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Goddess of Creation: The Energy of Gratitude


Happy Thanksgiving! No matter where you are in the world, I extend to you my deep appreciation for all that you have been to me as a part of Goddess Light.  I was not surprised that the Goddess spoke of gratitude and being grateful; in fact she spoke of how gratitude is the energy of receiving and grateful was an energy of giving…. kind of a different perspective!

The Goddess began this channel with speaking about all the energies around the world that reflect fear, anger, frustration and how people get hooked into what is happening either on a local, national or global level.  If there wasn’t something within you that was reflecting this energy you would not be hooked in.  So while in the All That Is, we had a really deep clearing of fear, anger & hopelessness.

It’s very challenging to open to gratitude and appreciation if your energy is bound in anger, fear of hopelessness.   As each energy cleared out, the Goddess worked with everyone to open to their own divinity.  THIS is what creates the change in your life and the support.

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in where ever you may be within your life. I flow my love. I flow my energy. I flow my compassion for all who are living upon the earth at this time.

Immense transformations are taking place. This is a time where everyone upon the earth has an opportunity to make choices in their life but also about making choices and conscious decisions about what they choose to react to, as they are living their life.

The energy is moving from a place of imbalance into balance. You see the extremes right now; the extremes of fear, anxiety, unrest. You see the extremes of those that reach more and more and more into the light, into the love and into the peace as they just consciously reach out to balance what is going on in that what you would term negativity upon the earth.

In part, there are many new souls that have not lived upon the earth before who are getting caught up in this consciousness without realizing what is going on. So too, there are many others who have lived upon this earth for a very long time and are used to saying, “It all balance out, it will all work out in the end”, and therefore do not always get caught up in what may be happening.

And then there are many people that might not be over in the extreme but yet they find in their everyday life there is one turmoil or another turmoil or another frustration or something else that just keeps seeming to pull them down or pull them out of balance and this is probably where the majority of people are.

When people seek to find a resolution to something happening within their life they may be praying for peace, they may be seeking an end to frustration, violence, turmoil. There are a lot of people who in their attempt to open up to something new they’re still caught up in the vibration and the energy and it therefore makes it very challenging to be able to make a transition.

The time will come in which you will not have to always consciously disconnect from everything or consciously release but I would say to you, let’s put forth for each one of you and for all of humanity if there is an intention for all of humanity to find a place of balance. Within balance, you may have that titer totter in which everything is really wonderful or things may be very sad or frustrating; but you want to instinctively and intrinsically come back to a state of balance.

As you look at your world and what is happening in your world, a state of balance also allows for those fluctuations to take place. But intrinsically when it comes into a space of balance what is happening is that it’s giving everybody else that potential to step into balance for themselves, which takes me to the next point I would like to speak about while we are still here in this space.

If there was not something within you that was in a place of fear or in a place of anger or in a place of whatever it may be, you would not feel hooked in, you would not feel drawn or togged or connected to whatever that situation may be. Therefore if you do find that your mind keeps focusing on something and you keep thinking about it and it keeps going through your mind and your thoughts, and then you maybe talk about it,  and then it comes back again or you read it in the headlines or you read it in a book, whatever; recognize that there’s something inside of you that feels the same as whatever that is.

Because if you didn’t feel that you would look at it and say “Gosh, what a shame, what’s happening and how is that all going to come out?” but you wouldn’t have that same heart felt or gut wrenching response to it.

So for your life, I invite you to realize that everything begins within you and your alignment with others is a response from what is happening within you. By no means do I ask you to be perfect because that would not be the human experience. I but ask you to become aware, so that when you are feeling those heartstrings or you’re feeling that tug from that energy, you can first and foremost be loving and compassionate within yourself shifting that vibration within you and then you have more love and compassion to give to others.

The way to find a global balance in energy is through love. Love is the foundation of all that I do with you. My energy is the pure essence of love. Your energy in your divinity is only love. Therefore, when you open to love, first and foremost within yourself and then let that flow out from you, right immediately on the heels of that is compassion.

When you feel love and compassion, first and foremost for yourself, you are nurturing and supporting all of who you are and then when that flows from you into other people you see things differently. You see the world differently. You see the situations differently. You are supporting an energy of balance and love.

