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Message from The Angels - Clarifying Vibrational Law

Message from The Angels - Clarifying Vibrational Law

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you have heard us discussing the importance of your vibration these past few years. 

Not one of you was taught in childhood that your actions matter far less than your energetic vibration. Only a few of you were encouraged to follow your inner compass rather than striving to please others. It is no wonder that embracing the 5D paradigm is challenging for so many of you. Today, we want to help and encourage you, explain things more deeply, and give you a new game to play to help you learn more about the power of your tuning.

Imagine that you have a dream in your heart. Imagine now that there is a movie on television about how you got from where you are now to the fulfillment of this dream. It is a lovely movie of synchronicity, joy, and triumph. We're pretty sure you'd want to watch this movie!

Now, on a different channel entirely, there is a news broadcast. It repeatedly tells you about your past, present, and the people around you as they are now. It shares new about the world around you, as it is now. It has no understanding of manifestation. As a result, when it projects into the future, it simply rehashes the present or past. It is not so likely you'd prefer to watch this channel!

Now, suppose you have a magic tuner. When you think of something that makes you happy, you tune into the beautiful movie about your life unfolding gracefully! When you think of something that makes you feel unhappy, the good movie pauses, and you tune into the depressing news station right at a moment when it matches your own negative thoughts.

As you can imagine, on a daily basis, most of you would switch between the good movie and the depressing news a thousand times, if not more. Understanding that the good movie only plays while thinking thoughts that feel good, many of you could easily infer that you'd never reach the end! Back and forth, back and forth you go.

In reality, this is how many of you live your lives. You are the first generation to become aware of the value of your tuning. You are learning a new skill. It is reasonable to expect that you'd have to try, try, try again before learning to value your feelings and tune into things that feel better. It takes time, persistence, and practice to develop a new habit. Give yourself grace.

Now, suppose you really want to see your happy ending. Like a young child playing a video game, you start practicing your "tuning" skills. You play with your thoughts to find ones that feel good. You challenge yourself to see if you can find something that feels good enough to make the good movie start playing once again.

You start to notice thoughts that "knock you out of it." Little by little, as frustrating as it might be at first, you learn to manage your tuning until you can watch the good movie for long stretches of time, and when you fall away from it, you become more confident in your ability to tune into the good and see it play once again.

Eventually, with practice, you become so good at tuning that you can watch that good movie to its completion.

Dear ones, your life is that good movie waiting for you to tune into it. Most of you learned to tune into the past or the present in front of you, no matter how good or unpleasant it feels. Rarely were you taught to care more about how you feel.

Can you imagine? You want a relationship, and instead of focusing on it (because it sends you into that oscillation of vibration), you challenge yourself instead to find things to love about life, to find ways to share love in life, and little by little without even trying to manifest a relationship, you tune into that good movie with all its happy endings.

You aren't settling for feeling "just ok" even though you don't have what you want. That resignation gets you more of the news. Instead, challenge yourself to find ways to feel good—here and now with what you have. You can use your brilliant mind to choose one of a gazillion possible good-feeling thoughts right here and now. You can notice and appreciate the sun on your face. You can marvel at the busy little bees that pollinate your crops so you can eat. You can ponder the amazing connection with millions of people who poured their love into the coffee you pour into the cup. You can sit, breathe, and receive our love and assistance.

Daily, you are surrounded by millions of small opportunities to feel good. It makes little sense to deprive yourself of the good feelings and the good movie that will lead to the good ending simply because you are upset that the good ending is not here now. You all want to be happy. Choose it now, and now, and now again, and the good movie will play, bringing you even more.

Some of you feel this isn't fair, and we understand. However, you cannot apply human law to a universe that operates in terms of vibration and expect it to function as a human being would.

As a result, it is hard for so many of you to trust the universe to deliver your dreams. We understand. As these new concepts have been introduced into human consciousness, many of you still embraced the 3D paradigm of "doing" while trying to apply it to the 5D laws of "being."

