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Distractions & the Lunar Eclipse - Goddess of Creation

Distractions & the Lunar Eclipse - Goddess of Creation

This channel was so interesting in many ways……. I was at the beach with some friends but decided I could still do the meditation.  It was also on the night of the Blood moon and Lunar Eclipse, so the energy was very strong. 

You won’t see it in this video, but when my friends remembered the eclipse, they went running out to the balcony!  I could then hear them talking and it was on my recording from just prior to and the beginning of the channel.  They then returned to the room. I also about that time realized that once again there was no sound on the video on YouTube!! As I was trying to fix it, it just dropped me from YouTube, so I had to open a new room.  All of this, while holding the space for the channel.

View from my friend’s balcony during the blood moon
View from my friend’s balcony during the blood moon. 

Once I had the 2nd room open on YouTube, I was able to move on.  I actually was at that point I almost just canceled the whole night.  But I didn’t, the Goddess and my group said to breathe in calm and keep moving.  The distractions were quite literal!! But we all have distractions in our life.  This was them working with me to bring it to everyone’s awareness.

There was another very important part of this channel.  It was about the eclipse, so we began by seeing the full moon and feeling its energy.  The Goddess then walked us through the steps of the Eclipse.  When the moon was fully covered, there was a sense of loss, not feeling the energy, wondering where it was.  This led the Goddess to assist people with looking at their lives and considering; what do you know is there, but can’t see it?

In the end, through this entire ascension process, we all need to trust ourselves, listen to our inner guidance, and know that all is well.  Even if you think it’s not because of what is around you, All Is Well.

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours; I reach out to invite you to come into this now moment.

Everything that we are doing; okay so someone is trying to call in that’s usually a part of this so I don’t know if it’s not working or what.  Maybe you’re not hearing me well enough let’s see if this works.

As you are here present during the time of this eclipse upon the earth, during the time of this full moon, during this time of ascension? It is this now moment in which your focus is within.  Allow that essence to be present within you, allow that choice to let your focus be on the right now moment.

Be aware of all that may be happening around you but let the focus be on the now moment. As you are here living this life upon the earth, frequently it is the distractions that may take over from where your focus or intention should be. So, consider that in your everyday life. How much time is spent with being pulled in one direction, or another direction, or this direction, or that direction; when in reality you are trying to accomplish maybe one thing or accomplish maybe two things and you’re just thinking why isn’t it done.

So, distractions can frequently come through your ego, it can come through that part of your personality that’s just sometimes curious about other things that may be going on. It may come from your ego or that part of you that is sometimes compartmentalized and sometimes you’re pulled and you just want to accomplish multiple things all at the same time. So, in other words, there are many different ways in which this can come within you.

So, take a deep breath in allowing your breath and your energy and your light to be present within you.  I invite you to create that ball of energy that comes through your heart center. As you breathe into your heart, you create that energy. It may be something that you can physically feel, it may be something that you just energetically know is there.  As you create that ball of energy it is allowing your focus to go within you and into your heart.

Take an aspect of that and you send it down through your energy bodies. As it moves through your energy bodies you send it all the way down into the earth. As you feel your connection to Gaia, let all of that come up within you in this now moment. Consider the ways in which Gaia is transforming at this time.  Consider the ways in which Gaia is here to anchor you in your physical reality, but also you are supporting Gaia in her own physical reality. Allow this alignment to spread out and expand in such a way that you know, sense, and feel all of what that is.

You then take that stream of energy. It comes back up through those energy bodies, it circulates once again within your heart center. You then send that consciousness up through your throat, your third eye, your head center.  You find yourself aligning with your higher self.  Look around at what this place is to you. Consider perhaps the projects or the things that you may have going on through which you go into your higher self as a means of practicing, asking questions, or processing. 

You may also notice that there are experiences that no longer serve you, ~whew~ clear them out. As you open up the space within your higher self, it allows you to then have a clearer focus and intention for that which you are working.  Many times you do have multiple different things, so however it comes across to you, this is a space created for you.

You then send your consciousness further up. You follow that stream of energy, that stream of light, that takes you all the way into your divinity.  As you feel these energies within this space, allow for your expansion to move further and further through your divinity.

I apologize, I got bumped off of YouTube and I am trying to set it up again. (Big part of the distractions of the evening!!)

Okay, so we have been in the midst of a channel. It cut off on YouTube, I don’t know why, but I am starting back again. We have just taken those stair steps of getting into our soul so take some deep breaths in and allow us to reconnect with our soul energy.

Speaking of the now moment, here in this now moment as you align with your divinity, as you align with your soul be open and allow all of that flow all of that light, all of that love to come within you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all that are here. I reach out to embrace you and as our energies merge we shift moving into the All That Is. Look around this space.  Look at what this is in this now moment.  This is a place of creation; it is a place to assist you in connecting with and communicating with others that are alive on the earth plane and others that are out here within the universe.

We are here to utilize this space for connections and alignments of creation.  This is a place of love, this is a place of potential, this is a high light frequency. So, look around. Look around at what may be present for you in this now moment.

I invite you to look out, to look at all that is in front of you and I am creating a direct alignment with the moon.  I invite you to open to the perception of the moon as if it’s rising directly in front of you.  As you feel this connection with the moon, there are many different energies that come through with that alignment.

You may perceive things within the moon upon the surface. In this moment I invite you to just open to that consciousness that there is a frequency and a vibration that emanates from the moon itself. We also have the eclipse that is taking place.

As if as we are looking at the moon you can see those phases of the eclipse as it goes across from full brightness, into completely dark, and it’s beginning to come back to light. Now I speak of this faster than what is happening, but I invite you to consider the energies of something complete and full and large and right in front of you that emanates a high vibrational frequency and then that potential of how as the eclipse comes across, the perception of darkness that you don’t see it or you don’t know that it’s there.

