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Archangel Michael: March 2016 | Equinox & Eclipse Cycle


Get clear, feel inspired and supported, and accelerate your conscious unfolding.

We're entering the first Eclipse Cycle of 2016. Eclipses come in pairs and these Eclipses bookend the March Equinox:

  • March 8/9 - Total Solar Eclipse (and New Moon)
  • March 19/20 - Equinox
  • March 23 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (and Full Moon)

To support your conscious participation in the Eclipse Cycle, as a community, we'll gather for all three of these alignments, creating a sequence of co-creative events empowering our ability to live heaven on Earth.

Below you'll find an orienting message to this cycle, from Archangel Michael.

That is followed by information about the events and details for registration. All events will be channeled live, and they will also be recorded, so you can listen and participate in whatever way works best for you. If you wish to join live, you can listen via the web, Skype or phone.

Soul-based embodiment is becoming a reality!! It's time to create our version of heaven!!

Orienting Message, from


Greetings Divine Ones,

As you may be feeling, your energy structure has changed. For many of you what is happening is that you are building great capacity to structurally energize from light and receive the refined light frequencies of the galactic center.

Your conscious evolution is an ongoing process. There are stages in this experience and some have more marked shifts in consciousness and sense of self than others. What many of you are finding now is that your sense of self is increasingly shifting to a soul-based reference point. This is a more distinct aspect of ascension and a wonderful shift to celebrate and unfold.

Living as the light you are, is becoming more clear to you. It feels more real. As you acknowledge your multidimensional self, the field of consciousness you are that is expressing here...as you claim this as your identity you give direction to Creation to rearrange your reality to reflect this state of being. Although your awareness of your true, divine nature has been in your consciousness for a while now, in fact it was one of the first insights of awakening, this shift to truly embracing this as who you are, your identity, fully and without concern for how others might see you or what this might mean or sound like, is transforming your energy field and summoning a different, corresponding reality.

This shift in identity is really the most fundamental shift you can make in awakening. All else flows naturally from this reference point and so this shift is truly worth celebrating, seeing clearly and with this distinct knowing, having a capacity to deeply invest in this sense of self.

The timing for this could not be more perfect.

As you approach the coming Eclipse Cycle in March, many of you are spinning off old thought-forms and reference points that no longer fit or are now seen as disempowering, conceptual layers. As you let all of that go, you begin to have a more direct experience of your naturally direct relationship with All that is.

Given this refinement, you also, simplify the inner workings of your mind, freeing up your creativity and humor. A lightness of being enters your experience and it is, dear ones, coming from your own state becoming clearer and more unconditional.

As you let yourself be more free to create your emotional state and therefore, feel less affected by people, circumstances or situations, life becomes more fun.

As you root deeply into your own soul self, nourishing and acting as the authority on YOU, you become more loving and kind to all life. It's natural. For as you grow to trust yourself you grow to trust others.

As you grow to appreciate yourself, you appreciate others.

As you grow to believe in the reliability of your sovereign inner connection with all that you are, and realize THIS, this inner connection with your SoulSelf is how you are here and how together, you are awakening and ascending...well, then you begin to realize EVERYONE has this current within that is guiding them home.

It's a relief, if you let it inform you.

Although some around you may still feel that they are transmuting things for others and that is there "job"...we encourage you to smile and love them, letting go of any need to change this, or them. This distraction will grow old some time, just as all forms of "us vs. them" will later be clearly identified as 4th dimensional perspectives. Beyond the 4th dimension it's impossible to be concerned about dark forces or "evil" or any type of enemy. These energy states are clearly recognized as structural aspects of polarity; essential in creating duality and which will naturally collapse as the ascension into Oneness progresses. Until then they keep the 3rd dimension structurally available with and for those living in that state of consciousness.  

For those of you becoming Soul-based in your embodiment, this coalescing is changing the game! Empowering you to create the life on earth you want to live...so that you can live, your heaven on earth.

The Eclipse Cycle can be used to further recover your innate relationship to creativity and empowerment. We are inviting you to join us in a sequential experience of co-creation that will support you in not only expanding your personal power, but making big leaps; elevating you to a new state of being, as you move toward the June Solstice and into the rest of this year. So that you can bring your soul song, into expression and elaboration, for your joy and for the remembering within all of humanity of the Oneness that is.

We look forward to co-creating with you, during this powerful time and hope you will gift yourself with the joyful experience of believing in your own divine identity.

With love, we are always with you.

I AM Archangel Michael, with Ashira and the Arcturians and the Council of the Golden Dawn Temple

Eclipse Cycle Events


Igniting the Flow of Your Soul Song

Wednesday, March 9 - Eclipse Opening Event, 1:00 pm pacific time. Approximately 60 minutes.

In this live, channeled event, I'm shown we will explore our leading edge vision of heaven on Earth and ignite the flow of our soul song. Igniting the flow of our soul song is both metaphoric and literal; we will illuminate our vision for heaven on Earth and in doing so, create alignment with the energetic frequencies of that vision. We'll experience a guided meditation that generates an imprint of this vision and tools for referencing, reigniting and stoking the fire of this vision within us. All of this will empower us to emanate the energy of our soul song, both elaborating this into form and action and attracting co-creative soul partners and resonant connections of all kinds.

March, 2016 - Equinox Global Celebration

Sunday, March 20 - Equinox Event,1:00 pm pacific time. Approximately 60 minutes.

Mid-way through the Eclipse Cycle we'll gather to celebrate the Equinox.  We'll look at the progress of planetary ascension, and the future opportunities for conscious evolution. We'll invite support from our non-physical Family of Light to assist us in creating more coherent, clear expression in our human lives and invite attunements and activations for soul-based blended beings on earth -- including each of us -- to thrive. 

Creating the Inner Landscape of Unconditional Love

Wednesday, March 23 - Eclipse Cycle Closing Event,1:00 pm pacific time. Approximately 60 minutes. 

In this live, channeled event, I'm shown we will create through guided energy work, an inner landscape conducive to unconditional love. This experience will be something we can return to again and again, using it to help us shift fully into soul-based embodiment. Our soul self exists beyond conceptual layers of any dimensional expression. As such, by cultivating an inner landscape that helps unconditional awareness to flourish, we merge more fully with our essence and elevate our awareness, our identity and with this create an experience of ever expanding capacity.

Join us! For this empowering series of programs.

Create your journey through this month of amazing potential and potent alignments by quieting, sinking within and opening up a clear, new expression of your embodied life. Embrace your soul-based potentials!



Archangel Michael channeled by Meredith Murphy : 6 March 2016
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