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The Collective: We Are Here To Support You On This Journey

The Collective: We Are Here To Support You On This Journey

Jesus/Sananda - Anael - Spokesperson For The White Brotherhood Collective.

Dear souls of Light, we greet you. We welcome your presence at our side. I say we because, tonight, I represent a collective of Beings of Light, whom you know as the White Brotherhood.

I am, believe it or not, the one you called Jesus. My soul name, spirit out of matter, is Sananda, and it is as such that I come to you today to represent, I repeat, this group. So, several energies will cross Sylvain, several energies will cross this message, not that it is more important than the others, but that we really want and need to show you that we are there.

We are here in this moment in your history. We are here in this time of revelations, a time that has been foreseen, predicted, announced, for so long, a time that you hope will be fast and yet will be a slow time, a successive time, a time that will use all the necessary period, to arrive at a conscious evolution of each of you.

So why do we take our time? Simply because it is not we who act on Earth. It is we who accompany the Earth. It is we who accompany the spirits that you are on this Earth. We do not do, we accompany, and we accompany at your own pace, at the human rhythm.

So why slowly? I take this question to tell you this: If we take our time, it is because we want to prevent beings from your plan leaving too quickly on the other side, not that everything is not planned, but that some still wish to live this transition enough, to enter a higher Consciousness. In other words, if we take our time, it is to awaken a maximum of consciousness on your planet, and we take the time that each consciousness, which has expressed the desire, awakens or awakens, awakens to the consciousness of the divine Being that you are, awakens to the consciousness of the being – what word to use without you taking it badly – I meant sovereign and I will still say sovereign, for you are sovereign beings.

You are in your kingdom, not in the kingdom of your rulers, in your kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven, which I have often evoked, is the kingdom of spirit, of non-matter, of the Invisible, of consciousness, and this kingdom is already in you. To join it, one must acquire Love, that is to say, acquire the meaning, the desire to advance towards a state of integrity, whole, with a real will to advance in a fraternal people. That is what opens the door.

Happy, he who does not think too much, does not think too much in the end, but who feels at the same time as he reflects, who is coordinated in all his bodies and in all his spaces, because to this one, the Kingdom of Heaven is open.

And when I said, and I said that one, "Blessed are the simple-minded, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them"[1], the simple-minded is not a person who is lacking in intelligence, it is a person whose physical, emotional, mental and spiritual intelligence is coordinated.

None of your bodies are there to be unique. You all possess several bodies, several energies: mental, emotional, spiritual, physical. All these energies need to be aligned, and for them to be aligned, they must be in agreement. And for them to be in agreement, they must be at peace, and for them to be at peace, they must not suffer from external powers, we will say, external.

True power is an internal, inner power, a force within you that knows what is good, that knows what is right, that knows what you have to do or not to do. It is this one authority that we recognize, therefore, your only sovereignty.

So this time and this epoch are trying to take sovereignty away from all those who have wanted to take that power in the place of each One, and I put two words: to each ONE, each unity indivisible and coordinated with the Spirit that you are.

This one, capitalized, means that you are all already the children of the same Father, of the same Mother.

Today, I carry a message of fraternity and awakening. So I tell you, repent. The idea of repentance here is not to tell you that you have been in sin and that you must go out.

Repent, it means: admit that it is time to end the reign of all those who have bullied you. For those, indeed, your world will change, the rules will change. Financial systems have had power, they will soon have no power, or at least less. Political systems have had power, they will soon have no power, or at least less. Religious systems have had power, they will soon have no power, or at least less. You understand, here, now what I mean is to tell you not to rely on these values, to no longer rely on these values, not that they will not exist, I repeat, at all, but that you cannot make them the basis of your existence on Earth.

The only real basis for a healthy existence is in these words: Love one another, for as soon as you leave this love, you place yourself in a position of dominated or dominant, and as soon as you place yourself in a position of dominated or dominant, you leave your sovereignty. You leave legitimate sovereignty if you are dominant, and you leave legitimate sovereignty if you are dominated.

You each have your place, your characteristics. Each of you would find a natural place in a world that would not be subject to other powers. The place where you can exercise your full abilities, already exists in your heart. He is known to all of you. Each of you knows and feels the help you could give to the other, or in any case, the desire to help the other, because you know that there is no other.

Thus, in a natural society, the one to which you are quietly going, I repeat, in order to awaken all the consciences still asleep, in this world, everyone will find his place; this world will be partly yours, partly that of your children, and completely that of your grandchildren.

