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Frequency Of Unconditional Love - Mary Magdalene’s Message

Frequency Of Unconditional Love - Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings my Dear Ones, yes it is I, Yeshua. We are here to speak about anchoring the energy of compassion and mercy upon the earthplane. As many of you have understood, the energy of the sacred balance of Father/Mother God was anchored into the great capstone of the Great Pyramid of Giza during Lea’s activation there in October 2018. As this energy has now dispersed through they ley lines and the gridlines of Mother Earth, we are now infusing the powerful vibrational frequency of compassion and mercy into this frequency of the Divine essence of Father/Mother God.

It is of great significance and great importance that each soul upon the earthplane begin to awaken to compassion, to begin to open their compassionate heart and merciful heart, for you see Dear Ones, since the beginning of the time when the individual spirits lost connection to the Great I AM, and this energy of separation occurred when the human spirit manifested the frequency upon the earthplane eons and eons ago, this energy began to disperse within the spiritual essence of each soul, and the fear and the separation began to cause the heart chakra to be affected and to lose the frequency of compassion and mercy. It is partially why so many in your world have heart problems, why they literally have physical heart problems. Why there is rampant heart disease upon your planet. This disconnection from the heart, this disconnection from the heart chakra, this disconnection from the energy of the Great I AM, has literally caused the physical ailment of heart disease to be rampant.

Today we ask you to call in this frequency of compassion and mercy, and begin to breathe it in through your lungs, breathe it in to your physical heart, breathe it in to your high heart, breathe it in to the essence of the truth of who you are. It is of dire necessity that each soul now begin to awaken to compassion, first for themselves, and then on to another. It is of great importance that each begin to feel this frequency, because there are so many, as you know, who are suffering in your world. It does not seem as if there is an end to suffering. We say, Dear One, as each soul opens to compassion, your heart chakra will open, and unconditional love will begin to be brought forth from every sentient being, and love, peace, compassion and mercy will now return to this planet. It is that which we are bringing forth at this time, we are bringing this energy forward, as if it is again being anchored through the capstone of the Great Pyramid, and beautiful Priestess Isis is now bringing this energy forward through the capstone of the Pyramid of Giza, as if she is aligning this frequency through the pyramids once again. This activation is occurring, so that Mother Earth, Mother Gaia can receive this frequency of compassion, so that she too can be healed. As the energy is being infused through the ley lines and the grid lines of the earth, it is now being infused into those souls who are deeply connected to the energy of the consciousness of Mother Gaia.

Today if you so choose to open your heart to receive the energy of compassion and mercy. As you open your high heart and allow your physical heart and your heart chakra to receive this vibrational frequency of unconditional love, compassion and mercy. Please take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this vibration, for it is quite potent, and the healing is needed, and the healing is received. Mother Earth is at a stage within her own evolutionary process that the frequency that is held by the humans on the planet can either match her frequency or they will continue to remain in this state of isolation and separation. I ask you to allow yourself to become a part of the consciousness of Mother Gaia, as you begin to feel her energy of compassion, love and mercy for each of you. She has always held this frequency, and yet Dearest Children, the souls who have incarnated upon the surface of her back has lost connection with her, they have lost connection to compassion, they have lost connection to this frequency, to the Great I AM. Begin to listen to the whispers and to the frequency that the Great I AM brings, as if this frequency is now being infused very quietly and gently into all souls who wish to receive.

Today we ask you to infuse this frequency around you. As if you are holding this vibration within your auric field, so that you begin to draw to you and around you compassionate souls, those individuals whose hearts are open. It is important at this time to breathe in this frequency, and to begin to breathe in the love, breathe in the peace and the compassion, and allow your heart to open to this light, this beautiful frequency, as the energy of compassion, the vibration of compassion holds the beautiful silver and pearl essence or frequency. As you can see within your mind’s eye, the frequency of compassion and mercy is connected to the silver ray. Imagine this frequency surrounding you and call this into your physical embodiment. Hold compassion for yourself and all aspects of your soul essence, as if you are receiving special compensation to heal the soul essence of any fragmentation, any darkness, any confusion, any misguided energy that perhaps the soul has received through lack of compassion.