As you know, whenever we have these channels and whenever we come together, we are coming together in that space of love. I know Shelly is never aware of what’s going to come through and in fact sometimes nor am I. but it is essential at this time to speak words of love, words of compassion, words of healing vibrant energy that begins within you and moves out to everybody else.

You are not doing this alone, you are first and foremost aligned with your divinity so that your own divinity is supporting you and then that moves into everything within your life.

Take another deep breath in, and this time just breathe it down into the earth. Allow your energy or your essence to connect with the earth, spreading out so that it may anchor you.

As you do so then that energy comes up through you and you send it out. There is a beam of light, there is a thread of energy that links you from your human to your divine and through that you can find your higher self.

As you link within this space have a sense of opening up your senses. You may feel what this area it’s like to you. You may see it. You may intrinsically know. Within your higher space or your higher self you may have some of those thoughts and things that you are working through. If there is old stuck energy ~whew~ clear it out.

You may have situations you’ve been working towards or situations that you’ve noticed around you. If that is still stuck within this space, pay attention to it ~whew~ clear it out.

This gives you the freedom to create from a new beginning and from a new thought.

Allow your consciousness and your energy to flow even further. It goes from that space of your higher self all the way up until you find yourself merging with your divinity. This is that place that I speak about every time I suggest you open to your I AM Presence. This is you as your God source; this is you from the multitude of different vibrations and energy. This is you the person who has already lived or experienced many of the things that you are currently experiencing so that you can tap into it as a resource.

As you open up, have a sense of just literally opening up your heart, that you will feel your compassion. You will feel that one-on-one blending with your own divinity. As your energy is merging, I invite you to let it clear out anything at all that no longer serve you.

Allow this space to not only wrap its loving arms around you but allow it to clear out any past hurts, any realities that no longer serve you, so that you may know that unconditional love, the strength, the awareness of who you are.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst all of you that are here. I reach out to merge with you, blending with you, so that I may amplify all of who you are.

As our energies merge you will find yourself expanding into the All That Is. As you move within this space open up to look around.

There are many, many Angels and light beings that are here present with you at this time.

They are here to communicate with you. They are here in support of you. They are here to assist you in whatever is taking place within your life. This week in the country in which Shelly lives is the week of Thanksgiving and they therefore come into this place to give thanks to you for choosing to have your life upon the earth; for choosing to take on the human form and have that human experience.

We honor and recognize that it is not always easy. I laugh because I heard several people in the background saying, “it is never easy”! This is true for many people and we recognize it. But here within the All That Is this is your place of creation. This space is where many, many people come more than just this teleconference group, but it is a place where people come to connect with others, to experience potentials. It is therefore ever-changing and ever shifting.

As you find your own space within here, I invite you to open up to whichever Angels or light beings are around you at this time.

You may choose to have a conversation with them, you may simply open to feel their support and communication with you and I invite you to create a space in which you are comfortably sitting, perhaps strolling. It’s that place which is your sacred space that you go when you seek to feel comforted and nurtured and supported. The All That Is creates that for you.

As I spoke at the very beginning, I wish to take time to invite each one of you to look inside yourself. If you have already done this and none of these things are of an issue for you then we just flow a ball of energy into your presence, that you will shift or move or have whatever experience supports you at this time.

As you consider what is happening on your earth when we speak first of all about fear take a deep breath in where you breathe down inside your consciousness and you ask yourself, “Do I have any fear within me that at this time is ready to be transitioned?” Okay, good question. So we’re going to backtrack on that and first of all ask, “Do I have any fear within me?” And as you allow your consciousness to roll through that question see if anything comes up. Because part two of that is may be some of these fears are not yet ready to be released they continue to serve you but maybe other aspects are ready to be released.

Therefore as you consider fear within your life, you ask yourself first and foremost, “Is this fear here as a means of supporting me or protecting me”. In other words, “Does it serves me well”? If you heard a “yes” then you ask the energy or you go into that space and say, “Okay, how else is there another way beside through fear that I can utilize to support myself”? You therefore, open up to a new potential.

And now we take a step back to where we just spoke a moment ago. If you recognize that there is still fear inside of you from whatever reason – even if it seems like it’s not about you – but fear when you see things happening out in your community; let that fear, let that energy, let that whether, is percolating or it’s been latent and sedentary and sleeping inside of you for a long time. Let anything associated with fear begin to come up. You pull it from any place inside of you. You bring it down from your consciousness, and you let it come up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring up ~whew~ and you clear out that fear.

