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Message From The Angels: Are You Creating Life Or Is Life Creating You?

Message From The Angels: Are You Creating Life Or Is Life Creating You?

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is great movement on your planet earth right now. There is great love being sent to you by the heavens in response to the asking. There is great potential for manifestations and dreams to come true.

The question to ask is, "Are you creating life, or are you allowing life to create you?"

In truth, you are constantly creating your own experience of life – drawing people and circumstances to you as a result of your vibration. However, since your vibration is a result of your focus and your response to what you focus upon, many of you are allowing your vibration to be dictated by the world around you.

Nonetheless, just because the world offers you something to focus on does not mean you have to make the choice that is offered. For example, your world offered you plenty of fear around the pandemic. You had a choice to focus on fear, focus on being prudent and practical, focus on being healthy and happy, or any combination of those ideas. One is not more right or wrong than another – they simply offer you a different experience. The world offered you a sad and sudden war to focus upon. You could have focused on fear and hatred, but instead many of you focused on love and prayer and averted a world war.

The world has offered you unthinkable racism.You can focus on the horror, or you can focus on inclusion, a love of diversity, and an appreciation of the beauty of all beings. You can start in your own circles and spread love outward from there.

The world has offered you news about shootings and violence. You could focus on the horror, hatred, and anxiety, and vibrate with that news, or you can focus on prayer, love, faith, and intentions to rest in the security of Divine love.

Dear ones, you create your world with your conscious focus, or your world will affect your focus to the point where you allow it to create you.

Don't let the world focus you into despair, hopelessness, frustration, or fear. Don't let the world focus you into believing your climate is going to hell in a hand basket. Don't let the world focus you into believing you are not safe, that well-being is out of reach, and that abundance is dictated by markets.

Instead, claim your God-given power to focus on the reality you wish to see. Focus on the good around you now. Focus on the solutions you want to see. Focus on appreciation whenever and wherever you can.

We've said it many times, and it bears repeating since not a single one of you was raised with an awareness of the impact of your energetic vibration. Your energy is more powerful than any effort you exert because in a high vibration, solutions come, guidance comes, helpful people come, your needs are met, and your desires are fulfilled. You live in a flow of energy that is in harmony with those in harmony around you.

When you have a problem, raise your vibration and wait for the solution. When you are upset with someone, focus away from them temporarily, raise your vibration and pray for God to heal the situation. When you have to have a difficult conversation, raise your vibration. Focus on what gives you joy. Focus on a mutually loving outcome. Focus on the good qualities in yourself and others.

When you don't know what to do and feel without purpose, raise your vibration. Give yourselves permission to play, explore, rest, and know that you'll find purpose on that path if only sitting in peace and emanating light, which is always needed.

When you feel worried about your money, raise your vibration. Find inexpensive or free things to enjoy. Take a walk. Watch beautiful videos. Savor your meal. Laugh with friends. These are abundant vibrations that, although unrelated to money, will help money flow into your life once again.

Seen through the lens of a high-vibration, the world will seem like a magnificent and magical place. Like the Divine and your angels, you will see humanity as a group of beings growing, evolving, becoming more accepting, less judgmental, more open, always and forever moving towards a greater and grander experience of love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Some weeks the newsletter comes on its own. Other times I need to write it during a specific time frame because I have a busy week. So, instead of wracking my brains, I do something fun and raise my vibe, and then it comes. If I try to force it, I usually end up deleting it and starting over. Talking to angels requires a high vibe, and I can't channel them when I'm in an "I've got to get this done" mentality. I have to be a bit closer to the heavenly vibe!

I prioritize keeping my vibration high, and when I slip out of that, I drop everything as soon as possible and make it a priority to get right back in connection. I don't even waste time beating myself up anymore. Good thing too! I make plenty of what we'd call mistakes, but as usual, they end up not being mistakes after all.

My garage door has been squeaking for some time. I kept thinking I should fix it, but it wasn't a high priority. I always intend I know precisely when to do what around the house. So when I accidentally left some boxes high on a garage shelf, opened the door, and watched it jump off track –screeching and groaning as it dragged the boxes off the shelf – I sat there and laughed. Obviously, it was time to get the door fixed :)

Here's where being in the flow gets fun. I sat and intended I get it fixed easily with wonderful repair folks and at the perfect time. I propped it shut and called the repair service. "It's too late to get anyone out today," they told me, "so we'll be here first thing tomorrow." That sounded fine. I changed my plans, put the phone away, and went out back to work in the garden.

I didn't know they got a guy to come to my house after all. I missed his knock because I was in the backyard. Instead of kicking myself, I simply waited to see what would transpire. Ends up the man who came in the morning was one of the trainers at the company – supremely knowledgeable, friendly, fun, and honest. I got an excellent education, many laughs, and new garage door rollers. He even told me what to save for in the future and how long I'd have. Perfection. My door is acting brand new.

Had I anxiously and nervously waited by the phone, the repairs would have happened, but not with this amazing soul. Had I beat myself up I would have attracted a less reliable repair company. Had I moaned and groaned about costs, I would have sapped my energy and not been able to add clients and work overtime the following week. This vibrational reality often works like magic, but sometimes it seems like plain vanilla common sense when you think about it.

