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A Messy Human Angel

A Messy Human Angel

As an artist, musician and writer, I have created a wide range of forms.  Some have been calm and peaceful and some have been more provocative.  And of course, art is invariably in the eye of the beholder.  Some of my figures have made people feel at peace, and the same figures have made others uncomfortable.

Not unusual since we are all different.  I always encourage people, no matter what their background or skills in art, writing, or music may be, to express themselves.  And, even more importantly, to do it first for themselves.

It is critical not to censor ourselves in the creative process.  Some of the most evocative works of art have been ones that just express raw emotion.  Often children are the most uninhibited and provocative artists, before they are programmed to suppress their imaginations.

In our ascension process, we have been face to face with the most raw of emotions.  We have been practicing allowing all the emotions, to not censor them, and to also not identify with them.  For many of us the tricky part is not judging any of the emotions as bad, or inappropriate.

Most of the denser emotions are all about self-judgement anyway.  The hardest part of our awakening is to realize that we are beautiful souls just having a human experience.  Human life is messy.  And that feels unspiritual to us.

We have been conditioned to believe that being spiritual means we don’t have dark thoughts or emotions any more.  Can anyone guess where that came from?  Sunday school, perhaps?

The awakening process has a way of tearing at us not only physically, but emotionally.  When we invite spirit into our body and our lives, we open ourselves up to being so vulnerable.  Whatever there is in us that hasn’t felt worthy of love comes to the surface.

There is nowhere to hide anymore.

But we wanted to have a new experience.  We wanted to know what it feels like to be loved unconditionally by spirit, by our own Soul.  Not the kind of love you get when you are on your best behavior.  Like on a first date. Where you try to show the other how sweet and understanding you are.  How calm and balanced you are.

There is a part of us that doesn’t believe spirit could love us with all of our so-called character flaws.  After all, as humans, the love we received has always been conditional.

But our I Am, our eternal self loves us just as we are, just as we were, in this and all other lifetimes.  There is nothing we have to prove.  We are not asked to earn worthiness.

It’s awkward, because our impulse, when we are feeling one of those dark emotions, is to self-analyze.  We try to figure out where we went wrong.   There are so many times in life, this messy human life, when we feel like we fall short of whatever constitutes a spiritual being.

Like there’s some goal post we keep missing.

But, thankfully, that’s all bull.  And the sooner we get over that one, the better.  Just as an artist has the creative license to express whatever they desire, so we too, are free to be human, with all of its messiness.

There is no cookie cutter formula for spirituality.  If someone tells you that you must be all forgiving and all understanding of others, I say, get up and leave as soon as possible.

If someone thinks that being an expressive human means expressing only the polite, pretty and peaceful aspects of themselves, they are not a true artist.  They are not a pioneer.  But, you are pioneers.  You are here to bring a new consciousness to this planet.  That takes great creative spirit.  It takes going deeper than most humans allow themselves to go,

It means going for it totally, the dark as well as the light.

Whatever is in your heart to create and to then share is something that many others are ready to see or hear, or read.

As pioneers we are not here to win a popularity contest.  We knew that coming in.  Our ideas are not those of the masses.  So whatever we want to express and share, it will resonate with others, and sometimes it won’t.

But being pioneers, we can’t afford to tailor our creations to please everyone, because then we please no-one.

Being true to ourselves is first and foremost.  We knew that coming in.  We knew we couldn’t compromise ourselves yet another lifetime.  We knew that it was this lifetime or none at all.

Shifts in consciousness don’t happen from complacency.  From playing it safe.   Many of us know all too well the risks of not playing it safe.  But this lifetime is different.  We are safe in the new, balanced energy we have created for ourselves.

And within that space we can allow ourselves to be that sometimes messy human, Who is actually someone others can relate to.  We are not your average spiritual human.  We like to roll up our sleeves and get a little dirty.  We enjoy making mud pies.

Most of us consider sitting around and ‘ohmming’ pretty boring.

Most other humans aren’t aware of the depths we have travelled on not only a physical but an emotional level.  But to those who are ready to awaken to their Soul’s unconditional love for them, who better a role model of self-love, and self-acceptance that a sometimes very messy human angel?

Art by Maria Chambers
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