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The Angels: Loving Impulses Are Flowing

The Angels: Loving Impulses Are Flowing

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take heart. Although there are a lot of forces on your planet now vying for your attention, the greatest pull on you is nothing less than the love that lives and breathes within you. This love calls you towards thoughts that feel better. It pulls you to rest when you're tired, to eat when you're hungry, to comfort yourself when you feel down, and to celebrate when you feel good. This love inspires you to take the next step towards your dreams when the timing is perfect. It gives you the urge to be somewhere at the perfect time, so you'll run into someone with whom you'll have a mutually positive interaction. It guides you to sit quietly and allow healing and rejuvenating energies to flow through you.

This love that breathes the very life into you is always trying to get your attention. This love wants a more incredible life for you than many of you will admit you want for yourself. The Source that lives and breathes – alive in all creation and you – wants you to have the best possible version of what you truly and deeply desire for yourself.

You either block or allow this love to flow into your experience. Like water in the pipes, regulated only by the faucet, this love never stops offering its flow. Like the sunlight that shines unceasingly, whether or not the clouds obscure it, this love never stops offering its life-giving light. Like the notes on the musical scale waiting to be formed into a song that you can play, hum, or sing, this love waits with infinite potential for you to shape it into the loving desires you dream of experiencing.

This love, dear ones, whispers constantly to you in the subtlest of impulses. This love is the guidance that calls you to take a little breather when you aren't motivated to do anything else. This love is the inspiration that inspires you to enroll in a class you've been interested in or to watch a video on a subject that you've been curious about. This love is the very force that makes you resist things and situations that will not inspire you and pulls you towards those that will. This love never stops calling you along the path of your greatest joy.

You allow this love to flow and guide you when you listen to your feelings. In each moment you have a choice, whether to change your situation or perspective. When you act in a way that feels instinctively good, you are listening to the beckoning impulses of this love. When you pick up the phone naturally, you are listening to this love. When you decline an invitation or dance around a demand that doesn't resonate with you, you are listening to this love.

Anytime you do anything that feels right and good to you or adjust your perspective on a situation that does not feel so great until it does, you are allowing this love to guide you.

Anytime you do anything that doesn't feel right and good to you, without readjusting your perspective in a way that would make it feel right and good, you resist this love.

For example, there are people and situations to whom you are naturally drawn. There are others to whom you are not. There are jobs you love and jobs you'd rather not do. If you have a choice in the 3D world to spend time in situations you love and not in those you don't, that is wonderful! You can easily listen to the Love within.

However, sometimes you have created a situation you don't like so much. You are at a job you no longer love. You work with someone you don't care for. Then, dear ones, when love can't beckon you away from the situation immediately, it is beckoning you to dream, to imagine better, and to bring as much love as you can into the present situation until you can manifest better. Love might be saying, "Don't engage with the angry co-worker, if you can avoid it. Don't take their words personally." Love might be saying, "Have compassion for the pain that causes them to act out." Love might whisper, "Look at this job as a stepping stone. Bring your best self to this situation and you will attract better later."

The Source within you knows when you can change your situation for the better and when you cannot. When you can, you are impulsed to do so. When you cannot, you are impulsed to shift your perspective to one that feels better. Always you are called to a perspective or a situation that will feel better.

Some of you find it easier to listen to the impulses for external change. You want to know what to "do" next, and when you receive the impulse to do something you jump on it. Some of you find it easier to listen to the impulses for internal change. You don't like how you feel and when offered a different perspective you easily shift. Some of you have a harder time changing the external. Fear of failure or change can stop you. The impulses will keep coming, however, trying to guide you in more gradual ways. Some of you have a harder time trying to change the internal. Fear of vulnerability can make it hard for you to let go of anger, victimization, or martyrdom, but the impulses to feel better will keep coming. Perhaps they will urge you to look away from the upsetting situation and focus on the good in your life. Perhaps they'll impulse you to take better care of yourself. Perhaps the temptation to say "no" will be stronger than usual.

