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Archangel Raphael: Accelerate Your Evolution

Archangel Raphael: Accelerate Your Evolution - Manifesting Mastery for 2024
Message from Archangel Raphael with the Council of Radiant Light

Divine Ones,

We greet you in love. We are so very pleased to speak with you about these topics Ailia has just shared.

They are close to our hearts (so to speak) too. For we, like you, are devoted to the ascension of humanity and planet Earth and we KNOW that you came into your human experience with the intention to awaken, remember, reclaim your capacity to create and in doing so, THRIVE!

We feel that preparation for 2024, including opening to more abundance, more joy, more ease, more clarity, more confidence in what is happening and in participating with it, is the most supportive and empowering way to share with you now.

We have decided to focus upon working with some very specific methods to assist you in gaining mastery over the creation of your energy system, and the creation of your energetic momentum and your state of receptivity, in support of well-being and manifesting the Life you want to live.

The energies of this month will be an appropriate FINALE! To this year of elevation and massive transformation within humanity and within your world. Realize and celebrate — THIS is the year, that Earth moved into the 5th Dimension and with that, everything has changed!

Bold and devoted Lightworkers have used their focus and intention to repeatedly upgrade their light bodies and to connect with vaster energies within the Cosmic wholeness, that can further humanity’s evolution. You have come together in shared focus to learn and grow and ask and receive and this has happened in countless communities around the world — all of which has lit up and created 5th Dimensional anchors of love and light and truth in your world!

We in the non-physical are celebrating your many accomplishments this year and your willingness to persevere despite the intensity of the energetic changes occurring within you and within your physical body, in particular, and despite their ongoing way of “disrupting” your daily lives!

More and more, we witness you seeing the incoming energies as the main event and being in service to you, and this empowers you! n this awareness, you are present in a higher state of being.

And you can be easily and gracefully supported while you evolve consciously. Learning more about how to access this option, this pathway, which is available to you, is what we wish to speak with you about now. Today.

Beloved Ones -- it is natural for you to feel good and to feel supported, have clarity, know what to focus upon and what matters most and also to allow yourself to receive that which furthers your joy and delights you in your experience. 

Yes, you live in a world full of variety. People exist in varying states of conscious awareness and their mood and energy fluctuates significantly over even the course of a day. This immense variety is creating tremendous expansion. As more and more comes to light, it has the potential to shift, evolve, be elevated, or even dissolved through lack of attention.

This dynamic and vividly stimulating world is meant to inspire you to create, rather then becoming a source of stress and distraction from your inner power and the resources available to you, to transform physical reality.

You came here intending to know and experience ALL of this and more.

And yet, most of you have been distracted, and diminished by your experience to one degree or another and so find that you don’t fully trust Life to support you, don’t fully trust your own abilities to change, evolve and create and don’t trust other people either.

We think the key that will assist most with this, is to help you learn and understand how to masterfully generate the momentum you seek to experience and uses to manifest your Life.

Momentum is a key in living the life you want, for as you put in motion, the momentum and energy that aligns with the kinds of experiences you wish to have, you become not only an energetic match to your desires, but you experience them flowing to you, in ways that even exceed what you intended and thought was possible for yourself!

This is an experience which generates feelings of power and joy! A feeling of limitless being and invincibility, that are quite real once you master deliberately creating momentum that serves you and your ever evolving and expanding desires.

As momentum grows it draws to it, more and more and more of that which is, in essence complimentary to that which the momentum is about...

And you set the tone for that, when you approach deliberate creation, each day, focusing on the important areas of your life and thinking about them the way you want to think about them… All of which we will clearly explain and share with you, repeatedly until this becomes second nature to you.

So the natural outcome of allowing desire and cultivating thought that is focused on what you want in the way you want it, repeatedly, is an ongoing flowing of expectation exceeding magnificent manifestations! 

We think it is high time that you get to experience this! Over and over again!

Time that you feel more confident and clear about how to create that and so we offer to you, an invitation to come and play, while working with the magical energies flowing into your world and your bodies, this month, December of 2023. Certainly a year to remember and we suggest — a year to use as a springboard into a golden future for yourself, in 2024!

Realize friends, that some of you will begin, very soon, to live more and more of the peaceful, loving, uplifted, harmonious, feeling of unity and well-being in your own lives.

You will become the literal way-showers and demonstrations of what is possible in this evolutionary game. This is, in fact, how this evolution will happen.

As more and more of you awaken to these possibilities and live them, your radiant joy, changes the feel within the collective of what is possible. It empowers others to reach inward and awaken more fully, reconnect and remember who they truly are and move into higher light, openly and with joy!

You may think that this uplifted and ascended state is for someone else, not you.

But why not you?

Why not you feeling good and opening more and more to who you truly are and letting that vast and capable wholeness, guide you and express through you and in all likelihood, remind you even more deeply, of who you truly are, and how loved and supported you are, so that you merge with it and become the REAL YOU more and more fully, very naturally and beautifully, here? THAT is exactly what is going to happen. To more and more of you.

And we say — why not you?
It’s yours if you want it.

This month, the potential exists to activate your own inner SUN, and to receive the most empowering energies and information that has flowed into your world, thus far.

Along with receiving and integrating these energies, with support and loving reassuring guidance, we would suggest that you use this time, to set in motion the basis for your momentum in the new year, by mastering your capacity to set deliberate momentum in motion and to further it each day, with simple ways of focusing and invoking your INNATE POWERS.

What if, you chose to seed your Life, now, a tiny bit each day, with the energy and information that will grow and expand and begin to hum and draw more and more energy and joy to you, and to use a simple, proven daily practice to keep your energy clear, aligned and elevated, while creating momentum in the things you want to be, do and have, next?

