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Receive Archangel Michael's Profound Light Activation To Re-Energize Your Body


"Greetings Beloved Ones,

We send you blessings of Love and Joy, in this now moment, and we invite you, to open your heart to our message for you...

You have made it through the energies of Mercury Retrograde!

Now, you can allow for the highly supportive energies to assist you with all your wonderful projects!

You are in the unique position to embark on a journey of many energy shifts. All of these shifts will allow you to drop more and more of the old belief systems and even replace old cellular structures of your physical vehicles with new ones. 

Yes, your cellular structure is renewing itself to accommodate for your new and higher dimensional environment.

Your scientists are awakening as well and with their newly opened minds, they are capable of finding more and more evidence that the human body can renew, regrow and rejuvenate itself. 

The reversal of aging, for example, has begun for many and your life expectancy is beginning to climb higher and higher, and with it your overall health is beginning to improve more and more. 

The way you eat is changing into higher evolved ways and with that you are eliminating more and more that, which caused you to you age faster. 

The intake of more plant based, live foods will allow you to eat higher vibrational food and therefore, renew your cellular structure into a higher dimensional functionality. This allows for higher amounts of Light to flow through the cells of your body and with that, you are aligning yourself naturally with the higher dimensions. 

Also, your meditations are assisting in this process greatly. 

We know how much you love our meditations and so, we are delighted to share with you a meditation, that will allow for more Light to flow through you: 



Breathe deeply...


Imagine a golden light within your heart center...

Imagine this golden light to expand into your body...

Imagine this golden light to expand into your aura...

Imagine this golden light to expand into the room that you're in...

Around you are all your Angels and Guides, smiling at you with love...

Bring your awareness to your heart center... 

From there, see, feel and perceive a golden white ray traveling upwards into the Cosmos...

Follow this Golden Ray to the Great Central Sun... the heart of Source...

State your intent to receive the appropriate amount of Light for your physical cells...

Open your arms to receive this highest vibration of Light...

Breathe it in, Beloveds...

Now, as you are filled with this Light, travel back on this golden white ray into your heart center...

From there, allow for the Light Energy you have brought with you, to expand into your physical body...

Feel your entire body being filled... all the way to your finger tips, into your feet and into your head...

When you feel complete, return to this now moment. 

Welcome back!

We recommend to do this meditation every morning to rejuvenate your physical vehicle and to begin to connect more and more with the higher dimensions. 

We are truly enjoying walking beside you and we are here to assist you, every step of the way.

Dear One, you are loved beyond measure and we are with you - always.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth."


Thank you Archangel Michael! :-)


 ~ Asara ~  has been trance-channeling Adama of Telos and  Archangel Michael since 2005 for audiences all over the world. After two near death experiences as a child and coming from a long line of Light workers, she dedicated her life to be of service for the Highest Good and Benefit of Humanity. www.teloschannel.com

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