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Awakening: Shaking (and Dismantling) the Foundations for Your REALities

Awakening: Shaking (and Dismantling) the Foundations for Your REALities

in Order for NEW ONES to Take Their Place (Ascension/Soul Embodiment/Highest Dimensional NEW Earth) - Going Up!

We are deep in the middle of MASS/COLLECTIVE/GREAT AWAKENINGS, which has been long awaited .... This is an IMPORTANT PART of the Overall Process, of shifting HUMANITY to a much Higher Consciousness Existence than before. 

Awakening is not this "froo-frooey" thing that so many perceive it to be. It's an in-depth, massive DNA CONSCIOUSNESS EVOLUTION process of working through each's ENTIRE REALity, each's physical body and basically "breaking everything unconscious down" and re-structuring it all... to be fully aligned on a SOUL LEVEL... AND AN ANCHORING HEAVEN (while resolving/dissolving "hell") process, both inside and "out there".  

Because all happens in stages and phases, it's confusing for earlier phases for awhile. This too is important, because of how the "ego" aspect works.

Awakening is an "early phase"... that begins a massive TRANSITION that envelopes/affects every aspect of our being/realities on every level... it's the part of the process that "gets each's attention" and starts a massive RE-STRUCTURING PROCESS .... of ENTIRE REALITIES....

Ascension is a RETURNING to FULL Consciousness, where each ARE their Higher Selves, Universes and so very much more. It's a REMEMBERING through our PUREST HEARTS... all that we "forgot", while living from within the Veils of Amnesia within ourselves.... (therefore the physical as well). 

Ascension re-writes our lives... it's where our HUMANITY returns... Each and every ONE of us and we will go through whatever THAT TAKES to get our hearts open fully, to where each does not go back to sleep/unconscious/heart closed anymore... 

​Ascension is BECOMING A CHRISTED LIGHT BEING here... It's LIVING as a Christed BEing, without pretense or ego to "claim" all... It's through our actual ACTS in how we LIVE, EVERY FACET OF OUR LIVES.... not "separating out" pieces and parts as "not a part of this".... because everything is. 

Ascension is also Descent/Descension.... that occurs within the body, as the physical body's vibration raises/relaxes/sleeps to clear the immensity of all of the conditioning, programming and DNA damage done through our "up to this moment" right here... It's a whole different Life-Style, where we treat all with deep sacred respect, treat ourselves with deep sacred respect, love ourselves completely (not the ego narcissistic way, yet pure, kind, caring) and every one and everything too.... It's a MERGING PROCESS of fractaled aspects, the MERGING OF THE LOWER/HIGHER SELVES, a RECLAIMING/RE-CALLING of all of our pieces and parts from "all other times", releasing all attachments, cords, lack, need and beliefs that we each held inside, that we perceived kept us bound to "the old Earth". That programming, that energy... that's what each is clearing, by way of thoughts, emotions, fixed/linear mentalities/beliefs that was stronger than our deep sacred PURE inner-connection before... 

Embodiment is PURE BEING, PURE PRESENCE and a whole new "way of Life". It's LIVING as a CHRISTED STAR LIGHT BEING (Including God/Source/Creator Consciousness)... from the DEPTHS OF OUR VERY CORE.... 

Embodiment is humble, kind, respectful, caring and a PURE PRESENCE that ACTS accordingly. Embodiment is a fully REMEMBERED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS... with zero desire to play in the old, re-create the old, re-experience the old... in any way, shape or form... 

THE FOUNDATIONS FOR OUR REALITIES have to be shaken apart, have to be dismantled and often "destroyed", because our human Ego Aspect won't CHOOSE to let go, won't CHOOSE to shift, won't DO WHAT IT TAKES to come from the absolute highest place inside and LIVE AS HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS here, without being "pushed", without that "obstacle" being "removed", without "control" being "taken away".. yet this too is all perception, because in ESSENCE, it's just TIME for each's HIGHEST SELF TO "MOVE IN" and "take over" HOW each actually lives here.... 

​The "reason" things are "too overwhelming, is because "all of that" is not vibrationally aligned, is not of PURE LOVE and creates DISHARMONY that can be felt, as each's LIGHTBODY activates and "speaks" to require "pulling away, silence, nature, rest/sleep/alone time".... or "saying no" to STOP ALL OF THAT... Until you LISTEN TO YOUR LIGHTBODY inside, you will "override" until you can't "override" anymore. Your LightBody has to INTEGRATE LIGHT within your physical body in order to FUNCTION WITH EASE and GRACE. Your body won't overwhelm anymore, when full integration is your priority and you've mastered balancing the inside/outside/full integration and maintaining your entire field highest aligned too. 