So your struggle is difficult, because it is indeed a power struggle effectively, a resumption of power especially, not a struggle. You don't have to use the same weapons that convicted you.

Show them what a group is, what a unity is, what a fraternity is. Show it with peace, boldness and hospitality. Know how to say to your brother, to your sister: "I welcome you. You may have been the one who bullied me, you may have been the one who offended me, but I welcome you among us, as a brother and as a sister, for we are a unity. You were wrong as I was wrong. You lived as I lived, with your different goals certainly. The goal now is happiness, the happiness of each and every one. »

In this way, this time, I repeat, is a moment of repentance, in the sense – and I repeat it here too – to say to oneself, do not try to cling to the old, to what is already leaving.

The values that you will develop in the future will still be technological, but they will also belong to values of the past, to moral values, honor, honesty, probity, integrity, courage. All this is now necessary for the world to continue on its way.

Your Earth, your space continues its path, continues its evolution. She will bring each of her children to a greater, stronger energy. Certainly, the energy increase of your planet will change the energies, will modify the climate too, will modify the general energy, but realize, dear souls, if your technology was not turned on the individual, concentrated on a single country that would have the money that the other does not have, you could grow flowers in the desert, and make habitable, everything that is uninhabitable today. You have the technology, you have the practice, but you have decided to charge for it.

Do not believe that this world cannot contain the eight billion beings that you are too. Don't believe that. The Earth is abundant for the one who knows how to welcome it, for the one who knows how to listen to it, for the one who knows how to hear it.

Your Earth was drawn in another galaxy, to contain twelve to fifteen billion inhabitants. Beyond that, a plan was originally planned, for you to start becoming galactic, that is, to settle on other planets. There are many, extremely numerous, planets that can accommodate you. You think a lot about outer earth, but there are also inner lands, inner spaces in some planets that can accommodate you, with a level of existence that is comparable to your planet.

But your science does not yet understand this. She will understand it at the right time, with the intervention of your galactic brothers too, because I repeat, at the moment when in this divine plan this figure of twelve billion will be reached, while you will think desperately, sometimes, for some, about the balance, about the resource, you will see that in fact these resources are innumerable, if you look for them in the right place.

So don't think selfishly. The Earth is not selfish. The Earth is a carrier being, a benevolent mother, who could have destroyed the entirety of who you are, if she had made the choice. But she does not, because, I repeat, she loves you, although today she must grow, grow, modify her structure, to adapt to the energy she receives, like you, you adapt to the energies you constantly receive.

This epoch is an interdimensional epoch, that is, a time when you can quickly change your geopolitical structure. This means that the change that I am announcing, certainly, if it happens over a few decades, will happen on a human scale very quickly, and I repeat, you will see, for most of you, a much more open, much more joyful planet.

I come back to the origin of my dialogue and this questioning, and the origin of this dialogue is "how long will it last?", this question that we are constantly told. I ask you the same question from another angle: which brother and sister do you want to give up?

You understand this question, if you understand that by accelerating we will abandon one of your brothers, one of your sisters, a member of your family. Then you'd probably be the first to say, "OK. Let's wait. Let's get my brother back, get my sister back, get my family member back and then we'll see. That's what we're doing.

So we can't give a very precise date on the current evolution. We know it is ongoing. We know that the forces of non-light are desperate, and we also know how to use current events to show you that fraternity is above all something that is managed around oneself.

Take care of your neighbor. Many of you know how to take care of people on the other side of the world, and forget about your neighbors. But a community is like the hologram of yourself, that is, what you spread in friendship, first on you, then in your family, then in your local environment, then in your international environment, all this has the same echo, even in galactic terms afterwards. If you forget one of these stages, if you have an international development and crystal wind you have forgotten your personal development, or your local development, you have lost a possible dimension. And that is why, today, everything will seem to bring you back to yourself, to curl up to yourself. You're going to see countries trying to self-manage and you're going to see individuals themselves, trying to self-manage.

It is a good idea if it is made in the idea of fraternity, in the idea of helping one's neighbor, so in the idea of helping oneself to better help the other, not to help oneself, for the other to leave him aside, to leave him on the spot, to abandon him.

Dear souls, what you do for yourself, do for your brother. For those who can size to the size of a village, do it to the size of the village. For those who cannot, for those who do not have the resources, even to do for themselves, that those do not worry, we take care.

But for those who are in the capacity to help a brother, to help a sister, to help their neighbors, to help their children, to help their family, to help friends, do it, prepare this already, do it for them.

