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The Great Quantum Transition: Gap

The Great Quantum Transition - Gap

The Great Quantum Transition
From 3D To 4D And 5D

To share the following info took a lot of effort, doubts and wish categorically not to do it and cause a new hype and hate.

Too deep and unbridgeable is an abyss between protagonists’ vision and attitude to events, own and others’ taking. Too different are understanding and acceptance of “is” and “should be,” “why” and “for what.” Such is a tough dialogue between Curator and channeler, whose wife had miscarriage a few days before this chat, and hottest comments of those, who got a hold on that. Moreover, the talk was comprehended in an absolutely polar way. The latter affected the decision. The narrative retained in first persons.

Question: Why go through such a harsh lesson as the birth of a stillborn child, with the obvious absence of reasons? Did her Soul deserve such an ordeal?

Answer: You have a wrong perception of the word “deserve,” the concept of guilt. Again, you forget that everything is an experience, and decision-making at Higher levels is not perceived with the emotions with which you take them here, on Earth. Through physical and mental pain, there is an increase in vibrations. The Higher aspects of person itself decide to undergo such an experience, at the needed moment, and decisions are always made correctly.

Q: What will she learn from this experience?

A: This will be solely her experience and getting personal boost to further development. Everything is always very individual here. What you feel as unhappiness in this case, we consider as a Soul’s upgrading and Spiritual growth. Therefore, it’s very difficult to explain and answer your questions: for what, why, and what are karmic tails? You perceive everything through the human prism of emotions, we treat it differently. Any interference with your understanding of current processes affects your perception and further events. You can be aware of inputs that we give you in a different form, in your interpretation, but often distorted. Therefore, very often we are forced not to share information with you, since you always take it on your painful and emotional level.

Q: But you gave us emotions so that we could work on them. The person who did nothing wrong in this case was punished, in fact, with a very heavy life blow.

A: How do you know that she did nothing? And what makes you think she’s being punished?

Q: Such a loss – the death of an unborn child – looks like a punishment. You said that the decision was made at the level of the Higher Self. I would like to know why?

A: In our understanding, no one deserves to be punished, and no one has any so-called sins. A person goes through experience, and everything is experience. Punishment, good, bad, loss, hurt, it’s all separation. When will you learn to apply correctly what we give you in your life? No one is being penalized, no one is forced going anywhere. What happens in everyone’s life is a strictly personal program. Yes, some events can be changed, but the decisions always are made at the level of the Higher Self at important moments for your Spiritual development, and the perception of any hardship on the principle of “why?” is initially incorrect.

Q: Well, what can we say about karma then? For example, a person gets cancer because of something?

A: It is not given “because of something,” but “for something.” Any event always happens for something. Nothing occurs by chance, but only what is necessary for the Soul’s further growth through obtaining a certain experience. Just so and not otherwise. No one is punished for anything; karma’s consequences work differently. For majority, most of them have already been worked out, or do not make much sense. What is happening now has other goals. Now you are given events for speeding up Spiritual growth or gaining more experience through emotional outbursts. But the more events around you, the more information we give, the more you confused and delve into the “bad-good.”

Q: Why is information hidden from us?

A: Because you don’t know how to deal with provided data. You can’t assimilate it. That is why, very often, it is not hidden, but simply not given, because it does not make sense. First, try to digest what you have already got. For further inner work, deeper knowledge won’t help you, but will only confuse you even more. To know more, you need to expand your consciousness at least up to the received info, and to begin with, finally stop dividing everything into bad and good, black and white, etc.

It makes no sense even for the most advanced of you to give information from the Higher Planes, because you understand it for a few moments and only its smallest part, and then, return to the previous state. And often, it’s not under an influence from outside, of so-called plug-ins, for example, but solely because of your unconsciousness. Many people do not work on selves, instead, just want to receive info, and when they get it, they react like this: yes, I know that, and immediately switch to something else without applying it in life.

And the new is sent precisely to apply, to work with it constantly, and not only to “know.” Otherwise, it acts in the opposite direction: a person “knows,” asks for more, is given more, but he does not assimilate, but, like an addict, demands again and again, although can’t use it, or spell it out clearly, creating chaos in his mind and life.

We keep repeating that you have constantly to work on selves and learn new things gradually. It’s only when you start applying this knowledge in your life, your vibrations rise, consciousness expands, and we’ll provide more in-depth knowledge about what interests you. But you keep accusing us of not giving anything and hiding something from you. We have already said that everything happens for your own good and is controlled by your Higher Aspects. And what is happening in everyone’s life right now is only a small part of the visible plan perceived by his/her Ego.

