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The Great Quantum Transition - Gap Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition - Gap Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition
Gap Part 2
From 3D To 4D And 5D

In our attitude to the current and past events and Earth’s history, we still don’t understand and aggressively reject the very concept of duality.

We categorically dismiss the take that only by coming to 3D planet with no remembrance and in physical form it allowed us the true comprehending that phenomenon in our Soul’s evolving. It is easier for us to die than to admit personal responsibility for all the Evil that we cause to this planet, its Nature, other people and ourselves. And even more, to change selves.

We refuse to take the polarity’ extremes as parts of single whole and continue looking at Co-Creators through the eyes of Epicureans: “If Higher Light Hierarchs are willing to prevent Evil, but not able, then they are not omnipotent. If they able, but aren’t willing, then they are malevolent. If they both able and are willing, then whence comes Evil? If they neither able nor aren’t willing, then why call them the Light ones.”

That attitude prevents us from understanding why Earth’s Guardians, Co-Creators and space races, especially humanoid ones, whom we like to idealize, let earthlings go through such a traumatic experience. Some answers are in the following channeling with a representative of one of these civilizations, which ignited the same harsh comments as in Part 1 (see – Gap, DNI, 31 January 2024) The narrative preserved in the first persons.

QUESTION: Many people have long been interested in the topic of disclosure, i.e. recognition by States of the existence of other civilizations in terrestrial and near-Earth space, as well as the multidimensionality of man and reality. The issue of direct contact with the “brothers in mind” raised even by major political figures. Why in the early 60s of the last century there was a breakthrough into space, flights of satellites and astronauts, and in the last twenty years there are no more such leaps. What happened?

ANSWER: This is the decision of the civilizations that are responsible for the evolution of mankind. Currently, a huge gap emerged between the cultural level of humans’ development and their technical capabilities. In some areas of high-tech, progress is purposely held back, especially when it can get out of control and destroy a project called Humanity. A huge amount of effort and energy has been invested in this project, but the results are still more than modest.

In general, the dream of space exploration is constructive and stimulates morally upgraded Souls to create new grandiose projects, the aim of which is not primitive profit, but something more valuable and sublime. Therefore, such dreams and projects won’t be supported for a while, so that Souls rushing into space, using your simple technologies, do not lose hope. After all, if the Soul loses its dreams, it begins to degrade and mentality starts fixing only on the body and physiology.

On the other hand, the moral development of mankind still has so many flaws and negativity that opening up space to it is like letting a comboozelated into a garden with unique defenseless plants that he has no idea about. Therefore, your ideas about the cosmos and the Universe are steered by the Matrix runners, and these ideas will be maintained until your civilization Spiritually rises, learns to approach the external environment in which it lives with love, respect and gratitude. In this regard, Earth’s Curators already have bitter experience, and they don’t want to repeat past mistakes, so they try to carry out the disclosure gradually and very carefully.

Q: How long will this process take?

A: In many ways it depends on humanity itself. The Darks try to slow it down as much as possible and, by all the means at their disposal, drive the masses into negative states of anger, fear, despondency, aggression, hatred… Humanity is facing a very painful process of treatment and recovery, and only after that can we talk about serious space flights and exploring. So far, such attempts are strictly controlled. The key words are “so far.

Q: Wasn’t there any Darks’ infiltration into the Light Forces to divert their attention from this part of the Universe, making belief that everything is good here. Is this possible?

A: The division into Light and Dark is very conditional, it is part of duality. The Higher Entities don’t have double standards, it is impossible. Everything is done honestly. Everything was different. At one time, a lot of Higher Light Hierarchs passed to the Dark Side, and that influenced the balance of power. You idealize the Higher Entities too much, considering them absolute standard of morality. They, like you, are also evolving, have problems and tasks at their level, and are not immune from mistakes and flaws.

Q: So the more you know, the more problems there are?

A: More correct to say, the greater the scale of the problems, the greater the responsibility and the greater the cost of error.

  1. Then it turns out that there are always those who are responsible for what is happening on Earth! So find them and punish at last!

