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Freedom Of Choice - The Federation of Light

Freedom Of Choice - The Federation of Light

Welcome to you this fine morning. Somebody wrote in asking if you would talk to us about ‘Free will’. For you say, no one can take it away from us. Yet, many would beg to differ. He wrote ‘How can anybody claim that we are down here making choices of our own "Free will" when we are clearly in no position to do so? No - any "choice" that humans are making here in his place is being made without access to "all the facts" and out of a distorted and heavily manipulated state of consciousness, indeed in many cases, "choices" are being made under duress.  Would you care to speak about this please?

Welcome to you and indeed, it is a fine morning from the beautiful country in which you reside. Not all can say the same weather wise and yet, perhaps that discussion is for another communication.

There is so much involved with … so much, that sometimes it is not always so easy to condense such vast topics into a conversation such as ours.

This matter of ‘Free will’ is a curious one. For we have stated only recently, that one cannot take away ‘Free will’ of your soul. However, there is much manipulation through controversy and mind influence that suggests one … does not/is not … able to be FREE to do exactly what they want.

Well, on our Planet … one would say this is very much the case. For there is much control taking place in many, many areas of our lives. Which definitely takes away our choices, therefore, our ‘Free will’ surely?

Yet, you CAN CHOOSE how you CHOOSE to CHOOSE!


In that … there is an acceptance of certain probabilities … at this stage in ‘The Game’ … regarding things … out of/ beyond your … control. The way governments and their agendas are run … and not excluding those that reach far above that of the government protocol. However … and we reiterate … at this stage in ‘The Game’ … you do have the ‘Free will’ to CHOOSE the way in which you decide to … think about/ behave towards … such matters that are occurring.

NO-ONE can take away your KNOWING of ‘EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT’ … no matter what is presented outwardly. And should one so CHOOSE to hang on to that KNOWING above all else, no matter how things appear … then ‘EVERYTHING ‘WILL’ BE ALRIGHT.’ You have the ‘Free will’ to make these decisions.

You have on your Planet what is known as THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. It is a law unto itself. That which you think, you attract.

The Energy in which you CHOOSE to Vibrate regarding your thoughts and desires, is the ultimate key as to whether or not such desires come to you sooner rather than later. This too, is your ‘Free will’.

One can moan and complain until they are blue in the face. This too, is ‘Free will’.

One can adopt a change within their thought patterns of negativity and change their lives around, literally, due to their focus on that which they desire and Vibrating on the knowing that it is theirs. You have the FREE WILL to BE YOURSELF.

Yet, do we? Are there not those who are able to control our minds through microwaves etc?

Yes. This is so.

Then this would prevent ‘Free will’ would it not?

Yes. It would. Yet, we would state that ‘The Self’ … the ‘True Self’ … can be aware of this and break through that mind manipulation. This matter is intense and complicated. There are also certain drugs that are used to manipulate one's thought pattern and one could say that they too, take away ‘Free choice/will.’

Even from this knowing, we would still say that the soul … the will of the soul … has the power to break through that which one feels they cannot control.

The Power of the soul is more than you CHOOSE to imagine.

The Power that is within you is more than you can imagine.

Yet, isn’t that because a lot of our imagination/skills/tools were … taken away/shut down? Where is the ‘Free will’ in that?

It is within your soul. It remains in your soul. Your ‘tools’ to access this Power have merely been ‘put to sleep’ … and yet NOW in these Glorious days … THEY ARE AWAKENING. YOU ARE AWAKENING. Each one … in their own choice of time.

Ok. So, let me question that ... ‘In their own choice of time’. Surely, if one knew about this possibility … we would all wake up immediately in order to access this power?

Not so, Blossom. There are those who have settled so deeply into their slumber that they have ‘chosen’ to ‘keep things as they are’… so as not to disturb the Peace. You have to understand that there are souls who do not want to face up to the reality of what is actually going on. It is too much for them to have to deal with and therefore, their choice, to remain closed down.

Is that laziness? Why is that?

