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Egyptian Zodiac/Astrology

Egyptian Zodiac/Astrology

Egyptian astrology was one of the earliest forms of astrology. The Egyptians were fascinated by the stars and the planets and felt that they could help understand human beings better.

The Gods and Goddesses held an important place in the lives of the Egyptians. The Egyptian zodiac comprises of twelve signs, each named after a particular god. The Egyptians felt that the gods influenced people in each and every aspect. 

Though the ancient Egyptians had a tremendous knowledge of the twelve zodiac signs, they did not actually invent them; it is a popular belief that the zodiac signs go to the credit of ancient Babylonians, while Egyptians leaned the signs from the Greeks during the famed Ptolemaic period.

Because much isn't known about Egyptian Astrology today, there are actually two different schools of Egyptian Astrology; one that assigns a traditional date based on the decans (classical) and one that assigns a date based on the influences of what the Ancients Egyptians learned from the Ancient Greeks about Babylonian astrology. The latter method of assigning a date is very similar to Western Astrology. However, because there are two schools, you may have two different ancient Egyptian Zodiac Signs.

There isn’t much research behind these theories. Secondly, much of the ancient Egyptian zodiac and astrology comes from the Dendera Temple which was constructed in the late Ptolemaic Period.

Here are the two main interpretations for the Egyptian Zodiac signs, check them out! You will notice you will have two different ancient Egyptian Zodiac signs and they don’t necessarily match.

Assigns a date based on the influences of what the Ancients Egyptians learned from the Ancient Greeks about Babylonian astrology. Very similar to Western Astrology. Like Western Astrology, The Pharoaoh's Egyptian Astrology has 12 zodiac signs. Each sign is based on gods and goddesses, similar to how Western Astrology bases the signs on Aries, Libra, etc. The god or goddess of your sign represents your character, behavior, strengths, weaknesses and skills.

Uses DECANS Classical or Ancient Egyptian Astrology contains 12 constellations that form 36 decans (groups of stars). Each decan had its own ruling planet, covered 10 degrees in the zodiac, and lasted for 10 days.

Because there is a new decan every 10 days, the 36 decans formed the basis of the Egyptian calendar. The Egyptians knew that it took 365 days for the Earth to complete it's cycle around the sun. The 36 decans, each listing for 10 days, gave them 360 days. They added an extra 5-days at the end of the year to reach 365. The extra 5 days were mainly used for festivities.

Each sign covers 3 decans, or 30 days. This means that you can have the same Egyptian zodiac sign as a friend of yours, but both of you can fall in different decans. Since each decan is related to a different planet, the two of you are affected by different planets.


The Ptolemy Version of the Egyptian Astrology Zodiac
Thoth (Aug 29 - Sept 27) Sphinx (Dec 27 - Jan 25) Amun (April 26 - May 25)
Horus (Sept 28 - Oct 27) Shu (jan 26 - Feb 24) Hathor (May 26 - June 24)
Wadjet (Oct 28 - Nov 26) Isis (Feb 25 - Mar 26) Phoenix (June 25 - July 24)
Sekhmet (Nov 27 - Dec 26) Osiris (Mar 27 - April 25) Anubis (July 25 - Aug 28)
See above chart and find your Egyptian zodiac sign.
Then scroll down for detailed astrology information.

Thoth (Aug 29 - Sept 27)

Are great at solving problems. You can master an artistic pursuit should you put your mind to it. You have a special talent for writing. You're capable of taking command, and of helping friends in need. You remember to listen carefully to others in your group, knowing that two heads are often better than one. This way, you always have the respect and love of your friends and classmates.

How Family and Friends See You: 

flexible, methodical, original, & precise

Magickal Correspondences

Herb: Thyme
Stone: Carnelian
Tree: quince
Animal: ibis
Flower: marigold
God/Goddess: Egyptian god Thoth, God of Learning. Thoth is often shown with a writing palette.

Horus (Sept 28 - Oct  27)

Courageously fight for what you believe in. You're like the shining sun, brightening the lives of your friends and family. You choose your battles wisely. You know that sometimes the best battles are won through weighing the opposite side's point of view and finding common ground.

How Family and Friends See You: optimistic, sociable, motivated & courageous. 