You learned to "fake it till you make it." If doing so helps you achieve the vibration of what you want, we encourage this! However, you can't fake vibration. No amount of action, fake positivity, or acting "as if" will matter if it doesn't make you feel wonderful. Far better, as a few of you have said over the years, to "F*#! it till you make it!" Ignore any dreams you can't feel good about and focus on things that feel better! Did we, the angels, just say that? Yes, dear ones. We say it with love, humor, and a realization that many of you will feel more inspired by shifting your focus than by trying harder to feel good about a topic you do not yet feel good about!

If you can't feel good about the relationship you've been "trying to manifest" forever that still hasn't arrived, focus on anything and everything else that feels better. You torment yourselves, trying to feel good about what does not. Look away. Turn the other cheek. Find happiness where it is easy to find, and let your vibration rise naturally.

So many of you learned to visualize, and it can be a wonderful tool if it helps you find the feeling you desire! If visualizing makes you feel worse because it makes you think more about what you do not yet have, it is better to visualize a good lunch that excites you!

You learned to make vision boards. We love them if these bring you joy, empower you to anticipate your dreams, and raise your vibration! But if you look at a vision board and think every time, "Yeah, right, it never happens for me," then dear ones, take down the vision board and, in its place, put up an inspiring piece of art that elevates you every time you look at it!

You learned to quiet your mind and meditate, but if attempting that frustrates you, find an alternative. Listen to music you love. Take a walk. Cook a good meal. If you honestly try, each of you can find something that quiets the negativity and allows you to be present in the moment. Don't give up and say that you can't. You can. You just have to exercise your God-given power of choice and experiment a bit until you find your own way of feeling present and good.

You learned to be good and do good, and we completely encourage that because it is your nature to love, but when your "loving" actions cease to feel like love, then cease doing them! If you are helping an ungrateful friend, it may feel wonderful for a while, but when it stops feeling wonderful, stop doing it or find a reason to feel good once again.

So many of you have given so much you feel bitter and resentful that others don't give back, but dear ones, you are the ones who chose to continue giving when it no longer felt good. You are the ones who chose to pour your heart more into others' lives than your own. So many of you learned that it is "better to give than to receive" when, in reality, it is better to be in a balanced flow—filling then spilling, filling then spilling. The more you receive from Spirit, the more you want to give. The more you give, the more you want to receive from the Divine. Watch and listen to your feelings to help you stay in this flow.

As you learn to be more honest about your feelings, you will give when it is a joy, and refill the well when needed. As your vibration becomes one of giving joyfully, you will attract others who are in the vibration of giving joyfully as well. But if your vibration is one of giving because you "have to" or "should" (even when, "sigh," you don't feel like it), then you will instead attract others who feel equally empty and want you to give to them, as you want them to give back to you.

It is a misunderstanding to think that because you "give," you will attract others who "give." This would be a "law of doing." but the universe operates on the "law of vibration."

There is no "law of doing." There is no law in the universe that says if you do more, the universe will do more for you. There is no law that says if you constantly do good, you'll constantly receive good. There is no law that says if you give, you'll receive. There is only vibrational law. No matter what you do, the energy with which you do it matters infinitely more than the actions themselves.

If you shop for shoes feeling abundant, you'll attract more abundance than if you tithe with ("sigh") a feeling of righteous martyrdom. If you indulge in your favorite activities with joy or explore new ones that delight, you'll meet a partner sooner than if you trudge unhappily through online dating sites! If you love the hunt and the idea of meeting several new people each weekend and sorting through them, you could easily meet someone on a dating site, but few of you honestly feel that way. God has arranged meetings for centuries. Your "doing" is not important. Your vibration is.

If you are healing a physical condition and you love your doctors and the care they provide, they are likely to work well for you. If you mistrust doctors but love alternative therapies, those will likely work better for you. If you would rather ignore your condition and focus on other things that bring you joy, that will bring you joy and quite possibly healing, too.

What does not work is focusing on thoughts that feel bad and forcing yourself to do things that go against your grain. Even if you were to die, you would have lived happily until you transitioned happily and moved on into a blissfully happy reality. Your eternal journey can be fun now. Your eternal journey can be happy now.

