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Archangel Michael - You Changed Our Decisions

Archangel Michael - You Changed Our Decisions


Don't think that I come here again just to get your attention. But at times, my presence is necessary, with this most profound and incisive aspect of mine to bring you to reality. I never said at any time that your ascension would be an easy process. It's not an easy process, it's not an easy process, it's not going to be an easy process. It's because? Because the determining factor of all this change is just one: their minds; There is no other.

So, I'm going to start the story over, this story that we've been telling here, again from the beginning. Who chose to walk the path away from the power given by Father/Mother God? Who chose to open the door to feelings that do not come from the Divine? Who chose to live new adventures, exercising feelings contrary to Love? Who allowed this planet to drop in vibration? What is the answer? I hope everyone has a single answer: You!

The blueprint for this planet was created with something called free will, where you could make choices, whatever choice you wanted. And your souls have been making these choices for a long time. The souls that are essentially of this planet, many have known the Fifth Dimension, not all are only of the Third. But they let themselves be carried to such a point, in such a way, that they no longer remember anything, they can no longer feel anything they felt at that time.

So, we can say that they are Third Dimensional souls totally, because they forgot what they once lived. The souls who arrived here and who helped to populate this planet, who helped to live the golden age back there, know exactly what I'm talking about. But many have also chosen to have more power than Father/Mother God, have chosen to fall into consciousness. So, there is a sum of desires and wills of the souls that exist here, desires that have terrible consequences for the planet, because it ended up causing this planet to fall to the Third Dimension.

And so, you have lived, each time emanating more and more negative feelings. I would like you to remember just one point: No souls on this planet were born now, they are extremely old souls, they have been here a long time. And with each incarnation lived, it has placed itself on the path of evolution. Yes, you are no longer the barbarians you were long ago, because the Light has always intervened in the ascension and evolution of this planet.

So, I ask each of you: Where have we been all this time? Ah, I answer, in the minds of many, sleeping in the hammock, chatting, drinking juice, catching the sea breeze, leaving human and earthly civilization to self-destruct. So, I tell you this: If we were really lying in the hammock drinking juice and catching the breeze, you would have self-destructed a long time ago. You would not have passed the dark age; this planet would already be a planet with no human life on its surface.

So don't think and don't think that we don't do anything, we just can't change the free will of humanity. Everything you are experiencing is a consequence of your minds and actions, not ours. And be grateful for all that we've done, for you to have come this far, otherwise, as I said, there would be no more life on this planet.

Many insist on thinking that we are watching everything with our arms crossed, doing nothing, just watching you fighting, you killing each other, you self-destructing. And I answer: Unfortunately, really, we can't do anything, because we respect the choices of each soul. When do we act? When a soul realizes the mistakes, he is making and asks for our help. “I want to change; I want to evolve!” Ah, it is the password for us to act.

So, let's think about it this way: Many of you made the same request to us, many of you woke up to Love. So, for some time now we have been working on changing this planet, from timeline to evolution. And that's what's happening. But… no, we don't do anything, we don't help you in anything, we keep lying in the hammock. Now, what do you do to change that? What do you do to change the planet's own vibrations?

Oh yes, I would say that sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, you do beautiful meditations, you pray, you even behave properly. But when the first obstacle appears, you look like those angry children, who stamp their feet wanting something; and then they start screaming, crying, complaining, blaspheming because they have that obstacle in front of them. You fail to realize that each obstacle is a level that you will raise. It's like saying: “Look, you've made it this far, congratulations. So now you have a test, you have a test, so you can move to the next level.”

And so, you instead of filling your hearts with Love, filling your hearts with trust, remembering everything you have already learned and asking first of all for our help: “Help me to overcome this obstacle, with awareness, and expansion of my consciousness., so that I can do it correctly.” It would be a great joy for us to be there by your side, guiding you, showing you in your heart how to overcome that obstacle. But no, you stamp your foot, throw a tantrum, roll on the floor; "I don't want, I don't want, I don't want!" They return to being those Third Dimensional children, who they always were, where the ego speaks louder. “Everything I want, I want to have! So, I scream, I kick, I complain, I hit someone to get what I want!”

So, realize that your egos are still there, huge, big. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: there will be losses. Okay, everyone desperate. “What am I going to lose? Am I going to lose my house, am I going to lose my family, am I going to lose everything I have, am I going to lose my money?” And I ask a question: Are you going to the Fifth Dimension, are you going to take anything? So why “mine”?

Your house is not yours; you don't take it with you. Her family doesn't belong to you, you don't take her with you. Your things are ephemeral, you won't take them with you. Your money will not count in the Fifth Dimension. So why the worry, why the fear of losing? Lose what you don't have? So, watch how you put things. You want to put everything together in a big bag and come pulling. And I tell you that the path is full of stones and nails, which will tear your bag quickly, and you will continue to lose everything, because you will not be able to carry anything.

So, when we say: There will be losses; do the detachment, what do you do? They start that litany of despair, of “What am I going to lose?.” Will you lose what you don't have? You today live in the Third Dimension, within what is needed. With each step, with each level that you climb, much will be left behind, much will change. And if with every step you take, you cry, throw a tantrum, roll on the floor, tap your foot... Look, I'll tell you, the slip will be big, and you'll go back there to the end of the line again. Because apparently, they didn't learn anything, they forgot everything that has already been said here.

Nothing is yours. You are living within what you have for your soul walk, but you will not take anything. So why so much despair, why so much fear of losing everything? Memories stay in the heart, not in the papers. Now if you so need to have the assurance that “what is mine is in my hands,” feel free. What has been said is so that they do not trust what is in the neighbor's hands, not physically, because no one leaves anything physical in the neighbor's hand; they are things that are important to you today and that if they disappear, you will be sad; we don't want that, not right now.