Your human body suppressed everything and it's waking up to release/clear/cleanse/repair/raise it's vibration, so it can RETURN too. I'm seeing tons "freaking out" and "going to panic", because they can't "control" all INSIDE anymore (Ego drama). Everything they were "holding onto inside", goes into a "collapse mode", because the CONSTRUCTS of that reality were not PURE. The ego aspect going into "urgency", because everything "appears" to be "out of control", when in essence, it's quite the opposite. All is being aligned to all new "coordinates/codes" for a "different"/new/higher dimensional/vibrational reality to "come through/forth".... and it "can't" because the "fight/struggle/hold" inside was too strong.... Your body is saying enough... and YOUR SOUL IS SPEAKING.... are you Listening, honoring, supporting, allowing or "struggling/resisting/fighting" this whole process (which creates inner struggle/suffering/separation) still? 

For awhile, fear and anger will awaken and fuel your body... yet there will come a point where you get tired of "fighting" and shift to a different place of preferring inner peace over the anger/fight/fear and immense inner "pain". There comes a point (zero point), where you realize all of the "fight was yours" and that you can experience ALL a different way. Up until "that point", your human emotions will "drive", which is an important part of the process for awhile... until it's not anymore... 

Each LightBody phase has a more pristine and in-tune nervous system, immune system, infrastructures and how the crystals (Photonic Light Processing works), more fine harmonics than the phase before. Each LightBody REQUIRES PEACE, LOVE, KINDNESS AND DEEP SACRED CONNECTION AS REALITY.... it won't TOLERATE any of the old... because of the disharmony/discord transmitting out from that which is not conscious yet....

YOUR LIGHTBODY IS YOUR SOUL BODY... it's "made up" of PHOTONIC LIGHT. It's an bio-plasmic, electro-magnetic body of Light, that transmits varying vibrational harmonizing frequencies OUT, generated from INSIDE OF YOU... activated on a DNA LEVEL and working through your physical body (therefore your physical reality, as both are simultaneously, even if this can't be seen/yet understood) to clear clear clear all that is not OF YOUR OWN HUMANITY and not in vibrational alignment with your NEW EARTH REALITIES here. 

Your Lightbody will dictate your entire Life here. It's is your SOUL... It will "do" all of the work, if you will honor/listen/respect/support and pro-actively participate in the processes that don't work like your old realities did.... 

Your LightBody will shut you down, and when depleted, your physical abundance will go. Your LightBody dictates your abundance in every way... because your LIGHTBODY (SOUL) IS completely abundant in EVERY WAY, because it doesn't have the programming of before, because it/you/your Soul... you live from a State of Grace, you live from a place of PURE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS, from a place/space of UNITY, from a place of IMMENSE GRATITUDE/APPRECIATION/RECIPROCATION and deep Sacred Respect, where you don't CREATE ANY REALITIES from a place of lack.... EVERYTHING IS BORN/BIRTHED/CREATED and brought forth, transmitted out... from PURE LOVE... which means your external reflects this back to you, through your own relationships, through your own exchanges, through your own "reality", because of where you LIVE/EXIST/FUNCTION FROM .... deep inside of you.

YOUR NEW EARTH REALITY is where you have moved/shifted/live from a WHOLE NEW FOUNDATION, with all new systems, all new set of VALUES... that emanate from our DEEP SACRED CONNECTION as Pure Love Consciousness here.... YOUR NEW EARTH REALITY is you, deeply connected, contributing, sharing, stepping forth/up (as is appropriate/shown) and DOING THE ACTS that make a difference.... fulfilling your highest ROLES here... as the fully conscious, loving, kind and UNITED LIGHT BEING that you ARE inside.... REMEMBERING the beauty, worth and Divinity that WE ALL ARE... while seeing human programming, while shifting this yourself, while embracing the magic and magnificence that WE ALL ARE... and showing others this within themselves too.... 

YOU INSPIRE, EMPOWER AND CREATE A SPACE where all flourishes, thrives and is PURE. You SHAPE REALities, you ACTIVATE THE DREAM by way of that which you create/transmit/contribute of YOUR SELF... and all materializes into FORM for you to be able to fulfill your highest roles/purposes/missions here. You uplift and YOU SHARE, you don't sit around waiting for "everyone else to do it first"... that's the old way... You INTEGRATE LIGHT which gives you the ABILITY to DO.  

