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Try These 6 Activities to Fight Depression

Try These 6 Activities to Fight Depression

Depression is a serious medical illness. In fact, American Psychiatric Association lists the condition as one of the worst mental illnesses today. The reason being is that the illness “negatively affects” the person’s overall ability and performance.

By definition as attested by the same institution, depression or also referred to as major depressive disorder causes feelings of sadness and loss of interests. And based on assertions, there are several factors as to how a person becomes depressed.

Symptoms and Signs of Depression

While the main cause of depression remains unknown, experts over WebMD claims that it can “occur” for a variety of reasons. Some people may have developed the condition during a serious medical condition. Others, perhaps, may have acquired the illness after going through a life challenge.

Whatever the reasons, though, here are the most common symptoms and signs of depression as asserted by Healthline:

  • Sudden loss of interest
  • Negative perspectives and vantage points
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Usual sleep disturbance
  • Swift changes in mood; irritability
  • Significant changes in weight and appetite
  • Suicidal thoughts

Treating and Fighting Depression

The cause may be probably unknown. But, fortunately, depression is treatable. As it happens, one can even fight against the illness and ultimately eliminate the signs and causes.

Although it may need medications and thorough treatment processes, new studies suggest that there are more natural ways to fight and overcome depression. And even without the utilisation of medications, these ways are found to be effective:

  • Practice Yoga

Yoga is basically a flow of movements while being mindful. And mindfulness is the target point of many studies in terms of proving its effectiveness in treating depression.

In a study conducted at the University of Westminster, Pilkington and the rest of the researches gathered that practicing yoga regularly may help treat depression. Based on findings, all trials have been noted to show "positive" results.

While the evidence behind remains partially inconclusive, the intervention of yoga practices is "warranted" to be therapeutic for people living with depression.

On another note, Javnbakht, Kenari, and Ghasemi from the Psychiatry Department of the Islamic Azad University studied the effects of yoga on women who have anxiety and depression. As concluded in the study, yoga has been found to decrease the state and trait of anxiety. It is also claimed that yoga can be an "effective tool" for treating anxiety and depression.

Needless to say, practicing yoga regularly can effectively decrease the signs and symptoms of depression. And in the long run, this might just help individuals to ultimately eliminate the illness.

  • Ease Into Exercise

Exercising regularly is very beneficial to people who want to lose weight and live healthier. While prescribers of phentermine online may help individuals in this kind of concern, exercising is still the most effective option.

But, in terms of handling depression, experts from the field are claiming that exercising regularly can help prevent and treat depression.

In the case of prevention, studies suggest that exercising lowers the risks of obtaining the condition, even if it is genetic. As per the said study, adding about four hours of exercise per week can lower the risk by about 17 percent.

As for treating the mental illness, the study titled, Effect of Exercise on Depression concludes that exercising may offer "relief" to individuals who are living with the said condition. While it is not clear yet as to how exercising can be a tool in fighting depression, the links and relationships between the two show significant results.

  • Listening to Music

Listening to music is one of the most popular ways that many recommend when fighting depression. As it happens, the way music affects people's minds, emotions, and sentiments are all deemed as positive notes in terms of overcoming the said condition.

According to Chan's study, the results of their data show that music, especially the soft and slow types can be utilised as an "intervention" to improve sleep quality and depression to elderly individuals. In addition, the results were conclusive that listening to music showed a significant reduction in "geriatric depression" scores.

While soft and slow music, even classical genre, are found to have significant and positive effects on people who have depression, there are also other pop and newer tracks that can help treat anxiety and depression. These include:

  • So Small by Carrie Underwood
  • Last Hope by Paramore
  • Everything’s Not Lost by Coldplay
  • Mindful Eating

Having a healthy diet offers many great benefits to the human mind and body. So, it is not unlikely that eating healthy foods can also help people in treating and overcoming depression.

Based on claims, being mindful of your meal consumptions can dramatically help in treating and fighting depression. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has been providing evidence of the links between diet and depression since then.

As per assertions, certain foods either increase or decrease the rate of signs and symptoms of depression. Fruits, vegetables, and good fats are all associated with depression treatments. Conversely, junk foods, processed foods, and meals that are high in sugar are all found to increase the risks of depression.

Harvard Health Publishing also noted a similar angle. As suggested, treating depression includes self-care. And under the self-care category, it largely involves a healthy diet and mindful eating.

  • Decorating the Home

Lifestyle factors also play a huge role in depression. As per Prevention, many studies gathered that everything that surrounds you can be a huge factor in the condition of the mind. So, having a better environment, the better your condition will be.

Although it is not directly pointing that redecorating your surroundings, like your room or your home, can eliminate the symptoms and treat depression, experts are focusing on the notion that adding little tweaks in your day-to-day living might just offer significant changes in your life. These tweaks may include gardening, painting, nature trips, and home redecoration.

Among all the examples, home redecoration is the most apparent project that many experts and therapists recommend to those who have anxiety and depression. As it happens, this can make people feel a lot more "grounded" with the reality of their surroundings.

Also, doing such projects help them to be more focused on other things apart from having negative thoughts that will indulge on depression.

  • Watch a Funny Tv Show or Movie

According to Psychology Today, people who have anxiety and depression can effectively "lighten" things up by simply watching "feel-good" and funny movies.

Unlike reading, films and movies offer deeper connections between the viewer and the story. So, it gives the viewer a much more vivid perspective on certain things. Also, the absorption of emotions can be much more apparent through watching films.

Funny and feel-good movies are great options for people who have depression. As it happens, experts seemingly go back to the basics of the condition. And in this case, laughter is the best medicine, which makes it good medicine for depression.

Try These 6 Activities to Fight Depression

Final Thoughts

Fighting and overcoming depression or any other mental illness is quite challenging. But, with the right options and guidance, people who are living with such conditions can effectively “get out” and ultimately defeat it. And with these six activities given, things might get a little easier when overcoming depression.


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About the author:
Jessica Ann has written many blogs across the spectrum, but specializes mainly in weight loss and dieting. With several years in the field, Jessica has been helping people get healthy and is dedicated to providing information for those who need it. is free to access and use.
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