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Reading For 11/11 - Angel Message


Reading for 11/11 /2017

This day is a beautiful energy day..that opens a gate that you can enter. You can choose to enter it or not. It is up to you.. but I want you to know that when you accept to go through it.

It' s possible that you start to realize that whatever comes up in your mind during those processes, it can come up as doubt. Understand? Your thought process will be so clear that you start to understand how "doubt" is working inside you. And you will realize that deep down your doubt has a profound meaning.

It means that you are aware it is time to reach the SOUL, to reach the Self, the Divine Guidance, and you know it's in your heart. It is time to WAKE UP in this EXISTENCE on earth. Don't let your mind mislead you ( = doubt). Understand, the work is NOW.

YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP NOW. It's a big work, it can be a hard work. Don't think you don't have to do anything, it will not happen by itself. But YOU ARE READY to start.. the flow is open.. you can enter the gate.. time is NOW. We all love you and support you. Many are here to help in an unconditional way. Don't go into the doubt.. go through the Gate. We love you , we go with you.. we take your hand.. you are not alone.

Let's go..

 Martina Consciousness 

Consciousnes Martina ( copyright, Torremans Martina, Belgium)
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