Magickal Correspondences

Herb: Rosemary
Stone: Citrine
Tree: Acacia
Animal: Falcon
Flower: Carnation
God/Goddess: Egyptian god Horus, God of the Sky. Horus often represents kingship.

Wadjet (Oct 28 - Nov 26)

Have strong family values. You love family traditions, and love creating new traditions with your extended family--in other words, your best friends! You are also kind and respectful to those outside your 'inner circle'. You realize there's always a chance that, someday, those people could become cherished friends, too.

How Family and Friends See You: loyal, altruistic, rational & cautious.

Magickal Correspondences

Herb: Mustard
Stone: Amethyst
Tree: Ash
Animal: Serpent
Flower: Hyacinth
God/Goddess: Egyptian goddess Wadjet, Cobra Goddess. Wadjet is often seen protecting kings and justice

Sekhmet (Nov 27 - Dec 26)    

Delight your friends with your humor, and are a joy to be around. You lighten your friends' troubles during hard times. You have the grace and speed of a lion or a cat, and can do well in athletic pursuits should you choose to do them. You are so light on your feet that your friends and family may seem slow at times. However, you stay patient, and they love you for this.

How Family and Friends See You: intelligent, witty, eloquent & optimistic.

Magickal Correspondences

Herb: Pepper
Stone: Tiger's Eye
Tree: Sandalwood. 
Animal: Lioness. 
Flower: Poppy.
God/Goddess: Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, Lion Goddess of War. Sekhmet can be found on the battlefield, fighting for what's right.

Sphinx (Dec 27 - Jan 25)  

Delight your friends with your mysterious nature. You can make the most mundane situations seem fascinating. You may even have a talent to divine the future, and can help your friends sort out problems. You remember that, while you love pondering the riddles in life, you have both hands and feet strongly rooted to the earth. You can be straightforward and completely grounded when you need to be.

How Family and Friends See You: adaptable, discerning, serious, & foresighted

Magickal Correspondences:

Herb: Coriander
Stone: Quartz
Tree: Almond. 
Animal: Lion. 
Flower: Lily. 
Guardian: Egyptian Sphinx, God of Treasures and Transformation

Shu (Jan 26 - Feb 24)

Are incredibly creative. You enjoy using your artistic talents for the delight of your friends and family--whether through drawing or cartooning, cooking or baking, writing stories or poetry. If you can imagine it, you can do it. You remember any artistic pursuit takes time to fully develop, and once you decide upon a course, you follow through, knowing there will be challenges along the way. 

How Family and Friends See You: humorous, creative, principled & conscientious

Magickal Correspondences

Herb: Lemon balm
Stone: Moonstone
Tree: Silver Birch. 
Animal: Swallow. 
Flower: Iris. 
God/Goddess: Egyptian godddess Shu, Goddess of Sunlight and Wind. Shu is depicted wearing an ostrich feather, holding up the sky.

Isis (Feb 25 - Mar 26)

Have a strong love of honor, and a wonderfully idealistic view of the world. Your humor, confidence, and kindness make you popular among friends. You enjoy being active, and your example encourages others to be active, too. When times are serious, you withdraw to think on your own. You remember, however, that trustworthy friends are there for you and make great listening boards.

How Family and Friends See You: honorable, self-confident & active

Magickal Correspondences

Herb: Tarragon. 
Stone: Lapis Lazuli
Tree: Sycamore. 
Animal: Cat. 
Flower: Rose.
God/Goddess: Egyptian goddess Isis, Goddess of Protection, her broad wings can enfold others in safety

Osiris (Mar 27 - April 25)

Are born with an amazing talent: you transform old and tired things into something new and exciting. Your friends and family enjoy being around your flair for setting trends. You love "before and afters", whether it's helping people find new styles or making over your bedroom into a cool place to spend time with friends. Someday, you might make over a failing company and turn it into the hot new thing!

How Family and Friends See You: energetic, generous, quick-witted, & curious

Magickal Correspondences

Herb: Basil
Stone: Moss agate. 
Tree: Ceder. 
Animal: Scarab. 
Flower: Violet.
God/Goddess: Egyptian god Osiris, God of Renewal and Rebirth

Amun (April 26 - May 25)

Are an excellent and energetic leader; you lead through inspiration and never tell people what to do. When it comes to school projects and team sports, all your friends want to partner up with you! Friends and family often come to you for guidance. You listen carefully, and only suggest answers that you know are within that person's ability.