Think bigger than you, it's necessary and it's important because, yes, to protect your planet, you won't soon have to fetch all your resources on the other side of the planet. Nature is rich. All the technologies already exist. Simply, you have to – and this is going to happen – have some kind of wise governance. These famous sages, whom we have talked about in some books, are beings who know how to use local resources, who already know what to do.

Today, some of these things are not done because they would not exploit money, or they would not allow the wealth of X or Y. I am thinking in particular of all these existing resources on your planet. There are several that would allow you to have renewable and unlimited energy. These resources exist and they are known. They will be implemented at some point. At a time of lack of energy, it has to come back, it has to come to the surface, right.

The energy of the Earth is given to you, which is why you should not have to pay for the gifts of Nature, but it cannot happen in society as it is today, and that is why it is transforming. That is why, too, our galactic brothers, at one time or another, will have to intervene, not for a nuclear history, but also for a story of evolution.

Dear souls, Children of the Light, the moment you are living, the moment you are going to live is not simple. Sometimes you will be asked, I repeat, for sacrifices, this is what I have called repentance, without you thinking too much about sins, but just about thinking otherwise. This could be called "rethinking."

We are your brothers and sisters in the Invisible, and so we will support this temporal passage, which I and the White Brotherhood manage for your planet.

I will continue to talk to you, but with another energy.

You have this opportunity to ask for our help, to ask for angelic help, to ask for divine help, as you say. This divine help is due to you, and I will insist on it. It is due to you, because the Angelic Realm was created to serve the dual realms, the training realms, as some of us say, all those places where the soul evolves autonomously, because you have forgotten who you are temporarily. This is why these aids were created, it is therefore, some would say, their job to help you, because they, since the Invisible can support the invisible. And here I will explain, because many of you are already puzzled, in this sentence. This means that angels cannot support the visible, except for your guardian angel, there are some passes," shall we say.

So, supporting the invisible, what does it mean? It means supporting your morale. This means helping you improve your emotional management. It means helping you to enter or improve your spiritual qualities, and your spiritual qualities is what allows you to be at peace, it is what allows you to generate, emit and receive Love in you and around you. This is exactly the meaning of our help, the exact meaning of our help.

Our help will reach you in various forms. It can reach you in the form of coincidences, in the form of a small voice in your head, in the form of smells, in the form of songs, in the form of books even. This is the form you would call dense, admissible, but you also have our energy support. Without even knowing it, something will support you, something that will make you just say I feel better, without knowing where this best comes from, which would be like our energy in support, a recharge of your energy battery.

However, for this to happen, you are welcome to invite usWe cannot help those who do not request it, because you wanted to evolve independently. But, in autonomy does not mean alone, in the separate sense of everything and everyone, in autonomy means that you can choose. You see, free will is important here. You can choose who helps you and who doesn't.

To ask for our help is to make a call to us saying, "Help me – Help me better manage my emotions – Help me understand what is happening here – Help me through this stage – Help me to go faster on this point."

We can help you you see it on many points, but I started with emotion because, often, you ask for our help in unstable emotional states. And so to say to ourselves: "help me to stop this", while you yourself are the person who let the emotion rise, to the point of no longer being able to overcome it, we can not act much behind, that is why the first help is emotional. No matter how you harmonize it "Help me manage my emotions – Help me to receive your Love – Show me your Presence, here, now", verbalization, you know, does not matter. I invite you to do this verbalization aloud, if it is possible for you, because your word is like a powerful vibration that passes through the cosmos. Your word is a reflection of the energy you want. Remember what I have just said, your word is a reflection of what you want.

When you curse one of your brothers or sisters, you wish to be cursed yourself, because there is no one but you. There is only one experience going on at the same time, so what you say about the other, you say about yourself. Believe it or not.

Your character may push you to say that you are very different from the one you are criticizing, but your heart knows that this is not the case.

The coming loss of power will be the necessary phase to understand and integrate this, to understand this unity, this fraternity.

Our help is therefore accessible by call, and it will come in many forms, but it will also be up to you to do your part. When you feel that you are better, when you feel that your energy is changing, when you feel a presence even, at your side, take the opportunity to act differently and stop reacting, but act differently, think differently. Repent as Jesus said.

I speak through Jesus. Imagine, we are in a kind of pipe pipe because in fact, it is Anaël who is talking to you. I use the Spirit of Jesus, who uses the Spirit of Sylvain's Higher Consciousness, who uses Sylvain, to speak to you more clearly through all these successive filters. But since we are one, it goes well.

