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Archangel Haziel: Congratulations! You Have Agreed To Change For The Better

Archangel Haziel: Congratulations! You Have Agreed To Change For The Better

Dear souls, I salute here the consciousness, the love of each one of you, this feeling, this need to feel connected in energy, connected in consciousness.

Today I would like, as an angel – I am Haziel and we have already spoken to each other – I would like today, not to reassure you, but to speak to you like the adults that you are. Understand this, the period you are living is more than necessary, more than necessary to understand, to access new states, not states of consciousness but states of being, incarnated.

You know, very often, you will have to recognize your flaws to move forward. In the same way, an entire system, an entire planet must humanly recognize its flaws to move forward, its wanderings, its mistakes, and that is what you are experiencing.

Then the negative is put forward. So, the bad sides of this planet, the bad sides of humans even, are highlighted. You may find it disturbing, sad, or even suffer from it, but it really allows you to be clear, to position yourself effectively, to know what the place of everyone is, here, who are the righteous. And then it also makes it possible to forgive in conscience, knowing to whom forgiveness is due.

This change of vision that forgiveness proposes is necessary, important, indispensable, so that each of you finds your way.

So, this world full of defects, which shows itself as it really is, which is no longer even hidden in shenanigans – as you say, in negotiations, this world will change, because in the people there is a lot of suffering, a lot of desire for transformations, because that is suffering, the mark of a desire for transformation.

This desire for transformation, people sooner or later will have to carry it, will have to manifest it, and set up systems, in laws or in accordance with divine laws – which are not necessarily the laws of the Earth, in order to continue to move forward.

Everyone will have to find their system, their tricks. Everyone will be able to find their allies, will be able to help each other, to help each other, and you will find in this world a humanity that you have lost, like many of you. You know, it's this humanity that makes you say, "if everyone was like me, it would be fine". It's not humanity actually that, it's still egoistic.

Humanity is when you say, "I will help all those who need help. I will love all those who need to be loved, and I will even serve all those who need to be served, but who also serve. Thus, you go to this humanity. It is a real humanity. It is not a humanity of competition; it is a humanity of compassion.

There will be no more, there will be, here, a search to be the first, but a search to be there, present, living in help, in the idea of helping, in the idea of service.

Dear beings of Light, because you are beings of Light, understand this, each one of you is expected. Not here, not in the world I am in, not in the world where you perceive us even if one day your time will come, when we say, "each of you is expected", it means that in a natural world without competition everyone finds his place. It is not a world of domination; it is a world of acceptance of the other.

I invite you today to, once again, congratulate yourself for already being present in this energy, in these values that you are supporting with your presence and your energy on Earth, to congratulate yourself on this motivation that you have to let this world change, I insist, let this world change.

For this world to change, you too are invited to recognize who you really are, not to put yourself behind masks, to stop cross-dressing, to convert, to dig into differences. See the human as he is.

I have lived so many times on this Earth. I lived in a time when all humans who met were happy to meet. You would probably call this time a tribal era, but then humans created differences. So, they created the whites, the blacks, decided that these people were different and had different rights. They created countries, borders to determine who owned the land, they created another separation. They have created languages to mark this separation, you do not speak the same language, so you are different. Then humans created subcategories inside, people who thought well, people who thought badly. There are those who had a "normal" behavior or sexuality and then others who had abnormal behaviors.

Then, now, you are trying to fight to finally recognize the original tribe. You begin to understand that these borders, when they exist, are always beaten, fought by those who would like more ground, that each one tries to convert the other to his language, to his terrain, to his territory, and you have lost the sense of the Earth, of course, a single Earth, which requires unique behaviors.

Here you are looking for solutions to save the planet, while most of the countries that ask themselves the question are not the ones that hurt it the most, and those that hurt it the most do not ask the question, because you have a thought, again, localized and not international.

Take up the fractal echo of what I just said about yourself. You have a localized thought, sometimes centered on "I", on you, recognize it. "Oh, if I and my family and friends are fine, we'll manage," but what I congratulate in you is what feels that there is a mistake there, that there is a mistake in what I just said, that we can't build a world by just making sure that, alone, those who are close to you survive it, they do not even live, but they survive.

