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Message From The Angels: Nature's Nurture

Message From The Angels: Nature's Nurture

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

How could you ever believe in lack when the abundant generosity of the universe is present everywhere you look in nature? You want love and love is all around. You want to feel secure, and everything you need is there waiting to flow into your life. You want joy, and there is joy at every level – macro and microscopic waiting to be enjoyed.

Look at the flowers that bloom even more after you cut them. They love to delight you. Look at the grasses that, no matter how much you mow, offer a new and softer carpet upon which you can walk, and the animals can graze. Look at the trees, sprouted from seeds often tinier than the tip of your finger, that give with such abundant generosity they support entire ecosystems. The sunlight shines abundantly, and the waters are available for you to pray them into places of need. Your earth, dear ones, is pure love, giving so selflessly and in such abundance that her generosity surrounds you.

"Yes," you say, "But earth doesn't pay my bills!""She doesn't stop people from destroying ecosystems." "She isn't bringing me a date!" There are so many arguments defending the illusion of lack. Technically you aren't being paid by nature, set up on dates, or seeing her influence directly on your political systems. Nonetheless she holds steady in a vibration that supports each and every one of you as surely as God and your angels do the same. We never waiver in holding the vision of all that you desire. We never waiver in holding the vision of the best, most loved, most abundant, and joyous, version of you. We never waiver in our commitment to call you, with love, towards this reality. No matter how you argue for lack, we hold fast in our knowledge of abundance. No matter how hard you argue that you are unloved or unworthy of love, we love you.

So if you want a relationship because you want to give and receive more love, start to give and receive love where it is readily available. Let the sunrise caress your face and the breeze tingle upon your skin. Feel the solidity of the earth beneath your feet, securely holding you onto itself in great stability as your planet spins at a dizzying rate through space. Allow yourself to feel soothed by the music of life all around you – the song of the birds, the purr of your kitten, the happy panting of your puppy... your own steady and rhythmic breathing and even, if you listen closely, the life-giving beat of your own heart.

If you want more money, attune yourself to, and appreciate the abundance all around you. Notice the generous leaves that carpet and nourish the forest floor. Imagine the abundance of the oak tree whose acorns feed whole communities of animals. Look at a single plant in a garden, sprouted from such a tiny seed, now giving its food to the masses in as much abundance as it can.

Look at a puppy who gives love with such unselfish and joyous abandon. Look at the worms that till your soil so the plants can grow and the countless types of bees and bats that work tirelessly to pollinate your crops. See how many apples a single tree can give and how a tiny stream can nourish so much life around it.

Dear ones, as you start to tune into the vibrations of love and abundance all around you, absolute magic will begin to unfold in your lives. First of all, you will start to feel better. Nature is God's news – good news. Nature is abundant, and the truth of Divine abundance feels good. Nature is love made manifest and not trying to be anything else... and love feels good. If you are willing to receive her gifts, both physical and vibrational, nature can help and assist you in finding the frequencies that allow you to receive all else you want.

The subject you ponder in a given moment is far less important than how you feel about it. If you think about money and feel despair, far better to look at a pine tree and notice its incredible generosity, thus tuning yourself to a frequency of abundance in which the money can now flow. If you want a relationship, but thinking of one causes you grief, then turn away and look at the birds who sing for the joy of it and for your delight. Receive the love offered by a single flower blooming only for your pleasure in that moment. Receive the gifts and the love all around you. Let yourself feel your own loving and appreciative heart. Do that often enough, and soon you will fall in love with life and attract love in every area of your life.

You don't have to think of the things you want to manifest. If they inspire fear, doubt, or pain, better not to think of them at all! Far better to attune yourself in an easier way to the feelings you desire. Then, in that frequency, you will attract all that matches the feeling. Wondering with delight at nature's capacity to give, her resourcefulness, her support for the life around her, and her unselfish nature will cause you to feel the unblocked support of the Divine. Perhaps, you will realize that you, too, are cared for in an even greater fashion if you can avoid blocking this abundance.

As we have said often, allowing yourself to feel good is allowing yourself to feel God. When you attune to these pure frequencies that nature offers – love, abundance, generosity, joy, peace, etc., you allow yourself to tune into the Creator's love in a form that has no fear, no doubt, and no blockages to allowing it to flow freely to you.

Nature's nature is to nurture. Receive her love. The vibrations in the human race are very intense right now, but nature freely offers a constant source of truth, love, peace, harmony, and abundance. Receive her love. Marvel at her generosity.

Let the others around you do as they wish, but know that in your attunement to these higher energies, you can live and incredible life in which all you desire begins to flow to you as generously and abundantly as nature itself.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

At the end of 2020, I hiked to the top of a mountain and was delighted to find a stand of ancient pines that had not burned in a fire that ravaged a great deal of the mountain years ago. Who knows why they remained untouched, but like a community of loving beings, they stood together filtering sunlight, perfuming the air with one of my favorite scents, and giving so abundantly that the carpet of pine needles was a thick, soft mattress on the forest floor. The pine cones were so abundant they fed the entire mountaintop ecosystem. I squealed with joy, went to each one, made introductions, exchanged energy, and hugged them. They told me about their relationships with one another – grandmother, grandfather, sons, and daughters. I felt so much love I never wanted t leave. I spread my towel underneath one of the pine families and fell into a deep and peaceful sleep, waking up an hour later in the arms of the forest floor. It was pure heaven.