A: But aren’t you also personally responsible for everything that happens here. Are you ready to answer for all the crimes you have committed against Earth, its plant and animal worlds, and to self?

Q: Well, if I could, I wouldn’t make this mess, for sure. I would create a world where everyone will be happy.

A.: And why you think that you couldn’t? You live here and can do everything. This is your reality, your free will and choice freedom to act as you want.

Q: Well, it wasn’t because of me Darks settled here! In place of Higher Light Forces, I would demand that Darks provide an explanation for all the crimes, and remind of karmic retribution for their deeds… Aren’t you one of them that are treacherously parasitizing earthlings?

A: “Treacherously” we don’t do anything and we can’t. Don’t think of us as crazy villains. Everything is done with your consent and in accordance with your wishes and intentions.

Q: I would like to clarify here. If a person does not develop, it does not mean that he is going to degrade. If a person is silent, it does not mean that he gives consent. Look at what you’ve done! In fact, the whole civilization has slipped into such a state that only advertisements are on TV, and the population is massively lowered by vibrations. It is impossible to watch television!

A: My child! Don’t watch TV.

Q: I don’t watch TV, but living on Earth has become impossible because of you! Look what you have made of Earth?

A: Well, why is it because of us? You perceive only a tiny episode of the drama that is unfolding around your planet. What do your complaints mean on the scale of some ridiculous period of time, say, ten thousand years? What is your television in 10,000 years?

Q: Well, only a single instant…

A: It is nothing compared to what we do, and to the scale of the problems we deal with. On Earth, much deeper destructive processes occur, hidden from your perception and understanding, which we are trying to stop. Your ideas about good and evil are so naive in their selfishness that we simply attribute them to the narrowness of your worldview.

Imagine yourself as an ant living in an anthill located in a burning forest and appeals to a team of firefighters to stop extinguishing the fire and take care only of its anthill, carefully and without damaging a single ant, to seize and evacuate to a safe place. And this ant doesn’t worry what happens to other anthills, of which there are hundreds and thousands, and about the existence of which it doesn’t even know, or rather, simply does not want to know and hear. What should firefighters do in this case?

The fact that you are now so hammered down is largely caused by not wanting to expand your consciousness beyond consumerism and selfishness. Now, the degradation of Souls on Earth has taken on such a scale that it is impossible to stop them without our participation. And hammer is often, and not the only one, a fairly effective means of awakening you from Spiritual hibernation. We are always trying to wake you up by all available means.

Everything is experience, and the current state of humanity can be turned to its benefit. You just need to go through these events, and the more “terrible” they look to you, the better it will be preserved in the cells of your Soul’s Matrix, so that in the future, you better understand how you should and shouldn’t act, and to what depths of falling, and to what consequences rejection of the Source leads. We do nothing with humanity without One sanctioned, and cannot and don’t even want to use violence against you, because violence is an incomplete, unfinished experience.

Humanity is a unique experiment of the Source, the results of which no one knows in advance, because there are a great many options. To be honest, the experiment didn’t work out very well, and it went in the wrong direction, as you have already been informed many times. That’s why we’re trying to…

Q: …turn it around?

A: Yes, align it for as best result as possible. The main difficulty is that you are given a significant role in the process, and it’s the main problem. Without this condition, everything could have been fixed long ago, but the experiment’s objectives wouldn’t be reached. And it’s a pity, because a lot of effort has been spent, a lot of faith and hope has been invested in project, including from our side. I have already been an unwitting witness to the unsuccessful outcome of this experiment twice. We failed to do anything because you, as humanity, didn’t want to do anything not only for your development, but even for own salvation. And now, the situation is dangerously approaching the same line, although many details differ significantly.

Q: I see… As someone who lives here, I can give you a hint. Remove the beacons of consciousness operating at low vibrations, which attract a lot of minds. You just need to change the vector of attention of the entire population … The lighthouses should be different.

A: Suppose we make it, and remove these “beacons,” and there will be significantly fewer negative, low vibrations on Earth. But who can guarantee that once you get into a higher frequency reality, you won’t return again in your low vibes, or won’t allow others to raise them? Right now, here on the planet, everything is very mixed up. Many Souls have come into your midst to help you awaken. Some succeed, some do not, but in general, alas, the efficiency of their work is not as high as originally expected. But, nevertheless, there are results.