What do you do with your brother from Africa, your sister from Yemen? What do you do with your Russian brother or Romanian sister? "I don't know them," but if in fact, you all know each other.

This is something I really want to highlight to you tonight, you all know each other. You may be eight billion on this planet – because, yes, you are eight billion now – but you may be eight billion on this planet, but each of you knows the others. Each of you has already come across in another life, another existence, another plane, a being who is here today on this planet. And this is what marks the change, you land in this time when each of you knows everyone, in his heart, in his truth, in his fraternity.

So, congratulations again, because I feel this desire to understand what I just said, but what I just said is not something that is understood, it is something that is lived, felt, and see this world that seeks more to understand than to feel. It's interesting to understand but understanding it's just part of a method of feeling. When you're building a building, it's interesting to know how to lay the materials that are used to build that building, but don't lose sight of the idea that the idea is the building, not how I do it, but what am I going to live there. So, focus on what you want to live, you can let go of the how.

I repeat, this chaotic world is there to show you its defects, in order, by exacerbating them to better correct them, to stop constantly reproducing those patterns that, I repeat, before were hidden and now show themselves. And this is revelation, the Apocalypse, is when these energies show themselves.

In this way, you experience your own apocalypse each of you. Each of you is experiencing your own revelation. Some of you will wake up wondering what they are doing there, who they are working for, why, who they are with. They will feel that the desire of their heart is not satisfied and that, finally, they have let themselves be fooled to satisfy a body. I'm not saying you have to leave the body; I'm just saying that you don't have to survive, but to live, and to live is to live together, not to survive alone.

I will invite you to an exercise, if you will.

Close your eyes, my friends.
Put your energy behind your eyes.
Relax your mind.
Take the time to step back your consciousness from your body to your home, your city, your country, and the Earth.
Observe the Earth.
Observe your planet from the silence of Space.
Feel like, by observing planet Earth from your consciousness, observe the love you have for it.
Not the desire to protect her, you know that this Earth is adult and that she knows how to take care of herself, if necessary, no, a simple love, something that comes to tell you: "She has always known me, and I have always known her." I would ask you to touch that, if you will.
Now start observing that you are not alone in observing.
Turn your gaze to the right and left, eyes closed, only to see that hundreds of you are making this observation.
So, here, now, take your hand.
"Give me my sister's hand, give me my brother's hand."
"Take my hand my sister, take my hand my brother."
Feel the energy of love flowing between you, as if the great family of Earthlings is finally reunited, finally reunited.
Above you is the choir of Angels, and you feel these angelic presences ready to send all their Light to Earth.
So, you and we, now, send your Light, your Presence to this planet.
Feel how right this is, how powerful it is.
No force of non-light can truly understand where this ray of Light and Love that touches the Earth comes from.
This ray of Love will disconnect them with time, power, will, and will bring them back into your fraternity.
Return to your earthly space.
Let go of your brother's hand, your sister.
Go back to your country, your city, your house, your room.

And feel, always with your eyes closed, the effects of this ray of Light, as a good omen, as if you knew deeply that all this was done for the common good of all, of all Humanity, that your Light was not there to sweep the shadow, but to illuminate it, to show it a way, a possibility.

And you know, today is a day of forgiveness in many religions. So, this day of forgiveness must be sincere. Just as Christ Jesus would have said, "Forgive them, they do not know what they are doing," you too say, sincerely. Forgive them, they don't know what they're doing.

But it is beyond that, forgive them, they do not know WHO they are, because it is because they have forgotten the universal identity, the unique, divine identity, which crosses them all, that many men have been mistaken in the idea that the power of man would transform them into gods, while it is the power of God that has transformed them into men.

It is here humility that arises. To forgive is to be humble too and to recognize each of one's inner parts, the good, the bad, to observe them without judgment, just to say that they are there, and that they are there because they were also created by the One. Everything is in its place. It is this understanding that is important, everything is in its place.

