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Opening Alignment with Your Divinity


This channel has been in the process for many, many months!  Other channels have touched on things in bits and pieces, but truly what everyone is seeking in life is to have meaning, have a purpose, have joy & happiness; this channel opens that up for everyone.  You will work with your I AM presence so that the flow is open from divine to human and human to divine. 

We are all human, living this life in which we are right now but we’re influenced by many, many things.  We may see or hear things happening in the world and feel fear, anxiety, compassion, awareness, disgust and some other emotion.  When we do so and if we talk about it to people or we write about it in social media; we are giving energy to whatever that may be.  It’s also pulling you down on one level or another.

Everyone is connected to their divinity.  There is a cord of light that runs from them in their human life back into their I AM presence.  Sometimes when people get very disconnected in their life, they may have the perception that they are NOT aligned; when the truth is, they always are.  During this channel the Goddess worked with everyone to clear out the various times & places where you may have felt disconnected and re-aligned with your divinity.

So too, the Goddess asked, why are we so critical of ourselves?  We should feel nothing but love, support, acceptance and more from our divinity; so anything else is a perception of ego.  As everyone released any harsh judgments, it opened the flow even further. 

Lastly, as we worked with the hologram of the earth, Archangel Michael used his sword of light to pierce the dark, heavy energy so that we were more effective with infusing light into these situations.  This channel is filled with energy, expansive love and a potential for you to find  your true source energy! 

For some reason Free Conferencing didn't work!  I called in but no one could hear me, nor could I hear them.  Therefore, there is only the channel this time, there is not a question and answer session. 

Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to all who are here. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to everybody who is in that room, wondering where Shelly is and when she is coming in.

The technical glitches that people encounter in their human life are in some ways going to become more prevalent and in any other ways will go away once the new intrinsic balance is reached. There has been a great transformation of history, of energy taking place, especially over these last several months. We’ve spoken of it especially since the last equinox that took place just in March; but with the energies of the solstice coming in it was like an extra little push or an extra little bolus or an extra little input that has just kind of jarred things out of balance again.

Here is one of the things that I would invite each of you to consider in your life. There are always going to be things happening that are going to knock you off your center. There are always going to be things that come into play, that when you got everything set up and you’re all ready to just move forward and to have whatever your experiences that you are seeking to have and then something comes along to take it out or create a change or create something different for you.

We remember a caller a while ago saying, everything had just manifested that they had been waiting for and seeking and then suddenly it was gone. So the thing that is essential to remember when you are living in the new vibration and when you’re living in the higher dimensions such as fifth, sixth, seventh dimensions is that your reality can change in a moment and that that which seems real to you in one perspective is not as real in another.

That sounds very esoteric and it makes it hard for people to understand sometimes, but it is an explanation as to why there are times in which you think you’re all ready, there’s something that you wanted and then it disappears, it’s because you are shifting and moving your vibration and your energy that quickly that your higher self, your universal light body is working with you from that space, many times in your unconscious vibration so that its creating the reality for you and your human experience, your personality, your ego is trying to catch up with it at times.

It may seem as if there’s one life here and one life here and they’re two totally separate things. They are not separate. The greater your integration within yourself, the greater ease and flow that things will go with you.

The other thing to pay attention to is that when things don’t happen for whatever reason, whether it’s something that you know is a technical issue going on here as is spoken of tonight or it’s something that you have no idea what’s happening; accept it’s just a glitch; it’s just something that happened. There is not always a deeper meaning as to why it happened the way it did.

So often when people are upon a journey and they are considering their manifestations and that everything happens for a reason; “Well, what’s the reason for this?” or “Did I do something wrong?” or “Am I out of alignment?”  You can always ask yourself questions such as that and if there is an answer that comes to you that helps move you in a new direction, then that’s fabulous.

But, be aware that there may be times when there is no answer, there is no explanation. It just simply is either not the right timing or there is something else going on that’s keeping things from manifesting. So, allow yourself to just accept, it is that it is, and it is this in this now moment.

If you can learn how to do that what you will find is that in your private life, in your everyday reality, there will be less and less things that are glitchy. There will be less and less things that will throw you out of balance because you understand that in the big scheme of things you are always in the flow of your intention; whether you are conscious or unconscious of it.

If you have that intention that you are always in the flow then the times in which you get nudge from one side to the other may temporarily take you out of balance, but ultimately you’re in the flow and you are moving in whatever direction is in your highest interest.

The message to remember about that or the foundation to remember about that is, “does it feel good?” If you get knocked off balance, and then you come back and you find yourself in a place that feels even better than it did before you’re moving in the direction of your highest interest.

