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Daily Message October 27, 2017 ~ Goddess of Creation


Have you ever thought about the book of  your life? Did you realize there was one?  You may always access it through your intention. Breathe deep and ask to connect: 

For now they all take a step back so that you may have this time with your book of your life.  I invite you to take a moment, some of you have already opened it and a flicking through, but take a moment close the book and place your hands on top of the book creating an open flow and alignment between your consciousness and the book itself. 

Can you feel that transformation?  It is as if you light up from within, because of all of the energy that is moving within your book.  As you allow your hands you take your hands away and you open up the book.  Take a deep breath in and allow the pages to go wherever they will go. 

Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website: www.goddesslight.net
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