You are receiving a healing balm today for your soul, and all aspects of your soul essence. You are receiving this energy at this time so that you can move into a state of forgiveness, begin to forgive yourself, hold compassion for yourself, letting go and letting God. Allowing your beautiful light to shine. Dear Ones, this powerful frequency is needed to be felt around the globe, and it is to begin with you, as you hold this energy of compassion for others to feel, to sense. So many are in need of compassion. This is a deep crisis that is happening upon your earthplane. Through the course of history that has been much darkness. Yet now Dear One, there is truly a frequency of hope and renewal that is being infused upon your planet, and this powerful frequency of compassion is one of the true aspects of the soul’s journey, and the journey of Mother Gaia in her ascension, and in the ascension process of humanity. So many perhaps have not understood the power of this vibration. It is the energy that you held at the inception of your spirit essence. It is truly the birthright of every individual spirit, to be held in this unconditional state of love, compassion and mercy, as all spiritual forms are held in this vibrational frequency of love.

We ask you to breathe this frequency in, so you may re-remember and open your heart to this energy of truth. I will step back and allow Mary Magdalene to speak at this time. She will continue on this powerful frequency, and I thank thee.

Greetings, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into your energy fields, I see that you are vibrating at a very powerful and rapid rate. As if your own energy essence and frequency is now receiving this vibrational energy of compassion and mercy. It is for each of you to receive this gift, for this is a gift that will help each of you to move forward, begin to heal the wounds of the soul. To hold compassion for yourself, to hold compassion for others. This is the healing that is needed upon the planet, for you see there are so many that have lost a sense of respect, kindness and tenderness towards others. Not only within the human kingdom, but in the animal kingdom, the planet, the mineral and the crystal kingdom. Human consciousness has created such a separation from the Great I AM that there is an energy or a mentality of fear that has become pervasive, and has become a part of the collective consciousness. In this it is about “me,” not we. It has become about “me,” not we. For each soul is focusing only on their own personal gain, and forgetting about all the other life forms, and forgetting that all are connected. What one does affects another. So today as we call forth this energy and Dear Isis calls this energy from the capstone of the Great Pyramid, this infusement of the sacred balance that has been brought forth, and divine mother/father God, not infused with compassion and mercy, will now be felt as waves and waves of energy sent to your planet and all souls.

It is not to be that any life form is to be forsaken for another’s personal gain. You have seen this over and over again, and yet Dearest Children we are moving forward into this new ascension process and into this golden age of enlightenment, where all is held into balance, and peace shall prevail. So we are sending this vibrational frequency to all of you, if you wish to receive it, your heart chakra will open and you will feel this level of kindness and compassion come through you, at even a more potent and powerful level than you already perhaps feel. This is necessary and it is needed. Your world can not continue on in this state, and many understand the crisis that the planet is in, and the world is in. Many of you are assisting this planet in uplifting the energy, and assisting the energy of Mother Gaia, and we are truly grateful. We continue to send this frequency out so others can awaken, and others can feel the connection and the responsibility to their fellow brothers and sisters, and to all lifeforms.

Each of you were created in this frequency of unconditional love and holy grace, and each of you shall return to this frequency of unconditional love and holy grace, as you return back into the spirit essence, as you return and complete this earthly journey. Until that moment in time we ask you to infuse this energy in the fullest form you can, the most powerful frequency that you are able to embody. Perhaps you have not thought much about this, holding the vibration of compassion within your heart. Yet Dear Ones, it is time, it is time, it is time to allow this energy to be your guiding light, as if it is your calling card. Love, compassion and mercy. You see, so many dishonor themselves, because they are not connected to this frequency inside of their being. You wonder how all this came to be? Yet, Dearest Children, this is a part of what we call the earthly condition, but it does not have to be. There are more and more souls awakening at a very rapid rate, and indeed this is very encouraging. We need more, more and more souls to awaken to the energy of the Great Godhead, and to feel this frequency from the depth of their being. I ask you once again to take a deep breath, and breathe in this frequency of compassion and mercy, and allow love to heal your heart. As Yeshua said previously, the condition of heart disease is rampant on your earthplane because the heart chakra has not been open in many souls. The condition of cancer is prevalent upon your earthplane because so many has self-hatred. This is a disease of self-hatred and discontent. We ask that you hold this state, level and vibration of compassion within you, so that you may remain strong and healthy, as you begin to love yourself, respect yourself, so that you do not draw to you heart disease or the condition of cancer. That you begin to love self and hold compassion, for the true essence of your being. Breathe this energy within your heart, and allow every physical cell in your body to begin to respond to divine love, compassion and mercy, as if you are now loving yourself in its fullest essence, gifting yourself this gift of self-love and compassion. That you are in a human body as a beautiful spirit, and you have gone through the cycles of incarnation on this planet time and time again. Whatever the soul’s journey has been, it is in divine alignment, nothing more nothing less. There is to be no judgment on what you have done, what you have created, that perhaps you feel has been misguided. Do not judge yourself, do not judge another, it is acceptance and love.