Q: Today, the System blocks access for advanced Souls. At least, according to the latest information… Why not open terrestrial space completely and dilute the number of low-vibration 3D Souls with more advanced from the 7th or 8th density’s Souls to level up the overall vibration here?

A: First of all, Souls are free beings, and they can only be asked, but not forced. And a lot of volunteers among them already are embodied on Earth. Access is unlocked and not limited. Secondly, similar tools have already been used in the past epochs and are used now. A huge amount of Souls responded to our joint call for help. For example, the kids Indigo, Crystalline, and Radiant, as you call them.

However, in most cases, growing up and becoming adults, they forget about their original mission under impact of your reality. In its games, they, due to their unique abilities, are more successful, more effective, and therefore prefer to assert selves in society than selflessly serve for the benefit of humanity, which is alien to them. The illusion of your world is too strong even for them.

Q: And what prevents these Souls from removing oblivion and more often remind them of their mission?

A: We do this and, to the best of our rights and capabilities, uncap their memory. However, many close it back themselves, otherwise it implies greater responsibility for their actions, a more difficult life with a high probability of self-sacrifice, and endangers their well-being. Not everyone has the guts, only a few decide. They are the ones who break the deadlock from the inside, and not from the outside, as we do.

So it’s not as simple as you think. Now, together with our Light partners, we are trying to bring you out of this abyss, because no one needs your fall. In addition, you are already slowly starting to come out of the gulf yourself, although this process is not abrupt, but long. It is impossible to name the exact dates. A lot has been done, but more needs to be done. The Source never deprives us of hope for the best, and that is why it’s impossible to predict in advance the outcome of not only your evolving, but also our development.

Q: To be honest, I am already deadly tired of Earth, of the surrounding people who are in hibernation and don’t want to leave it.

A: It’s been 7450 years since I’ve felt the same way (laughs). What is your fatigue compared to mine?

Like the previous channeling (see – Gap Part 1), this one caused the same ambiguous reaction, a real gap between polar assessments and judgments:

