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All Is In Motion ~ Archangel Michael

All Is In Motion ~ Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

Stay calm and centred.

You are in the Eye of the Storm.

You were made for times such as these.

Everything you have worked towards is coming to fruition. You are Creators and all is well.

Hold tight.

Hold each other.

Your MASTERY is being called into action. The old YOU (3rd Dimensional) would move into fear, judgment, anger, revenge, justice etc.

The new YOU (5th Dimensional) will stay neutral, calm, considered, in empathy, non judgemental, with unconditional love for all that is unfolding.

What is unfolding now Dear Ones will be a challenge for ALL residents on Planet Earth, however, each of you are up for these times and it will be the muscle of Mastery that will assist you to navigate this new awareness that is being brought into life onto this New Earth.

The old is finally coming up for release and the very new is what you Creators are now creating with every miraculous thought you have and with open hearts Dear Ones - true mastery.

The Equinox is fast approaching and it will bring with it more energetic changes.

Your Sun (which is a portal) is going through its own magnificent changes and as the days progress more and more information will flow forth to assure you of some truly magical happenings.

As true Masters you will shine, you have prepared, you have been initiated.

Heaven and Earth are prepared.

The Galactics are prepared.

All is in motion.

Your time to Shine your Light like never before has arrived Dear Hearts.

If you could but glimpse a portion of the Light Brigade standing in readiness by your side - fear would never again enter your thoughts.

You are so loved.

You are so protected.

You are so powerful.

It is your time to shine so bright.

You have everything you need and you will KNOW that beyond any doubt.



17th September, 2018
Channeled through Leslie-Anne Menzies 



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    (Note: This is incredibly difficult to express and so it is asked to be in neutrality and witness this information from an observational level. This way you will not be prone to attack it, however to utilize this information as a part of your informed awareness and self empowerment as you move forward on the consciousness evolution path. Galactic Human evolution is requiring we take responsibility to see and witness things that have been hidden from us. This is one of those major revelations that is very painful and controversial and as such, it is requested to be aware of it and then make your own internal decision on what feels internally right for you. Being responsible for the direction of your being and claiming self sovereignty and freedom for yourself as well as for others requires that we see all that is hidden, and we take responsibility for it, even when it's painful or unpleasant. )

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