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Pure Land Transmissions - Archangel Ariel

Pure Land Transmissions - Archangel Ariel


An Invitation to Experience More Fulfillment & Exalt Your Embodiment
by Empowering Divine Order

Dear Friends,

We stream into your presence now, so that we might offer to you an invitation to experience Divine Order in a more direct and knowing way.

Divine Order IS.

It IS that which brings about the sun each morning and the wave’s rhythmic undulation. It is that which makes an acorn and oak, and which makes you, YOU.

Divine Order brings about the unfolding of that which you think about as “your vortex” and the timing in which those most poetic and fun “coincidences” happen…when you feel the poetic beauty of LIFE.

Divine Order is the energy that emanates from all of us, when aligned and allowing wholeness.

Divine Order is always whole and yet perpetually expanding in expression.

Divine Order is that which we experience when we feel awe, ease, abundance. The essence of Divine Order is harmony and well being.

Divine Order expresses as All Is Well.

Divine Order is available to you, to invoke, use to orient and relax, and you are always contributing to the components of the Divine Order that is YOURS and which will fulfill you. (If you allow it).

Each of you and All Expressions of Life, are Divinely Ordered. This is what makes your soul your soul. It makes possible that which might be called your signature.

Your Divine Order is your energy signature; even as you cahnge and express throughout Creation in a variety of ways, your essence has Divine Order that is unique, recognizable and continually balanced, harmonious, thriving and moving toward complete expression >>>manifest expression. Thus it is this principle which aims to fulfill your life, your embodiment and your world, too.

Some interesting things to consider in contemplating Divine Order?

Divine Order while knowable and true also expresses in surprising ways. Divine Order is ALIVE. As you allow Divine Order, by aligning with you, you allow Divine Order to be fully, repeatedly expressed in your life. This can result in CHANGE. Breakthroughs. Shimmering exaltation of experience and perception. Because? Divine Order is ever expanding while always perfectly harmonious with each expression of Life in which it correspondingly takes on the wholeness of all expansion, with perfect intelligence and All Is Well-ness.

Divine Order is not something most of you consider when navigating life and we’d like to help you see how you might do so.

Divine Order is not something most of you invoke to create peace of mind, remind you of the deepest truths of reality and use to learn to live in ease and with grace. We’d like to help you see how you might do so.

Divine Order, beloveds, is that aspect of LIFE fulfilling the DIVINE INTENTION for the EXPRESSION OF ABUNDANCE.


Invoking Divine Order and aligning with the Divine within, facilitate flow which fulfills divine expression and thus, abundance and harmony in all ways.

Life, Creation, All That Is, is Abundant and Harmonious and ever expanding.

Law of attraction brings things together and yet is is Divine Order which can be felt, understood, used for encouragement and support as you expand, as you elevate and shape your life into a more authentic and natural expression - as you bring your life into accord with you, Divine Order amplifies in your perception of wholeness.

The feeling of this? JOY. Relief, even. A sense of profound well-being. A feeling of tremendous love and support. A knowing you can lean into and on LIFE.

A knowing of what is for you, and what is not.

And living this brings you into a state where you can become more of who you truly are here. For as you live this, life starts to work more and you find, you can begin to trust Life and Creation in your own life and the expression of it, in much deeper ways.

Ascension, beloveds, is really so simple - it’s the exaltation of form. It’s time unfolding in experience in ways in which life becomes pure; true.

This transmission is a CALL to true being. To awaken to the presence of Divine Order in your LIFE here, and learn to play with it, for fun and joy and relief and pleasure and love and creativity…

And. So.

We CALL All Angelic Beings of Light to come into Divine Harmony with your vaster self. We invite you to join us, and to discover the equipoise of multidimensional embodiment as the real you. Messengers of love, the world calls out for you to be who you truly are.

We CALL All Awakening and Ascending Beings who want to live with meaning and a sense of purpose, who wish for a life of grace and ease, who are willing to let go of struggle, limitation and lack and open to learning how to receive more of who they truly are, and the Life expression of that, to join us and reclaim the fulfillment of your being, here. The World and All Life wants you to be YOU.

Beloved Ones - LIFE wants you. Is longing for what you are, to be fulfilled, so that the harmony of CREATION can be known, here.

The Reunions in Consciousness that YOUR DIVINE ORDER PROMISES are RAPTURE & HEAVEN ON EARTH. This beloveds, IS how we know ascension and it’s happening within you, as you answer the inner calls to full expression and empowering your vaster flow.

We are the Council of Radiant Light; a 13th dimensional field of Angelic Beings and Friends, who come together to assist in this time of awakening, through Ailia, so that you might create and live with skill and ease. 

We do this, with tremendous LOVE. All Of Us.

We do this, through Ailia, who is an emanation of our field and an expression of Archangel Airiel. We spell Airiel this way, to speak specifically to the expression of this consciousness which you know as Ailia; a unique expression as all are.

We’ve given this to call you, and we’ve explained about our team here to establish clear and new structures for inter dimensional expression.

We are playing a NEW GAME NOW.


Want to come? We’d love that.

We know that this is FOR YOU. We are here in service, to LOVE.

We greet you in love. 

We invoke your vastness - which is how we see you always, no matter where you are focused.

We invite you to come. Come Be and Play with ALL that you are.

Play with the principles that you know so well in the core of your being.

Invite your own Inner Divine Greater Self to step up, step forth and lead the way.

Choose more for yourself, here, now. Let your life flow, let yourself be fulfilled and let us experience the radiant harmony and fulfillment of your presence here and everywhere as you collapses distortion into the pure unfolding line of Spirit that is your Divine Human Embodiment, here. Now.

Allow yourself to become a clear expression of the Divine Order that is YOU.

We know you as Radiant, full of light and seeing life, with openness, love and tremendously aware of the possibilities for joy. This is our truth.

I AM ARCHANGEL ARIEL through Ailia, with Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Barachiel, the Galactic Dragons and the Council of Radiant Light.

We bid you, good day.

Channeled by Ailia Mira

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