The greatest difficulties arise when we try to increase the overall vibrational level of earthlings. Future timelines depend on this, which makes it very hard to run. The vectors of development change at lightning speed. We have to use point injections of certain events to change consciousness, because not only you have starting points, but everything else has to match each other. Therefore, the impact on you will increase, and the number and speed of events will accelerate. The more you resist, the stronger the impact will be. When zero points are reached, an individual decision will be made to leave this and pass to the new incarnation, preferably with upgraded perception, otherwise part of the important experience will be lost.

Q: Please understand us, too. From what you said it follows that we have no control over anything in our lives, and even a good person, who has done nothing wrong, can be given any, the most cruel lesson, and there are no cause-and-effect relationships.

A: Cause-and-effect relationships always exist, in all incarnations. If a good person was originally has to undergo a certain experience, he will pass it. The question is how he will approach this exam, and take it. It’s all in your hands. The choice at the points of occurrences is always ONLY YOUR decision. There are a lot of mitigating options for events, but if a person stubbornly goes the wrong way, he gets a very tough experience that you perceive as unfair.

If you choose a different path, everything happens in a more gentle way, because the main thing is not the event itself, but the fact that this is the starting point for an energy leap and Spiritual growth. The event may even be changed in the course of development, and to say that you don’t decide anything is fundamentally wrong. What are You and what are We? We are You, and you alone decide what to do in this or that case. The chain goes up, where you are not the final point and not the initial one, it is a single whole events’ canvas. You’ve heard about it, but don’t fully realize it yet. Even a small part of understanding this will save you from many questions and hype about everything that occurs.

As mentioned above, this channeling caused a mixed, even violent reaction and exposed the deepest gap between different, sometimes extreme, points of view:

– All this chin-wag about bad/good, everything is given for something, not as punishment, and other nonsense is perceived ONLY on an emotional and Spiritual level: do I feel bad or good, whether I want to repeat this experience or not. Well, I don’t want to. The most important for me right now is to get out of here as soon as possible. I want to go home. The Higher aspects reason easily, but they do not do much yet, and I refuse to accept any information, like, we are all parts of a single whole here, and we are to blame selves for everything. It’s an undiluted lie.

Yes, one day we WILL BE parts of a single whole, but not now, not at the moment. Yes, there are things that we are guilty of, but there are a lot that we are NOT guilty of. I completely do not accept statements like, yes, everything is fine, guys, and this is how it should be… But even volcanoes on the planet are outraged today… Everything is so good with us that you don’t know where to run to.

And there is no need to spiel about the development of emotions and Spirituality either. This is not the first “school” I’ve been to, but the first one where such a mess and complete fucked up is going on. Personally, I am developing DISHARMONIOUSLY here, which is DETRIMENTAL to my structure. All these statements are very similar to the twitching of airline employees when they hastily gather signatures of the crashed passengers that they have no complaints while they are still in shock.

– I completely agree. Let them tell this to the Jews who are being sent to the gas chambers. “Juden! Du bist just a living hologram. This is eine persönliche lesson, kein karma und keine punishment. Only your personal experience of turning your bones into fertilizer for the fields of the Großen Deutschland, fat into soap for valiant deutschen soldaten, and your skin into the upholstery of lampshades für unsere frauen!” Such is the cynical inhuman logic of the overseers disguised by the Light.

If they do not think in terms of human experience, if they are so far from it, then, the eternal question arises from the depths: why, for example, do I pretend that I am on their side? What makes me pretend to be the Light, if I hate the fake of “light,” radiated by intergalactic Curators, who drive over our ears with their sermons and instructions in the context of the religions they created or teach us by such fashionable channelings? What the hell difference does it make? You’re all lying, you’re just like them.

– I think otherwise…I know one good, young woman, who, at the age of 16, moved from the province to her boyfriend in the city and started living with him. It was hard times for her. She loved him, but he listened only to his parents and constantly reproached her, saying that he was everything, and she was nobody and nothing. Then, about five years later, they had a son. The reproaches continued, and his parents were also actively involved. But one day trouble happened. From a gas stove, a pot of boiling water overturned on a three-year-old kid. The child was saved, but was sick again and again and eventually passed away.

Everything changed for them at once. The husband respected his wife, discouraged his parents and forbade them to be impudent. And now the couple is filled with such love, harmony and mutual respect that it’s just a surprise. And two daughters are growing up. So, I wander, weather it was their son, who by his death, reconciled them. The same is with the channel. We don’t really know why his wife got such a lesson. How the past intervenes. How the energy of feelings increases. I think it’s all right. There are no casual occurrences in life.