  • I’ve watched a few of my past incarnations. As it turned out, I was embodied both on the side of the locals and the invaders, or settlers. There were different ones here and still are. It means that the Soul does not care where “yours” or “ours” is. For it, such a concept does not exist, only experience is important, and study of the situation from all sides. And as I understood it, an invasion of Earth was inevitable. Not ones, then, others would have done it. 
    Civilization was at such a stage of development: on the one hand, it was very Spiritual and highly moral, but absolutely didn’t know the negative aspects of life, which means it was one-sided, knowing “good” and not knowing “evil.” And as a result, it wasn’t viable in the long run. They could not resist the invasion, i.e. let them in, and then couldn’t do anything, like the Indians against the Europeans. They are lying to us now that they were savages. Ha-ha. I’ve read books from the 19th century that describe their civilization in a completely different way. Well, these are the crumbs of what’s left.
  • Absolutely right, the Soul is interested in the most multifaceted experience, and “yours/ ours/ bad/ good,” etc., are the concepts of a person’s dual perception. What benefits him is “good.” What is not profitable is “bad.”
  • The response for the question of how to remove low vibrations is not very clear. There is too much grief, wars and evil. The answer struck me: and where is the guarantee that you won’t return again in your low vibes, or won’t allow others to raise them? I didn’t like it: we won’t clean it up, because then you will return to your previous state anyway. That’s just not a fact.
  • In general, it’s strange to read such a primitive dialogue, and even take this WHOLE nonsense at face value! Well, guys, you are already living in 2024, how much water has flowed away, but this mocking, brazen demagoguery has been swallowed up to the liver. Sadly…Where is common sense? What kind of fire does this guy extinguish, which previously ignited, preparing it for a long time? And no one calls him to the Universe’s Court? 
    Darks are not partners with Lights, and never have been. Now, on a Subtle Plane, a war is going on between them. And the Darks’ situation is bad, so they hold hostage and blackmail humanity… We are their hostages in the truest sense of the word. And as for creating “your” reality, well, dear infantile dreamers, this “reality” will last as long as it’s allowed.
  • Once we got in touch with the Creator-programmer of a computer virus. A charming young man of European appearance appeared. We asked him, “Listen, dude, why did you made it and put into our computers?” Answer: “You know, it’s your own fault, it’s all for your development, you don’t have to go where you shouldn’t.” This is what a dialogue with any Dark programmer-creator looks like. Light peers make, for example, goats and sheep, and Darks make wolves, tigers and other predators, and they try to prove to us that sheep are to blame for being eaten.
  • My sense is that visible changes will come in two or three generations, i.e. the grandchildren of our children will see them, but they will also be the main makers of these changes. The channeling is great! The answers confirmed all my thoughts and words that I sometimes say to others. 
    The only thing I don’t understand is why Earth is so overrun with people? After all, according to some reports, a very large part of the population is biorobots for extras. What for? After all, this has a very strong effect on the ecology of the planet and on the general emotional background. By the way, I would like to ask this question from the Higher Ones, how is it really? After all, it is much easier to solve problems and lead the people when the society is small, and how to influence a soulless doll if it’s not designed to evolve?
  • The more controlled extras there are, the easier it is to create the illusion that it’s “normal” and messages are “correct,” and if you think otherwise, you are “the same idiot as all.” The extras votes for the leaders, supports and actively participates in the performances, puts its total weight on Souls trying to wake up.
  • It’s clear about the extras, but it follows from the channeling that they don’t seem to mind that we develop and go in the “right” direction, but this crowd reduces all efforts to zero. It’s impossible to build a house alone, and later a thousand people come and break the house… That’s how I feel.
  • Learn how to calculate bots. They are computable. Moreover, I noticed that there are bots that are almost indistinguishable from the real humans. Yes, they are well camouflaged, but have markers by which can be tracked. The simplest ones have terribly scripted dialogues! It is simply impossible to listen to them; they almost always repeat the same words…FOR YEARS! For those that are more complicated, you can’t get away with dialogues anymore, and need to look at the reactions. If a person always reacts the same way to the same stimulus and does not change anything in his behavior, then this is probably a bot. There are a lot of nuances, simple observation, and you will easily figure them out. 
    There are also very advanced models, but I think it’s most likely the AI looking after the System. Kids are almost always not robots! But some people, having lived on the planet for several years, leave avatars, and the System places bots in them (memory and personality traits are preserved)….There is no good to be lost.
  • Everything is shifting back to us; a sort of it’s your own fault. But no one asked them to come here and commit everything they did. He makes excuses as best he can. If you are silent, then you agree. Or if you don’t develop, then you degrade. It reminds the logic: who is not with us is against us. He got a direct question, and talked about anthills.
  • The analogy with ants is just great. It doesn’t mean that there wasn’t pulling the blanket over self in his answers, but in general terms the situation is as follows: people consider selves the navel of the world, and the rest as their debtors. This is the position of the victim and the classic search for the guilty. Everyone is tagged. They will shift responsibility for entropy to the bad, aliens, parasites, and enemies of the Fatherland…Parasitic systems exist. They are mostly service systems, and perform solely the imbedded functions. They cannot produce own energy, so they feed on someone else’s, primarily of such a garbage quality that most parasites work as cleaners. If they didn’t exist, we would be suffocating in this mental filth dump.