That is my understanding, friends. This is what I invite you to understand, if we are helping you, it is so that you can help yourself next. We are not here to help, to heal, and leave you healed, but we are here to make help and care so that you can then heal. Understand this symbol, it is not only physical about the disease, but it is so that you can relay your energy to other people.

The time for selfishness is over. The time of withdrawal is over, even if in appearance you are there. It's time to spread out, to spread your wings.

And I also answer that question, no, we don't have wings. The Angelic Realm has an energy, an aura, you would say, that can make you think of wings, but it is our energy that unfolds in this way, because our energy centers are not exactly identical to yours. So you get that impression, but we don't have wings.

Dear souls, I now give way to one of my brothers.

There are many, the moments of questioning that you will have, dear friends. There are many times when you will feel, or believe yourself alone and abandoned, but you never are. And even when I say that, I hear everyone who tells me, "Yes, but you don't belong to us, you don't feel it. It's easy for you to say this. It's easy for you to say that. I repeat and affirm, you are never alone, but what you expect from us is a miracle, not just an interaction, but a miracle.

If some of us are miracle workers – and I laugh at the person I'm going through – we are, first and foremost, assistants. You are the miracle.

It's miraculous who you are. It is miraculous to see beings of pure Energy and pure information so concentrated in density, that they believe to be that density. It is miraculous.

If today I told you, hold three molecules together and place your consciousness in it, don't you think it would be a miracle to take three molecules of matter, dense energy, and place your consciousness there? Well, you have created bodies in which you place your Consciousness. It is a co-creation. It is a divine co-creation, not even human, divine.

And so, you live inside a miracle, illusory, because matter is not everything, Energy is All, Light is All, matter is not everything. It is a burst of Light and a burst of Energy, but, all the same, it is what allows you to transfer your Energies, your information, your Consciousness, from one place to another, from one identity to another, from one form to another, from a dense experience to a non-dense experience.

In other words, your body already contains all the Energy of the universe. When I say that you are the miracle, it is because you already possess, within you, all the energies that are necessary for you to progress in your plan. This is what my brother tried to tell you when he said the Kingdom of Heaven is already in you. It is in a unit. It is not in what separates, it is in what unites. He is not in what is afraid, he is in Love.

Do not expect miracles from us, but wait for our help, precious I hope, to exploit the gold mine that you are.

Each of you feels it intuitively by saying, "I am more than that. I feel like my potential is still limited. You will never be able to exploit your full potential from a body of matter, let's be clear about that, but you can already exploit some of it, find a nugget from time to time, just by diving into who you really are, that is, I repeat, in what does not separate, in what does not judge. The gold is there, hidden deep inside you.

So don't flog yourself and say, "I don't deserve this or I don't deserve that. I have to be this, I have to be thatYou are already what you need to be. You are already this pure Consciousness in an assembled, structured body of matter, whose molecules do not separate.

Try to integrate within you: I am already the miracle I want to see on this world. I am, not even I want it, I already am.

Because you are in the Light of God, in the image of God some would say, you possess this energy. But this energy, which is also called Life sometimes, will only be given to you in the image of your love. The more love you are, the more energy is given to you. The more you are in fear, and out of fear that this fear will spread, your Light weakens so that you do not spread this fear as one spreads a disease.

The one who is tight in his ideas, in his concepts, in an immature side, this one will have, certainly sometimes the power to control humans, but at no time will it have – how do we say? – a Light that will remain. His false light will only be stealthy. The true Light is the teachers who remain, whom you remember, who still exist within you, because their strength was greater than themselves, because their goals were to be greater than themselves, and to want for the multitude and not just for themselves, at no time.

In our speech today, you will no doubt get the impression that we are pushing open doors – as you say, or that we are creating another religion. We prepare you. We tell you that we are here. We tell you that we will help you. We tell you that for those who do not call us, maybe it is time to call us.

We too want your autonomy, that is, you no longer need to call us, but for now, to harness your own strength, energy and abilities, we will and we can help you. And in this difficult passage, where many of you have forgotten this dimension of the Light, we are here.

Beware of those who spread the shadow. Beware of those who will tell you that you are not going to the Light, that you yourself are the shadow. These energies seek to enlighten themselves, to tell you that they have the truth and that you do not hold it. Now, this is not an attitude of the Light.

Respect your own path, for everyone it is different. You are going towards the Light. Your life is not an eternal cycle used by God only knows what power, to feed on your energy. You are pure Energy. In fact, you already know that. This truth is already within you, you already know who you really are.