More abundance? Financial abundance, an abundance of love, an abundance of health and well-being? It can be done!

More joy? More freedom and ease. More fun and laughter and more connection and happiness and playful, beautiful experiences that lift you up and make your heart sing? It can be done!

More clarity? More inner knowing and the exact words even to bring about the changes you want and to know WHAT to focus on and when? It can be done!

You are free to create the world that you want to live in and in fact, it is so important that you do so!

We suggest that you reach for way more than you’ve ever imagined was possible for you in the past and to begin to live your lives, learning how to feel worthy and deserving of all the desires that come to you...for as you master these approaches, all this and more, WILL COME TO YOU!

Do you realize that you not only receive, but you actually even create your desires? That you shaped them even before you embodied here and you add to them all the time and then YOUR DIVINE SELF lights the way, by flowing them to you, as ideas and inspiration…

So desires come to you, and you feel them as a clarity or knowing of what you want and when you receive that inspiration, the thing itself is so close to manifesting! This is the beginning of the manifestation of it. As you learn to relate to desires this way… As you know how to let it continue to gain momentum so it can come, and how to use a simply daily practice to align with this momentum so you’re a match to it? FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Divine Ones …

You are so much closer to the states of being that give birth to both the desires and the manifestations that you seek, than you realize. It is a very small amount of fine tuning and daily practice which we will share with you and also?

We will provide ongoing attunements and activities that assist you in FEELING the expansive power, freedom and will that is yours to use in creating your life.

You will find these virtual get-togethers to be joyful, freeing, uplifting and so clarifying. You can join live, or listen when it works best for you. You can participate in this from anywhere as long as you can access and stream audio recordings and open up emails with materials and support.

We’ve made this as simple and clear as possible because this MASTERY NOW and YOU WHO ARE READY, becoming SKILLFUL MANIFESTOR now, matters so much.

We are eager for you to feel more aware of and confident in, your ability to easily shape your energy and your awareness to align with the life you want to flow into your experience.

We are happy to say, repeatedly! That this will be fun. That over the next month the momentum will grow and grow and you will FEEL this mastery happening...

All the while, you’ll be easily and gracefully receiving the ever-increasing incoming energies.

Allowing them to upgrade your awareness, clear that which no longer serves you and align within for the maximum radiance and well-being you are capable of now, and again, and again -- every expanding in your capacity to receive.

This is the flow of Divine Light and Love that you meant to live when you came here.

You are a radiant eternal being of LIGHT who has emanated into this embodiment to participate in exactly these times and in reawakening to these abilities to create and receive the joyful manifestation of that which you personally prefer and choose.

You are meant to THRIVE, to SOAR, to RADIATE and to live a life of ever-expanding joyful well-being that shines brightly... 

Even amidst all this change? You may wonder...?

Especially amidst all of this change!

Know Beloved Ones, that the questioning part of you is valuable. Inner discernment is a key to living a glorious and wonderful life.

But doubt is not discernment or clarity.

Doubting your capacity and doubting that joy and love and abundance and freedom and fun and ease and happiness and more, is for you? That’s not serving you, that’s simply holding you back. Those are ideas rooted in separation, lack, limitation and all that is now in the past, unless you carry it forward.

Yes, we know that there have been so many times in the past when you had desires and then were unable to bring them about.

Rather then believing that is your lot in life, we encourage you to consider that now is a new time and new potentials exist, for you and for everyone.

Life and how you live it is happening dynamically, in the present and is of your making!

You are in fact, free to make real what you want to be real. To think and feel your way into alignment with the Life you want to live.

We would be honored and overjoyed to light a wonderful pathway for you, in doing a little bit each day, and making this come alive in a very personal and powerful way, for YOU.

If that calls to you...

And moving into 2024, with a momentum of power and clarity about creating your experience sounds like something you would value and appreciate having full mastery of, then please, by all means join us.

If you are willing to put to practice the guidance we share, we are supremely confident in your ability to expand your ability to create and receive, on purpose.

P.S. When we say FULL MASTERY of generating a momentum of power and clarity we are not kidding. For the path we will unfold for you, will be simple and clear and it will be the regular practicing of it, that empowers you to establish and anchor in this new, more empowered and skillful way of focusing each day, to generate momentum and create your life, as you wish.

It is our great joy to bring these transmission experiences to you, now, as you the Light Workers and Way Showers, begin to light the way. Making real and vividly available, coherent demonstrations of living in inner harmony and with ease, in abundance and joyful well-being!

We think that these shining examples of radiant flow and higher light are exactly what will bring the world forward and ignite a feeling of recognition and hope within those just waking up to who they truly are. 

We cannot image a more wonderful way to begin living as the REAL YOU, here, than to open to this and also light the way, for the rest of your human family, to join you!

You are beacons of Light illuminating the New Possibilities for Being Human! Together we will amplify that radiance and sense of power and possibility, so YOU are able to shine steadily and brilliantly for all to feel, sense and see.

Welcome, Dear Friends, to this doorway, this threshold opening up into limitless being…

It is WONDERFUL to share this vision with you, and offer to you, the keys to living this, now.

We very much look forward to this co-creation!

I AM Archangel Raphael, with Ailia, Ashira, the Galactic Dragons, Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light.


My name is Ailia Mira. I am a writer, artist, conscious channel* and solopreneur. I'm  exploring the ways of living that are in alignment with who I truly am. In addition to living this way myself, I am also an experienced coach, facilitator, teacher and guide. 
Message from Archangel Michael, Hermes & The Council of Radiant Light Channeled by Ailia Mira

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