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Archangel Michael: Clearing the Walk

Archangel Michael: Clearing the Walk


As we have said, this is a time for a lot of introspection. The time is to look inside and not be afraid of what will be seen. I start this week with you today, just asking each one of you to look inside of you. The time is not one of judgment, the time is not one of pointing fingers at yourself; the time is to effectively clean everything that is inside. So I would say it's like that old closet, where you keep putting everything that doesn't fit anymore, but maybe one day, inside it. And that goes on piling up and it doesn't even have conditions to be fixed; it's a real mess.

So, looking at this closet and almost crying for not knowing where to start tidying up, it's no use; also do as you often do, throw everything on the floor and tidy up little by little. I will tell you that this closet is a special closet. It is not a closet like you have in your daily lives, this closet is nothing but your mind. He is storing there: feelings, experiences, joys, sadness, resentments, sorrows, anger, irony, persecution, revenge, contempt, discrimination, racism... I would be here talking about a lot of problems, this is not the objective.

So, I would say to you that the joys, the moments of a lot of laughter, the moments of pure happiness, are lost in there, you can't find them to start tidying up. They are very few, so it's no use trying to start there.

So how to get started? As I have said here countless times, any cleansing process, any process of change, has to be started with forgiveness. This word so small, but so powerful and that works miracles in this arrangement that you have, in this mess that you will have to straighten out.

So, I will guide you how to start this arrangement. And no, don't try to do it all in one day; any kind of feeling inside your mind has to be very well worked out, it has to be very well analyzed; because if not, it comes back. When you think you pulled it out of the closet, it will be there again hugely. Because? Because you didn't treat him properly. So, the vision I have of this closet is a perfect mess, it's a lot of mixed feelings; are many feelings stored. Many have created dust, created mold, created cobwebs they are so deep, and so deep in this closet they are. So I would say that these will be left until the end, it's no use wanting to clean the bottom without attacking the surface, which is more external.

The purpose of all this today..., many are thinking: "But he already talked about it, will he repeat it again?" So I'm going to say something to you: Many of you have done the forgiveness procedure, but how long ago? And then I ask you, have you never felt anything again? Have you been just joy, has it been just gratitude, good feelings? I can tell you no. So the forgiveness procedure is something I would say to you that would have to be done almost daily. But I understand that it's complicated, as many can't afford that much.

So come on, let's make a compromise: once a week, do the forgiveness procedure. How it is? You will have the memory of what it will be like. So let's say you started the forgiveness procedure today, you asked forgiveness for everything you did, you asked forgiveness for everything your soul did. "Oh no, wait a minute, but I already asked for forgiveness for my soul!" Yes and did you ask deeply, did you ask in faith? How many millennia has your soul been here? Do you think a simple order will clear everything? Sweet illusion of yours. Your soul has made many mistakes and every time you do the procedure, you clean a piece, not all, because it's a lot to clean.

So here we go, continuing. So you ask forgiveness for everything you have done, against each other and against yourself; because you also make mistakes against you. Yes and I will say this is the biggest part. Everything wrong you did and that you are reaping today, who did it? It was you, it was your soul. So, forgiving everything that you have done, that your soul has done, is essential. And the second part is asking for forgiveness: asking for forgiveness from those you hurt in every way; for all the feelings you used to hurt, hurt a brother, another soul.

So, I would say to you: That this simple gesture of forgiving and asking for forgiveness, once a week, what will be the result? That closet that you are terrified of not knowing where to start, rest assured that after each procedure of this one, it will be emptier, because every feeling in that one was forgiven or was asked for forgiveness. And once again I want to remind you: you ask for forgiveness, and if the other does not forgive you, no problem. If your request for forgiveness was sincere, it was from the bottom of your heart, repentance happened, you learned that lesson, you understood that you were unfair or that you acted wrongly.

So for you it will have consequences. Those feelings that you provoked against each other will be eliminated each in their own time. But the question remains unanswered, what if the other does not forgive you? The other's problem, he still has a long way to go to learn to forgive, it's not your problem. Likewise, forgive all those who wronged you and those feelings will also go away. Now it's very important to make something very clear: many of you take it, light the candle; “Oh, I apologize and forgive everyone who has hurt me,” and ended the matter. Because the candle will do the whole process. Ah, I remembered, I'll do the whole process, won't I? I will go there, ask forgiveness one by one... Interesting, very interesting. Because that's not what happens, my action in the procedure is exactly,

This is my role. I don't do anything, just clean the closet. I don't forgive anyone. I don't judge, how am I going to forgive? So, when you do this procedure, do it with love, do it with pure repentance, with total surrender to the moment, otherwise that closet will remain full, nothing will happen. And here comes another question that's screaming right now, how do you know if the closet has emptied or not? It's easy, very easy. When you forgive someone, it is because that someone has done something to you; it doesn't matter here, whether you're right or not. Inside you, that someone hurt you, hurt you, hurt you in some way. So if you look after the procedure, look at this someone and feel nothing, no longer feel angry, no longer feel resentment, no longer feel anything, even be able to give them a heartfelt hug, you have forgiven them.

