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Adding Your Thread to the Universal Tapestry


Brenda Hoffman

Dear Ones,

The next few days will produce multiple changes in your 3D life. Many have channeled something similar for years – “This is it. This is the big shift. Ascension will happen at 10 pm and on and on” None of which altered your life much. You continued to work, care for your children and shop for groceries.

This is not about a catastrophic ending as would be true if all who wished to ascend to another locale did so; earth exploded or aliens landed in the great plains of the United States. This shift is internal, as the majority have been throughout this transition. But this shift is larger than most, if not all.

The past few days you shut down your personal being – with notable memory lapses of words, people and places – only to restart now or within a few days.

If you think of new software, you do not always understand how the features perform or how to use your new software’s capabilities. So you click buttons in what you think is the right pattern or you hire someone to teach you about your new software. Even though both approaches are appropriate in this transition, few will completely understand their software, much less yours.

This transition is uniquely individualized so each being has software specifically designed to move them along their path. Even though others may comprehend pieces of your software, they are not you.

As you move further along your path, fewer beings of ANY dimension will have answers for you.

You are like an astronaut venturing into space. Even though the command center – on the spaceship or earth – provides direction and helpful hints, command center beings are not flying in space as are you. You listen to their suggestions and apply them… if appropriate.

You no longer need outside sources to move you along your path.

You may find others’ information fascinating – to better help you understand what is happening or to “click” your thought processes in place. But those pieces of information are not you. You are a unique being with a Universal tapestry thread of tone, color and function like no other.

What happens to the Universal tapestry if you decide not to continue? Others will fill in the hole or holes not completed by your thread. Such is not a doomsday prediction, merely a statement of truth. You are unique.

You, with all beings now of earth (including plants, animals and inanimate objects), who wish to create the tapestry will do so thread by thread. Missing threads will indeed change the composition, but not the overall effect. Just as a Belgium tapestry is a tapestry – whatever the color or scene.

If you cannot continue – perhaps you are tired, frightened, bored or have other interests – do not fret, the tapestry is being created.

But after the tapestry is complete and your portion has been filled in with other threads, know that your new earth role will shift from what you anticipated before entering earth at this lifetime to something more directed by the tones, colors and design of those now creating it.

This is an extremely important time in your new earth transition.

If you are comfortable adding your thread to the tapestry, you merely need to accept your role and new information will be provided from various command centers and your inner-being. If you are not comfortable at this moment, allow yourself to move aside so your piece of the tapestry can be completed.

This appears to be a dire warning, almost a threat. So it is in a way.

Those of you reading this information have contemplated, meditated, pursued, learned, read, projected and hoped for this piece for eons. You can no longer ask for more time or more information. It is happening now.

An Olympic athlete does not question whether he or she is gong to perform their skill during the Olympics. It is a given that when their portion of the skill set is required, they will do their best. So it is for you now.

You are ready. You have prepared and you know. You can feel within your being that something is happening. Allow yourself to accept and act on that feeling.

Reboot your personal computer being and access those skills your inner-being directs you to. Know that you have the knowledge and expertise to perform at a gold medal level. Allow yourself to be. So be it. Amen.


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