– Well, the Curator could say, for example, that in a previous life, she hit a pregnant woman with a car and in this life CHOSE to get into a similar situation in the same state, and suffer herself. And do you think that fixed her up? If we are not ready to consciously accept the situation as our own choice (and everything in life is a process of our own choice, part of it comes from the Soul before incarnation), then we will get nothing but another block. And when we clearly understand such a cause-effect scenario, there is no need to repeat the traumatic event, because the lesson has already been learned. And the pain will only get worse.

From various channelings, I came to the following conclusion. Our Soul has a certain Number One program. We do not receive any information on it, because everything needs to be fulfilled by ourselves. Leaks or hints will influence our decisions and choices, which will prevent us from executing the Soul’s program. You have to figure out the right thing to do, and only then the lesson will be learnt. If not, it will be repeated in an enhanced version. Such is an experience of life, not just blah-blah.

– Only a few persons please me here with sanity and a sober understanding of the problem. The rest behave like a brat. A real kindergarten, diapers and pants with straps. Earth is an extreme test site and freeride. Snotty people don’t belong here. Come here, don’t squeak. It is important to understand where you are, why and what for.

To make it easier, here are some simple rules: stay impartial (don’t evaluate anything or anyone); remove emotions (understand that it’s just a reaction and brain impulses); accept everything that happens as it is; be invulnerable; be dynamic (don’t stand still and keep moving even after difficult events); develop (draw a conclusion from each lesson); remove fear (any); and never make claims to anyone. You are here, and this is your choice freedom. Tired of it? Well, anyone who gets tired is quickly kicked out of here.

– I categorically can’t take it. Personally, I will always “squeak” when something happens that I cannot accept or change… always… and start to cry blue murder …And if it doesn’t work, I’ll just start killing… Such is my job here for many, many, many years… And I remember Earth completely different, without these extremes, or rather they were, but didn’t disturb the general balance. Now the balance is broken. Emotions are not just a brain impulse. I am not a piece of meat. I pass everything through my Soul. My emotions come from it, and I’m not gonna give it up or push into the far corner. Let them kick me out of here, I don’t mind at all, and I’ll be glad to be home.

– I want to put in my two cents. About the panic and hysteria… Yes, when ahead looms the prospect of living in a world where, by the law, at any moment, my kid can be taken away from me and given to Satanists or “civilized” gay pedophiles to rape and torture, for me, this is a reason for panic and hysteria… And not to sit on ass peacefully and rely on the Higher ones and their justice (during the Second Advent), but to start do something immediately.

The planet does not hear the voice of man, but obeys the Sun. And the Sun, in turn, depends on the radiation of quasars… And they may not care about the local ants’ fuss, but they understand perfectly well that there is a balance, and that it is broken, and most importantly, they have a duty to restore this balance. And they also have honor and conscience, dignity and the capacity to interact, but these are small things… Do you accept my application? I want more than anything in the world to finally become myself and determine what I need and what I don’t need. Can I get it done right now?

– Emotion is a product of Ego, upbringing, education and training, a product of our civilized society. These are truly false wilds grown by our environment. The truth is lost behind them. That’s our goal, once in such conditions, to wade through the thorns and see who we are and why. Feelings come from the Soul, and emotions are only a reaction of the mind.

– I concede the point. Free will is our choice of thoughts, actions, and deeds, and it affects our whole life, the Higher Self intervenes only in difficult cases, guiding or prompting, this is the whole of life. In a NEW EXPERIENCE, IN NEW EMOTIONS, and not according to the script, and this is why it is interesting and unique. Interference in someone else’s life is unacceptable because we don’t know anything. The world around us and the world of another person are not the same, and, accordingly, cannot be fully understood.

Increased vibrations…It has become like a curse word or a mockery because of our narrow understanding. We mechanically took it from the general narrative to try to explain to selves what we want to comprehend. What exactly? Does anyone know? We ask endlessly…The Curators’ attempts to explain something to us in our language are unsuccessful, since they and we all have completely different concepts, and everyone perceives the transmitted information in their own way. Therefore, it is not good to talk about anything more specific.

All the questions that are asked in the channelings, forward to self and try to answer them, using the concepts that you know. Can you operate with other tools that you don’t have and ignore? And how can Curators tell you something that you can’t understand? How do you explain to a baby that the cup is hot, and the world is endless, and Earth is round hanging in zero gravity? Everyone takes only his own, accessible only to his personal level of taking.

– Relevant. But as in a joke: “I’ve been waiting for 60 years when I could use all those sines and cosines.” While a person is in search and self-making, information is absorbed by tons. The question is different – in the ordering of this info and its applying, working with it. Over time, when you begin to understand the unified essence of what is happening, the husk is eliminated, leaving only the necessary. The ability to duly outswap accumulated things becomes decisive.