I would say to you that it is a walk of detachment through time. It won't be instantaneous, for those who prepare. Now you take everything literally. Nobody stops to ask us: “Can you explain better what you mean?”

No, they start to spread despair, and then it involves other people who have nothing to do with it, who were balanced and who end up becoming unbalanced too.

And then I ask you: What do you think Gesara/Nesara will be? It's a perfect system, there are no injustices there. But you are still afraid of loss. What losses? You will get what you deserve. Everyone will get what they deserve. So, how is it in your head? Ah, I think I'm going to cause more despair. So, I would say to you the following: The only thought that each of you has to have right now is with your walk.

I've said it here a few times and I'll repeat it because you forgot: Each one will pass what is necessary for the evolution of their soul. "Oh, I'm afraid of starving!" If for your soul to evolve it is necessary for you to starve, you will, even if you have bought an entire market; you will go hungry. The one who didn't buy anything, didn't gather anything, if in his walk it's not written to go hungry, he won't pass. “Ah, but how will this happen?” Either you trust or you don't.

This is the great test; it is to surrender the walk to your evolution. Everyone will go through what they have to go through. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Everyone is where they need to be, no one is in the wrong place. So, if where you are, you will lose everything, but you will leave unharmed and ready to continue the walk, it is a point of evolution of your soul. Now there are those who will remain well placed in their homes, it is also a point of their souls. Each one will pass what is necessary for their evolution, there is no way to change that, there is no way to predict what will come.

So, I don't understand these despairs, I don't understand these imbalances. And don't judge us because we don't do anything. Have you not learned this yet? Everything you go through is a consequence of your vibrations, we can't do anything. Unless there is a consciousness of humanity, so that we can act in the Whole. We hope that you will reach this awareness very soon, we have faith in that. But if every time we speak, you have these attitudes, really that brief one, will be very far away. Because you are not ready, each time you become more unbalanced.

Effectively you are generating your walks, you are driving the change of the planet. And if every moment of doubt reverberates, that moment of change is further and further away. What is missing for you to trust what will come? And it's no use imagining what it will be like, because it's the journey of every soul. You will have to get rid of everything that is there as a shadow in the path of your souls. So, each one will have to go through what they have to go through and if you trust and have courage, you will be fine. Now if you sit, cry, kick and roll on the floor, then you are really signing the term that you don't want to evolve, you just want to complain, you just want to be afraid, you just want to contest.

Really, when we think you're going forward, you take two steps back. And I can say this: Each message each day will be harder to swallow, because the moment is approaching. So, if with each message you push the moment further, then we will have nothing to do, we will simply shut up. And when everything starts to happen, then you'll look at us and say: “Gee, you didn't say anything!” What's the use of talking?

So, if every message drops your vibration, we won't say anything else. You will be taken by surprise, and you will complain all the same. But at this point, we are deciding to do whatever it takes to change this planet. So, if you're not ready to hear anything, you won't listen, you'll be taken by surprise. And then when you realize it, it's already happened, and you haven't had time to do anything. Better that way?

So, it will be. We won't let you know anymore, we'll let you follow your walks. It may be that in this way, you arrive at the necessary point of the great change. And then when that day comes, maybe the crying will be greater, maybe the suffering will be greater, but at least you will be there.

So, this is an option that we will have. We won't tell you anything else, we won't say anything else. Just messages of optimism, messages of love, messages of overcoming. We will not let you know any more, so that you learn to simply trust.

We will let you follow the path, without knowing how it will be, you will be taken by surprise. Then don't complain, but we know that you will complain a lot, that we didn't warn you, that we didn't give you the chance to do anything. For what? For you to push the whole process backwards?

So, we won't say any more, let's continue the walk, let's continue the way we've been doing. We don't have time for this coming and going of your vibration, there's no more. The vibration of the planet has already dropped too much with this war, we need to push the planet forward. When I say planet, I'm not referring to Gaia, because Gaia is already ahead; I'm referring to the human race.

So, let's push the human race forward, giving everyone a chance to make their own changes; but no alerts, no warnings, just showing that we are there, all the time, and whatever happens, we will be by your side, as long as you ask for our help. So, we're done here, any kind of warning that we could give. You won't have it anymore. We had planned a sequence of warnings, so you guys get ready, it doesn't work. And don't think that you are few, because you vibrate in a very high range and this range has a higher speed than the lower ranges. So, whatever you emanate quickly spreads across the planet.

So, we won't do that anymore. We will go, as you say, to plan “B.” A plane where the world is wonderful, everything is right, and you will be taken by surprise. We will do nothing more. Yes, we will be, giving you strength, showing that we are there, giving you ways to protect yourself, giving you the paths for you to clean your walks; this we will do. But you won't know anything else. This was the path you chose. And no, it's no use asking us to change. It's a decision made. Let's emanate only Love, nothing else. That's what you want, so that's what you'll get. Our walking aid, that's all.

What will happen up there, when it happens, you will know. We are changing everything starting today. And rest assured, we are with each one of you who asks for our help, and who trusts in our help, and who trusts that whatever happens, we will be on our side. Every choice has a consequence. And indeed, we are choosing today to let you lead the process by raising your vibrations. Let's change tactics, so that you effectively raise your vibrations and each one exercises what you have already learned. Now, when everything starts to happen, don't look to the skies and ask where we are. We are where we have always been, always respecting your free will and choices.

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