The only thing that matters, dear ones, regarding what you will see in your future is vibration. Be kind to yourselves. You are courageous adventurers. You have incarnated on the earth during some of the biggest paradigm shifts humanity has seen in recorded history. You are learning to be tuners rather than doers and to allow your actions to be born of joy and inspiration.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I asked the angels for a very helpful newsletter today to answer several of you who wrote with questions, and they wrote a book! I was on the computer for so long that I had to take a breather before writing my section. In honoring my feelings, I found a pair of glasses I lost two days ago, had a YouTube video explaining something I wanted to learn to pop up in my feed, and am now rested and eager to write my part. The angels have taught me the immense value of focusing on what feels good as often as possible. Despite years of resistance to feeling good in the present until I got what I wanted in the future, I now know the immense value and joy of finding the good feelings right here, right now :)

When I started manifesting, I didn't want to be disappointed, so I picked a very small object. I was a writer, and thinking of writing with a beautiful fountain pen felt incredibly fancy. I had recently seen one for quite a price in a magazine, but at the time, in my late twenties and newly employed as a "psychic in the window" of a small local bookstore, I didn't have that much discretionary income. So I sat and imagined how fun it would be to have the pen, how fancy I'd feel, and how it would give me that timeless sense of connection to writers past. I had quite a nice daydream, then forgot it entirely. Within a week, I had wandered into a discount store I rarely frequented, and there was this pen's twin for a fraction of the cost! That was my first taste of "how the universe works."

Next, I imagined a little antique writing desk and how fun and fancy that would feel. Within a week in an unfamiliar area of town, I had the sudden urge to stop in a junk store, and there was my desk for an insanely low price. Manifesting became a game for me back then. I created stuff I didn't need or care about much, just for the fun of watching it flow into my life.

Years later, the desires have changed, but the way the universe works has not. I spend a minute focusing on how much I'd like whatever it is I want and how good it would feel to have it, then I let it go and make my primary, number one, the only thing that matters, goal to find good feelings and share them in any way that feels wonderful. For example, getting up from the computer for a break and finding my lost glasses no longer amazes me. I wasn't focused on the lost glasses, which would have only given me "lost glasses." When I misplaced them a few days ago, I just imagined that great feeling that comes from finding something and let it go, trusting because I've demonstrated to myself how this works time and again that they'd appear.

Big desires work the same way. A loved one nearly died a few weeks ago, and I am not exaggerating. Twenty doctors and nurses attended them in the hospital in the middle of the night during a very bad reaction to a medication that was supposed to help. I am thousands of miles away and short of hopping on a plane, which I would have done in a heartbeat; I couldn't do a 3D thing. Instead, I went back to basic principles. Picture my dear one happy and healthy or at least healing. Picture them feeling hope again. Focus on my love, not fear. Focus on anything that feels good. Thanksgiving dinner with friends did that. My dear ones lived and is recovering despite all odds.

Had I spiraled into negativity, helplessness, and my own bad feelings and fears, I would have been no help at all. I don't trust the universe because it works for me. I trust because I've tried and failed and tried again until I know how to stop myself from a rant, rave, or pity party and focus on the next best thing I can. I've "Alligator-wrestled" with my thoughts time and again when compelling negative situations wanted my attention, and it took every ounce of willpower to admit that the sun was quite beautiful shining on the backyard dew. I've felt the fear of 3D loss and had to tell myself to cut it out, sit down, breathe, and ask the angels to tune me into something better.

After years of working with angels, I know that if my manifestations don't work, it is because I'm not consistently doing the work to allow them in. My job is to manage my thoughts, one at a time, over and over and over and over, until I can find something that feels good. It takes work between the ears, dedication to feeling better, and sometimes just a willingness to wallow a bit before getting up and trying again.

