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Lord Metatron: Harvest the Abundant Treasures You Have Created


Greetings, it is I Metatron,

I speak to you at this time as a Lord of Light, the collective consciousness, and as the overseer of the ascending realms of all form. You have reached a pinnacle point in the ascension process as of the Fall Equinox. What does this mean to you who have been traveling ascension path?

The light energies have increased exponentially since the beginning of your year of 2016.  They will continue to increase until this phase of the Ascension process has been completed. It is important that you recognize each time an amplification of Source energies are infused into the Earth’s atmosphere and most importantly into humanity’s energetic field. Do not depend on another’s opinion to recognize this. You are capable of noticing these influxes for yourself.

We recommend that you notice for yourself how you absorb theses light frequencies and just how Source energy impacts your energy field.  Observe how they impact the neurology of your body. The neurology of your body is the communication center of your body. When your neurology is infused with light you begin to have a vaster awareness of yourself as the creator of your reality. You think more complex thoughts that reflect a state of having sovereignty over your body and your entire existence as a soul/spirit that is using a bodily form to navigate Earth.

Changes in your neurology happen daily in the presence of such refined energy. You are influenced every moment by these immense energies. You cannot remain silent and asleep any longer. If you do, you will experience anxiety and pain. These times of change no longer accept a full 3rd-dimensional expression. Fifth- dimension arrived some time ago. The energetic stability of the fifth dimension is being seated now. The 5th-dimensional template will have complete stability by the first quarter of 2017.

Those who try to create from the old dense patterns of 3rd dimension will find that their thoughts are erratic and their emotions are in turmoil. Different choices of thoughts and feelings will become quite apparent. Those who do not pay attention will be in states of anxiety continually. When they apply changes in their thoughts and emotions, things begin to change immediately. Their life experience becomes calmer and more harmonious.

You can create swift changes in your life experience if you will stay conscious of what is happening in your Mental/Emotional Body. The neurology of your body has a great supportive capacity because it can process complex thought very quickly now. You have the ability to manifest a state of harmony and well-being immediately. You can also manifest turmoil instantly. Which will you choose?

The physiology of your body is changing dramatically to accommodate the new refined state of your neurology and the capacity to create an experience instantly. Experiences and emotional patterns that once took years to impact the body now affects the body very quickly.   Fragmented thoughts and emotions that are processed very quickly through your more refined neurology bring tension in the body. You will notice almost immediately that there is something that is out of order in your body.  You will see anomalies such as digestive upset, body pain in a certain chakra vicinity, especially in the lower four chakras, or a variety of other symptoms. When you stay aware and receive the message from your body, you can very easily alter your experience by returning to the stability of your 5th-dimensional template of Love and Unity.

Let us not forget the impact of false programming on your psychology. Your thoughts form your beliefs. Your emotional pain results in further fragmentation in your emotional body. False programming of the 3rd-dimensional template results in the presence of fear. It creates damaging self- judgment that results in victimization. You can no longer remain a victim in the influence of this new 5th-,6th- and 7th-dimensional frequencies. You will be compelled to create a different state of being. Love that is the key component of 5th dimension will show you that you have value. When you try to create against this tenant, you will experience much turmoil.

Many things have been accomplished since the Spring Equinox. Huge influxes of creative energies have penetrated Earth and brought an immense influx of light into all levels of humanity. Massive creative opportunities were made available during the last six months of your time. Many took advantage of these create energies and made changes in their life experience. Look at your world in general. Many new energy resources were utilized that were sustainable and undamaging to Earth. Research continues to be done to find new energy resources. Research continues to find solutions to human disease so that health of the body is not dependent on synthetic pharmaceuticals.  Further exploration into human DNA structure continues. We are sure that you could name quite a few more.

See clearly the creative forces that are now at work on your Earth. Yes, there are still many more changes that have to be made.  See the many alterations that you have made personally and how your thoughts and emotional state has changed. Do not allow the segment of humans who resist this wonderful transformation that is upon you. Know that they are in a lot of pain and be compassionate towards them, but do not allow them to interfere with your progress.  Continue to work on creating precisely with your 5th-dimensioal templates of energy.

You are in a position to reap a very bountiful harvest in the year 2016. This harvest will prepare you for the events that will take place in 2017. Being a stable representative and facilitator of 5th-dimensional creation is your duty. It is why you are here. You and many like you will take the lead and make big differences in the coming times.

You will make the changes first within yourself and then model them for others to see. This modeling does not reflect a position of better than but a model that all can replicate time and time again. It will eventually produce a society of humans that are pure Christed Images. These Christed images were given back to Earth in 2011.  They were in a very dormant and basic state but have been enhanced and magnified greatly. Many humans, Archangels, Ascended Masters Ultraterrestials and Extraterrestrials, contributed to the Christed matrix expansion.  Many of you volunteered to be the vehicle for taking the Christed energies into your physical bodies and using them coherently to create even more expansion in the consciousness.  You lovingly shared the new energetic 5th-dimensional template with the Elementals and Mother Earth so that a resonance could be achieved between Earth, the Elementals, and Humanity.

These are only a few of the wonderful achievements you have created in recent times. I am reminding you of these things so you can have the tenacity and perseverance that is required in the coming creative times.  Be joyful as your harvest your creations. Allow yourself to relax and rest in the beautiful energies that you are graciously embodying. Accept with confidence your abilities as great creators.


Lord Metatron

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