No matter whether you find it easy or difficult to listen to these loving impulses, they will keep coming dear ones. The source within you will never give up trying to guide you to your dreams along the most joyful path. The Source within will never judge you when you don't listen. The Source of all Love is that dear ones - loving. patient, kind, and compassionate. This love is unceasing and unconditional.

So when the world around you seems difficult remember this: Love is your constant companion. Love beckons you in every moment. Grace attempts to guide you.

The Source wants your joy, your abundance, your well-being. You are never cut off. You are never abandoned. You are never judged. You are only guided through your very natural loving impulses, and you -  only you – get to decide if you listen to these good feeling inspirations, or not.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages by Ann and the AngelsMessage from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I used to want my guidance to come to me like God speaking to Moses in the burning bush: "Do this! Not that!" I wanted clear voices in my head! I wanted an "action plan" from heaven. Rarely is this the case. More often guidance is as natural as a nerve signal coming from the brain – just an impulse to do something, a natural feeling that you want to be here and not there, a natural feeling to pick up the phone, a natural feeling to drop your work and eat dinner, or a natural feeling to sit and fantasize and feel good or manifesting a new life.

These days a lot of you are telling me your natural impulse is to rest. Many of the light-workers I talk to are, using a phrase I don't use often "battle-weary."

It has been an internal battle, at times these past few years, to stay positive when the world has been so contentious. It has been an internal battle to have compassion when others are judgmental and project their fear or anger onto those of you who simply want to live in peace. It has been an internal battle to stay strong in your faith when many factions would like you to believe that a virus is going to kill us all off. It has been an internal battle for many not to fall into anger and judgment about those who want to force their will upon you.

Nonetheless, we have remained strong. We have chosen love time and again, even in the face of hate. We have chosen peace when others want battles. We have chosen over and over to put our faith in the growth and expansion of this universe rather than the nonsense that the world is going downhill.

It takes perseverance and strength to "fight" the lower vibrations. The good news is that we don't have to fight anything or anyone. The angels remind us that instead of fighting, we can simply surrender to love. There is a vibrational world of difference between fighting what you don't want and loving what you do. One is fear-based. One is rooted in love.

We can fight an urge to hate another perspective or we can shift our focus to loving the perspective we do. We can fight the urge to react to an angry person in anger or surrender to loving ourselves. We can fight the idea of vaccines or no vaccines or simply surrender to our own guidance about what is right for us. Can you imagine if we were trained as children with the notion that we don't need to fight anything or anyone as long as we focus on what we personally love? Our world would be different place.

Love is our deepest influence, but fear, pain, anger, and other learned programs can numb us from feeling the natural, loving impulses that are always being sent to us from the Source.

It took me a great deal of retraining in my late twenties to learn to listen to my heart and the loving impulses that were being sent to me. As did many of us, I learned to please others first. I had to sit and start asking myself questions. I had to get to know myself again. "What do you want to do now?" "Do you like your soap? Your shampoo? The color of your file folders?" "Are you honestly wanting to go out or stay in?" Simple questions, but honestly back then I had to really sit quietly to get in touch with my own heart and find the answers.

The loving impulses from the Source are rarely dramatic or intense. More often they are just a feeling that you want to do something right here and now or you don't. An idea, situation, even, or person resonates with you or they don't. Something inspires you or it doesn't.

Surrendering to love is simply surrendering to your own feelings that feel good in the moment.

An email came in the other day inviting me to take a hike and a cold plunge in the wintry creek up north. Before I could even think about it, I pressed the button to register. It was just what I'd been asking for! I had a glorious morning out in nature with a wonderful group of positive, proactive, amazing souls. The sun was shining. The red rocks were glowing, and after three minutes sitting in silence in the wintry white, swift flow of the creek's icy waters, I felt vibrantly alive. It is those moments when you don't even have to think about saying "yes" or "no," when you just trust your good, loving, feelings, that you are listening most clearly to your guidance.

