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An End to An Ancient Virus

An End to An Ancient Virus

Everything This Morning Went Well.  I Woke Up Early And Refreshed, Made A Little Breakfast, And Drove To My Cafe As The Sun Was Coming Up.  The Air Was Balmy And Smelled Fresh.  I Got Here And The Place Is Practically Empty.  I Am Sitting Outside Before The Heat Makes It Too Uncomfortable.  The Coffee Is Rich, Fresh And Hot. All Is Well, And Yet I Have A Bit Of Heaviness In My Heart.  I Don’t Feel That Connection To My Soul.  I Know It’s There, But Something Is Just Off.

It feels like no matter how perfect the circumstances, nothing ‘out there’ will ever satisfy the way it used to.  It’s unsettling to my mind.  This feeling of disconnection.

It’s so interesting that so many of us find ourselves in this space, and understand it’s just part of the integration process, and that there is no need for the alarm bells.  Just some kindred souls to commiserate with.

Or just a good cry, or time alone.  Time to go even deeper.  Not to run from the emotions.  And not to make them our TRUTH.


While these emotions are valid, and they are part of the human condition, there is also something that causes it.  It’s the virus.  Not the Coronavirus, but an ancient virus that has permeated the human consciousness.  Just as a biological virus disrupts our system and creates a variety of symptoms, the human consciousness virus manifests in a variety of ways.

It creates doubt, fear, and depression.  It would have us believe we are unworthy.  It loves separation consciousness, the belief that there is a battle to be fought between the masculine and feminine, between the young and old, between the so-called good forces and bad ones, white against black, right vs wrong.

It has us believing in aging, disease and death.  And that death is the only way to reconnect with our eternal self.

The ancient virus lives in the consciousness of humanity.  It’s in politics, industry, banks, religion, the church, and in personal relationships.  It draws its energy from power and control.

It loves a victim-consciousness.  It can manifest even as an over-nurturing.  Which is actually a form of feeding energy.  It’s a form of manipulation.

It feeds on fear and primarily tries to control the mind.  The mind is the most susceptible to control, to hypnosis.  Not the heart so much, and never the soul, or the I AM.

So the more clear the mind becomes, the more integrated, the virus has no place to feed from.  And the mind and all of its emotions are a feeding ground for the virus.  It becomes self-perpetuating.

But it’s not to get rid of the emotions, not about running from them, denying them or medicating them.  It’s not about psychoanalyzing or processing them.  That actually cements them to us.  It’s really about allowing all of them to flow in and out.  To not judge them and to not judge ourselves and our human desires.

And when our human self has a hard time just allowing, it’s a good time to take a few deep breaths, take a walk, a nap, a shower, eat something yummy, and just let our I AM tend to it for us.  It’s that easy,  yet that hard.

The good news is the mind is in the process of coming back together with the heart and the soul, and the virus doesn’t like that.  It’s not happy also with the masculine and feminine reuniting.  Which the latter is the basis of all imbalances on the planet.

The virus is insidious and not always easy to recognize.  It can just as easily manifest as trying to always please others, as well as mental, emotional and physical abuse.

It shows up as the shame one feels toward their body, and toward their physical and sexual desires.  There is an inherent shame of just being physical, of being in a human body.

This shame wasn’t created by religion, but the churches perpetuated it.

We don’t have to look too far to see how those in positions of power in many of the churches, the clergy, nuns, and Bishops, have been corrupted by this virus.  They have been told that sex between a man and a woman is ungodly.  Unholy.  So they find other very unbalanced ways to satisfy the desire.

The rampant sexual abuse in the world is the virus at work.

The virus loves power and control.  But interestingly, as one becomes more conscious, they recognize that power is an illusion.  And that the human may be able to be controlled, but never the I AM.  It is and has always been free.

So as people awaken, the virus loses its grip.

And, actually the virus wants to be set free.  It is ready to become integrated.  It’s not about trying to kill the virus, to annihilate it.  Or to run from it.

In the new energy, there is no battle, no trying, no mental forcing of anything.

It’s just total acceptance.  And then all these aspects of us are released and come back integrated.  Imagine that!

It’s funny how the COVID-19 is so feared.  Yet it would disappear overnight if the fear would turn into compassion.  Total acceptance of self.

And, interestingly, those of us who are allowing our integration are not really so susceptible to The Coronavirus, or to viruses in general, other than an occasional clearing out density by a flu or cold.

It’s physics.  Lower frequencies are no longer a match to us after awhile.  A wise friend said that gradually, our set point will be in the higher frequencies, and we will occasionally dip down into the lower ones.  Whereas now it feels like we are more often reaching for the higher frequencies.

And of course there is no reaching, but just allowing.  Allowing our dear partner, our Eternal Self, to attend to our lives.  We no longer need feel so alone.  All is well.


Art by Maria Chambers
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