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A Special Message to Lightworkers - Nov 3, 2019

A Special Message to Lightworkers - Nov 3, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

An excerpt from the Collective’s new eBook, Self-Love & Inner Peace: The Collective Offer Guidance for Inner Healing.

From Chapter 2: Releasing a Former Spouse or Romantic Partner

The false, often broken self that so many live inside of—a false self, full of energy interferences and old trauma—will often reach out to someone who lives in the same sort of patterning.

That friend, partner or spouse simply plays opposite them, having grown up in the same drama that they did.

So long as the patterns of abuse, abandonment, neglect, betrayal, or disrespect are not fully addressed or realized, you will keep living them out.

Often people will meet up with the same person, life after life. In each new Earth life setting, their partner again plays abuser to their victim (or victim to their abuser). 

Do you intentionally set it up this way, so that you can finally overcome the abuse and stand on your own? Of course. 

But understand that you can meet up with the same being over and over, in hundreds of Earth lives, and still never overcome the patterning that places you as their victim or accomplice. 

We would say that one of the biggest gifts you can possibly give yourself is to realize that you are actually not a victim.

You designed your life chart before reincarnating so that you would absolutely meet up with this same being yet again.

In each life, you determined that this time, you would spot their clever game of threats and manipulation, cut all ties, and renounce your “victim” status for all time.

Unfortunately, Earth energies are so dense that most people do not remember this decision.

They don’t remember why they set themselves up to once again be used by this person. 

And so you marry or befriend or in some way live with and trust this person whom you later remember with bitterness and anger, once you have finally cleared them out of your life, unaware of the role they played, often at your behest while you were both still in the etheric realms.

Ending Soul Contracts

Be aware that breaking up with someone, divorcing them, resigning from working with them, or in some other way cutting them out of your life, is never enough!

The etheric connection is still in place, because the original soul contract is still in place, in which you vowed to experience servitude or humiliation or other forms of destruction at their hands. 

It is vital that you now dissolve the soul contracts between you and all other groups and individuals, particularly those who have harmed you, or whom you have harmed in this or any life. 

Otherwise, the cycle is still in place.

Light Beings are sensitive folk, and most never fully adjust to the density of Earth life, or having to live in a dense body.

They also don’t understand choosing cruelty, irresponsibility toward the Earth or Her beings, lack of compassion, or lack of a long-range vision for Earth and humanity.

Their personal lives are often a mish-mash of Joyful moments mixed in with anger, grief, and bitterness over how they and others have been treated. When asked, “What is hardest for you about the past—the things you have never really gotten over?” a number of Lightworkers answered:

“Other people have made decisions that affect me, and I still haven’t recovered. My ex left me alone with three kids 10 years ago.

He still isn’t a dad for them. I’ve not remarried or recovered financially. It not only hurt me, but our children deeply. It’s hard not to blame him for my troubles.”

“Multiple traumas causing a separation, and a desire to be fully reintegrated on all levels of my being.”

“My former husband out of the blue walking away from our marriage and two beautiful boys—never really totally putting that to rest. I wish I’d never married him or had two boys with him, because he also hurt the boys.”

“Abuse from parents and ex-husband. Losing my oldest son.”

“Understanding how cruel and self-centered adult males can be.”

“My last relationship. I feel I was with a narcissistic woman, and after years of being apart I can’t seem to let her go.”

“Heartbreak from past relationships. I’ve been working hard to heal it, but it still comes back to haunt me at times. Like there is something about it I am just not getting.”

“I’ve been divorced for quite a few years and I really thought I’d be in a new relationship by now.”

“The shattering process that led to my Awakening has been the hardest part. The destruction of my family was a side effect, and the terrible experience I had in court. I’ve gained so much, but can’t feel whole without trying to reconstruct my family.”

We offer compassion and support to all these Light Beings.

You will note common themes here: Retaining the shock of being betrayed or abandoned by someone they loved and trusted.

Feeling guilty that children were hurt by the marriage and breakup. The feeling of being haunted by the events and personalities of the past.

The phrase “a desire to be fully reintegrated on all levels of my being” is a brilliant one.

It stands quietly behind all the other statements—it is what all of these brilliant beings are asking for, whether they realize it consciously or not . . .

Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan
I channel messages from the Collective, a group of ascended fifth and sixth dimensional Lightworkers who serve under the Ashtar Command.
The Ascension path can be challenging.
The energy and information on this site are here to support you–to help you create more clarity, wisdom, abundance, Love, and well-being, as you’re ascending to a fifth dimensional life. Source Here

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