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Keep Energy Vampires Away - Archangel Michael

Keep Energy Vampires Away - Archangel Michael


what a person really fights is the fight for energy! There are two ways to get energy:

  1. by finding the source in yourself or
  2. by looking for energy on the outside, that is, from those around you.

Today, as more and more people are stressed by the events of the time up to mental and physical breakdown, the supply of sufficient life energy is more important than ever. More and more people are seized by crises of meaning and fewer and fewer can hide the fact that they are fortunate enough to be missing something. So they go on a search - and they find you!

The energy vampire begins his work: people who avoid the transformation work need an external source of energy so that they somehow manage their lives. In doing so, these people develop an incredible instinct for where and from whom they can receive or tap energy.

You have probably already experienced that, you have had a "nice" conversation with someone - and afterwards you are so drained as if you had carried stones all day. There is only one thing:

Stop having nice conversations! 'Small talk' gets nowhere!

I experience this very often in the playground! My son (10 years old) loves playgrounds, his friends and nature. Of course, mums and dads, parents and helicopter parents are not far away either. What do you do? They talk to each other and dump each other on what complains them. There is basically nothing wrong with doing this if this is done carefully and reflected. However, most people have no need to reflect on anything. On the other hand, they like to dump their problems and dramas on the next best.


Therefore the first and most important task is to recognize: What does this person want from me? Does he want to impose his problems on me without changing anything in himself, or is he looking for advice on how to change something?

This is the basis on which either valuable exchange or useless talk takes place.

Be worth it to yourself only to stay longer where it makes sense.

Decide for yourself what you want to be for your friends and fellow human beings: a sponge that soaks up everything, or a mirror in which the next person can look at himself?

Many people don't realize that all the answers are already there. Many have no idea that the source of energy is within them. Many are simply looking in the wrong place. And you're always in the wrong place!

“You ask for a rose - don't run away from the thorns. You ask about your beloved - don't run away from yourself. ”  Rumi

And half of humanity is running away from itself - at least!

I have developed a very effective method for approaching energy vampires! I show myself to the adults, at the playground for example, very closed, almost inaccessible. That got me a lot of angry looks at the beginning. But today, 4 years later, I am fully accepted and people know that they have come to the wrong address with "small talk".

In very stubborn cases, I'm a little - sometimes a little more - unfriendly. That always works! Because people who want to steal energy from you usually have a very large ego and are easily offended. That is a very clear characteristic of energy vampires, they relate everything to themselves, always start from themselves and always infer others from themselves. Their drama is also your drama or it has to be! The bird's eye view is largely alien to them. If it were otherwise, they wouldn't be energy vampires.


So make this fundamental decision for yourself, what do you want to be: sponge or mirror? After that everything is easy and it only takes a little practice and you are the master of your energy balance.

Still, it can often happen that you feel overwhelmed for no reason. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. You were in a crowd (shopping, event, etc.) or
  2. You are energetically besieged or attacked on a subtle level.


There is this powerful affirmation for both situations:

ME, (give your name here)



Some people have a problem with the word "destroy". An archangel doesn't do that! Then you don't know ARCHANGEL MICHAEL badly. Because one of his main tasks is to dissolve energy that has no justification, to lead it into the light, to send it back to the addressee or to destroy it.

Evil thoughts, curses or curses can be lifted, neutralized or destroyed.

In order for something new to grow and arise, sometimes something old has to be destroyed. Sometimes there is simply no longer an addressee to whom energy can be returned.

As long as you don't know the exact assignments yourself, always ask ARCHANGEL MICHAEL for it. You will be amazed how effective this is and how quickly you are freed from foreign energies.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL usually comes to me with a pleasant, cool breeze. This is especially wonderful in summer. I experienced it for the first time around 17 years ago. At that time I was still working as a waiter in a Viennese café. At that time I was in the midst of very intensive transformation processes and my workplace was energetically cleaned and adjusted. One day it was necessary to remove some old energies that were stubbornly stuck in the walls and especially in the bar area, which was hardly frequented. I spoke this affirmation and immediately the vibration changed. After about an hour I felt that the energy was completely exchanged.

At that time it was unique for me in this quality and even my work colleagues noticed that something had changed in the restaurant.

"Somehow there is a different energy here, more relaxed and peaceful …" a colleague told me some time later, without saying a word about it. It was also noticeable that the next day the bar area filled with a lot of guests and that it stayed that way from that day on. In the evening the bar was a hit! So we also had a measurable increase in sales. Fortunately, after this energetic cleansing by ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, we never saw certain "regular guests", whom we had already experienced as predominantly problematic. Obviously she had kept the new vibration away. Oh and by the way: Angels are not only "destroyers", they also talk about sex! They do this in such a relaxed and natural way that it would surprise you. But this is another story.

So energy vampires show themselves in different ways and they have to be dealt with differently or it is best not to meet them at all!

Have you ever asked yourself why famous people are often very dismissive and unfriendly? This is purely a protective measure to prevent energetic attacks - of course, those who always want to be loved by everyone will rarely say NO or STOP: sponge or mirror - to be a victim or to act self-determined?


Maybe you worry too much about what others think of you. Just put that down. Whistle it! It doesn't matter what anyone thinks of you, as long as you are at peace with your decisions. Never orientate yourself according to the environment! Be free and live free! The corona lockdowns or other oddities shouldn't change that. This is true self-love, everything else is conformity:

“When I really began to love myself, I freed myself from everything that was not healthy for me, from food, people, things, situations and everything that kept pulling me down, away from myself. At first I called healthy selfishness, but now I know that is SELF LOVE. ”  Charlie Chaplin

That is why the inside look, transformation and awareness work is so crucial. You really find EVERYTHING in you.

Rumi: “I tried to find him on the Christian cross, but he wasn't there. I went to the Hindu temples and the ancient pagodas, but I couldn't find any trace of him anywhere. I looked for him in the mountains and valleys, but neither in height nor in depth did I see myself able to find him. I went to the Kaaba in Mecca, but he wasn't there either. I questioned the scholars and philosophers, but he was beyond their understanding. I checked my heart, and there it lingered when I saw him. He cannot be found anywhere else. "


  • Pay attention to who you are dealing with and what. What does a person really want from you?
  • Pay attention to the environment in which you are staying and for how long.
  • Say NO, say STOP and STOP! If this is difficult for you, train it on less important things first. Play with it and practice until you have control over yourself with ease. If you find it easy to say NO, then the lesson is internalized. Only those who master the "little things" are ready for great things.
  • Call out ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and await the unexpected.

Learn to master energy manipulations instead of going down with the suffering of individuals or the pain of the world.

Now you are prepared for this time in which more and more people lose their bearings and still hold on to their attitudes, opinions and beliefs until the end.

To do this, they are looking for support on the outside. Maybe with you too? But are you in the right place?

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