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The Angels: Are You Really Free? Yes!

The Angels: Are you really free? Yes!

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

For many of you on this list, tomorrow is a celebration of freedom and freedom is, as you say, a very hot topic upon your earth now! It would be our wish that you could wake up every day knowing, cherishing, celebrating, and enjoying your true freedom! After all, you are and always have been, eternally free.

You could be locked in a cage and your spirit would still be free, for no one can contain or limit the unbounded soul. Any perceived lack of freedom comes from identification with the physical body and the world of the senses, rather than identification with your true spiritual nature. The more you identify with your spirit, the less you will feel restricted as you live, breathe, and move about your earth.

You alone control your thoughts. You alone control your vibration. You alone control, therefore, what you attract or allow. Your vibration creates your reality, and you are free to choose your vibration; therefore, free to create any reality you wish.

We hear your protests at times! "I cannot travel unless I get a vaccine! I have to pay taxes! I can't do anything anytime I want. I can't run red lights! I am in a body that doesn't always cooperate. How can you say I'm free?"

To understand your freedom you must understand your true nature. You are spirit, having a physical experience. If you embraced this then you would tune yourself to the desired reality.

Say you want to travel but can't go where you wish right here and now. So what to do? How are you free? Is true freedom being able to do what you want when you want? Dig deeper, dear friends. Why do you want to go where you want to go? What is the essence of what you wish? Can you focus on the feeling of already being where you want to go?

Can you revel in the thoughts, enjoy videos of your desired destination, love the idea so much that your high vibration alone might be the tipping point that causes the restrictions to be lifted? In the very worst case, you will conjure up the feeling you desire through your inner journeys without even having to leave your house! Perhaps you'll be guided elsewhere to a place that gives you the same feeling of satisfaction and joy as your original destination, but is actually better at this time. Everything you want is because you want a feeling and you are free to tune into that feeling here and now no matter what is going on in your external world!

As you do, you become the vibrational blueprint of the change you want to see in your external world, and as a result, it will begin to shift and change to match your internal reality. You are a creator! You are free to create.

Suppose you want to run red lights. Perhaps you are a careful driver and you don't feel it is necessary to stop when no traffic is around. Perhaps you want to get somewhere on time. Perhaps you want to experience the thrill of rebellion. Well my friends you are free. You can imagine the freedom of running red lights safely and then you will find that you have no need to rebel and instead feel free and quite fine in the flow of stop and start.

You are free to take action of course and experience the consequences that come with your vibration. Are you rebelling against something? Be careful, you may well attract it. Are you in love with flow? Then even if you stop you will feel the delight of flow. Are you simply not wanting to pay attention? You may attract other drivers who aren't either and meet a little too closely! Your vibration will dictate what you attract.

During quarantine, for example, you were not free to travel with your bodies but you were free to travel anywhere you wished in your soul! There was great purpose in this time. You discovered, if you were willing, the internal freedom to choose a vibration, focus upon it, and experience its effects. Some of you had a glorious time resting, restructuring your lives, and disentangling your energy from the world's. Some of you pushed against conditions so strongly you tuned into them and felt them even more so. Again, your freedom to choose a vibration attracted a result.

We are never, ever making you wrong for any of your choices, dear one. You live. You feel. You tune. You experience. You learn. You readjust. You feel. You tune. You experience. You expand... and so goes the dance of eternal life.

So next time you think about the subject of freedom, ask yourself, "What does freedom mean to me? Is it the freedom to do what I want when I want? Or is it the freedom to feel what you want when you want? In truth dear ones, everything you wish to do is because you want to feel something. Start with the freedom of feeling and then you'll be guided to people, situations, and activities that match. That is true freedom. Even if you got your way every time you wanted it, the experience, the bank account, or the lover would leave you empty and dissatisfied if you were not able to find the feeling from within.

Dear ones, enjoy your freedom to think the thoughts that give you the feelings you want, and in that reality, you will also find great freedom in your external world. No longer will you feel restricted by others' creations, but rather you will either be the source of your own or be guided in ways you cannot even fathom to the essence of all that you wish to experience.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

Happy Fourth of July to all who celebrate! Let Freedom Ring in our minds and hearts!

I've been hearing a lot of fears around a perceived loss of freedom. It doesn't bother me. Humans were given free will by God. When we use it, we create glorious realities with solutions that don't require a loss of freedom. When we give our minds to the external world, we bind ourselves to its choices. I'm not suggesting we go around breaking the law or being immoral! That's not true freedom :) The soul wants to love and experience love... always.