How Family and Friends See You: strong willed, confident, good leader & resolute

Magickal Correspondences

Herb: Sage
Stone: Turquoise
Tree: Oak. 
Animal: Ram. 
Flower: Bluebell.
God/Goddess: Egyptian god Amun, God of construction. He's depicted constructing the world around us.

Hathor (May 26 - June 24)

Love everything about this life, from your friends and family, to the world around you. You show people how to find luxury in the simple stuff. You encourage people to do things like lie in a field of soft grass on a sunny afternoon and watch the fluffy clouds float past. Never jealous, instead you champion the success of others, whether in school, love or competition. This way, good things come to you, simply because you take so much enjoyment in them!

How Family and Friends See You: extrovert, charming, enthusiastic & romantic

Magickal Correspondences

Herb: Fennel
Stone: Jasper
Tree: Elm. 
Animal: Cow. 
Flower: Cowslip.
God/Goddess: Egyptian goddess Hathor, Goddess of Love

Phoenix (June 25 - July 24)

Have the amazing ability to create possibilities out of nothing. You are extremely optimistic because you know that failure simply means 'one possibility down, fewer tries to go!'. You encourage friends and family to keep going, keep trying, when all they see is a big wall in the way. You take calculated risks. You enjoy time alone, but also know that time spent amongst friends and family are what make life and its triumphs--big or small--meaningful.

How Family and Friends See You: resilient, determined, flexible, & inspiring

Magickal Correspondences

Herb: Nutmeg
Stone: Amber
Tree: Alder. 
Animal: Lyrebird. 
Flower: Daffodil.
God/Goddess: Egyptian god Pheonix, God of Resurrection

Anubis (July 25 - Aug 28)  

Are widely respected amongst your friends and family. They love you because you do what you say you will. You have great determination and the ability to finish what you begin. You rely on your inner knowledge to discover truths about yourself and the world around you, and this insight is helpful to you and others. When things around you seem to be falling apart, you are the one who keeps them together. You always do this in a calm, kind way.

How Family and Friends See You: sympathetic, sensitive, strong, & spirited

Magickal Correspondences

Herb: Savory.
Stone: Obsidian
Tree: Yew.
Animal: Jackal. 
Flower: Foxglove.
God/Goddess: Egyptian god Anubis, God of the Spirit World


Original Traditional Decan Based Egyptian Zodiac Signs
The Nile January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, November 18-26
Amun-Ra January 8-21, February 1-11
Mut January 22-31, September 8-22
Geb February 12-29, August 20-31
Osiris March 1-10, November 27-December 18
Isis March 11-31, October 18-29, December 19-31
Thoth April 1-19, November 8-17
Horus April 20-May 7, August 12-19
Anubis May 8-27, June 29-July 13
Seth May 28-June 18, September 28-October 2
Bastet July 14-28, September 23-27, October 3-17
Sekhmet July 29-August 11, October 30-November 7
See above chart and find your Egyptian zodiac sign.
Then scroll down for detailed astrology information.

The Ancient Egyptians felt that the gods they worshipped influenced people in every aspect of their daily life. As such, they believed that a person's character, his life and success was governed by the specific influences of the ruling deity under which they were born. 

In a classical Egyptian calendar, the months are segregated into three sub sections called “decades”, each with ten different days. Ancient Egyptians created a system of decans which are actually the famed stars like Sirius and Orion; the helical rising of these stars match the first day of the 36 successive decades. In any one single night, the sequence of twelve decans rise and such a sequence can help in counting the hours.

When a child was born, priests sometimes drew a star chart for the parents. Egyptian architects also looked to the heavens for inspiration. Some of ancient Egypt's most impressive monuments, including certain pyramids, were designed to line up with the stars at different seasons throughout the year.

THE NILE (January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, November 18-26)

The Nile is the first sign of the Egyptian zodiac. This is the only non-god sign of the traditional Egyptian Zodiac. The Nile is the beginning. The main characteristics for the people born under this sign are that they are peaceful, logical and practical.