Those who seek to scare you, on the other hand, try to control and limit you, and make you truly believe that you are not the child-God that you are. If you have to go through this path, if you have to give power to these people who diminish you to move forward, it can be a path too, that of making mistakes. When you get it wrong, you also learn. It's all learning. Everything is forgiven. Everything is forgivable.

We invite you not to listen to those who tell you that you are in the shadows, or that you will land there at one time or another, just so as not to turn off your Light. You have often been told, but I repeat it myself, it is useless to turn off the Light of the other to shine more.

Turn. Turn on your energies. Turn on your heart. Turn on your boldness too. This world – allow me this little judgment – lacks so much audacity.

This courage to go innovate, to move forward, to propose a new complete scheme, this courage to stand up and say: "OK, I have been a victim until then, but in truth, I am not, it is only because I have granted power", you already have it, all of you, you already have it on your scale, in your time and space.

You are cursed by nothing, nothing. If you feel cursed, it is because you have granted power to an energy, so take that power away from it. You think your sister-in-law cast a spell on you, take away the power you gave your sister-in-law to cast a spell on you. Understand that she only has it if you think she has it, only if you accept 100% that she has it. Do not accept it. You can take away from him that power that is outside of unity, for it is your divine power to restore order in disorder. It is the mark of God, the order.

Dear souls of Light, the Energy and Love that surround us, that surround you, are only aimed at this birth of the New World.

We could consider a great game of questions and answers with you, and we actually invite you to ask us, not now but in your heart, one by one, quietly. But do it by telling you this, "I'm going to ask a question, but I already have the answer," ask it with that intention inside your heart.

I ask this question because I don't have the answer – it's not true actually, I ask this question because I have the answer. Why this, why that? One question at a time, but stay well within this intention of "I already have the answer in me. It is already there, in the space between two atoms. In this very short space, my answer is already there." Then the answer will come to you, it is dazzling.

It will not necessarily always please you, especially when this answer sometimes will say "but it is you who wanted this". Because you're going to start a game of "but why did I want this?", our answer crystal wind in such a case is: "Don't worry, you'll discover the gift hidden behind what you're experiencing." There's a gift behind every event you experience, even if you find it unpleasant. Your consciousness rises from certain unpleasant moments.

In the world of duality, the use of all energies is necessary for your progress. So, yes, sometimes some experiences are unpleasant, but when you take them back, and do it for some of them, with a hindsight of a year or two, you can think back to that experience and say, "At least it taught me this, it taught me that, it expanded that possibility there in me, and it maybe prevented me from becoming someone I didn't want to become. Isn't it? Some people go so far as to self-destruct so as not to become what they did not want to become.

So, keep this experience. Just keep the information. "OK. So I offer myself the possibility of being someone else, so I become one" and you will no longer curse the darkness. You will light your own candle in this space.

The Love that binds us is that of a fraternity, that of Beings that you have actually known for a very, very long time. We are your big brothers, your big sisters, your friends. Each of us, in his role, in his energy, will know how to spread his wings or his Presence at your side when time is necessary, and, my comrades were right to tell you, we aim for your autonomy.

For now, we'll be crutches while your leg is a little injured – to make a picture. But when your leg is repaired, when you access your own Light again, we will speak together like old friends; but not as doctors, doctors or beings who have come to rectify a situation, but as brothers and sisters for another type of learning, because in no life in one life will you learn everything.

Then we can help you, take a few steps with you. And then, sooner or later, you find yourself in this world of the Hereafter, of the Invisible, to hug you and repeat to you how much we love you, how much we expected you, and how much brighter you have been than you imagine, friends.

Dear souls of Light, this marks the end of our message, but certainly not the end of our Presence at your side. We will repeat it as much as necessary. We will give small techniques. We will write books through certain channels. We will explain each of the paths, each of the necessary dimensions, but do not forget, it is you who walk, dear friends, and this path is that of your own glory and the total glory of the Universe. The multitude is what you are.

Be blessed. Receive the Grace and Love of the one who listens to you in Heaven.

[1] The Beatitudes – Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 5:3-12 "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs."

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Very pragmatic training as a quality specialist and computer scientist, Sylvain Didelot has been interested since his childhood in the world of the paranormal and spirituality. Initiated in multiple healing arts, he discovered canalization in 2005. Since then, accompanied by many beings of light, he has also been a lecturer, writer and spiritual accompanist. Its work is to guide and make each one accept his own divinity, thus revealing to all new possibilities of interpretations and manifestations of the world around us.
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