When I had a fearful thought that I could have lost my loved one without seeing them again, I stopped myself in my tracks and gave thanks for all the good we've shared, the eternalness of our journey, the sun on the green grass outside, and the fresh basil drying in the kitchen. I looked outside and saw a kale plant I put in a year ago that lasted through a cold winter and a hot summer and just keeps growing. "Life keeps on lifing," I hear in my head—a constant reminder that given the right conditions, life force will keep flowing. I resolve to assist my loved one in creating those "right" loving) conditions. I feel good again.

When I have a passing thought that I'll never get my alignment corrected again, I do the same. I healed my foot enough to walk a week after a bad injury in October but realized after the fact I've got a stress fracture and am not walking perfectly yet. I have been off-alignment and settling for it for quite some time. I've allowed injuries to both feet and a knee due to being ungrounded to keep me from being outdoors as much as I'd like. No one would know. I walk gracefully and feel massively happy most of the time, but this is an area where I can shift my focus more to think of the joy of my feet on the trail, the wonder of perfect alignment, and the beauty of the cells in the body being born every instant that know how to heal. If I do that, I know the results. Everything will self-correct.

I'm human. Sometimes, I have manifestations within the hour. Other times, things take longer because I oscillate between problem and solution focus. It's ok! We're all practicing becoming tuners rather than do-ers. I like the Angels' little game this week and will play it to see how things pan out. So far, so good. I'm loving work, and getting caught up on emails after vacation, and the creative juices keep flowing on the Etsy shop. I trust the universe because I've given these principles a test drive over and over, finding the good feelings, stopping the negative ones in their tracks, and repeating the process often enough to get pretty good at it.

Here are a few pointers to help develop your trust in universal law:

1.  Pay attention to feelings more than actions

If you're doing something that is supposed to be good for you, be it a spiritual practice, a dietary shift, or exercise, ask yourself, "How do I feel about it?" If you don't feel good about it, change your thoughts or change your actions. Keep it that simple.

Many people say they've tried the law of attraction when in reality they do the practices in an attempt to get what they are focused on missing in their lives. If I "do" XYZ, I get "XYZ." This is 3D thinking and doesn't work with the 5D rules of the universe when it comes to manifesting. You have to predominantly "feel" XYZ to get "XYZ."

For example, I can't get back to hiking by focusing on what I could have, or should have, done differently to avoid foot injuries. I can't get back to alignment by focusing on feeling unpleasant. I can't be back to my 30 year old vitality by telling myself I should decline at my age. I can however, focus on what does feel good in my life. I can imagine hiking and how good that feels and look forward to it. I can congratulate myself for my good attitude. I can sweet talk to my cells and tell the how much I love them. I can listen to my guidance as it is given. I can get wildly excited by my designs. I can have fun with my garden. So many "cans" to focus on instead of the "can'ts" and each good thought will, by virtue of how it makes me feel, raise my vibration, and help me heal exponetially faster.

Likewise, with my loved one who has the serious medical condition, I could focus on all the "what if's" and drive myself nuts. I could start to mentally prepare for death and urge them to do everything possible to prevent it. I could push all my alternative cures to try to assuage my own unrest. I could think of all the things I wished we'd done and said. Or, far better, I can focus on how resiliant they are, how much I love supporting their energy, how there are angels and more angels helping and assisting and how proud I am that this person is open to the help. I can focus on the joy of every moment we share and the eternal journey. I can focus on the growth we've done and the love we share. It is up to me, not circumstances. I could easily say, "There's no way I could feel good about this," and 99% of humanity would understand." The angels wouldn't judge me at all and neither would God. But I want to feel good and I want to manifest the best, and I am willing to do the mental work for that.

It is simpy a choice each of us must make, and we're neither better nor worse no matter what we choose. We're loved no matter what. We just have a different experience.

By paying more attention to your feelings than what you are doing, you get happier results.

2. If you can't feel good about something, focus on anything else

I used to try to feel good about bad things. I used to try to have warm fuzzies about people who treated me like garbage. I used to try to look at "silver linings" and justify my negative creations as "lessons." Now I know I create whatever shows up by allowing love or blocking love. I no longer bother even analyzing why. I just focus on something better.

