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How To Transform Your Bathroom Into Your Private Relaxation Centre

How To Transform Your Bathroom Into Your Private Relaxation Centre

For many of us, the bathroom is the easiest place to relax, escape from everyday problems and put our mind and body in order. A bathroom is a place where you can be alone with yourself, relax and take a breath when it is especially important. That is why it is necessary to equip it in full detail. Glue tiles, install plumbing, screw in a couple of spots - but it's not that simple! There are many nuances to consider when you want to create a comfortable and relaxing bathroom. In this article, we will tell you about them. When planning a comfortable bathroom, you need to exclude as much as possible irritants such as crampedness, stuffiness, excessive moisture and clutter. The ideal bathroom doesn't have to be like a public laundry - more like a mini spa with scented towels, soft lighting, stylish design and convenient storage system. How to achieve this? 

Add space

Even in small bathrooms, due to competent planning, functional furniture and small-sized plumbing, you can increase the usable area. A great option is to combine a bathroom with a closet or part of a corridor. If you decide on it, do not forget to get consent to redevelop. 

Observe symmetry

This is necessary in order to properly zone the space in the bathroom and create a more orderly environment, which in conditions of limited space (and in the context of the bathroom it is almost always relevant) is extremely important. The axis of such symmetry can be considered a bathroom set with a mirror, which will be located directly opposite the entrance. On the sides of it, you should install the bath and toilet (if the bathroom is adjacent). In this way, there is enough space for the installation of everything you need, and for you to move freely around. 

How To Transform Your Bathroom Into Your Private Relaxation Centre

Install a large tub

For a long time, water has allowed people not only to quench their thirst and perform hygiene procedures but also helped restore energy and health. An obstacle on the way to complete relaxation from aqua therapy is often the insufficient size of the tub. You can get rid of these inconveniences by installing a really large bath. So big that you can fit in your full height. Agree, when during water procedures you have to constantly move in order to alternately heat either the legs or the torso, you can forget about comfort and relaxation forever. In addition, large-sized units often have many more functions, such as a jacuzzi or hydro massage, which can only be a pleasant bonus.

If you don’t like taking long baths, or you simply don’t have enough space for a tub, make sure to have a proper shower head. Modern products and technologies allow you to enjoy the water in your own bathroom in its natural form: in the form of drumming raindrops, powerful waterfalls or fine mist.

Get proper ventilation

A comfortable microclimate in the bathroom depends on ventilation in it. Install the fan close to the ceiling and away from water sources and the front door. When connecting the fan to a light source, provide an independent switch for it. A silencer or soundproofing materials in the duct will help to reduce the noise from the fan.

Install comfortable floors

It is not very pleasant to step on cold tiles with bare feet, especially after a nice, hot bath. Take care of installing a warm floor in advance or purchase a soft rug. The main requirements for a bathroom floor are moisture resistance, practicality and safety. The tiles can be treated with a special anti-slip compound.

Do multi-aspect lighting

Chromotherapy, or light therapy (as it is sometimes called), is a very effective way to achieve harmony with the world and oneself. For example, light waves of green have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relaxing and relieving stress. Red light activates blood circulation, restoring muscle tone. Blue helps to calm down, normalise the heartbeat, and yellow, on the contrary, promotes mental and physical activity. Also, too bright light in the evening will interfere with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is responsible for the reserve of physical strength, the normal functioning of the immune system and slowing down the aging process. The bathroom should have at least two or three light sources: above the tub, the sink, and the centre of the room. Surround the mirror with light, so you can see your reflection without unnecessary glare and shadows.

Install sound system

Another piece of the puzzle in getting psychological comfort is a sound effect. Many of us love to sing in the bathroom or just listen to music. But every time you take your phone with you and try to listen to the playing song - you realise that the idea is not the best. It will be much more convenient to get a "smart" column with voice control to do it louder or quieter and include what you want. If the "smart" speaker is useless to you, you can install a radio panel in the bathroom with a built-in display and speakers. This function of shower cabins, which has not lost its relevance even today, is quite common.

Bet on colour therapy

Imagine that you are on an island and take a shower under a waterfall. What colours surround you? Brown, beige, green, grey, blue. Here they should be used in the interior of a bathroom in the first place. Do not get carried away with ornaments and prints, except with the image of tropical plants. In such a natural environment, you will feel part of the wildlife and relax no worse than at the resort.

Whichever palette you prefer, stick with two or three basic shades so that your eyes don't get tired. For a relaxing atmosphere, muted shades of green, yellow, white, blue, lilac, brown are traditionally responsible. Avoid monochrome bright reds, blacks, and neon colours. They are acceptable as accents, or in harmonious combination with neutral tones.

Experiment with finishes

Tile familiar to everyone is a proven and practical material for decorating walls in a bathroom, but far from the only one. For example, a more economical way is to use moisture-resistant wallpaper or plastic panels. A bathroom with natural wood or stone trim looks stylish.

Wood is the best choice for any space where you want to create a cosy and relaxing environment. In the bathroom, you can use tiles and decor with the texture and colour of wood, because real wood does not like high humidity. Or choose the one that is water and steam resistant, such as teak wood. It can be used to make wonderful furniture, and it is also good as flooring.

How To Transform Your Bathroom Into Your Private Relaxation Centre


Living plants in the bathroom give the interior freshness, sophistication and oxygenate the room. For these purposes, moisture-resistant and shade-loving green pets are suitable: ficus, arrowroot, hoya, chlorophytum, monstera. 

Candles and aroma lamps are simply necessary for any bathroom. Pleasant smells, flickering light and warmth play an important role in restoring mental strength, they lull and help to feel inner harmony. Decorate your home bathroom with decor inspired by nature. It can be shells, pebbles, live plants. Together, these little things will make your bathroom more lively and homely, and not just a technical washroom.

Natural fabrics

Tactile sensations are also very important in a bathroom. Therefore, in addition to nice textures and warm floors, you need to use the highest quality textiles of soft natural shades. After all, it is much more pleasant to use a fluffy white towel than an old, washed, with an already boring pattern. If you have decorative textiles, rugs, baskets and other fabric items in the bathroom, choose cotton, linen and matting. These are natural fabrics that look cosy in any atmosphere.

Install a silent technique

What kind of relaxation can we talk about if a working washing machine rumbles and jumps in the bathroom? Pay attention to modern models with an inverter motor, which has powerful magnets that reduce friction. This technique not only makes less noise and lasts longer, but also copes well with stains. 

Repair everything on time

Pipes that burst or leaked, a wall that cracked, a tile that is missing in the corner of the wall - all that spoils the mood. Instead of a relaxing bath, you will get frustration and dissatisfaction. Make sure to get good quality toilet repairs and on time. 

Take care of the little things

The true style is in the details. Beautiful towels, scented candles, a mirror with a spectacular frame, stylish fittings and original bathroom accessories - let the details blend harmoniously into the overall atmosphere of the room, adding charm and personality to it.


The bathroom is the holy of holiest in any apartment, where the most intimate atmosphere is preserved. Here you can be in splendid isolation, taking a shower and singing your favourite songs. Let your bathroom be your place of refuge, where you can relax your body and soul and get a boost of energy and inspiration.


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