People born under the Nile god sign are normally focused on achieving their goals. This is what matters to them most. They also tend to avoid confrontations at all cost. According to Egyptian astrology, they represent a new beginning. As a result, the Nile people normally seek for new lives that they can be proud of. Hence, you should not be surprised if these people are full of resolutions.

They can be very moody - from calm and peaceful to angry and irrational. Usually, they try to keep the peace around them. They have analytical minds and tend to dream about the possibilities of life. They are very practical and cautious so they tend to keep the safe path to their success.

Compatible with Amun and Seth.

AMUN or AMUN-RA (Jan 8 – Jan 21, Feb 1 – Feb 11)

Amun is the second sign in Egyptian Astrology. Amun is the god of creation. People born under his sign are optimistic, they make talented leaders, and they have good intuition. The ambition that they have is another quality that drives them to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. The good thing about them is that they always try to motivate those around them.

They are also known to be generous and helpful people. These people's optimism and intelligence make them successful leaders. They can be very motivational to others and are often successful in mentoring and counseling.

Equally, they are good in their finances. One of the weaknesses of people born under this zodiac sign is that they are quick to temper. Therefore, this is an attribute that you would have to be careful about when relating to them.

Compatible with the Nile and Horus.

MUT (Jan 22 – Jan 31, Sep 8 – Sep 22) 

Mut is the third Egyptian zodiac sign. This goddess is the symbol for the mother and is the consort of Amun. People born under this sign are practical and determined, dedicated to progress and technology.

These people also are good life parents and good parents as well as role models. They are logical and practical thinkers who are determined and focused on fulfilling their dreams. It is for this reason that they would be patient enough to nurture any relationships that they enter into. They are witty in nature and that they are great visionaries.

Compatible with Amon-Ra and Thoth.

GEB (Feb 12 – Feb 29, Aug 20 – Aug 31)

Geb is the fourth sign of the Egyptian zodiac Geb is the god of earth. People born under this sign are diplomatic and tactful, and are sensitive to other people’s feelings and needs.

Geb people are individuals that love to be around their families and friends. They are extra sensitive to what is going on around them. The best thing about Geb people is that they are easy to get along with. This means that you can be friends with them even after meeting for the first time. Other lovers perceive them as introverts and this is one of the negative attributes about them. If they feel anxious, these people can become very egoistic.

Compatible with Seth and Horus.

OSIRIS (Mar 1 – Mar 10, Nov 27 – Dec 18)

Osiris is the fifth sign of the Egyptian zodiac, Osiris is the God of the Underworld. He is a symbol of new beginnings. People born under his sign are good with new beginnings and have great intuition.

One thing about the Osiris people that makes them to stand out from the rest of the other god signs is that they are two sided. Judging from their actions, you might think that they are falling for you but in real sense they want something else. This aspect makes them totally unpredictable. The good thing about them is that they are entrepreneurial in nature. You will also fall in love with their gregarious natures.

Energetic and passionate, these people are very confident and natural leaders who are very optimistic about the future. They are very independent and don't like to work with other people.

Compatible with Isis and Thoth.

ISIS (Mar 11 – Mar 31, Oct 18 – Oct 29, Dec 19 – Dec 31)

Isis is the sixth sign in the Egyptian zodiac. She is the goddess of nature. Wife of Osiris and symbol of motherly love. People born under this sign are ruled by love. They are lucky, ambitious and energetic.

People who were born under this sign are very direct and like to give advices to others. These people are very determined and ambitious and there are no obstacles for them on their way to success. They are good communicators but sometimes they tend to be demanding.

Isis are loving individuals. They give it their best when they are in any relationships. In addition to this, they are known for their bluntness. Some perceive this as a negative attribute whereas others consider this as an act of honesty. Thus, one of the major weakness that they suffer from is that they tend to get clingy.

Compatible with Osiris and Thoth.

THOTH (Apr 1 – Apr 19, Nov 8 – Nov 17)

Thoth, or the god of wisdom, is the seventh sign in Egyptian horoscope. Thoth is the God of knowledge and learning. People born under this sign are life-time students searching for knowledge. They are patient.

There is no problem that would go unsolved with the Thoth people. This is attributed to their wise nature. Truly, the mere fact that they are always ready to learn implies that they can be excellent partners in a relationship. But, the only irritating aspect about them is that at times they tend to be impulsive.