If you get knocked off kilter, you try to go back around it and re-create that or make that work in a better way or find something and you still struggling, and you still get knocked off again and then you get knocked off again and then you get knocked off again, this is all telling you, you’re not in vibrational alignment with your divinity.

So, the easy answer to know, “Am I in alignment?” If it feels good, if things fall into place with relative ease, you are in vibrational alignment. If it’s one struggle after another, after another, after another, you are stepping outside of your alignment. So, consider that in your life. Are you in alignment or are you out? Does it feel good or does it feel painful?  Are you in a place of joy or are you sick to death of your life and all that is happening within you?

If you are one of the individuals that feels like they are just sick to death of their life, then take in a breath, just take in a slow deep breath, allowing your focus to go inside of your heart and feel my love as I send light and energy into you. May you know that you are not alone, may you know that God/Goddess source energy is always here and available for you and we are with you right now.

And then breathe out relaxing, breathe out letting go, breathe out pilling away the layers whatever they may be. There we go.

I can feel everybody coming back into that space of balance, coming back into that space of alignment.

You can practice it and it works more easily on your own or you can come and listen to this as often as you need to. Know that I am here for you and there is always great love.

Take a moment to breathe your energy down into the earth as if you breathe into your heart center and then you send a beam of light moving down into the earth. Let it connect to Gaia. Let it connect to the earth plane and then spread out so that it can anchor you within this space.

As it anchors you, allow Gaia and the elementals to clear out any excess energy so that then when you breathe out in to your heart center, once more you can send that energy up. There is a cord of light that moves from you and terminates in your divine essence. So, follow that cord of light until you find your higher self.

As you align within your higher self feel these energies; feel the essence of what this is. This is the place where you move in and out of all the time in your daily life. You come here for answers. You come here to link with divinity. You come here to speak with your guides.

If there is clutter or things that no longer serve you ~ whew ~ let it go. Let it go. Just clear out this space, release.

Follow that stream of energy, that stream of light as it moves from your highest self, reaching out. It connects with your I AM Presence. This is you as your divinity. This is you as source essence of God/Goddess represented by the individual soul that is you. Allow yourself to feel those energies. Allow yourself to be in this moment.

And as you feel this alignment to your divinity, stretch out your consciousness so that it may create an even deeper alignment. There is so much information within this space. There is so much love. There is so much light and energy.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I reach out and embrace all of who you are. I embrace and merge with your consciousness. I illuminate your divinity. It will also shift you into the space of the All That Is.

As you arrive within the All That Is take a moment, look around, see who is here for you, because this is a place where you come many times in your dream state. You come to create opportunities. Open up your consciousness and see all that is here.

I wish to speak further about your alignment between your human self and your divine self.

To do so, I would like you to first of all open the door to truly know your divinity, if only for this moment, as if you are opening up your consciousness allow yourself to feel, see, sense your divinity with the intention that you merge. Ask to know, what is your soul or who are you as your soul?

You may feel a response. You may see a response. You may just intrinsically now what that response is.

There are many stars, many planets, many constellations within your solar system. And just as there are billions of individuals that live upon your earth, multiply that by billions upon billions upon billions and you will see essence of consciousness that live both out in the universe and upon your earth. Some live on other planets, some live on other stars, some flow in multiple places all at the same time. In fact the greatest percentages are in multiple places at the same time. As you merge with your soul, ask to know the essence or the energies associated with your lifetimes upon the earth.

Some of you may have a sense of a book opening up such as the Akashic records. Others may see images going passed as if in that big screen we use from time to time.

There are a growing number of you who have very little that comes to their awareness when we speak of the earth.

Those individuals who hadn’t lived very many lives upon the earth have mostly come with the intention of anchoring the higher vibrations that are now made available to humanity. Many of you who’ve had multiple, multiple lifetimes upon the earth are also here at this time to assist with anchoring these higher dimensions.

There is a merging of the energies of the earth and the energies of the universe, creating a space to live.

And while your daily reality may sometimes indicate something completely different, all of you, all of the beings of light out here within the universe are seeking to strengthen that space of consciousness, that dimension.

We seek not to give a great deal of energy or light by focusing upon that which is of the lowest vibration; but yet this is what seems to catch everyone’s attention. There are some of you who are completely disconnected from that; you may see it, observe it, send love, light and energy but it is not affecting you.

Many other people may not be physically involved in those situations but yet they see it, they get drawn in, they feel the frustration, the anger, the pain, the sorrow and this is giving it more and more light and more emphasis.

You see these situations. It creates great anger, great frustration, great angst. You speak about it in the social media, in your conversations with friends; it gives it more energy and amplifies it.  We understand that that is a part of being human.