Some things will never feel good to think about. It was an almighty revelation when the angels said, "Ann! Bad food will never taste good, and unpleasant circumstances will never feel good!" Eat something else. Focus on something else! I had to laugh! I used to try to make tasteful dishes from recipes I didn't like! I learned quickly it was better to feed the disposal and start fresh. That went against my frugal, waste-not upbringing, but the angels finally convinced me that the occasional 3D "waste" in this temporary world of form was better than wasting a second on a negative vibration. Talk about a paradigm shift! It is a Polish sin to toss a meal even if it tastes horrid!

Likewise, I thought it was a spiritual weakness to think of something better rather than to try to make bad behaviors, bad circumstances, or bad events in the past feel good. The angels taught me otherwise.

If you can't feel good about something, focus on anything else that feels better.

3. Give yourself grace

We are going to try and fail and try and fail and try again until we learn to be tuners rather than do-ers. We're shifting a paradigm that has been on Earth for centuries, and we're doing it quickly! It isn't easy. However, It will feel more natural and fun as you get the hang of it.

Be kind to yourself. Don't feed yourself lies that say you can't feel good, that you can't focus, that you aren't able to find anything to feel good about. Maybe that is true for a moment, but if you try, you can. Even in the throes of grief, there are moments of beauty. Even in the midst of intense pain (and I've been there), there are good things going on in the world to distract. Even in seriously challenging financial situations (I have been there, too), there are reasons to feel abundant in areas other than money.

We can, if we try, find better-feeling thoughts. And we can do it again and again. That's what it takes.

It is kind of crazy, but very human, to resist feeling good now because we don't have what we want later. When I even write that, it sound nuts. If someone said, "I'll wave a magic wand and you'll be on the path to eerything you want! All you have to do is find good things to think about!" Would you say "no?"

Yet we do, all the time. The universe is saying that to us and we come up with a million very good human excuses as to why we can't or don't feel good. As we're justifying our bad feelings, love is beckoning us from every corner to notice its presence. We just have to love ourselves, give ourselves grace, and gently shift our attention :)

Be sweet to yourself as we continue to shift paradigms. Give yourself grace. Laugh at yourself when you can.

There's no use beating yourself up for not knowing a new skill you are still learning. There's no use giving reasons (no matter how good they are) as to why you don't feel good.

Choose something better to focus on now.... and be kind to yourself when you don't feel like doing the work to find a better feelings.

If you're still reading this book of a newsletter I just want to send you all a heaping dose of love.

It took me awhile to learn to trust in the 5D paradigm. I didn't understand vibration at first. I was crying once about loving someone and the angels said, "Ann you're not loving now! You're in the vibravibration of longing!" That surprised me. They were right.

I learned to pay more attention to my feelings to discern which felt good and which didn't. I learned to select thoughts like food for their good feelings and spiritual nutrition! I learned to be easy on myself, fail, and try again. The goal is progress, awareness, and good feelings, not perfection. It isn't reasonable to expect to feel good every moment, but learning to find that good feeling when you fall out of them is a skill worth cultivating.

Just the other day, I heard a sad story and got on a holy roll, venting and raving about "how world leaders who wage war and send young men off to be killed and use drones like children's toys to kill should be sent to the front lines to face their so-called enemies and feel the fear and stink of death, and..." OMG! I caught myself mid-sentence and cut it outJustified though the rant might be in 3D, I was waging vibrational war on the war-mongers, and therefore, supporting the vibration of war, and attracting mini-wars (argumentative people) into my own life too! No way I was going to keep that up.

I self-corrected immediately, imagined a world of peace and kindness, felt compassion for the lost and scared and prayed that all might be elevated into a more loving vibe. Emitting peace and love felt a lot better, and I ended up having a wonderful day.

One thought, one thought, one thought... Fall into bad feelings, and try again. Don't give up. You deserve to feel good.

One more thought. One more. A thousand times a day I stop and refocus on something that feels good. Most of these things are so small and simple and seemingly insignificant. They add up, however to good feelings, good focus, and a good life. As I like to say, practice makes progress!

Have a blessed week,

Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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