In truth, there are many frequencies that are realigning and re-balancing so as to assist in your everyday life.  Breathe within you, breathe in the light frequency of what it is to be in the space of all that is evident to you, all that is clear all that is illuminated. And then as you consider the perception that you can no longer see that you are no longer aware that it is all just there.

When the time is at that darkest moment breathe into your own heart center, open up your heart, open up the energies so that you may recognize you are still aligned, it is now coming from within you to understand whatever perception is here for you.  

Consciously expand your awareness so that you see or perceive or sense the sun’s energy the earth and the moon as if it’s all in that straight alignment. What messages are here for you?  As you open to receive messages, ask to know: how can you or how can I move forward in life in such a way that my life is enhanced?  For some of you, I have a perception that you are opening to a much deeper alignment within your own divinity.  For others, I have that perception that you have the tools or the answers in your everyday life, but you just didn’t notice it before.

So, breathe in and breathe out.  Open to know what this is for you. 

You begin to see that the light of the moon is coming back.  As you tap into those energies of the moon, as they are coming back within your space, are things changing for you?  As you consider your life from this new perspective, what does that have for you? Sometimes the answers to your questions are right here present within you, however, you just were unaware.

I invite you to take this moment to consider the alignment of the universe with our planet.  Especially during this time of the eclipse as other planets are lining up, what changes are coming forth? What is happening with you? What is happening with life?

There are wave upon wave upon wave of the high-frequency energies that continuously come into the earth. With the opening that is taking place this evening in alignment with the eclipse, I invite you to assist with anchoring these new frequencies. What does that mean to you to anchor a frequency?

If you experience a change or a transition in the vibration of your own energies, it places you in an alignment for opportunities that you may or may not have experienced in the past.

Breathe in and breathe out. 

As you stand here in the All That Is, as you experience the universe, the sun, the moon, the earth; you can understand how every person can have an impact in life upon the earth.  This impact may be something of which you have no idea. However, it is still working with the other energies of the earth the consciousness, the collective consciousness, and all that interacts on your everyday life.

I can feel the shift that is taking place. As everyone is looking towards the earth, I invite you to have a clear intention that we let go those low vibrational frequencies. ~whew~ This has been ongoing for many, many years.   I invite you to continuously intend that the earth is living in the high light frequency it absolutely is however sometimes people forget

I would therefore invite you to have a clear intention that not only do you remember but all of those that may be conscious or unconscious will also remember what is happening. The All That Is is changing. It is expanding as more and more people are coming within this space.  You are in a position to put forth an intention of what helps you in your own creation of your life upon earth.

As I look at you, I can see that most everyone is very focused on their own creation. I invite you to understand the ways in which creations work upon the earth. When you are focusing upon your own life or doing something with your own life, it creates a frequency and a vibration that moves out from you sometimes in concentric circles, sometimes in a plane of energy; it just depends on what is happening within and around you.

As those waves of energy move out, they find an alignment with others of a similar frequency. And then as it merges with them, what you are seeking to create is now being supported by other energies, by other frequencies. And then as that continues to grow, more and more and more come within that space.  As they are merging, sometimes merging in such a way that multiple people have the same intention, other times, completely separate ideas and intentions, however, the frequency remains the same. So not only does it support that which is consistent but that which is unique. ~whew~ Send it out, send it through on every level!

If there are situations within your life that are still stuck in lower frequency you begin to see them melt away.  As this is happening on a global level, there is that direct alignment with the universe. It begins to clear away the low frequency that is left on the planet. As it’s clearing that away, everybody rises in their vibration.  Be open to transition. Be open to that which you not only seek but what may be even better as you move along this path.

I invite you to come back together as a group.  You notice how everyone is finding this alignment. I see people dancing as they come together, I see people laughing, talking, some levitating, and some flying!  This is not how I typically see you when you gather like this so this is showing you the new opportunities that are coming your way.

You see coming up within the center of this group that hologram of the earth. As that hologram comes up within everybody here; the joy, the playfulness, the dancing, all that is happening is infused within this hologram and then the hologram takes on its own energy and its own space.

There is that aspect of it that goes out within the universe as we follow that we see that it is moving through the planets, through the ships, and it is anchoring with the other light beings that are working with the ascension upon the earth. Many of them take it and anchor it on other planets.  But it is a way of creating an alignment between the universe and the earth. 

The remainder of that hologram then moves down. As it does so it moves into the earth, it anchors within the center of the earth coming back up. Your own energy comes back up within you through that anchor that you placed within Gaia. The waters, the grass, the animals all are integrated with this higher light frequency and they will continue to move around the planet enhancing this higher light.

As you are anchoring your own energies, consider all that happened within the All That Is. It comes back down through that column of light and you feel your direct alignment with your soul and with the God source energies and your direct alignment with Gaia so that everything flows through you.  Allow your own attention, your own awareness to return being very present within the now moment.

As you look up at the sky, understand that the moon has a frequency that assists you. That the eclipse created new alignments that strengthened your own intuition, your own awareness not only in the All That Is but in your everyday life.  You are here, you are present, take a deep breath in and breathe out.

We are not going to have the question and answer today we will bring this session to a close. It was rocky with losing the YouTube recording and starting again.  Some of this is due to the higher frequencies that are kind of bombarding into the earth and some of it is reflecting that imbalance that so many people feel.

Be patient, be aware, and if you are experiencing similar things in your own life understand that it is all about the integration.

Beloved family know that I am ever with you and within you!


You Can Heal Your Life - Goddess of Creation


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