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Archangel Michael: Wake Up! You Are Being Called!

Archangel Michael: Wake Up! You Are Being Called!

I am Michael and I love you very much.

Things are a bit complicated right now.

But in a good way!

How do I mean?

No other than you, can realize how important just you are!

No other than you can uphold your unique light!

You carry a lightpillar that goes wide around, and also high up into the ether.

Your light is filled with everything you need it is a natural part of you.

You have worked in this lifetime, and also in other lifetimes to be here right now, carrying your pillar of light, and why?

You are awaited. Each and everyone of you carry your unique pillar of love, peace and healing.

You all together create a network of the most wonderful healing energies, you actually create a heaven on Earth.

And you need each other. It is a collaboration of love.

Fear, worries, troubles create a distraction from your important job!

You are called by heaven and all the higher dimensions to wake up totally and being refreshed, as you embrace what you asigned to do here.

I love you and I know what difficulties you go through.

But I also know that you have a very high calling and task here on Earth, that you as a soul are asigned to accomplish.

You, in your higher self want me to shake you up! Oh yes!

You do not want to be entagled in things anymore that hinders you.

I will help you focus on what is important to you, because you are so loved and so very much needed in your position.

As for now your position stands empty because you have failed to understand how important you indeed are.

Rise up! Stand up! Wake up! You are called! Your soul is calling you! To be love, and work through the radiance of love and peace, wich is our natural energies.

Negative forces have made you low. Negative beings makes you unfocused of your prime lovework here on earth. 

They - these negative beings are - dilligent in their nasty work. They try to stop you.

Yes it is a war, between the good and the bad. They make you doubt yourself. They make you doubt love. They make you doubt me.

They - these negative energies - make you forget who you truly are.

They need you to slumber, so you do not remember.

Love is the strongest energy. Love is eternal. 

Love will conquer all! Please have faith in love!

So now wake up to your highest potential, because your seat is empty and you are very much needed. You are awaited!

I love you 

Archangel Michael

(This is a message from Archangel Michael through medium Kerstin Eriksson at my blog on 07 July 2022)

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