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Pleiadian And Andromedan Frequencies - Mary Magdalene’s Message

Pleiadian And Andromedan Frequencies - Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings, Dear One, yes, it is I, Yeshua. We say to you, Dear One, that it is of great importance that you allow yourself to begin to feel the new energies that are being emitted from the Pyramids, and the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. It is of grave importance that you understand that the New Earth frequencies are now truly being overlaid within the pyramidic structures in Egypt and through the pyramids that exist throughout the Earthplane, but particularly in the land of Egypt. The Great Pyramids are now being reactivated with the electromagnetic frequency from the Pleiadian and Andromedan frequencies from their home galaxies and home planets. The Pleiadians are bringing forward this powerful frequency of energy in through the capstone and the point of alignment to the Pleiadian star system. This is also what many may understand as an astrological alignment that is aligned to both the Pleiadian star system and to the galaxy of Andromeda.

At this time, both the Pleiadians and the Andromedans are bridging the frequency into the pyramids, into the Earth, into the ley lines, into the grid, allowing the frequency of Divine Harmony and Balance to be brought forward into that region. It is truly time for that region of the world to begin to be at peace. It has been an unsettling time over the last 100 or 200 years on your Earthplane, and the frequencies of the pyramidic structures have aligned their frequencies, both to the crystalline grid of Mother Earth, and also to the Andromedan galaxy and to the Pleiadians, and they have been emitting a frequency of high pitched vibrational frequency that is helping the sea creatures, the whales, the dolphins, as well as the life forms in all of the Earth kingdom, including the animal, the plant, and the mineral kingdom, to return to a sacred level of balance and harmony. These frequencies are powerful sound waves that are being emitted from the powerful energetic frequency of the Pyramid at Giza. Thus, like a lighthouse, this powerful frequency is now downloading harmonic levels of new light codes and frequencies upon the planet.

You, Dear Jared, will be going in to this and you will be reactivated energetically. Those who are going into the pyramids at this time, both consciously or unconsciously, will receive new codes of energy into their body that will allow them now to become a New Earth being, meaning that you are holding the frequencies of the purest of light and sacred divine union and divine balance within your physicality and within your energetic matrix. It is no surprise that you are there now to prepare your body to simply be purified. I, too, went into the land of Egypt and went through the initiations prior to my awakening as the Christ Consciousness energy frequency. As I walked on Earth as a Master, I also received these activations both in India and in Egypt. And now, the frequency and the intensity of these new energies that are being emitted both from Andromeda and from the Pleiadians are now purifying the physical body and allowing the energetic matrix and the energetic templates of all humans, plants, animals and the mineral kingdom, and the elements also of the fire, the water, the wind, and even the wood. This is also being affected in all realms of life form. This is why there is such a purification that is taking place upon this planet at this time with all of the immense fires that are happening. This energy that is being emitted upon the planet is quite intense and is truly a purification. I do not wish to be confusing, but I do wish to say that what is happening within the fires that are happening in California, that appear to be so out of control, and being affected by the energy that is coming from the Great Pyramids there in Egypt that are being downloaded from the Andromedans and from the Pleiadians.

This is not to cause harm, it is simply that the energies are bringing forth a purification on all levels, and the land, the Earth, and the humans, and again, all life forms, are undergoing a major recalibration, and undergoing a major reunification. Simply, a part of the physical brain, and we will call it the reptilian brain, a part of the reptilian brain that you were created with for survival, will now begin to be shifted more into joy. For the human body has operated from what we call the survival instincts in your human form, literally trying to physically survive on this Earthplane, and now this is being shifted into the level of thriving, not surviving, and calling and bringing in the energy of joy, harmony, balance, and sacred unity into all life forms.

When you enter into the Temple there, of the Pyramid of Giza, you will begin to feel a shivering of energy as you are reawakened. Please allow yourself to stay in there no longer than 10 or 20 minutes. You may reenter again, but you must allow yourself to become comfortable with these new frequencies and know that your light body is simply being altered into a purified state of being. All who enter, as we say, will begin to receive these activations. It is very important that you record this so that others can receive this at this time upon the Earth. This is a part of the sacred union, this is a part of the Divine Union that we are activating through the portal there in the Pyramid of Giza. Again, this is of extreme importance that all lifeforms, including the humans, begin to return to sacred balance, just as Mary and I brought forth our book Divine Union, our story as a portal for sacred union. Those who touch it, those who receive it, are being reactivated and recharged. Therefore, the energy in the Pyramids will now begin to heighten this Divine, Sacred Union and this portal of light that is happening at this time upon the planet. It is of grave importance that you understand why this is happening, because there is going to be an acceleration of peace upon this planet and the time is now. For so much has been purified and so much has shifted in the Earth at her crystalline core, the energetic frequencies within the energetic matrix of Mother Gaia are now ready to receive these new frequencies. She is truly a galactic being and she is truly a living being, and she has readjusted her frequencies for all to receive the higher dimensional codes of light that were intended for her planet and all inhabitants. Now the lifeforms are stepping forward, and you are here not by accident, but by divine purpose, and you, Dear Jared, are receiving this with pure intention. This is why we have asked you to go, as you are my son James, and you are being asked to carry these codes to all the lands and the regions that you travel. You are following in my footsteps and in my footprints, and you have developed and created your own energetic matrix and frequencies in your own individual soul. And so this is what will happen for all now, all who receive this frequency from the Great Pyramids in Egypt can now understand the importance and the infinite wisdom and infinite intelligence of their true spiritual nature.