  • I disagree. What kind of Spiritual evolving can we talk about when you have to survive from day to day? Such tests should be dosed, but in fact, they only increase the load. Few can develop against all odds. I am convinced that the situation above is identical to ours, here on Earth. The customer gives the task, the executors are obliged to implement the project, but they sabotage it with all their might, trying to make the result unviable, inexpedient and harmful. Implementation is unprofitable and fatal for them. Only with such a theory can I answer the question for myself why the world authorities persistently keep the existing scenery, although nothing prevents them from setting up a planetary concentration camp.
  • We need to evaluate everything critically. Silence is a sign of consent, so that you can hang a lot of things. And silence is when you are not interested or undecided. But not consent. A parasitic system exists on our resources, for example, the State, and itself breeds mental dirt. The parasites immediately throw off responsibility and shift it to you, and at this time, they drink your energy. Same goes for the ant metaphor: it’s your own fault. In such a system, firefighters will not arrive. They only give labels right and left, that one is useful, this one is harmful. And if the forest with anthills burned down, well, build more. No one will even talk to you until they realize that they might be sick of flying in.
  • It is very interesting, when was it more or less comfortable in this territory? Never. Four generations of my ancestors told wild things: hopeless, poverty, violence, obscurantism, alcoholism and ignorance. Extreme and unbearable living conditions are the bond of this territory. Whoever agrees to exist here is here, reveling in this blackness around the clock. And the number of “conscious ones” is not growing, but falling. The bitterness has already gone beyond the limits. Well, they will arrange another fucked up here … Exhausted and scared will only be glad to end this stupid game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out to fight and shine all your life… I’m tired of it…
  • I understood for myself this way: you don’t need to fight with anyone, and even more, to always be a beacon and shine everywhere, until the last days. You just need to get a multifaceted experience for your Soul development and preferably without karmic actions. The external conditions here on Earth, on this timeline, are awesome for this. If you are tired, then you need to get this experience as much as possible in order to use it for building in other spaces and dimensions YOUR OWN WORLD… Although… you can do it here and now, if there is a will for that and an indomitable intention.
  • I partially agree. Instead of complaining about how bad everything is, we can remember that now is a unique time when it is enough to make a choice in our response to a situation, and follow this choice, then life changes. Where attention is, energy flows there. Until recently, the energies were so viscous, you couldn’t breathe. Now you are attracted by your vibrations, creating your environment. Anyway, that’s what I feel and observe. Surviving physically has become much easier than 50 or 100 years ago. Nothing prevents us from turning off the TV, harmonizing our energies, and quitting bad habits. Choose to be happy right now in the scenery that is there. Left 3D, you may want to play this obscurantism again for choosing the Light. So, maybe we should start right now? After all, it’s true that the responsibility is on us.
  • What Is My Home!? To put things in order on the “common street,” please, we agree and do it! And Who allowed you to run My House!? Come who wants to! Take what you want! Do what you want!? It’s Strange!? What Is My Home, The Temple Of My Soul!?
  • It all resembles a dialogue. SHEEP: How dare you corral us! We did not give consent to the cutting of our wool! You’re butchering us for meat, you usurpers! SHEPHERD: It’s your entire fault, and it’s you who are dragged into your reality. Can you imagine how many problems we have besides you? Meat production, yarn production, sewing production, and you bitch and moan about your nonsense!
  • The analogy with sheep is perfectly applicable to people and the whole world, in relation to which men act as shepherds, being at the same time the crown of creation and the top of the food chain. At least that’s what most atheists think. Believers think a little differently, but the essence is about the same. And as long as this illusion of supremacy prevails in their minds, everything is going great, you can relax, smoke marijuana and rest on your laurels of your own awesome.

Hysteria begins at the moment when they are informed that they are only a step-in creation and only a weak link in the food chain. Oh, then what begins! Oh my God, the enemies of the Fatherland are deceiving us, milking us and cutting our “wool”! Of course, no one is trying to change anything at the same time, they just start yelling and whining about how bad and unfair everything is. As a result, everything repeats itself:

  • Can you do something in this situation, instead of couch philosophy?
  • Of course not! We will be waiting for other shepherds to tell us even more about how bad everything is with us, and most importantly, how bad the shepherds were before them!
  • Maybe you have specific ideas on how to get out of this situation, instead of waiting for manna from heaven?
  • No, no, and no again! We need authorities, leaders, shepherds, and they must lead us to the promised paradise!
  • To whom and when did they promise this paradise?
  • Read the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the channelings, finally. Everywhere they promise everything good!
  • And what will happen to the bad ones?
  • They will go to hell with the shepherds!
  • And where are you now, judging by your categories, and how did you end up here?
  • Baa…Bleat…

(To be continued)

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