– You know, I liked this channeling, because it’s right about me. Of course, I try a lot, but I’m lazy, but something is changing… Last summer was a real nightmare for me, because due to the crisis and the problems of the bank, my husband and I could not receive our pension money. In the office, clerk told us that it was possible only a month later. Imagine, living for a whole month without money. Although on own farm in the country. It’s easy to think about it, but when you find yourself in such a situation, I assure, 99 percent would have their hands down.

There is nowhere to borrow, there are no relatives or far away and they do not have extra money either. Flour and cereals were run out. No grain for cattle, and food for us. Potatoes have not yet grown, vegetables are just ripening, fruits are still on the branches, and meat is only by forced slaughter. Thank God we are healthy. What would you do? Especially if you’ve only been living here for three years and no one really knows you…

We had a hard time. And that’s how things went on. At a local store, we were given food, flour and cereals on our word of honor. A local farmer gave several bags of grain, also on our word of honor. Another divided his income in half – he gave us a thousand bucks for compound feed, too, on our word of honor, and kept a thousand for self to booze away. Suddenly, a third farmer called and offered to work for him, for payment, of course. The fourth one asked to make repairs. The fifth turned out to need to transfer things in our SUV…And we got out of it. Now, we have received the pension money, and repaid the debts, and we thanked all the people…

Help always comes. No one thinks about it, but deeply believes and knows that God never abandons his children. No one knows where the money and food will come from. Unexpected help will appear when it seems like a couple more hours – and that’s it, a disaster. So, I wonder, how it happens. Maybe my question is stupid, but it occurs. I understand that someone above loves us. Anyway, thanks to Him.

– It reminded me my own difficult period when I was left alone with a child, all the money was gone, the shelves and fridge were empty, and the cat and dog were asking to eat…And imagine early in the morning, I took my dog for a walk and, near the house, found a large sum of money in a lost passport. Will you say that it was help from above? But I didn’t think so. This is our school for honesty, and I couldn’t take this money, even though there was a hungry kid at home, and returned everything to the owner… I completely agree that help always comes on time, and we are constantly being tested, and needed people always come to us… This is how the Almighty checks us and our faith.

– Well said, and the theme is great. We must never forget that we are responsible for what we receive. I’m ready to read it every day. It makes me wonder if I’m ready to take responsibility for the knowledge I’ve gained.

– But don’t you think that the incarnated Souls were deliberately misled even at the decision-making stage? What we are interested in, more or less becomes known: getting a unique experience, accelerated evolution, etc. Due to our idealization of higher dimensions, we uncritically perceive information coming from there. And since we have nothing to compare it with, we just take it on faith and this becomes part of our fundamental ideas and determines subsequent actions. The saying “trust, but verify” is more relevant than ever.

– Now we know that the Earth was used as a drain pit for various Star systems, but this did not make it easier for us. Both undesirable ET were sent to the planet, and EVERYONE was allowed to conduct various experiments here. Now, they tell us that the shop is shut up, but the consuming Earth continues. Certain forces don’t want to lose such a sweet tidbit.

Passions and intrigues are also present in higher dimensions, but in concepts different from ours. If rats are kept in the laboratory, then the experiments can vary greatly. Someone will identify and develop intelligence in them, and someone will be engaged in their dismemberment, exploring pain and decay of vital functions. The problem is not in the experiments being conducted, but in whether the embodied Souls were sufficiently aware of where they were going and in what position they would find selves.

– Compassion, tolerance, mercy are applicable only to our reality, and in higher spheres these concepts are unacceptable, because there is simply a different perception. And if, for example, the Higher Self urgently wants to get more experience, then, where is the line when the pain and suffering of the embodied consciousness begin to destroy its dense and Spiritual structures, and emergency intervention is required?

It is no longer a secret that the traumatic experience of incarnation can damage Souls, and the very process of recovery interrupts their evolutionary movement. In my own experience, it turned out that the Higher Aspects may neglect the embodied consciousness. You just need to understand that everyone is learning, on each plane of existence there is their own knowledge and errors of judgment, which partially led to the current situation on Earth. There are no alien groups or channeling entities that are immune to such errors.

– Let’s start from the esoteric principle of “what is above is below.” Anyone familiar with at least the basics of jurisprudence is aware that the legality and validity of any transaction is influenced by the free will of the parties. The Civil Code states that in order to conclude a contract, it is necessary to express the agreed will of the two parties. At the same time, both the true intention of the contracting parties and the form of expression of will must coincide.