In my words today, there is an energy behind every word. An energy that will not necessarily feel written, but that you should be able to perceive by hearing me, because we feed an energetic part of you, not only the consciousness that is always there to say: "and how?", "and why?", and "I did not learn anything through this channeling". If you haven't learned anything, it's because you haven't understood anything.

You continue to believe that only your brain is capable of learning. But, in the same way that your body has been able to learn to walk, your energy is able to learn to love, to feel united. It's the energy that learns this, it's not the brain, it's not consciousness, it's not a method. It is a direct feeling of the experience. A deep awareness is grateful that everything is already there.

So, open your eyes, because, yes, everything is already there in front of you, everything you are, everything you are not, what you can experience or even not experience. Everything is already there, posed by yourself.

Once again, congratulate yourself, bravo, you have accepted this path to yourself. You have agreed to transform yourself into energy and through energy, the one you capture with my words, but also the energy that you capture from your heart, not so much the physical heart as the energetic heart of your being.

You know, the energetic heart is what, when you think "I'm connected to everything", it's not your brain that answers yes, but this energy center, something in you that says "it's accurate", and your brain responds of course by saying "I can't understand it, but it's accurate", and then your heart accepts it, accept this affair, accept to forgive those who do not know what they are doing, nor what really identifies them, what they really are.

These deserve your forgiveness, for, once again, it is your most distant and lost brother who is sought in this time. It is your most distant and lost sister who is sought in this time. And I insist on saying in this time, to explain to you why all this transformation takes time, again. And we will repeat it, because we hear it every day this "when is this going to stop? When will the Light win? »

The Light can neither win nor lose. The light is. The Light is to be observed. It is already there. But what are you looking at, the Light or the Shadow?

Certainly, the shadow is very present, more than ever, so it poses a contrast, a powerful contrast, but which should push you even more to turn to this Light already present. The Light does not win. You know, what you call the Light is like when you look at things in a positive or negative way in a certain way.

What do you observe? What are you watching? What do you constantly pay attention to?

The idea is not to deny the non-light, but just to understand that you do not have to look at it constantly, just to be aware that it exists, that it is there to also forgive it, to enlighten it precisely.

The Light is not the fight. The Light is the victory, already present, that energy within you that, when you are connected to it, says that in the end everything will be fine, that it cannot last.

Of course, the phenomena you are experiencing will increase. The anxiety you are experiencing may even increase as well. We have told you that. Even the health crisis you just went through was just one episode, among others. Each of them, we repeat, aims at a global, planetary transformation of your life circumstance, of your existence.

But as you begin to attach yourself to the Light, to look at it, you are and you will be – depending on where you are today, or where you will be tomorrow or another day – invited to communicate with your Higher Consciousness.

Then the Higher Consciousness is indefinable. But when you talk to her, she will answer this Consciousness. Who am I?

You know, when you talk to your Higher Consciousness asking them who you are, you will often hear "You are a child of God", "You are a child of Love", "You are Light", and you will immediately say to yourself "it is my mind that creates the answer. It is my intellect that creates the answer. »

Why don't you listen to this answer? Again, you seek to understand the Source rather than to experience the Source of that answer. My invitation is to live the answer. You are a child of God, a child of Love, try to place yourself in this definition that your Higher Consciousness has given you.

This definition that your Higher Consciousness will have given you, determines a way too, a method, to touch You, to touch your Being, to touch what you really are, to leave your own shadow too.

Dialogue with the Higher Consciousness is simple. What makes dialogue difficult is this question you keep asking yourself: "Am I not crazy? Who am I talking to? Why does it answer that to me? »

So, it is true that many of you, by asking yourself this question, will be parasitized by the non-light that will give answers of beautiful appearance sometimes, but that will take power little by little, that will try to take power.

Your Higher Consciousness does not attempt to take power. She does not make this attempt, she knows that this attempt is futile, useless. We do not take a power that we already have! Your Higher Consciousness has all power over you. She has no orders or instructions to give you that she has not already given to all the cells of your body! As a result, the answers of the Higher Consciousness are simple answers: observe – look – hear – understand, but it is not something strict.