I often look at my garden and marvel at its generous, life-giving nature. My eggplant gave so much this summer I fed nearly a whole community, and per my request, it is now producing one here and there precisely as I need them :) I scattered a 99-cent packet of lettuce seeds a month ago, and they're sprouting abundantly in what will become a generous offering of winter salads. The basil is chest high, the sage is peeping out among the sweet potatoes offering me tantalizing menu ideas, and the chives have been divided from one huge clump into three, growing strong. Heirloom tomatoes are sprouting even though I didn't do anything special other than grab a kitchen spoon, stir up the dirt, pray over them and toss them in the soil! My peppers are growing like crazy amidst the cattails that planted themselves one summer, and my watermelon plant has decided it loves to crawl all over the rosemary bush. In fact, rosemary is now cradling a rapidly growing bunch of melons like a mother holding her young. I am in awe.

Perhaps this is why I don't worry about bills when they come in bigger than my income. The universe demonstrates its abundance through any unblocked channel and out of 7.8 billion people it can always find unblocked channels. Perhaps this is why I feel no lack of love no matter who is or isn't loving me in the human sense at the moment. I know where to look.

Occasionally, like all of us, I forget. I allow something compellingly unpleasant to grab my attention. A tiny splinter is nothing compared to the well-being of the entire body, but it can still call for your attention in a powerful way. So too, sometimes the crazy things in life can grab our attention, no matter how small they are compared to the vast love available.

I created quite an adventure for myself recently. I had been feeling really good in my body, and instead of reveling in that, I indulged in a day or two of thinking with frustration about all the times I'd allowed others' unpleasantness to inspire my own pain. Bad focus!

I had been in a deep trance, sending light to the world, when some strange being decided to try getting into my body. I know better. I had forgotten to set the rules of engagement when I did this work. This never happens in readings. It never happens when I channel angels. It never happens when I'm in a high vibe. However, if I'm not in my brightest light, I have to be clear about who and what is allowed near my body when I'm expanded out of it. You wouldn't leave your car in a bad neighborhood with the doors unlocked and keys in the ignition, and I shouldn't have left my body unattended by my own intentions since I hadn't been in the highest vibe.

As I returned from my trance, I felt an odd sensation that quickly turned to pain as I re-entered the body. My head felt like it was in a vice grip. The plates of my skull pressed in painful ways, my jaw hurt like crazy, and a static-y vibration was present. I forgot everything I know, breathe, live, and teach. Instead of remaining calm, loving, and non-resistant, which would have allowed it to detach easily, I got angry! That only entangled us further. When I finally calmed down, told it to let me go, and firmly said it had no permission to be with me, it went away... for a while.

Within hours it was back, along with the intense pain. Apparently, our concept of time and the words "stay away forever" meant nothing. It was now again, and this critter was trying to study me again from the inside out. Again I told it to go away, and again, it went away. This painful, irritating cycle repeated over and over the next few weeks until I finally lost it. I erupted in a fit of anger and told it and it's entire race off so thoroughly I'm sure I sounded like a cosmic lunatic.

As you can imagine, that did nothing! I felt the creature's total fascination with my rant – a scientific curiosity about what had prompted this human being to generate such immense energy. The rant had been the most self-loving thing I could muster in the moment, but I wanted to be in a higher vibe. I prefer to feel better. I started to spin upward into a better space.

I submitted a question to a friend who channels then decided to calm myself down. I meditated, did soothing chants and, at long last, fell into a deep sleep. Upon awakening, without any thought at all, I got up and took the trash out. Sometimes the simplest impulses are inspired action.

The morning was crisp, cool, and beautiful. The smell of autumn filled the air. I went out back to visit the garden. The grass was moist and chilly beneath my feet. The plants were a vibrant, joyous green, and the birds were singing. My backyard hummingbird buzzed me. The truth of love and joy and everything wonderful and beautiful flooded back into my vibration. Finally calm, happy, and in a high vibe, I knew what to do. The painful sensation returned later that day, but this time I didn't waiver from my light. I focused on the light within myself – and all beings –  so strongly that the illusions of this being's lower consciousness just disappeared from my awareness entirely. It was that easy. I de-focused it out of my reality as surely as a practiced parent can tune out a tantrum-throwing two-year-old and enjoy an adult conversation.

So while I still have my not-so-glorious moments, it isn't as difficult as you might think to get back into the light. Nature is my go-to source of love, connection, abundance, and all things beautiful. She is exactly as she was created to be. She makes no pretense, asks nothing of us, and like the Divine from which we are all sourced, gives with generous abandon.

