more freely and openly.  Like the White Nationalists carrying an array of flags expressing an ‘Us versus Them’ ideology.

Some try to cover up the contempt toward others who are different thus a threat, by the convenient  use of ‘religious freedom’ that’s been given so much press of late.  Or by claiming it’s in the Bible.

Most of these people are not going to self-reflect, and most certainly not own their fear and their feelings of vulnerability.

Those who witness this troubling behavior contend that these terrorizers and predators are not loving others and are acting selfishly.

And that is true. But those who rile against the haters believe the solution is for the offenders to become better people. While that is also true, they can’t be expected to skip the middle step.

They can’t go from hate-driven White Nationalist or gay-bashing religious zealot to compassionate human.  At least, not easily or quickly.

They have to go through that infernal middle step, the avoid-at-all-costs step….SELF-LOVE. That’s the hardest thing for a human to do. They will do everything and anything to avoid it. And that’s because it requires them to strip themselves bare and look at parts of themselves they believe are ugly, and totally reprehensible. And to accept those parts of themselves.

It requires of them to be so vulnerable. So open. Perhaps they were open once. Maybe when they were very young. Maybe as a child they were devastated. Traumatized by unrequited love, and in many cases the target of a self-loathing guardian. So they closed down their heart. They had to in order to survive. They had nowhere to go. Who would take care of their needs?

It’s hard to imagine a heart being so closed that they are willing to harm others both emotionally and physically. Some say that they are evil. That there is evil in this world.

But it’s really just the manifestation of the heart being nailed shut.


So here we are. Those of us who have seen the underbelly of Ascension…where we look within, and we are face to face with ourselves, or at least with those parts of ourselves we had buried. Maybe it was sadness, anger, feelings of abandonment, the broken and wounded heart.

And really it was the wounded hearts of others we took on. We tried to make it our pain. And that’s something we don’t need to do any more.

But I want to remind all of you that what you have been doing is not for the faint of heart. Allowing yourself all the emotions, and creating a safe space for all of your aspects to come back home. That’s the new energy, a balanced energy.

Someone was eager to point out that it’s egotistical to feel proud of being the master and the pioneer of change. Yet, what could be more ego, mind-driven than pretending to be selfless? Putting your own needs second to everyone else’s.

That’s driven by guilt, not love.

Claiming to love others without loving self or at least, accepting self, is really just a study in ass-kissing. It’s an attempt to feel better about oneself by sacrificing and suffering. That’s not so much soul-driven as it is mind-driven, agenda-driven.

The chest thumping antics of the political leader is really not a reflection of self-love and self-acceptance.  And for most, it’s easy to see through that.  In fact, it’s getting pretty embarrassing,

But the humble act is easy to see through too.  The self-effacing, and pretending to care about everyone else, or even the Planet at the expense of caring for oneself….that’s so yesterday.

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