Breathe in this frequency into your body, and allow yourself to be rejuvenated and to be resurrected and restored with perfect health, wholeness and balance. Allow your body to be restored with perfect health, wholeness and balance. This is the key to a long and healthy life, unconditional love, compassion and mercy for yourself. Accepting self, loving self, holding compassion for yourself. As Yeshua has said, forgive them for they know not what they do. Forgive yourself, for you have forgotten the truth of who you are. Forgive yourself, for you have forgotten the truth of who you are. This is of grave importance upon this day, that each of you begin to embody this frequency, to remain strong and healthy. For all of you are needed as the wayshowers and the conduits to bring healing to this planet, all of you are assisting this energy of Mother Earth in her ascension process, and you are pivotal players and points of light upon this planet, that is making change in the world. Do not become discouraged, do not become fearful, about what you are doing and what you have done, it has always been brought forth with love. Regardless of what appearances may be, everything is in divine order, everything is in divine alignment, and the powerful energy of Grace Elohim is to be received. The powerful energy of Grace Elohim is to be acknowledged, simply meaning that everything is graced, everything is blessed, everything is in divine order. Even the separation that humanity has created for itself has been all a part of divine order. It is a part of the human spirit, re-remembering and returning back to oneness. Today this powerful frequency of compassion is accelerating the remembrance, and it may be difficult to understand that this vibrational frequency of compassion has a life of its own, but it does. Just like the vibration of love or peace, compassion holds a vibration of its own. I tell you Dearest Ones, this is needed upon your planet, this is needed in your individual lives, this is needed in your relationships with those you encounter each and every day, within your family units. Be gentle, be kind, and be humble. Be gentle, be kind and be humble. Be gentle, be kind and be humble. As you allow this energy to be infused within you, you will begin to feel a shift in your being and your consciousness.

You will begin to see a shift with those around you, with others holding more compassion, because like attracts like, and that which you are holding will become contagious. So your frequency will then affect another. They will feel it and it will open their heart. This Is how change will occur, one person at a time, one moment at a time, one vibration at a time. Each one teach one, each one lead one. As you become a living example of compassion and mercy, tenderness and love, you open the hearts of those around you. For those who appear not to receive, we say you are seeding the energy within their vibrational field, and in due time, they will awaken. But hold this for yourself, forgive yourself, forgive others, hold no judgment upon another’s condition, for begin to open your eyes and see the truth of the Living Light of God that is now bringing healing to this planet. Open your heart Dearest Chidlren, open your minds, open your soul, and Dear Isis is here, as she is opening her wings, and is encompassing the children, all lifeforms, as she is spreading this energy of compassion onto the world. Do not allow yourself to remain complacent, but share your love and heart and the purest of your being with all those who are in need. Yeshua and I come and we stand to hold the sacred balance for this planet, and now this frequency of compassion can be brought forward to awaken others, to return to balance. It is through the heart, opening the heart chakra that one shall return to sacred balance. This is why we have brought our message forward, and why we continue to hold this frequency, of the Sacred Masculine, Sacred Feminine energy, for all to embody and to receive, and the vibration of compassion is a vehicle that will allow you to open yourself to Divine Sacred Union. Go forward my children as we stand with you and we stand beside you, and Yeshua, Priestess Isis and myself are holding the space of love, for you to return to love. Feel this love, feel this energy and this essence, as your heart opens and expands to the power of love, and to this power of healing, and to this powerful energy of transformational light upon your soul.

Go now my children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace, and truly know that you are loved. As your heart opens, feel the grace of Elohim Grace, divinely gracing your life, and divinely gracing this planet as she returns back to her original state of love and peace.

Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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