Now you've forgiven, look at the person and it all comes back like a volcano exploding; your process was totally wrong, because you didn't get anything. So there's no doubt about whether it worked or not. And the past, what did your soul do? Very well, there is no way for you to know, but the heart will tell. It's as if a great weight left their hearts. It's that feeling that you know you need to forgive, but you don't know why or to whom. And when you do the procedure, it seems to go away and you get light. And this for sure, you will feel.

An important thing to say as well: I said you should do the lightning walk. And I keep saying the same thing. Because walking is a transmutation; if you, with the procedures of forgiveness, are cleaning that closet, the transmutation will have little to do, you will find almost nothing in the bag; however, if the bag is totally empty, you will be cleaning everything that you can't even identify and that you did during the day. So what is the purpose of the Walk of the Lights? It's about keeping them always clean, about being aware and aware of all the mistakes you made that day and the bag will be there, with a few little things to be transmuted.

So you have nothing to gain, nothing to lose. And why are we insisting so much on these matters? Because you are there, in the Third Dimension. Nobody passes invisible for a day, in the Third Dimension. Unless you isolate yourself, into a beautiful nature, a wonderful place, where you only had good feelings; Oh, and with no one around to shake your confidence and your balance. So, can any of you claim that you don't get out of balance with anything? I believe no one.

So, it's a way to always leave them as balanced and clean as possible. So you're doing the forgiveness procedure once a week, cleaning up everything that's left behind, cleaning out that closet, cleaning up the mess from the past. Now, transmutation happens with the dirt of the day, if you have already finished cleaning everything up. But I can tell you that doing both procedures, the transmutation will be very selective. Because all masters will realize that you will be committed to clearing yourself of the past; then they will only worry about the day. Don't forget, the masters accompany you and know exactly what happened that day.

So, I'm going to make one thing clear here: I'm not forcing anyone to do anything, do whoever wants to, do those who are effectively concerned, in effectively becoming Fifth Dimensional souls. Because even those who have financial difficulties and cannot buy the candle you asked for, I would say that you light any candle, the one you can buy, it may even be a tiny one. Now if it's done with heart and with delivery, I'll know what to do. Now, don't use this subterfuge to be rested: “Ah, I can't find it. And he said, I could do with anyone!" I said that? Be careful what you interpret with my words. Do not listen to what is convenient for you.

So I will know how to interpret, case by case. And once again, I say this to you: Don't try to deceive us, because you are not deceiving us, you are deceiving yourself. Whoever can buy will buy what is asked for, this is also a form of conscience. Be very careful what you interpret, very careful. And I say the following: It is not to keep asking others, what has to be done. If you don't understand, listen to the video several times, ask for my help; but don't be bothering others with your doubt. In fact, there is no reason to doubt.

Anyone who has never done the forgiveness procedure, he will be informed in this video. So don't keep asking where you are either. You will be informed. I'm not being rude to either of you. I'm making you learn, to live for yourself. You are very used to any problem turning to another, you are never capable of anything, you never achieve anything. Because? Because you got used to always asking for help from each other. Anyone who wants to, runs after it, whoever wants to try to learn, to stop asking for help from the other.

So I don't want anyone here harassing each other, asking what to do. I hope I was very clear. Honestly, I don't want to say it here, I would rather just say what has to be said and nothing more. But you insist, don't learn and keep using the other. When will you learn? When? When does despair come? Then will you remember that we exist? And I'll tell you, it's already a little too late, because we've been by your side all the time and you just ignore us. Then, in the hour of despair, do you come to ask for help? Of course, we will give you help, proportionate to your faith, proportionate to your journey. Only that. Don't blame us later if things don't work out.

We are being very clear, all of us. If you want help, ask us. As long as you don't believe this, that we will help you, you will continue to leave us far behind, despising our help. This is what you do. So I don't want anyone asking for help. Am I clear? Learn to when you don't understand, ask for our help. We are giving you time to learn this, but many unfortunately continue to ignore it, continue to follow the same path they always had, of using others as a crutch, of never chasing anything, always asking each other.

I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL! I'm not here to please anyone, nor to rub your head. It is not, nor has it ever been my mission. My mission is to call them to reason, to call them to attention; because only in this way you can sometimes open your eyes.

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