I am finally living in the paradigm that says energy is more important than effort. When I have a problem, I raise my vibe by doing something fun or thinking of something good. When I don't know what to do, I raise my vibe. When I lose my keys I raise my vibe and make it a game, saying, "God you know where they are! They aren't lost! Bring them to my attention." I stop thinking of them as lost and soon they're found. When I mess up my body, I raise my vibe.

There are still a few times when something is so upsetting to me I can't get to a positive space right away, but I can raise my vibe. I can vent my frustrations to the heavens till I feel better. Then when I feel better, I can soothe myself and do something kind for myself. Then in that better space I can look around at things that are good... and so it goes as we slowly inch our way toward good feelings.

I'm a work in progress! So are you, but as we collectively begin to own our own minds again, we start to vibrate in a higher, healthier, and happier space. That's how we contribute to our world in a lasting and meaningful way.

Here are a few tips to help you own your own mind...

1. Care less about opinions and more about feelings

Everyone has an opinion on nearly everything, even if the opinion is, "I don't care." Opinions are often offered to us as facts. People truly believe their opinions are the truth. However, there are many truths – many ways of looking at this reality we live in, and what's true for one may not be true for another.

Coffee may be a health food for you and poison for another. Smoking may offer relief to one soul and make another sick. One political party might look like a savior to one person and demons to the next. Masks might mean security and health for one person while another feels choked. We live in a diverse world.

So, rather than worrying about forcing your truths or opinions on others or adopting others' truths or opinions, simply measure the usefulness of such beliefs against how they feel. If a truth or opinion feels good, keep it, focus on it, and enjoy it. If it feels bad, find a better one. You can change your mind.

You are not contained within your mind. You are a magnificent soul, in control of it. The more you practice using it as the tool that it is, the less you will feel controlled by it.

2. Don't blindly accept anything that doesn't feel good

I am happily talking to more and more people who trust their own feelings. Even when an expert offers you advice, get in a high vibe and then see how the advice feels to you. Don't check your feelings in a low vibe. They won't be good indicators there. Instead, wait before taking action. Take a walk, listen to beautiful music, watch an inspiring documentary, then check the advice with your feelings. In a high vibe, your feelings will tell you what resonates with that high vibe and what doesn't.

Decades ago I was naive about investing. I was married, and my in-laws had done very well with land investments. They recommended that my husband and I join them in a partnership that would require savings from one year of my salary. It would set us up with some security for the rest of our lives – or so the projection went. We were two working engineers back then and had the luxury of that savings. They knew what they were doing and had proof that they'd done well. Nonetheless, I didn't feel right about it. I talked myself out of my feelings. "What did I know at age 25 compared to their lifetime of wisdom?" I went along. We lost it all – a year of my salary – when others involved defaulted. That was my college education in trusting my feelings. It was expensive and would have been devastating had I not realized quickly that the lesson would serve me for the rest of my life. It has.

In the past few years, I've had plenty of well-meaning medical advice when I've messed up my flow and, therefore my body. I'd likely be dead if I had listened to some of it. Even when feeling bad, I can focus on anything good and weigh the options against my feelings. I feel what resonates and what doesn't.

In the words of Obi Wan Kanobit to Luke in the movie Star Wars, "Trust your feelings." In a high vibe, they are your guidance.

3. Be wary of "pack mentality"

Just because the news says the economy is bad doesn't mean your economy needs to be bad. Just because someone says there's a terrible housing market doesn't mean you can't find a house. Just because your friends say you have to get on a dating app to find a partner does not mean that's the way for you. Just because a doctor says there's only one way to heal does not mean you can't do your own research and choose an approach that resonates. Just because "everyone else is doing it," doesn't mean it's right for you.

We have dominion over our own minds, and if we don't claim that, others will. We can decide the reality we want to experience and stick to our creations. We can research options and see which ones feel better. We can listen to others or not, depending on what resonates or not. Beware of getting sucked into a "pack mentality." Just because "everyone else is having this experience" does not mean you have to.

The world had a fearful pandemic. I did not. I had the experience of practicing better hygiene habits, enjoying my home, and helping thousands of people get through some of the toughest times of their lives. The news reports that the world is having financial fears. I am not. I believe my flow comes from God, and if one flow dries up, something else will be presented. The news reports a future with drought and incurable climate change. I'm focusing on gentle soothing rains and beautiful snow high in the mountains that feed our reservoirs. I'm blessing the weather, the earth, and my water. I'm choosing more and more eco-friendly products. I'm celebrating the young people finding ways to recycle the carbon in the air, clean the oceans, and take care of the previous messes.

Refuse to buy into a fear-based pack mentality that would render us powerless, ineffective puppets in creation. Instead, get in a high vibe, and pay attention to what resonates with your desires and dreams.

When you align with the Divine, all is fine!

It is a time on earth when there is such a beautiful and powerful flow and so much potential for good that the angels encourage us to "mind our minds" and ride that wave into the beautiful future we truly aim for.

Have a beautiful week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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