We also understand that the control, the manipulation, the fear, has been the foundation of that great rift between divinity and earthly experiences. That was what created the veil, where humanity incarnated upon the earth thinking there is nothing else. Thinking there is heaven and hell. Thinking that you had one lifetime and that was it. So, the foundation was to create or perhaps to control or perhaps to manipulate as a means of expressing energy.

Take a look around once more. In this space of the All That Is. You have huge unlimited access to source energies. You as your soul essence are right here. So open up that door, expand that energy, whatever it is that you need to do, let it wash through you, let it fill you up. Allow yourself to bask in that energy of your divinity.

As you do so, everything else washes away. It washes into the distance.

When in the All That Is it may be a little easier to maintain that space of unconditional love. This is one of the reasons why I desired to have you strengthen your consciousness to your divinity so as to let that filter into your everyday life to a much greater degree.

Have a sense, if that perception of looking down from the All That Is on to the earth plane, do so; if it is looking outward, whatever it is, bring up for you, your everyday reality; the person that you are, not who you were, not who you are going to be, but who you are in this now moment. Just bring that individual up acknowledging perhaps your physical reality, perhaps your emotions or your thoughts or your beliefs, perhaps the situations in your life right now.

Consider that this is your reality; good, bad, in between. It is what is in this now moment. So as you are looking from that perception of your divinity, allow the love, allow the support, allow everything from this space to just wash through your perception of your reality.

Does it change anything? Does it fill in some of those places inside of you that are just aching or feel so disconnected or feel the sadness or the pain or the sorrow? If it has not, then consciously open up and let it do so.

Just as I said that I could see a number of you feeling guilty if you allow yourself to heal, feeling guilty if you are doing great and wonderful and prosperous in your life when so many people are not. Guilt does not serve anybody. So, take in a breath, consider if there is any guilt within your life then ~ whew ~ let it go. Let it go in wave upon wave as you are considering your life. Open and feel the essence of the divine.

You are now having that perception as looking from the All That Is at your life time. Flip it around and let yourself be consciously within your physical body and this time, looking more at your divinity.

As you do so, allow yourself to be more open or allow that expansion of that thread or that cord of light that links you the human to your divinity to fill you up with knowledge and awareness.

As your human self, as if you are sitting, standing, lying in a beam of light that comes directly from your divinity let it be there. Let yourself be in the flow. Allow yourself to be fully conscious and as you just it integrates moving into every cell within your body.

As you look out around you, perhaps at your personal situations, perhaps at world situations. I invite you to do so from that place of disconnect so that you may instead, infuse balance, love, compassion into whatever the situation may be from the space that will then uplift it into a new potential or opportunity.

What I’m seeing as I observe this is that in every one of you, that beam of light, that expansion of consciousness is filling up with a golden or white or in some a multicolored sparkling light that is more deeply and deeply integrating within you.

If your perception of that alignment from soul (she meant human) to divinity is that it’s not there, there is no divinity; you are disconnected. Then breathe inside of yourself, send a beam of light. You can create a ball of energy in your heart and let it just move up through you and let that ball just roll until it stops. And if it stops and you think there is nothing here then consciously have the intention of moving out into your divinity. For some it may be that you breathe in another ball of light. You send that up and you have that conscious intention that you link, perhaps first with your higher self and then your divinity.

Sometimes when one has a perception that they are not connected, it is because you’ve been in a space of perhaps have had an experience that makes you feel less than; less than enough, less than good, perhaps mean, perhaps harsh, perhaps vindictive, whatsoever it may be. If this had enough of an impact upon you it can create these seemingly dead ends between you the human and your divinity.

Those dead ends can be cleared out. Take in another breath of light. This time create a ball of light, within your heart center maybe draw some energy from the earth and then as you take a deep breath in as you breathe out ~ whew ~ let that ball of energy just roll up from you. Send it with the intention that it just moves clearing out anything at all until it finds that alignment with your divinity.

Allow your consciousness to flip once more. Take a moment and get your bearings             as you look around the All That Is.

Is your perception greater than what it was? Are you able to feel, see, sense more within your divinity?

And as you look out, look out, look down, look back considering this now moment within your human life, is there a greater flow and a greater movement?

Look around out here within the universe. As you look at the constellations they make up your astrology. The planets shift and move, the stars create balances and counterbalances giving you the opportunity to tap into support and influence from the universe.

You need not look only to that. You have I the Goddess, God, all the many, many Angels and beings of light who are here in support of you, the greater your alignment to your divinity the greater your alignment to all these Angels and beings of light.