The universe has its share of diversity to be sure. There are humans (and other beings) in various phases of understanding, allowing, or blocking love. Still, it all boils down to this basic truth - our vibration either attracts or allows what we experience. Lesson learned, this time more deeply. Given my work, I have to be impeccable with my vibe if I want to be comfortable. My "personal trainers" – even the non-physical ones –  have sometimes been painful, but I've learned, moved beyond them, and now know how to de-focus them out of my experience by focusing on something better.

Thank God, we have been given the most beautiful gift in our physical form – Nature, the nurturer, the lover, the reminder of all things good, beautiful, and abundant. I love her. I know so many of you do too. She urges us all to receive her gifts more freely as we collectively attune to greater love.

Here are a few tips to help you allow Nature to nurture, heal, and attune you to the higher vibes you when you are in need...

1. Acknowledge & Experience Nature's Consciousness

Everything from the tiniest cell to the greatest mountain is consciousness shaped into form. Everything has an awareness of itself and its relation to the world around it in some fashion. While rocks don't have brains as we do and trees communicate via chemistry and energy instead of words, these are all beings with awareness. They are as aware of you as you are aware of them.

See if you can commune with a rock, leaf, tree, flower, or another aspect of nature. Ask it if it would be willing to help you feel how it experiences life. Quiet your mind. Imagine what it would be like to be this thing or being. Keep asking, "What is it like to be this rock/plant/leaf/etc.?" Your mind will translate the answer as the energies come in. You might perceive sensations, a feeling of being small or large or connected in some way you might not have understood prior. You might feel love or a pleasant vibration. Let the feelings arise from within you. This is always a very peaceful meditation.

2. Give yourself a "Nature reading"

Think of an area in your life where you want guidance. Go outside. Notice the first natural thing that grabs your attention. Examine it in detail. See what you notice most – textures, colors, shapes, you name it. Make a little list of at least seven aspects of this thing or being that you notice. Now see how these things answer your question.

I once asked, "How should I proceed" with a challenging relationship. I picked up a rock. It was mostly smooth but a little gritty. It had large divets in it filled with dirt and some little ones filled with delightfully tiny quartz crystals. It felt awkward in my hand, too heavy for comfort. The list went on. I saw that my relationship was primarily smooth but not entirely compatible. Some areas felt gritty - where we rubbed each other wrong. There were large pockets of unpleasantness, and tinier pockets of beauty. It was an awkward one for me - not a perfect fit. I got my answer.

Try it - you'll be amazed at how nature reflects Divine wisdom.

3. Allow Nature to nurture

Think of something you need in your life - stability, strength, security, flexibility, wisdom, expansion, peace... anything at all.

Go outside and look around. Ask nature, "Who or what can help me find___" and name your quality. Notice the first thing or being you see. Now, either in nature itself, or at home while imagining this thing or being, sit with it. If you are physically present, be near it, on it, around it. If not, imagine that. Ask this thing or being to share the quality you are seeking with you. Breathe. Feel. Imagine. Notice as you begin to vibe with the thing or being and become attuned to the quality you have asked for. Either in person or remotely, nature shares her love in various forms so freely.

I have received immense strength from the mountains, support from the towering pines, flexibility from the reeds in the stream, and releasing flow from the creek. I've experienced the joy of a seed popping out of a pine cone, the power of a magnificent horse, the gentle love of a dragonfly on my finger, and the wisdom of a carpenter bee who danced spirals on my head while I was learning to be. I've learned how the diversity supports us as I watch the plants in my garden interact in unlikely ways, and I have gained peace from the fragrance of one perfect rose. I've learned boundaries from the thorns, tenacity from the vines, and freedom and flight from the soaring, dancing ravens.

Anything you tune into in nature can gift you with so much experience and wisdom. Try it - attune to whatever calls to you and receive its vibrational gifts.

Since I first wrote this, there has been some unthinkable violence brought to my attention – in our country, down the road, and in various other places on the earth. So many are in pain that it would be easy to slip into despair. I choose not to. I go outside, stand on the cool grass, breathe the fresh air, and remember the eternal. I look at the stars in the vast expanse of the night sky and remember how tiny we are in a cosmos so vast we cannot fathom its miraculous immensity. A tree rustles in the night breeze. A few leaves drop, landing softly on the ground. They remind me that all of our challenges are temporary at best. The human dramas are so small compared to the perfection of the cosmos, and the grass under my feet. I am overcome by appreciation. Love flows freely once again.

Nature is God's love hidden in plain view and shaped in so many wondrous forms. She is available 24/7 to give her loving assistance to us. She will help raise your vibration, heal your heart, and remember all that is good, beautiful, and true in this life. 

Go to nature, and receive her nurture when you are in need. Allow her to soothe, heal, help, guide, and uplift you. You can connect with her physically or spiritually. Whether you are walking in the forest, climbing a mountain, admiring a pebble, watering your houseplant, or watching a slideshow of beautiful nature on YouTube, you are allowing yourself to receive her healing grace.  

Have a blessed week :)


Ann Albers and The Angels
Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,
Reprinted with permission from Ann Albers on All rights reserved.
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