To communicate with one's Higher Consciousness is to ask you this question: "What would the highest part of myself say? What would the most spiritual part of me say? What would the brightest part of me say? What would a Being of Light say if he spoke to me now? All these questions lead to an answer from your Higher Consciousness.

Sometimes you would like to name it, sometimes just to receive it in energy, sometimes to hear it, but the answer, this feeling of being connected to it you will have immediately. So already, before you even try to hear, to understand, to receive, connect with what in your body says: "Ah! I am already logged in. I am already connected to my Higher Being, my Higher Consciousness, my Higher Self – there are so many names." I don't even need to connect in the name of what it is, I just connect to the Light. The answer is fluid, clear, so tenuous, so simple, that's why you don't hear it.

You don't hear it because you expect an evolved process, a difficult process, a very loud listening process, as if the sound should be put to its maximum. But no, the voice of the Higher Consciousness is a soft, calm, quiet, fast, immediate voice. It is already there. Whenever you speak to your Higher Consciousness, know that the answer is already present before you even ask the question. Before you even have the idea to ask the question, the answer is already there.

In this time, in this period that brings you to the end of this year, you are going to go through a galactic, planetary period, which is going to increase this possibility that you have to communicate with your higher aspect, your Father, your Higher Self – again, there are so many names to this.

You can only do this by having forgiven many things, and by first realizing that you are a human Unity. It is a prerequisite, because this prerequisite is what will amplify your energy enough and simply for you to access your Higher Self, because it cannot reach a completely divided being, but it can reach a being in the process of reunification with his real, complete spiritual nature. That is why a fractional being who seeks to understand why so-and-so is like this, why so-and-so is like this, ignoring that this so-and-so is a part of him, will not receive an answer from his Higher Consciousness. First realize that you are talking about your brother, your sister, then maybe you will receive an answer, as long as anger does not invade you, because it is useless, vain, a waste of time and energy.

This period that you are living, will ask you to position yourself in front of yourself, in front of who you really are, but also in front of your Higher Consciousness precisely. It is useless to seek to curse this Higher Consciousness, to ask it, "What am I doing here? What for? Why is it so hard? Why is it so complicated? Don't ask him these questions, you already know the answer. You know that it was you who created this perfect plan for yourself, that at no time were you abandoned, that at no time were you rejected, that every moment is also a way to forgive to strengthen love, a way to love even more by looking at the Light, and not the non-light.

The non-light, now that it is on the surface, can only make a firework of a few months, a few years, but it will no longer be able to take your energy from you, because you are pure Light. When you understand this, nothing will really have power over you. People, people, or situations that have power over you have only the power you grant them, because by divine right, you are the child of God.

So as long as you say – and tonight I am in a way doing a conversation of synthesis – as long as you say "we have no choice", know that you will be right, you will not have the choice, but when you say "the Light must enlighten each of my choices; Love must enlighten each of my choices", the possibility of choice will return. It will present itself to you in the form of coincidences, words, connection, and this possibility will come back.

Take advantage of this period of communication. Ask yourself and your Higher Consciousness simple questions. Don't try to find out everything. Again, the answer is not always here, but seek to connect with your inner Light as just now you connected to your brothers and sisters. The Light, the energy, even if it is not densified in a human form, is also your brother, is also your sister. It is already there. It is invisible, but it is there. You are already realized, connected.

You are living an exceptional period for a good third, a quarter, a third maybe even more of you, who can in this period of a few months before the end of this year, know this contact, know this energy, vibrate this inside them, rejoice in it, not as a glory, not as a power or even a knowledge, but to live simply in the happiness of being aware of this, of being aware of what is going through you.

Your Higher Consciousness cannot be truly personified. Asking yourself what he or she looks like is still talking or thinking in terms of matter and incarnation. Your Higher Consciousness is pure information that will choose the form he or she desires. Think energy, vibration, light and you get closer to a more accurate definition.

