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Writing A Gratitude Diary Is Beneficial For Emotional And Spiritual Healing

Writing A Gratitude Diary Is Beneficial For Emotional And Spiritual Healing

People who write are relatively different than others. The satisfaction, optimism, and excitement increase automatically as soon as you put pen to paper.

The act of thinking, recalling, and writing is something real and concrete. The world is unexpectedly filled with uncertainties and people whom we shouldn't be with. Only in the US are 6.7% American adults of the total population that at least had one depressive episode in their lives.

There are millions of things that could utterly leave the person to wrath. But there's always a silver lining – and more that you can enjoy your own company or write a diary to work on your spirituality instead of expecting someone else to cover things up for you.

Dwelling on the past won't help you – Writing a Diary will!

The professionals and counselors highly disregard dwelling on past events. Remember that you can never have a better tomorrow if you are always thinking about yesterday's grief.

Whatever happens – Life must go on, because every tomorrow brings another chance to change!

Writing a diary is a habit that will automatically lead you in a positive direction. It is important to draw the picture of the highlight and brought out the best in you.

'I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear; my courage is reborn.' (Anne Frank)

You can develop a bold character by writing everything in the diary and hen work to improve it.

Benefits In Emotional And Spiritual Healing By Writing A Diary

There are plenty of benefits to writing and maintaining a dairy. It has been believed that writing a diary will help you overcome emotional wounds and assist you in spiritual healing.

Some of the benefits that I believe would help you out are mentioned below.

a)   Alleviate Stress and Strain

Alleviate Stress and Strain

The stress can be alleviated with writing your everyday happenings in a diary. Like writing early morning pages to pen down the things that were bothering you the other day and how you have developed the process of alleviating the pain and easing the stress.

Don't' let the stress dump the anxieties, frustrations, and pains in the brain that stop you from growing.  Instead, try to pen it down on the diary as it makes you feel calmer and help you get more rational decisions.

By writing a diary, you can lose the negativity surrounding you and reduce the deleterious and horrendous effects of stress and sadness. Several psychologists believe that writing the stress down and finding ways to fight them positively impacts physical health.

b)   Boost Your Creativity and Memory

Boost Your Creativity and Memory

It is believed that writing a diary is a healthy way of unleashing your true potential and creativity. Everyone indeed has creativity, the time we take to divine it is somewhat more than we expected.

By writing, you can bring the undiscovered creativity out and can have a much positive impact on your emotions.

Writing the memories also acts as a storage device where you store all the memories and view them anytime you want. I understand that most people don't feel like opening themselves to others. So what they should do in this regard? The best way is to pen down the details and find ways to challenge them and reverse the effects.

c)    Enable You to Self-Reflect

Do you know that life is going like a supersonic? With every other passing day, the number of hectic things is burdening us. Our fast-paced lives need some breaks!

If we don't stop and do amendments for the things that are pressurizing us, then we are running with loaded carts.

So the obvious question that comes here is how writing in a diary helps you? The answer is simple; writing gives you time to think about you and see the reflection of your character.

Self-reflection can be monitored and improvised by writing the things that happen to use that causes stress and problem—the steps we have taken to overcome those problems and bringing a positive impact on our life.

d)   Gives Clarity of Thoughts

Gives Clarity of Thoughts

The emotions that are fragmented into thousands of particles inside you can only be given a proper form and turn it into something that is inspired by writing.

Penning down even the slightest of detail will give structure to the things that will lead to a positive heart and mind.

When you write everything on the paper, you can evaluate the things that are disturbing your emotions and are hurting your soul. Don't let them do this to you; instead, untangle the convoluted web of our fears, hopes, and secrets. 

e)   Emotional Boldness

Your emotional healing has a lot to do with writing in a diary. Writing is considered as an outlet for demonstrating and processing your emotions to increase self-awareness.

Writing creates a bridge of empathy. Emotional boldness tends to increase with writing down the suited or unsuited happenings.

f)     Robust Your Discipline

Writing molds you in a disciplined person. It is healthy to write as it nourishes the thoughts. Discipline gets more reliable with every other effort of being a one.

 If you are disciplined in one form of way of life, then it will have positive impacts on the other parts as well. Being a disciplined person means that you are on the right track and will result in emotionally and spiritually healing.

g)    Step Forward To Happiness and Mindfulness

You deserve to live a happy life – dwelling on the past means that you are spoiling and sacrificing your happiness. Keep that in mind that there's a strong bond between happiness and mindfulness.

Writing helps in relieving stress and building mindfulness and restoring happiness by thinking of the mistakes that have ruined the process and changing them to impact the future positively. 

h)   Be More Expressive

Written words are the last arrow when every other weapon has gone in vain. Writing has its power the power that cannot be altered and only adds more. 

When you write, the thoughts fly from our minds and are vividly displayed on the paper. All the evaluation and improvisation can be done then to have better results.  

i)      Become a Solver

If you dwell on the current situation, you can set a bigger goal and work for it. Speaking is also the solution, but if you don't want to discuss the happenings to others, then writing is the only option you left with.

Writing helps you see the bigger picture and have a more magnificent look at the present concerns. By writing, you create dots that can lead to a perfect picture if you match the correct dots with each other. Become a problem solver instead of being a stress bearer.

Wrapping It Up!

Emotional and spiritual healing needs constant monitoring, and this can be done with the help of writing everything down on paper.

Writing will help from every thick and thin and help you storm over the darkness.

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Samantha KayleeSamantha Kaylee is presently working as Assistant Editor at Crowd Writer, an excellent platform to avail thesis writing service UK. She has gained a reputed name by writing in different niches. She shares her prowess and school-of-thought through her compelling blogs and articles.

This article was submitted exclusively to CrystalWind.ca by Samantha Kaylee.
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