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The Value of An Invisible Planet Rising

The Value of An Invisible Planet Rising

We all have Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto somewhere in our charts. These “invisible” planets help us to remember our connection with Spirit as learn how to be our Highest Self even when we must be “invisible” to the world.

I have Pluto rising. I know it very well. I have been a solitary creature my entire life. It’s definitely put me in various states of “quarantine” since I was born. I suppose it’s my Moon in Aquarius which keeps me connected with people, since my Pluto has no problem being in solitude, even for extended periods.

I learned the value and inevitability of times of solitude along the way, of course, through the trials which threw me into the underworld of my existence. Whether the extremely high fevers of my childhood, the sheltering in when a CAT 4 and other powerful hurricanes blew through our region, or staying at home during the Bay of Pigs and being told if missiles were launched we were 8 minutes away from nuclear annihilation during the Cuban Missile Crisis, I learned early on there are times not to go outside. I also learned that fear is a dangerous disease, and utterly useless in dealing with what we fear. As I learned courageously to face my fear, I found my fear vanishing like yesterday’s clouds.

During these times, as well as my adult experiences of needing to shelter in for all kinds of reasons, I’d turn inward, and occupy my time with whatever productive things called my mind. Crises were certainly a great time for me to feel fear and expunge it from my mind. When I couldn’t go into the outer world, like a seed (ruled by Pluto) I’d submerge into the soil of my depth existence, and do whatever was in front of me until the next time of sprouting into the outer world.

In this quarantine, I’ve found I have plenty to do. I don’t mind being at home, “invisible to the world” as it were. There’s plenty we can do when we concentrate. Newton did some of his best work when in quarantine from the Black Plague. I’m continuing to write and do chart sessions for my clients. There is much to do when we’re not distracted by going here and there.

In fact, in the past there were times when my “self-exile” were a perfect camouflage which helped me survive in some incredibly toxic situations where I couldn’t leave but also didn’t dare say or do anything to attract any attention. Sometimes we must endure outer conditions until they change or we are free to leave. That’s a universal which teaches us how to use our Saturn virtues to structure our lives as we move through deep transformational circumstances which will changes us forever.

My wife has Uranus rising, another “invisible” planet. Throughout her life, she too has enjoyed her solitude and “invisibility” as she went about fulfilling her unique work as an elementary school reading specialist. Awakening minds from a place of relative invisibility is very Uranian! Other Uranus rising people I’ve known were brilliant, eccentric, and had no problem with working in solitude, sometimes preferring that to having others around.

I have known countless people with Neptune rising, and they too are comfortable with a “cloaked” somewhat hermit like existence, known to many and yet very few. While they may have trouble figuring out who they are from time to time, they also have no problem with spending time in solitude, secure within the ocean of their own self-awareness.

We all have the “outer invisibles” somewhere in our chart. Whether in an angle, on an angle, or hanging out in one of the other houses, we can use our Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto functions to find higher realizations and skills, occupying our time to improve our spiritual awareness and “response abilities.” All we have to do is remember that Saturn is the natural keeper of time and boundaries in any period, and use our time to improve our Saturn responses.

The virtues of Pluto have forced me to deal with my Saturn response. The virtues of Uranus have forced my wife to deal with hers. Saturn gives us the patience, maturity, and ability to structure our lives so we make good use of solitude, as well as the times we get to hang out with people. And the digital age has made it much easier to connect in between our times of solitude.

Every outer planet rising person I’ve ever known hasn’t minded their solitude, and often prefer it to others’ company. That implies it is in the nature of our spiritual Self to know the value of solitude, and use that solitude to contact higher realms of awareness and a deeper connection to Source. As Jupiter is radically expanding our Pluto potential right now wherever we have late Capricorn, this is the time to use Plutonic energies wisely so it’s expanding into purifying our mind, feelings, and actions rather than the dread of annihilation.

As Pluto rules the Divine Law of Economy of energy, we can all use this time of being “expanded submerged seeds” to strip away all that is unworthy of our spiritual Self. This is the time to use the discipline of Capricorn to see the future potential of the seeds which will sprout after the final Jupiter conjunction with Pluto later this year.

Even if you don’t have Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto rising or on an angle, you’ve still had to deal with those types of energies at some point in your life. Remember that if you have one of these in the 2nd or first part of the 3rd house, they will rise by progression, and at some point probably wind up in your progressed first house, even if they aren’t conjuncted by your progressed Ascendant. If you have one of these in the 11th or first part of the 12th house, they will culminate over the course of your life, eventually conjuncted by your progressed Midheaven.

If you have one or more of these in the 8th or first part of your 9th house, they will descend by progression, and will work out their transformational energies through your relationships, since over the course of your life they will “set” into the 7th house. And if you have them in the 5th or first part of your 6th house, they will sink over the course of your life into the “evolving foundations” of the progressed IC.

This time of enforced solitude will pass. Eventually all plagues pass away, and humanity is free to stand in the sunlight again, celebrating the renewal of life after that which threatens us all. That’s why how we handle our time of solitude will determine what type of life we’ll have after our quarantine.

As I offered you yesterday, how we live during this crisis will determine a lot on the other side. This is a perfect time to take stock of our blessings. It is a perfect time to show appreciation to our loved ones and friends. It is a perfect time to slow down, go inward, and reconnect with Spirit, with Source, and with the Earth Herself.

My recent video conferences, as well as the ones I’m planning for April and May, make me appreciate the digital age, since we can spend time with people in many ways we never could before computers and face time and face book and zoom and IM and Instagram and all the other ways we check in with each other these days. I have a feeling this is our short term solution for interacting with each other when we cannot share physical space.

Again, I am connecting with others, connecting with the Earth, connecting with myself, connecting with Source. This is my care plan for outlasting this plague. I hope you will join me.

We are Spirits learning how to deal with this mysterious strange thing we call “life on Earth.” This means remembering we are part of Nature Herself, and not separate from Life or each other for even a moment.

This is a time to remember our Oneness and connect with others, connect with Earth, and connect with ourselves. I hope you will join us.

© Copyright 2020 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com
Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with persmission from Robert Wilkinson.


© Copyright 2020 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com

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Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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