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Archangel Michael - Make Your Own Decisions, Don't Depend on Others

Archangel Michael - Make Your Own Decisions, Don't Depend on Others


I am here today, formally beginning to return our messages to you. It is interesting to observe the way you live each moment. Many think only of themselves, of what they no longer have, they cannot see the other side, they cannot be grateful for what they already had, they only think about what is good for them at that moment. But I will not start here, wanting to bring feelings of low vibration in each of you. I would just like to speak of a single point.

You've been prepared for some time, you already know a lot, you've heard us say a lot, you've learned a lot. But many things you still cannot part with. I say this: Everything in your world is the result of what you think and emanate. This world that is there, that you live in, was not created by Father/Mother God, in the sense of all this disharmony that exists on your planet, this was all created by you over eons of time. So this is the most important point I want to emphasize now: What do you emanate.

I really like to give examples, to assemble images, because you adapt very well when we put images. So imagine that you are walking in a large group; group size doesn't matter much; but of course the larger the group, the greater the influence, the greater the energy emanating.

So you are walking across a very large plain, where up ahead you only see the horizon, nothing else. There are those who, seeing the horizon line, just think: “We are heading towards the unknown, but I trust that this is the right path, and that whatever happens, it will be for my learning and for my evolution.” And some who are around this citizen who thinks this way, emanate the same energy, agree with him.

Another group looks at that horizon line and thinks: “No, we are heading towards a cliff, we will have no way out, we will all die because we will have nowhere to go. We need to find a place to shelter, but up ahead is a cliff.” And many begin to share that citizen's feeling of fear and despair.

And then there's another group that looks at that horizon line and doesn't know what to think. Listen to the first group and agree, listen to the second and also agree. So it's a group that, as you say, is on the fence, they don't know what to think. It's that group that goes according to the opinion of others, doesn't have much of its own will, doesn't have much definition in what it thinks; go for whoever comes first and makes a suggestion; he goes.

So there are 3 large groups that are walking towards the horizon line. Then I ask a question: Who is right? That group that thinks they will get there and that whatever they have to go through, it will be good for their evolution, for learning and they start to emanate it with such force, with such faith, that they can even see that it is not a cliff, that is just a small rise and that further on, you will have a clear path to follow.

On the other hand, those who think it's a cliff, don't see any other way out, they think they'll reach the edge exhausted, tired and will simply die of hunger and thirst because there will be nothing to do. And they also emanate it very strongly, with a lot of faith, that there is no way out, there is no way. And that third group just stops, because they don't know where to go. Sometimes he thinks that he will have a way ahead, sometimes he thinks that it will really be a cliff, and that they will die of hunger and thirst.

So I ask you: How do you fit this into your world? And I myself answer: That first group, is that group that, no matter what comes, no matter what appears, no matter what is said, trust, have faith, that even if they get there in front and have a cliff, they they will find a spot on the mountain to descend. Because they believe and trust that there will not be the end, it will just be a big obstacle to be overcome, possibly or not. No matter what comes, they believe, they simply go with the flow, with faith, with strength, with confidence. No matter what they ask, no matter what they are given to eat, no matter what they are given to drink, they trust. Who know that food, that drink, may even be poisoned, but they trust so much in their path, so much in the Beings of Light that are around,

And they are sure that they will reach the end of the journey with a lot of faith, with a lot of Light. And they are walking, because on this long road, they need to eat, they need to drink. And no matter what is being given to eat and drink, they trust, they believe and they know that they need to eat and drink to stay alive, keep active, walking, because the path is still very long, the horizon line is still very far away. You can't deny that food and drink, even if they're supposedly poisoned. But they trust, they have faith, so they eat and drink. Some even go through a little bad, but they continue to believe. And they get up and keep going, because they trust.

And no matter what obstacle was placed, they trust. And if that drink, that food that was poisoned, did him so much harm as to make him perish, you are sure that it was the decision of his own soul, to do that at that moment. It wasn't the food, it wasn't the drink, the food and drink were just the means by which his soul chose to leave. And they go on, fed with plenty of fluid in their bodies and moving forward, with a lot of faith and a lot of Light.

And here comes the second group: that group that doesn't trust anything. They look at that water, they look at that food and they don't eat, because they are afraid of dying, afraid of getting poisoned. So they prefer not to eat, they prefer not to drink the water and starve to death, because they will not reach the horizon line. “And since that horizon line is a cliff, so I'm going to get tired and go there, I die right here”. And they don't eat and they don't drink. And they effectively die for lack of water and food, because they don't trust anything, they only see the negative side of everything. That water could be the food for that moment, the protection for that moment. But they don't believe in anything, they only believe what half a dozen say, they don't believe in the Beings of Light, they don't believe in anything. So they don't eat, they don't drink and they continue the journey.

And do you know where they will go? Nowhere, because they won't be long without that water and that food. Because they said the food was poisoned, they said the drink was poisoned, they believed it. So I can tell you, that even if the drink and the food weren't poisoned, they would die from the poison of their own belief, their own way of thinking, because that's what they believe. “If I drink, if I eat, this drink and this food, I will die.” May your will be done, you have just emanated your future.

That water, that drink, that food, could not be poisoned, could be your passport to reach that horizon line. But you don't believe in anything, you don't have anyone around you, you don't accept that someone might be watching over you. “No, not that. I prefer to believe that they are trying to kill me.” Very well, this is your choice. The third group, half eat and drink, half don't eat and don't drink, because they are on the fence. Some follow the first group and some follow the second group.