Therefore, what we call your brain or reptilian brain, that part of your brain that has operated from survival, can now operate from infinite wisdom, can operate from infinite intelligence, can operate from self-mastery, and move into alchemy and transformation at higher levels in the human consciousness, what the human consciousness has not been able to master on a massive scale. There are many who are masters, there are many who have achieved alchemy and self-mastery, and this is being brought forth for the masses. This is being brought forth for the collective consciousness of all lifeforms, and this is of grave importance that you, Dear Jared, as my son James incarnate, be the vessel that calls forth this activation within your physicality. This is being prepared as your scientists are understanding, but you, Jared, are now what we call one of the first New Earth beings that is being downloaded with the infinite wisdom of higher wisdom teachings, intelligence, as if there is a total transformation within your own brain and level of conscious understanding of how you operate. Simply, you are here to show the world of the creative and manifestation powers that are here for all to receive. This is a part of what you are being prepared to receive and give to others through your presence as you hold these new light codes and powerful dimensional frequencies of light within your being. It is of grave importance to understand you are truly a transformational soul, spirit, human embodiment of the Supreme Creator, and you are creating life in a new way of being. You will model and show to the world the importance of trusting, allowing, and receiving from an open and loving heart. You are now calling forth the powerful frequencies of unity into the world, and this is the mission for all to receive. Know that this is truly a message for all beings who choose to have this awakening and to call forth this transformation through the Great Pyramids.

Know that this is not something that all can understand consciously or mentally, it is truly an energetic transformation that will allow others to move in as New Earth Beings, operating from a higher mind, not from the reptilian brain, but from infinite intelligence. This is how the Earth will begin to heal, this is how the Earth will begin to, as they say, solve its problems, as you access the higher mind, the supreme intelligence that each of you hold. This has been stored within your pineal gland waiting to be reawakened and re-remembered. And so as you, Jared, enter into the pyramids, you will feel it, sense it, and know it. And therefore, this will allow others the understanding that this is available and accessible for all to receive. Those who are ready and have an open heart, who are ready to operate from infinite wisdom and coming forth with purity of their spirit to simply be the infinite energy of All That Is. This may sound to be a bit preposterous, but it is how I entered in mastery as the Ascended Christ, as the energy of the Christ Consciousness, as the energy of All That Is, mastery, and moving forward into this sacred code of light that is now ready for all lifeforms to receive upon your planet. This is an important and a most sacred time. I ask each of you not to be frightened by what is happening with the Earth going through her purification process. It appears as if the world is coming to an end, in many parts of the world or regions of your own country, there in the United States of America. And yet, know that these frequencies that are now being emitted from the Great Pyramid are a clarion call. This is a clarion call, it is a clarion call. The Great Pyramid of Giza is a beacon of light, a lighthouse calling forth the clarion call for all lifeforms who now wish to remain in sacred union and in Divine balance. This is of grave importance, for as you understand, this is a part of the evolution of Mother Gaia, this has been predestined, and enough have awakened for these frequencies to be received upon the Earth.

Your Pleiadian brothers and sisters and your Andromedan brothers and sisters have been working for centuries and millions of years for this time to be brought forth upon your planet, for all now to return back to the sacred light in which they all were created. The purest of energies which were held in the consciousness of both the Lemurians and in the Egyptian times, in your course of history on planet Earth, this will even be a greater frequency that humans are able to hold and carry within their consciousness. Those who are able to allow it and to receive it will be able to hold the balance within their system, just like the beautiful Lemurians during their time and the Ancient Egyptians, who were able to connect with the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Andromedans, and all lifeforms. You see, it was the Pleiadians and the Andromedans and the Arcturians that helped create the Pyramids. They came with their spaceships and brought their frequency to bring forth in the structure of those pyramids. And those energies are now completely overlaid with their higher frequencies. And as they come now to emit through the capstone of the Great Pyramid of Giza, they now are ready for these new frequencies to be emitted on the Earth. This is an exciting time, a powerful time, an amazing time to be present in these higher frequencies. It is why so much change has taken place energetically on the surface of your planet, and why so many have been affected emotionally, mentally, and energetically by these powerful frequencies. And yet now, truly, many can return to balance, Divine Union, and sacred union within their own heart and with their own mind and with their own soul, stepping forward as sacred balanced beings of light.

We thank you for allowing us to bring this to you at this time, for this is a very important message. For others are in need of understanding that as they enter into these sacred temples of the Pyramids, that they are to walk with intention, and it is not just to be received in a cavalier manner. It is those who shall receive with a pure heart, who are ready to receive these activations and feel the frequencies and the energetic frequencies that are now available to all life forms. Go now with the understanding that this will continue on for the next 5,000 years. These frequencies will be emitted for the next 5,000 years upon your Earthplane. This is a beginning point and a part of why the solar eclipse and the alignment of Pluto, Mars, and Saturn have come in alignment in this particular week, in July of 2018. Know that the time has come for all to receive this sacred Divine Union and balance, and it is of great purity and love that we share with you at this time. Go now, my son, James, go now all who wish to receive this, and prepare yourselves to be at peace.

Reverend Lea Chapin
Lea Chapin has always been dedicated to helping others, whether in her psychotherapy practice or as a licensed massage therapist or any of a number of other undertakings she has pursued in service to others. Most recently, she has expressed her amazing gifts as an author, speaker, and teacher of Divine wisdom.

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