I'm not humanly free right now to do much of what I like doing. The forests in Arizona and the hikes I enjoy are closed now due to fire danger. It makes sense to give up short-term freedom to protect the greater one of having forests that are hundreds of years old stand a better chance of staying intact. I don't feel any loss of freedom. I have been inclined to go through everything in my house lately, not hike. I'm sure I'll feel the internal urge to hike when all's well again.

We're not as humanly free to travel as easily as we'd like right now. It doesn't bother me. I haven't been inclined seriously to travel at this time anyway. When I am I know it will be fine. Spirit guides us in a beautiful dance of harmony if we listen to the true callings of the heart.

I haven't felt limited by covid, either, even though from a human standpoint, we all were. Rather, I felt free to examine my life without external influence, and to make changes like continuing to work remotely which allows me to both serve my clientele, and have an easier time in this body. As soon as quarantine was lifted I felt free to come and go as I please. I just bring the light with me. At times I've been around people coughing unmasked and it doesn't bother me. I am free to focus on well-being and create health.

Monday night I stepped on a piece of hardware and my foot immediately grew a golfball-sized lump smack on the bottom. I couldn't walk without extreme pain and resorted to hobbling with hiking poles. I had been rushing around feeling "pressed for time" and so be it, I got pressed alright! I didn't surrender to the external reality for long. I got ice, took arnica, sat on the couch, and watched a youtube video of Braco, the Croatian man with a gift that often heals, and decided, without any reason to expect it, that I'd be walking pain-free by morning. I went to bed imagining this and got up and walked. The bump was mostly down and I've not had another day of pain. This is freedom.

So next time you feel not free, remember, choose your thoughts. Decide firmly to mentally commit to an outcome, and feel deeply into that reality. Then expect it, enjoy your day, and the freedom of knowing you just set the entire universe in motion :)

Here are a few pointers on how to feel your true spiritual freedom:

1. Travel in your mind regularly

Think of a place that makes you feel wonderful. It can be a country, a friend's house, a vacation place, an imaginary place, the beach, forest, city, you name it. Now imagine you are there in as much detail as you can possibly feel. If you are not visual it's OK. Ask yourself, "How would I feel?" Get juicy with the fantasy.

For example, while I can't hike due to fire restrictions, I imagine my feet on the path, the smell of the pines, the gentle sound of the creek, the birds chirping, breeze in the branches, and most of all that sweet feeling of exquisite peace I feel in the silence. I open my eyes and am surprised to find myself in my home. It gets so real. I feel like I've just been there.

Practice feeling your freedom.

2. Prove to yourself you can manifest

Think of something you'd like to have, experience, or a place you'd like to be – one that you don't feel physically free to experience right now. Maybe you're restricted for some reason. Maybe you don't have the time or money. Never mind all that. Just imagine it in great detail. Feel it, very much like we did in the exercise above. Now imagine placing it in a balloon and giving it to the universe, knowing it will come back. Watch and see how it shows up.

For example, one dear client recently said she used to imagine having two homes, but never was free to buy a second one due to not having the money. The angels pointed out something obvious that we both missed. She did have two homes in essence – one that she owned, and one that she didn't have to care for but often house-sat, one that was even more lovely than a second home she might have imagined. The universe managed to grant that wish without the extra work!

3. When you think you can't, ask the universe to show you how you can!

When you say to yourself, "I'm not free to...." whatever, then ask the universe to show you how you can. Let it go for now, and when you're in a good mood sit down and spontaneously write 20-100 outlandish ways your dream could come about. Get a little childlike and wild-minded here. The exercise is designed to loosen up the "can't do" mentality and show you that, however outlandish, possibilities do exist! I do this often when "stuck" in my head, and it loosens up my mental energy till I laugh and let the Creator of Universes do its job on my behalf!

Freedom is a tricky subject. We are often like children wanting what we want when we want and having glorious tantrums when we don't see it coming. I've been guilty of that too! But in the end, the real freedom is to feel how you want to feel now, and in so doing, attract even better than you might ask for the outer world.

May you feel freedom today and always in your heart, mind, body, and soul as we gradually emerge together into a more beautiful reality.

Love you all!

Ann Albers and The Angels
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