So here we go; over time, what happened to the 3 groups? The first, some people did not arrive, why? Because it was the nature of your soul, not to get there, it was the moment your soul decided to leave, it was already very tired and decided to leave. In the second group, no one arrived. Why didn't anyone come? Because nobody trusted, nobody believed, nobody protected himself, nobody fed his body, nobody fed what was necessary, because he believed he was going to die; is made a choice, really died. And the third group, that group that followed the first, is getting there ahead. And most importantly, when they reached the edge of the horizon, it wasn't a cliff, it was just a small descent.

So I want you to think about this story that I created. You are and you receive what you emanate. You can eat poison, but if you believe that there is a Being of Light around you, not one, several; and that these same beings are attentive to your path, and before you eat that poison, they have already removed everything, everything that that poison could harm you, you can eat and drink anything. Because you trust, because you believe.

Now you emanate fear. You join a minority, who actually wonder where they're going, implanting fear, implanting suffering, implanting doubt. And where does it all lead? Fear, doubt, where does that lead? I think this has already been explained enough. The more doubt, the more fear you emanate, the less Light you have, because fear and doubt don't match Light. I'm tired of saying here: either you trust or you don't trust. Half trust does not exist. "Oh, I'm afraid, but I need to go that way." And you go down the road in fear. What will you attract on this path? First, your heart is already angry, because you were forced to go that path, and you believe that on that path, everything bad will happen to you. So I can only say to you,

So I just want you to put all that I've said, at every point in your life, into whatever you feel during the day. Not just on a single subject, not just on a single focus. What you put your attention on, you put your focus on, and then what you are emanating will count. If you emanate confidence in the walk, well done, go forward, believing, in your own way. "Ah, but the other follows his path in another way." Are you the other, are you a puppet that has to do what the other does?

So each of you go your own way, each of you make your choice, but don't try to push others down the same path. Everyone make their own decision, their own way of walking and stay for themselves, because when you spread doubt, spread fear, spread lack of confidence, a little while later you come complaining that nothing happens. So I ask you: What is the reason for putting so much doubt? What is the reason to be so afraid? Why is there so much discussion about the issues? What's the point? I answer: Take you out of focus; take you out of the focus that is one: the elevation of the Light in you.

Now, the elevation of Light doesn't go with doubt, doesn't go with lack of faith, doesn't go with lack of trust; are incompatible. So who is thinking that he is preaching something that he thinks is right for himself and for everyone, what is he preaching, the Light? Or are you preaching more doubt, more lack of trust, more fear in those around you? And then I remind you again that you are helping the other side. And then explain why nothing happens? Why does nothing happen?

Because you can't keep the vibration up. You welcome doubt, you welcome fear, you welcome a lack of trust and faith in the Beings of Light around you. We are not here sleeping, nor are we swinging in the hammock, dozing, we are working hard to destroy everything that is there. But you don't believe it and you keep vibrating doubt, vibrating lack of trust and vibrating all this for the whole.

Happy birthday to you, my congratulations, because you are making the other side roll on the floor with laughter. Because that's what they want, that's what they put up, that's what the media puts it, and you go down like ducks doing exactly what they want. I'll close by saying just one thing: It's everyone's decision. Trust whoever you want. Don't trust, who doesn't want to trust. Now keep your opinion to yourself. You don't need to spread your opinion, stay for yourself, make your decision, don't throw your supposed decision to the other. Because you need to have the support of the other to effectively say: “You see, he won't do it either, so I won't do it either!” Puppet; you have to do what the other does, not what your conscience dictates.

So no matter what your decision is, it's yours, make it for you, not for the other, not in the middle. Each one makes his choice, each one exercises his free will. Now, do it yourself, don't influence that third group that doesn't know what to do. Because there's always someone who is on the fence, waiting for the other's opinion to take his own. And you, just increase the squad of the third group. What's more, they corroborate and emphasize that second; to trust nothing, to doubt everything, to question.

So you are making a choice. Vibrate it, keep vibrating it. Understand the following: We are not the ones who are going to ascend. You want to ascend. So whoever is in that first group, trusting everything, no matter what comes, trust, I guarantee you it will go away. Because there will come a point where they will no longer be able to afford to stay here on Terceira. Now you who are there fighting, arguing, if you go to the right or to the left, you will stay there, because doubt reigns in your hearts. And where there is doubt, there is neither trust nor faith; where there is doubt there is no Light, there is anything but Light.

So this message is for each of you to do a self analysis. Do not comment with the other. It's not commenting, “Oh, what did you think of what he said?” Each one will have their understanding, and I say more, many will be angry with what I said here. Very well, each one will emanate what he wants, there is no problem. You have your right to think and act. Make your own decisions. Do not take in a group. Stop acting counting on the opinion of the other, the opinion has to be yours. Are you not strong enough to question? So be strong and brave enough to keep your opinion independent of the group. He finished. You have made your decision, it is not the group that is going to make you keep it or change it. Understand this. The decision is up to each one.

Now, if you want to follow like herds, perfect. Then don't come and ask us why nothing happens? Because the critical mass that should raise the Light on this planet is more concerned with discussing whether to eat strawberries or bananas. Instead of just thinking about eating. Think a lot about it. You are walking in a dangerous way for yourselves. How long will we have to insist that the walk is lonely? It is not according to the idea, will, or opinion of the other. Until when? How long will you not be able to make your own decisions? They always have to walk like a flock. Why? I answer: Because you don't trust anyone. And having the other think the same way as you is justifiable. “Oh, I did it because he did!” It wasn't your fault, you did it because he did it. because you are not brave enough to take your opinion alone, you want to take it together with others, so that you are not to blame; you followed along with them.

Think about it. What are you attracting to your walk? You are playing their little game. Think about it. If you want to make a decision, make it yourself and that's it. Nobody has anything to do with it. Now don't spread the decision to have the support of the other, so you don't feel alone. And each one make his choice. Listen very carefully and take a path. And I will insist: Whoever doubts, who does not trust, who questions, is erasing the Light that he has in his heart.

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