So although the world – and our old habits – are always tugging and pulling at us, and as well various groups and individuals are wanting us to be what they want and do what they want, Love is always beckoning us to go along the kindest path. We all, always, have our own inner compass, our own guidance, and our own impulses that come from the Source of life and love itself... and when we listen to these, life is pretty amazing, no matter what the world or anyone else in it is doing.

Here are a few pointers to help you listen to the loving impulses from the Source:

1. Make your feelings matter

Your feelings are strong indicators of guidance. We talk ourselves out of our feelings way too often. You feel parched and yet put off getting a glass of water. You have to run to the restroom but don't want to excuse yourself from a meeting. Someone is going on and on with some diatribe and you just don't want to listen but you "politely" do all the while resenting it. Or on the flip side, something sounds really fun and inspiring, but we make excuses why we can't do it. Someone offers to help and you really would love it but you say, "I can't." The list goes on. I know many of us weren't taught that our feelings matter, but they do.

Your feelings are indicators as to whether or not you're listening to those impulses from the source. Listen to them. Pay more attention to them. When you feel a bit off, ask yourself, "What do I really feel like doing?" Imagine you can ask your heart that question. Trust the answer. Do that when you can, without judgment or guilt.

You need never feel guilty for listening to your own guidance. It comes from God who loves all beings and knows the best interaction for all.

2. Check in with yourself frequently

It is easy to get on auto-pilot. We are doing our to-do lists that are never ta-done. We get involved in trying to accomplish a task. We do things by habit.

It is useful as you're retraining yourself to listen to your feelings to check in with yourself frequently throughout the day. Ask yourself a few simple questions, "Am I feeling the way I want to feel? If not, what can I change? Can I change my situation or, if not, can I change my perspective?" Ask your angels for ideas and see what shows up.

Sometimes the impulses to slowly shift your vibe are so subtle. Take a nap. Talk a walk. Think about something fun. Get a cup of coffee. The angels work to help you shift your vibe first, knowing that as you feel soothed, comforted, and even a little better, then the better thoughs and actions will follow.

3. Give yourself permission to be Happy

As odd as that sounds we have a lot of conditioned junk about when we can and can't be happy. We're allowed to be happy when things look right, the bank account is full, people are nice, and the world is as we like it. We're not allowed to be happy when conditions aren't right. Or so our training tells us.

We can be happy, paradoxically, even when things don't look right. The world doesn't look right, right now, at the surface. But we can find many reasons to be happy every day if we're willing. Sometimes I've been in pain and yet something can make me laugh or the scent of a rose can transport me. I can be happy at the slightest bit of relief and as I focus on that good feeling thought things improve quickly.

It is sometimes extremely difficult to sense good-feeling impulses. When you lose someone you care about and you're grieving it can seem impossible to give yourself permission to feel good. Source impulses you nonetheless, towards better feelings. You may have a very natural desire to sleep more, to let others take care of you, or to do something and in every case, the Source and your dear one in heaven are guiding you – one step at a time – towards one better feeling at a time, until you feel loved on earth, so you can then open to the magnificent love of your dear ones in heaven.

We can allow better feelings even in the toughest of circumstances. Even if the feelings aren't joyful, a little better feeling and a little better feeling again is how the Source will guide you one step at a time.

Right now the world is tugging and pulling at us in all directions. You can hear arguments for nearly every major perspective and all in between. You all know people who would argue one side of a coin and others who would argue the other. It isn't as easy to listen to your inner compass with all the noise out there. That is why time in silence, time resting, or time doing something you enjoy is important. In those moments of consciously choosing peace, joy, soothing, or something uplifting, you are open to receiving guidance with ease. The angels are urging the lightworkers to take care of themselves now. I'm back to sleeping at least 6 hrs a night and connecting in silence every day.

The more of us that listen to the loving impulses in our hearts, without judgment, the greater the light on this planet, and that – even if your impulse is to nap in peace – is a vibrational contribution that has phenomenal value.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)

Ann Albers and The Angels
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