Recognize that in the crystalline energy or in the light body energy your flow to your divinity is wide open. So too, recognize that in the crystalline light body energy your alignment to the Angels is in even greater flow of light.

Be open to integrating that crystalline energy or that light body energy so that it may support you in your everyday life.

You have your divinity. You have God/Goddess and all the Angels. You have your alignment to the crystalline energies. You have other human beings who think, feel, experience life similar to you. You are not alone.

Be open. Receive what we give from our hearts to yours.

There is such love available. Begin to infuse love into everything. You hear something on the news; disconnect and infuse love. You have an argument with a friend or a family member; disconnect and infuse love and then go back with a new perspective. You are frustrated seeking to manifest something in your life; disconnect, infuse love and look again.

Disconnecting from the energy of what’s been holding you back is not causing you to not feel or to not experience life. Disconnecting is about making a choice that I am not going to vibrate like that and instead I’m choosing to vibrate like this.

You probably don’t realize you make that decision, hundreds of times throughout the day. Sometimes, you realize most often you do not. So if something comes to your awareness, let yourself be conscious of saying, “Ah, I disconnect from that which no longer serves me and I infuse and bring in that which I choose to have within my life.” Feel how freeing that is for you. Feel, how much the flow of your divinity infuses you in that situation.

I smile because I hear some of you saying, “I may have to do it two, three, four, five times before it takes effect”. So be it.

Be loving and gentle with yourself at all times. Be your greatest love and support as opposed to your greatest critique. Why would you want to be hard on yourself? Feel only love from your divinity. Feel only love of I the Goddess, God, these angels, feel only love for who you are right now in this now moment.

Take in a deep breath, experience what that is.

I invite you to come back together as a group. I invite you to be conscious of all the many other individuals who are here and present for this experience and as you look around feel the love, feel the compassion, feel the awareness.

Coming up from within the center of the group is that hologram of the earth. As you perceive the hologram have that sense of creating an alignment from this space of love and awareness.

I wish to also have a sense of sending with Archangel Michael that laser light down through the hologram so that we can go into the collective consciousness as if we are breaking open or cracking open the shell around the earth that is been caused by all that low vibrational energy that’s expanding recently. Let’s go down into the source of that, we open it up with Archangel Michael’s sword and infuse it with love, with the light, with the unconditional essence of who you are and as that swirls down within the center we gently, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~ let it go and we infuse more of the light, love energies.

Perhaps Archangel Michael will make several other cuts through the density, so that everything within the hologram in every level of the collective consciousness becomes infused with the energy of love, light, divinity. It stabilizes that space. It stabilizes all that is within from the deepest level to the most transparent level. There is only flow and movement.

As if you let go of that hologram, it moves down, moving through all the layers, moving through all the dimensions and as it gets particularly to the third dimension is clearing out in the physical reality, all that was cleared out from within the hologram. The hologram itself moves into the center of the earth. It anchors within the center; it then spreads out in every direction.

It comes up within each one of you so that you may once more connect from within the earth this time that alignment to your divinity and all that you clear and integrated this evening. It also comes up, clearing out all levels of the collective consciousness ~ whew ~ so that when the earth finds its intrinsic balance is not about right and wrong and good and evil is the intrinsic balance from the crystalline level that just moves and shifts infusing all that is in the highest good for living being upon the earth.

You may again allow your consciousness to go back into the All That Is. We’ve done this several times this evening and you can feel the greater ease with the flow every time that we do this. So from the All That Is, you look around.

Gather all of your consciousness. There’s always that part that likes to stay out here within the All That Is and that’s fine; but you gather your consciousness, you step once more into your divinity, your I AM Presence. Feel what that is.

It then streams down. You find that space within your highest self, that blend of you as the human and you as your divinity and it merges, expanding outward so that more of your divinity can be here closer to you in your everyday life, so that those times when you feel traumatized or frustrated or angry your divinity is right here in the space of your higher self.

You can just let yourself come to this space, connect to it and let it wash over you, clearing out everything within and around you. You let your energy stream back down into you the human and take a deep breathe in once more feeling the essence of who you are; feeling that wonderful expanded essence of you as your divinity, you as your crystalline energy, you as the human, with your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and light body energies. Let yourself expand outward and back so that the flow integrates all of who you are.

You are each upon your own individual journey. You are a part of the humanity of the earth at this time. But you need not be affected by those aspects that are not in a vibrational alignment with you.

So you clear out perhaps with the intention that it clears out to everybody else also allowing everyone’s intrinsic seeking of an expanded balanced light to find that space. It is here, it is available to all.

Know that I am always with you and within you.



Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this channel, but we ask you not take any portion of it out of the body of the channel and to retain this copyright message. For further information please check out our website:

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