To this question also "what is the point of communicating with one's Higher Consciousness?" The interest that you need to live in the coming times, is an interest of relativization of all events, to tell you that they only happen in one of your existences out of thousands of existences, to tell you that it will only happen to a few people out of thousands, in order to relativize. It is important to look with the hindsight of the Higher Consciousness at what is happening, to be able to concentrate your Light, to be ready to act rather than react. Focus your Light, otherwise you will be scattered by one event there, one event there, another event here. Communicating with your Higher Consciousness will allow you to focus your Light, to be ready, to feel inside you that everything here is in its rightful place. She will tell you your Higher Consciousness and you will not understand it, it is not something that is understandable. This is not something that can be understood.

Everything is already in its place. Everything is already planned. What is not planned is your reaction, your emotions, your connection. What will you more or less connect with? It's your choice. How will you feel? It's your choice. This is not written, my friends. This is not in the plan.

That is why I intervene, giving you this opportunity to congratulate you for having offered yourself this experience, not to curse the darkness, but to awaken in you this Light already present, this connection to nature.

Nature continues to evolve; it continues to change. The Earth continues its transformation of course. This will bring natural disasters of course. Are they attributable to Man? Not at all, not entirely, just a little, but the planet is transforming anyway, as it has already done dozens, hundreds of times.

Do you have a share of responsibility? Yes. And in any case the planet would have transformed. To regain awareness of this planet, to return to love the planet is, in a way, to assist it in this transformation, not simply to ask yourself what the next obstacle is going to be, but to remove this obstacle with the Earth, to accompany it in this birth of itself, in this transformation.

Whole swathes of your planet could experience these transformations, these gaps, these changes in energy, these changes in climate also that are necessary for the transformation, not only of the Earth, but yours too.

By creating a new energy, it is as if a new species is created inside of you, something that would draw your energy, your DNA – as you sometimes say, towards hidden information that is only revealed under tension, under pressure, because that is the moment when it is needed.

So, see, thank your ship Earth because it accompanies you in this transformation, as you are invited to help it in its transformation, without feeling guilty, but perhaps feeling that you can be a midwife allowing this new baby, this new earth to hatch, so that the teenager that was the Earth becomes an adult.

So, you know, remember when you were a teenager. You had redness. You had pimples. Your voice has changed sometimes for some of you. Well see, these pimples, these skin problems, it's kind of this non-light coming to the surface, but it's kind of a detoxification of energy. It's embarrassing as each of the pimples of your puberty could be, but it can be cured. This is healed with Light, and this is the necessary ointment, the Light, not rage, not discord, but peace, Light. Demonstrating for Peace is always better than being afraid of war, wondering where the next point of dissension will appear.

So, you'll see positioning coming to this planet this month. You will see your Higher Consciousness that will try from time to time just to land, to land on you, with you, in you. Accept these moments, do not mentalize them too much, I insist, vibrate them, feel them, feel them, do not seek so much to hear as to live these moments. They will help you. They will help you in this passage, which we have not finished talking about.

Be happy because, in truth, all this is aimed at your greatest good, that of your children, your grandchildren, the following generations, and also yours. You will experience the positive consequences of the "negative" events you are currently experiencing.

So be confident and aware of who you are, because you too forgive yourself and remember who you are.

Be blessed in the energy, in the Love of the Divine, in the Love of the Source and in your own Love, in the love you are able to generate, for you are a very powerful powerhouse of Love. Try to be aware of this.

Make good use of this energy. Watch over yourself and humanity. And we are here too, we are accompanying this change. We want it just like you.


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From : Background on Archangel Haziel. 
Who is Haziel?
He is the Guardian Angel of people born between May 1st and May 5th..
Haziel has special significance for Humankind in that he always causes it to go in the direction of more Free peace, more compassion, more harmony..
He symbolizes forgiveness and unconditional love. He offers you total forgiveness for all your faults through the mercy of the divine and attracts the kind of important people to you. The stone of the angel Haziel is Topaz and its colors are Turquoise / Yellow. Of the 7 charisms, it governs The Word of Peace..

Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.

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