The Code also stipulates that an invalid transaction does not entail legal consequences and provides a list of grounds for the invalidity of transactions. Namely: non-compliance with the law or the foundations of morality, hypocrisy, pretense, incapacity of a person, under the influence of delusion, deception, violence, malicious agreement or a combination of difficult circumstances, etc.

When we are told that we have signed contracts and all the difficulties were known in advance, and we went to them voluntarily, then reasonable questions arise. Did the Souls really get an exhaustive idea of the place and purpose of the incarnation before it, were we not misled? Isn’t that why many people, having awakened, are looking for any reason to get out of here? These are not idle questions. And when someone says that “I am developing DISHARMONIOUSLY here, which is DETRIMENTAL to my structure,” then, I partially share this position.

– When I read joyful eulogies that we are the creators, architects of the Universe, etc., a reasonable question arises why so many awakened creators cannot arrange their own lives in any way, not to mention the transformation of planetary space. Maybe the dreams are too grandiose or the creators are puny, or maybe there are other reasons? Do we even have a clear idea of the reality we are in and our influence on it? In any case, the above leads us to reflect on the Spiritual powers of humanity and embodied Souls, and all this is entirely based on the principles of free will and choice freedom.

But what are they? In fact, there is no freedom of will and choice, everything is known in advance. Until the integrity of consciousness returns to us and the picture becomes fully visible, there will be misunderstandings and bitterness of disappointment. We may delude ourselves that we are making a choice, but we are only stepping on one of the pre-marked paths. Deviation from the route can be severely punished. The accuracy of the correction depends on the skill of the support team, the Higher Self, and the intelligibility of the embodied consciousness. But as it turned out along the way, the activities of the support group also need supervision and it is necessary to set the parameters for updating the Spiritual Team, because its miscalculations can be very expensive for us.

– That’s exactly it. Free will is an overly complex and problematic principle that entities at all levels of evolution have to deal with. But if acceptance and tolerance are not an empty word for many who have woken up, then, we would like equal treatment from representatives of higher dimensions. For us: it’s not personal, it’s just business; for them: it’s not personal, it’s just experience. I would like to wish not a banal consumer attitude, because we know perfectly well how consuwhorism looks on Earth.

– A few years ago, I was invited to a spiritual structure. I politely pulled away, but a few months later, its representative came to me in a dream from a Subtle Plane and repeated the offer, saying that my psychic perception abilities would open up, and activated the demo version for clarity. I saw the two realities. The main one was colored, and the Subtle one was monochrome. Moreover, when I noticed entities of different shapes and sizes, I felt neither fear nor aggression towards them, just a calm perception. However, I refused anyway. The next morning, I did not find any consequences.

After a while, I learned that accepting certain capacities, gifts, etc., on any plane of reality, has ramifications. We may not remember about these agreements, but this will not free us from our obligations. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Our Earth’s laws separate, in a legal sense, the degree of awareness and the consequences. In criminal law, there is a concept of intent and negligence, and the responsibility is different. But what’s about the Subtle Plane?

– Really, what are we dealing with: with own karma, with our unconscious agreements, or someone else’s negativity? All this directly affects our life perspective. But how can we recognize hoax, and where get the right info and motivation? The forms of liberation and healing are different; many have heard about them and put in practice. One has to fight for freedom of will and enter into confrontation with forces that do not belong to the Dark Hierarchy, alas.

– Emotions come from Ego, and feelings are from our Soul. At first glance, both fury and anger are emotions, born of discontent and rebellion. Anger – yes, I agree. But fury is not. We got confused or we were deliberately deceived, but its original image is white heat, fire, ardent, bright, passionate, and impetuous. Its fiery stuff is loaded into the structure of the Soul. It has nothing to do with anger and hatred, but it is definitely rebellious.

Initially, we have an instinctive knowledge and understanding of the Laws. When we are faced with their violation, a riot turns on. And then, it depends only on the level of development, awareness and experience, which energies we attract to express our perception. It is very easy to fall into anger and condemnation. And it will give nothing but fog and weakness in the end. But there is a rebellious rage that flares up in the heart like a huge torch. And the thoughts are crystal clear and the level of I Am is turned on. And if our thoughts and desires are pure, we become agents of the Law.

We hold back our rage and are afraid of it, because that way we always fall into low energies. Stereotypes confuse the exact setting for a true feeling of rage. Rebellion – Freedom – Law – Rage – these concepts are so close, but their edges are so thin… My rage and my rebellion, turn on when I feel the violation of the Law of Free Will, the destruction of Choice Freedom. A torch of rage flashes in my heart and the truth is instantly revealed. And I know what to do, where to go, and what to say.

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