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Welcome to Crystal Wind

This is Canada's Premier website for alternative spiritual lifestyle living! We are focused on providing alternative spiritual lifestyle and natural living news and perspectives! This website has been designed for everyone and anyone who is seeking information, knowledge, tools for self-enlightenment, self-improvement and divine guidance.

The Crystal Wind™ Brand came about to fill a need of creating an information repository and portal for many spiritual and healing modalities on achieving or communicating effectively with and within the higher consciousness of self-realization. It could be viewed as a shift in consciousness data bank and archive.

Crystal Wind provides the following services and products:

  • Web Agency and Content Management Systems, E-Commerce and Social Communities http://www.creativeinceptions.com
  • Online Information Publishing and eCommerce Shops - CrystalWind.ca, AromaworX.ca
  • DocuworX - Document Aesthetics and Organization - PowerPoints, Plans, Strategies, Reports, etc.
  • Agents and Distributors of World Class Tools for Healing, Relaxation, Meditation, Divination and Recreation
  • Exclusive WorldWide Agents for Fantasy Artist Lisa Iris -  www.lisairis.ca 

Created The Crystal Wind™ Oracle Mobile App. Details Here: (http://bit.ly/1jXOobp

Available Here

Our goal is to become a leader in sharing knowledge and tools for higher consciousness, spiritual growth and self-help and realization.  We are focused on the New Light and New Paradigm of entering the Age of Light. Sharing, Community, Compassion and Heart are the words that best describe the essence of what we do and who we are.

Namasté ॐ

We are pathfinders exploring all paths that lead to unity and self-realization. Thank You for joining us!



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"Life is an echo, what you send out comes back."

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