Free will!

Yet, why would they choose this? For surely each one of us ‘deep down’ knows we are of spirit, not flesh … and … of the LOVE that we TRULY are. However deep down it rests for some.

Yes … and yet, EVOLUTION of the soulself has the … right to/the ‘Free will’ to … take everything at one’s own pace. Just because one soul may desire to ‘Blossom’ more quickly than another … does not mean that either is right or wrong. All souls CHOOSE their path in this experience/experiment.

As your friend and ours … the Beloved White Cloud, has spoken off … Some may take a bus that takes you on the scenic route around the country side … Some may take a bus that takes you up the busy highway … Some choose straight through, no stops … Others like to stop for a while and take in different opportunities. Either way … the bus … at some point arrives at the same destination.

Each soul’s evolution is marked out for them … by themselves!


Their choice, their ‘Free will’ to play this Game any way they CHOOSE. Any lifetime they CHOOSE. As many lifetimes as they CHOOSE. On a soul level, there … is always/will always … be ‘Free will’ to CHOOSE ALL THAT ONE DESIRES TO EXPERIENCE … for ever and ever and ever!

Ok. This is delving down the rabbit hole and deep into the warren yet, some say/believe … that we live in a computerised matrix. The movie ‘The Matrix’ is a fine ‘trigger’ to awaken to those possibilities. IF that is the case … where is the ‘Free will? ‘

The choice to take the blue or the red pill! IF … that is the case that you are living in such a programme.

I would be hung, drawn and quartered if I let the opportunity pass by to ask … Are we?

And we, Dearest Blossom, are not here to say ‘Yea or Nay’ to that answer. As indeed, we are not here to say ‘Yea or Nay’ to whether or not this is a flat earth or a round one … or whether or not a Light ship of massive proportion is soon to arrive in your skies. We are not here to disclose these things.

Do you know the answers?

Yes. Yet, also consider the possibilities that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Therefore, it ‘could be’ … that there is neither a ‘Yea or Nay’ answer to such questions … because the answer may be different depending on that which each one desires to concentrate on.

So complicated! One question leads to a billion more … none of which gives a straight answer. No offence to you.  I have a job to do here … as do you. And we both are IN LOVE and TRUST to do this to the best of our capabilities, coming from our individual positions.  I get that. One day I will know answers to things that you are unable to divulge right now. When I am in a Higher Vibration to understand more.

May we say this?

You have the ‘Free will’ to say whatever you like!





Are we ‘residing in it’?

If you CHOOSE to believe you are, yes. If you CHOOSE to believe you are not … no!




Yep … get all that … and I (and many others) know the key is within our grasp. We just can’t seem to get it to fit in the lock! If we could, believe me, I would be flinging that door open so fast, it would drop off its hinges!

We would ask you to consider to be gentle with yourself. Is it not that any soul prefers to ‘come round’ from their slumber in a slow, Peaceful, gentle fashion? Rather than being awoken by an alarm clock set to loud rock and roll!

Nothing wrong with a bit of rock and roll. Yet, I understand what you are saying and if ‘I’ get the point, then everyone else will, also.

The stirring arising within your Beings in these most extraordinary days are preperational signals to … Be alert. Be aware. Be guarded. Be guided.

For as each day comes to rest and a new dawn presents … you are ever closer to the Gifts that are to unfold before your very eyes. Gifts that will swell your heart to bursting point … for the WAVE OF LOVE that is to flow … over/through … your Divine Gaia is so very close now.

Hold on to this knowledge. For as Truths untold get told … you may lose sight of the wonders ahead that will take you into a Higher position. The one that you came here to bring about.

This Change ... this wondrous … change/chain of events … will show you the Lighted pathway through to your destiny/destination.

We Love you so very much …

Ditto! Many, many thanks my friends. Until next time.

Until next time … indeed.

Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channelling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. She has been channelling the Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ for twelve years now and shares his messages of Unconditional Love by means of personal readings and group meetings. Webpage: Blossom Goodchild
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