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Merlin on Mercury Retrograde and Venus

Merlin on Mercury Retrograde and Venus

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius (and Capricorn) began a few hours ago!

While channeling Merlin earlier this week, I asked him about the Mercury retrograde which begins now – as well as Mercury’s joint retrograde with Venus (through January 29).

Here is what came through:

“When Mercury goes retrograde, you actually go back to your origins. You attune to the pulse of the planet, which is why there is Mercury in thermometers gauging the temperature of how you connect to each other.

So, every Mercury retrograde is actually a cause for celebration, as you are more easily able to connect you to subtle vibrations.

Now, Venus retrograde happening at the same time is actually of vital importance.

Venus enhances your ability to sense subtle realms of love.

And the sign of Capricorn that Venus is in, represents a new Venus cycle which Mercury retrograde is helping to birth and bring into your conscious awareness.

There is a message of love here – communicating love, communicating through the lens of, or the temperature of warmth. The temperature gauge is being set to a degree that warms up your heart to feel and taste and share everything loving.

Venus is connected to so much that is missing from people's lives – the basics of pleasure, beauty, creative expression and prosperity.

  • Venus is actually a very powerful planet and has been neglected.
  • This joint retrograde with Mercury is bringing the language of Venus, the Venusian talking points, back into your life and your conversations.

You will talk and speak and write and express more on those basic human joys that Venus brings, the things we overlook and don't see, the beauty of anything that captures your subtle attention.

That is Venus. Venus, enjoys. Venus basks in the art of anything that uplifts.

So you want to, before you speak and communicate, tune into that vibrational frequency of pleasure.

  • Love what you're saying. Love what you're thinking.
  • Be in love with it before you share it.

This is the message of these two planets retrograding at once.

And with both planets touching the sign of Capricorn, the seriousness of the matter is deepened.

Capricorn takes life at face value, is very dependable and very responsible. So your responses, the way you say things, word things will be vital moving forward, because your words are calibrating how you choose to even experience energy.

You have that choice to make at any moment. When something is said to you, do you take that “retrograde space” reflection moment?

Do you take that breath before responding?

The responsibility of your response needs to be rooted in beauty and joy.

This is the fusing of Mercury and Venus at its most profound.

And it is one of the main messages.

Another one is to see Venus in a new light. This planet is going to play a bigger and bigger role, and you will remember that the things that inspire you the most are very much Venus-related.

  • Venus is intimately connected to feeling welcomed.

When you relax and appreciate the things that are not being pushed or expected of you, or judged and compared to you, when you don't succumb to that pressure, you are in the world of Venus, which truly accepts and loves and brings your life into relaxation.

Venus has been neglected.

Venus in Capricorn will not stand for that.

This is why Mercury had to join Venus in this particular retrograde in 2022, the year that we celebrate many of Venus’ qualities. 2022 is connected to love and pleasure and abundance, just like Venus.”

Have a beautiful Mercury/Venus retrograde!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

Tania Gabrielle is a Wealth Astro-Numerologist, spiritual teacher, author, composer and speaker. She has coached thousands of clients and entrepreneurs worldwide — helping them to design prosperous lives by leveraging the secret numbers’ code in their names, birthday and personal cycles.

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