People who were born in this sign are energetic, courageous and compassionate. They are good at solving problems and are very passionate and faithful partners who are dedicated to family and loved ones. Sometimes they can be very naïve and betrayal can put these people in depression.

Compatible with Bastet and Isis

HORUS (Apr 20 – May 7, Aug 12 – Aug 19)

Horus is the eight sing of Egyptian zodiac.  Horus is god of the sky and stars. People born under this sign are imaginative close to the nature.

According to the Egyptian astrology compatibility, Horus is believed to be the Sun god. This means that individuals born under this god sign are known for their courageousness. They are never afraid of chasing their dreams in life. Their social nature earns them a large circle of friends that they can trust in times of need. The only negative aspect about them is that they tend to be hardheaded.

They are optimistic and risk takers so they are inspiration to others. They are gentle by nature and careful listeners and so they are surrounded by friends who love and support the people born in this sign.

Compatible with Bastet and Geb.

ANUBIS (May 8 – May 27, Jun 29 – Jul 13)

Anubis is the ninth sign in Egyptian astrology. Anubis is guardian the underworld and the dead. People born under this sign are introverted and solitary.

If you were born under the Anubis sign, then there is a likelihood that you are compassionate at heart. This is what most people love you for. They find your company to be interesting and welcoming at the same time. Unfortunately, there are those that would want to take advantage of your warm heartedness. Some of the qualities that make people under this horoscope sign admirable is that they are honest, protective and witty.

These people are strongly emotional and sensitive and sometime very unpredictable. Confident and determined, these people don't have unfinished businesses. They are very helpful, generous and honest, and very caring partners.

Compatible with Bastet and Isis

SETH or SET (May 28 – Jun 18, Sep 28 – Oct 2)

Seth is the tenth sign in Egyptian zodiac. Seth is the god of chaos. People born under this sign are very ambitious and hot-tempered, and don’t do well with restrictions. They have a rebellious spirit. They are extreme perfectionists, constantly looking for change around them.

Set people fancy the idea of being in the limelight. In addition to this, they are considered as the perfectionists of the Egyptian astrology. In most cases, they try their best to bring changes in the environment around them. Communication is also what they do best. Thus, they would try their best to iron out issues affecting your relationship through effective communication.

These people are natural leaders, excellent orators and communicators and thrive to be in the center of attention. Other people are attracted to their charming personality but sometimes they know to lose their temper and explode.

Compatible with Geb and the Nile.

BASTET (Jul 14 – Jul 28, Sep 23 – Sep 27, Oct 3 – Oct 17)

Bastet, the goddess of cats, is the eleventh sign of the Egyptian zodiac. Bastet is the cat goddess of pleasure. People born under this sign are charming and charismatic, and are successful because of it. They surround themselves with things that make them happy, and tend to enjoy life the best they can.

Individuals that associate themselves with the Bastet god sign are known for their peace and welcoming nature. Similarly, they are fighters of people’s rights more so women. What they hate most is engaging in confrontation with other people. This happens because they are normally in search of their inner selves. They are also known for their intuitive capabilities as they easily know when something bad is about to happen.

These people are very caring, extremely emotional and sensitive which sometimes can cause for them to be overprotective of their loved ones. Sekhmet, the goddess of war, is the last sign of the Egyptian zodiac.

Compatible with Sekhmet and Horus.

SEKHMET (July 29 – Aug 11, Oct 30 – Nov 7)

Sekhmet, the Lioness goddess of war, is the last sign of the Egyptian zodiac. People born under this sign have high expectations of themselves and others. They are proud and stoical. You know what to expect from the god of war. People born in this sign are highly intelligent, so they are natural leaders who are an example of authority.

Sekhmet people are normally easily aggravated and that they are considered to be impatient people. The best part about settling down with them is that they are dedicated to relationships that they enter into. Thus, you can rest assured of their 100% presence in the relationship you share with them.

These people are perfectionist, with sense of justice and discipline. They can be very rude, direct and aggressive if they are irritated.

Compatible with Bastet and Geb.

So according to these ancient Egyptian zodiac signs, I would be either a Horus or Seth. How about you?

The Egyptians also believed that the god or goddess of the representative sign determine one's personality, skills, behavior, strength and weakness. So which sign are you in Egyptian Zodiac?


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