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The 5D Basic


Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel as if your transition is moving too slowly – or too rapidly. You are confused and angry for that which you wish to create is not yet available, and that which you wish would not happen is.

Your thought processes are awash with multiple pieces of information – most of which include the hidden word, ‘should.’

Perhaps you believe that such is not so, that you are following your inner voice. But whatever you believe you should be doing, the first question always needs to be, “Is this action or thought process giving me joy?”

Some of you believe that you must shift the world or yourself as rapidly as possible, that you are, in a sense, a world savior and to complete that task you must ignore your joy.

Even though perhaps counterintuitive to many, you can ONLY save the world by living your joy. It is the totality of joyful light you emit in unison that will shift the world.

For you to believe you must protest or say this or act in this or that fashion because those thoughts and actions are aligned with your hopes for the earth, is to follow 3D shoulds instead of your inner joy.

That is not to say you cannot protest or speak out if such provides you with an inner joy, but that you are not helping anyone, least of all yourself if you speak out because you believe you should.

Many of you are terrified that the actions of today will create more hatred tomorrow, that if you do not speak up, the current earth chaos and hatred will only grow deeper. You are assessing these issues with 3D historical perspectives.

In 3D, everyone needed to think similar thoughts – and to counter hate with hate to do so.

Even though individual 5D thoughts are unique, those thoughts create a more harmonious whole than was possible in 3D. For your 5D beliefs are no longer based on hate or fear, they are formulated from love – including self-love.

This is indeed a confusing time for you as you float in and out of 5D or beyond, yet live in a fading 3D world. So it is you most often approach hate in a 3D fashion. You gather with like-minded people to discuss the outrageousness of whatever is counter to your dominant belief pattern – fully believing you are doing so out of love.crystalwind.ca

In truth, your actions are of 3D love. You have, for the most part, yet to discover 5D or beyond love.

So it is you become angry with 3D actions that are unlike your 3D belief patterns expecting the chaos to continue unless you do so.

You feel as if you are earth’s savior. That without your continued strident approach to the chaos, the world will be lost.

This is no longer a 3D earth with 3D chaos, nor are you of 3D. It is time for you to create a new approach. One that is unique to you and lights your beacon of joy.

Of course, you are now asking to have your new, correct path outlined so that you can perform as you SHOULD. There are no shoulds in 5D and beyond. What gives you joy? Protesting? Reading a book? Camping? Working? Watching children play? Yoga? That is your protest. That is how you will rid the world of the current chaos.

Of course, such a path seems counter-intuitive, lazy, even inappropriate – but then, those thoughts are based on the struggles of yourself and others in 3D.

This is a new time and a new life. You are learning 5D basics. And the key to all 5D basics is to follow your joy. Do what feels wonderful to you, and you will rid the earth of its current chaos. Your beacons of joy will illuminate the earth so those with shadow aspects they are not willing to acknowledge will have few places to hide.crystalwind.ca

Continue to scream, “This is not right, why are others not thinking and acting as I believe they should?” and the shadow aspects of all are given more power.

Joy lights your beacon. Fear eliminates your beacon. Your need to have others think and act as you believe they should or from a historical perspective merely feeds fear and reduces light.

For your light is dimmed or eliminated when you function in fear. So be it. Amen.

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