For some people fear is like a little voice that’s constantly speaking in the back of their mind and when you clear it out like that that emptiness creates anxiety or fear even, that, “Where did it go? Where is that voice? What’s happening to me?”  So you once more go inside of yourself and as you breathe down any space within your consciousness that have been filled up with that fear, you are here within your divinity, feel the flow of the love filling in all those little nicks and crannies where fear used to be inside of you. As it washes over you, you may be completely unconscious of where this is going, but it’s giving you something new, to feel and an alternative to fear.

I would next ask you if you have any anger inside of you, anger for whatever reason. If it’s anger towards other people, family members, coworkers, friends, is it anger towards situations, whether it’s in your community or the world; no matter what that anger is associated with take this as an opportunity to reach down, as if you’re pulling it up by the roots of wherever it may be inside of you.  You tap into that anger, and you just keep pulling it up. You’re going to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and clear it out.

Whereas the fear actually shifted fairly easily with this one it feels like there are many, many layers inside of people. So, you therefore tap into that anger again and let us this time specifically focus upon anger that you feel about society, about situations taking place in your society. You can connect with how that makes you feel inside of you when you see these situations and then you let it come up from within you. Wherever it is, whatever that reason is that it’s inside of you. You just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and you let that go.

What we see happening is that as some of you are releasing this anger within yourself, we see that it’s clearing out the anger for other people around you. If there’s a family situation, whatever it may be. So if there is any residual anger, be it conscious or unconscious we want that to come up now, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and we clear that out ~whew~ clear it out.

There we go. It felt like there were long threads of energy that were just coming up from different places inside people’s consciousness, and so now we feel like the vast majority is clear, if not all of it. So once more, it’s as if you open up your consciousness, you allow the love of your divinity to wash over you. You allow it to move into you and all those places inside of you where you felt anger or you felt connected to other people’s anger. You let any of those spaces become filled with light, become filled with energy as it all moves through you.

Is there anything inside of you that feels hopeless where you feel as if you’ve done everything you can, and you still aren’t able to make a change in your life? You feel as “What else can I do? What do you want”? And it almost brings up a feeling of not being good enough or “I’m doing something wrong or there must be a reason why this is happening”.

So hopelessness or feeling as if you are unable to manifest what you want. Let all of that energy come up within you and I will say here also, if there’s any of that feeling that is there and been magnified because of what else is happening in the world, let that come to your awareness, so that you know it is a mirror for what’s happening elsewhere; but then you tap into that hopelessness, that frustration, that not good enough, anything associated with that and you bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ clear it out ~whew~ you clear it out.

Feel how that is to release something like hopelessness because that is one of those emotions or energies that just is very insidious working its way through you. And so too now make sure that everything comes up in regards to that and that as you breathe in your divinity once more, allow it to illuminate all of those threads of energy. Allow it to fill in the spaces so that you can know that there is such strength and such energy behind you. Feel it, know it and accept that energy and light.

We are going to kind of clear out these energies and emotions so that they are no longer in this space so that it is no longer within this energy. Now you may have other emotions and other energies that you would like to transition, but these to me feel like they are the most, oh what’s the word, transient not transient these are the ones that seem to be having the biggest impact upon humanity at this time. Therefore if you release this within yourself and you take this opportunity to really feel your divinity flowing within you, this is indicating how you can clear out old energy and receive new energy.

This is what is giving you the opportunity to be in this space of who you are as your divine essence.

We have a sense of a group of angels just coming into this space, they are banging drums, they are playing bells, they are ringing bells, they are playing music, creating a sense of celebration; celebrating you, celebrating a transformation that is taking place. And as you are in this week of Thanksgiving this is an opportunity for you to consider what within your life you may be thankful for. I’m noticing in some of you now that we’ve cleared out those emotions and those energies you suddenly recognize what you had not noticed before.

Feel what this energy is to you.

When you consider the energy of being grateful it opens up a vibration and a flow within and around you. You can be grateful for small particles of things, you can be grateful for immense things. When you have that open flow of gratitude within and around you it changes everything within your life. If you are feeling stuck in energy, feeling a sense of gratitude no matter what it is as long as it’s genuine and comes from the heart; you will find your energy is shifting.

