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Lady Hagar: Learning From Life

Lady Hagar: Learning From Life

I am Hagar and I am very old. I have lived on Earth in many lives and all my experiences are my wisdom.

A long time ago I lived as someone´s wife and I learned what that was like.

But I have lived many other lives too as I said and the focus can become a little: out of line?

It comes down to: what do I bring with me when I leave?

When I leave the life as a wife to a well-known man and go back to heaven then it comes down to what?

It comes down to what I learned about love and about compassion and about gratefulness to life itself.

Life is not a game or a challenge to win over someone else, or to gather as much gold as possible.

When we leave to go to heaven, we go back to our eternal home. 

In heaven we know! We know that love is the only energy that is eternal. And we know that no wisdom on Earth can be bought with money.

No heavenly wisdom can be found by controlling other people either. Or making women lower in rank for that matter. 

The ultimate truth is that men that need to control women are no men at all. They lack that important insight that women are, really ARE.

Women are little copies of Mother Earth and are totally essential to all life.

A man that needs to control and master a woman to gain strength, or power actually lacks a soul. A man that lacks a soul can not hear the holy voice of a loving God or Goddess.

A tree with a rotten branch needs to be cut off to not harm the entire tree. The tree is a living being and only love can make the tree survive. Only good care can make it live. 

Sometimes a tree lacks water and branches fall off by themselves because it is too dry.

Faith is like water; a good faith is liquid that is essential to life itself. To life itself there needs to be balance, a good balance always.

In a relationship between woman and man there needs to be a good balance and a good faith, or there will be to drought and the relationship will lack energy to continue.

Earth, our dear planet is a woman with a womb, and this has been threatening to some men, especially men in religious churches. They knew that women are little wombs of Earth, little grails, that can carry life, carry children.

Some men in religion want to oppress women, to make them forget how important they really are. 

If they say God have led them to this they lie! God has never wanted to oppress women - never! NEVER!

God is good and wants it to be a good balance between the female and male energies. God always wanted this! And still do!

No leader of church or of state can claim that their own bad doings are in the name of God, because God does not agree at all.

God knows how important women are to life, to Earth. God has never, never, and never wanted any woman to be badly treated because of her gender, (nor for any other reason of course.)

Women are equal to men. God values women very highly as they have special gifts to aid Mother Earth in ways that men can´t. Men are supposed to aid women in their work with Gaia. Men are supposed to protect women that help Mother Earth and help life on Earth.

So in this letter today is me Hagar and also God making a statement!

The sex, the gender is holy, both women and men are equally important, and no one should be treated less or be treated as more important either.

What is all coming down to is what you do! No matter what sex you have!

How you choose to treat other beings, whether it is a human being or another being, like a dog, cat, pig, horse, ant or a whale or a plant or a tree or whatever that lives on Earth.

God does not see your sex first. God knows you of course, but does not see your body at first, no, firstly God sees your gratitude, God feels your intentions and if they come from your heart, if they come from your good heart - or not.

You are a vessel. You hold your intentions as in a little cup.

This is what God is most interested in and sees first. 

God feels your intentions, and your faith, your hope and your love is a colorful painting for God to study and for God to guide you through.

Give yourself a personal sanctuary, and contemplate over what makes you truly happy in your good heart, 

Give yourself a meditation each day, as well as a prayer in the sunrise to sow the seeds for the day.

Please take the time for yourself to dream and fantasise about what is your highest and most important hope for the future. And why should you do this?

This is so important! That you take your own personal time! Take your time to feel your hearts joy and let your creativity flow into the holy sanctuary of your inner garden, because it is how you manifest, it is how you transform your dreams into your own reality, your own realm.

You can dream, fantasise, meditate, say a prayer, no matter what gender you have! 

Follow your heart and believe in your dreams and start creating the new loving beautiful reality of Earth!

We love you 

Hagar and God

Lady Hagar is a biblical character. She was an Egyptian slave, a handmaiden of Sarah (then known as Sarai), whom Sarah gave to her own husband Abram (later renamed Abraham) as a wife to bear him a child, according to the Book of Genesis. Ishmael, Abraham's firstborn son through Hagar, became the progenitor of the Ishmaelites, commonly referred to as Arabs. The Quran mentions Hagar, but does not name her, and Islam regards her as Abraham's second wife.

(Channeled through Kerstin Eriksson 13 November 2022)

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(A channeling with Archangel Uriel through Kerstin Eriksson
Since the year 2014 written 3 books. Channelings with God, Mary Magdalene and Thor the Archangels.

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