We are going to make a little game. Have a sense of being aware of yourself here in the All That Is. We have all these angels and these light beings and we’re just going to take a moment and have each person or light being say just one word of which they are grateful, of something of which they are grateful and we want to have a sense of it moving around the world, one word for which you’re grateful. Let that come up within you, that you may hear it now.

I hear so many words from, “that I am alive, that I am healthy, that I am secure, that I have a home, that I have friendship, I have a job, I have a family; on and on and on and on. We just heard someone say, “that I have tennis shoes”! Whatever it is, receive this wave just rolling through the All That Is. The more that people speak their words of gratitude the more it flows going around the world.

When you’re in the vibration of gratitude you are in a receptive energy. When you are in the vibration in which you are grateful for and then you can add that, these are two different expressions of the same. Either is equal in my perception but consider where gratitude can be a receptive energy or a movement energy or a flowing energy.

The whole space is filled with a deeper connection between everyone, connecting through the space of gratitude which is also connecting to the vibration of love.

Who are you? You are love. What is your purpose in life? To be love.

I invite all of you to come back together as a group where we had stretched out over such a big space as we were exchanging and feeling that energy. Everyone comes back and take a moment as you reconnect with your friends and your soul family here knowing that whether these people are around you on your earth plane or not, it doesn’t matter. They are connected to you, they are in support of you, and they are here for you; other humans, your Angels, your guides, your light workers, everyone is here and blended.

As you come together as a group, as you gather see coming up from within the center of this group a hologram of the earth. As it comes up within the group pay attention to whatever may be currently present but then infuse the energy where you have transitioned fear, anger, hopelessness, you’ve transitioned all of that into love and compassion that you are consciously sending that into the hologram.

It’s wave upon wave. So too, you infuse it with gratitude and feeling grateful for whatever it is and as all of this is moving through the hologram it begins to swirl. There is a movement of light and energy that just keeps moving around and around. Then once it becomes infused you release it and it’s like that hologram flows down. It moves through the All That Is. There is an aspect that goes out into the universe creating that connection to the universe and the majority of it goes down into the earth plane.

As it’s moving through the energies of the earth plane, it’s clearing out the collective consciousness, clearing out the space around you. It goes down until it anchors inside the center of the earth. It’s connecting with the magnetic energies, it’s connecting with the gases, the rocks, the crystals and then it expands outward so that it’s clearing out any cellular memory of what was released tonight.

It’s also clearing it out from whatever cellular memory may be within the earth, it comes up through the earth and let yourself feel your own energies coming up within you. It comes up inside of you, throughout all your energy bodies. It clears out your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual energy bodies. So too this vibration is moving through the grass, the water. The actual earth itself is emanating this vibration where it has cleared out those emotions and we put forth an intention that for all of those people caught up in fear, hopelessness, anger; that it clear out their energy fields and it gives them the opportunity to receive love, unconditional love from their own divinity.

As this continues to clear throughout the consciousness of the earth it’s re-balancing and re-anchoring. You then return to the All That Is bringing all the rest of your consciousness back with you. It flows down through your divinity. You bring as much of your divinity as you can back down through your higher self. It then moves into you the human so that it may anchor and recalibrate and re-balance within you what it is to be free of those emotions and what it is to really integrate gratitude and feeling grateful. You let that flow through you.

As you do so, you allow your energies to anchor even more and more fully within you the human.

So beloved family, as you move forward, we are here this week in the energy of gratitude but for all of your life if you allow for gratitude to be a part of your everyday existence you will recognize that that easy flow of love and energy from your divinity can move within you with greater ease. Recognize that all that you have released tonight is cleared and gone ~whew~ and you are creating a new beginning.

Anything that you transition within your life I invite you to transition it outward with the energy or intention of clearing and then you immediately receive in the love and the support of your own life, your love, your divinity, your God source energy.

There is such love that’s here for you. You are living your life upon the earth with multitudes of opportunity. Therefore, open to the flow, feel the love, know that you are in the light and that there are many, many guides and teachers that are here in support of you. Some manifest in the people around you and some remain here in the nonphysical.

Beloved family, know that I am always with you and within you.


21 November 2016
Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website: www.goddesslight.net
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