You SET THE STAGE, it's your illusion, your play... it's your perceptions, your energy, your mindsets, your beliefs, your open or closed heart/mind, your caring, your sharing, your openness or your fears.... it's your CHOOSING the NEW OVER THE OLD and ACTUALLY LIVING IT FULLY here..... 

NEW EARTH IS YOUR EMBODIMENT of your highest selves, it's you BEING THAT WHICH SPEAKS PURE LOVE here. It's you as the HUmanitarian, all the little acts of kindness, consideration, caring and love...that GROW INTO MUCH BIGGER ONES as you continually go/grow/expand to RETURN to all that's possible/available to YOU as you do.... 

YOUR NEW EARTH EMERGES from within you, when the earths' separate into "two", which begins a whole new process of choosing, creating, accomplishing and contributing for all of HUmaNITY here. When you go inside to see/access the multitude of dimensions and realize the external is the vibrational match, when the ethers open up wide to show you ALL AVAILABLE, it will now be up to many things, that don't conform to the old ways..... ​

AT FIRST, the 3rd dimension, inside was where all "lived from" because that's all any of us knew. Fleeting moments, even years of heart connection and love, yet awakening/ascension/returning is a "new" phase of the human journey of MOVING YOUR ENTIRE BODY TO LIVING HIGHER LIGHTER DENSITIES that are not built on the old constructs of "before". This is very different. It's not a linear thing. This is a complete surrender, dissolution, merging of ALL OF YOU INTO ONE, where your SOUL BECOMES YOUR NEW YOU... where you BECOME YOUR HIGHER SELVES, without the separation... yet at first, we all have to be able to 'tell the difference' vibrationally and consciously CHOOSE, because the ego doesn't choose "this" as a "first choice", because of where it LIVES FROM inside of your body..... and how much we have to "let go of" that we all held onto before as "reality"... when in essence, none of that was. 

The 3rd/4th/5th open up inside... then you have a "Heaven", a "Hell" and a "Purgatory/Bardo/Space in-between" phase, where immense physical density has to clear, where separation becomes visible and you are working to become conscious and not believe "the old" anymore. It's where you have "one foot in each world/dimension"... and eventually you "jump off the fence" and are TRULY READY to EMBRACE your Highest Dimensional REALities fully from within. "Until then" every moment is a "test", to see if you will go "human" (back into your ego) again..... Every time you HOLD the highest, you dissolve a bit more of the old within you.

We use the words "Ego Death" as a representation of the separation within each dissolving, for an important re-birthing/resurrection/phoenix process to begin/occur.... ​


A WHOLE NEW REALITY is born/birthed/comes forth from within, as each goes INSIDE to "work through all" and clear enough density to LIVE THIS FULLY.... 

ALL NEW REALITIES that look nothing like the old... so if you are "measuring your reality" by "that", you'll be running in circles until all of that energy is gone.... 

As you re-birth, a NEW INNOCENCE comes forth and no, you won't be able to "take the old" anymore. You won't desire it and your "new Lightbody" won't want to be around it either. You are about to start learning everything all over again, including "how to function", all new values/standards and what is acceptable as REALity and what's not. Your PURE YOU BREATHES PURE LOVE.... in your most expanded states, this is breathtaking, beautiful, just PURE EVERYTHING.... yet anytime you "contract" back down into your own ego realities, it will be up to you to see and start to re-align all as LOVE ... as you ENTER a whole new part of the process of BUILDING/CREATING AND FORMING all new realtionships with all..... This is a CULTIVATING process, where all that you INVEST YOU/ALL IN.... creates a vibrational return. It's where everything you are and do, is to SUPPORT HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS (HUMANITY) on a multi-dimensional level... and "what" this is will shift/change in every nano-second, as your abilities evolve with you and what you have to offer is immense. ♥

ALL NEW REALITIES.... aligned with PURE LOVE, YOUR OWN HUMANITY and a CARING/KINDNESS that transcends any lack/need at all..... 

ALL NEW REALITIES... SIMPLE... HUMBLE... PURE... It's not complicated, unless you try to bring unconsciousness forth.... 

The challenges are for each to resolve/dissolve separation, to "find new ways" instead, to break down those programs inside and RETURN TO PURITY here. The "challenges" are ENERGY too... one might focus on "that out there" and "think" that that is the issue, when in essence, it's ALL INSIDE.... EVERYTHING IS.... 

Every dimension available, the deeper all go inside.... every REALity possible... the KEY is to be wide open to SEE... to LET COMPLETELY GO AND FOCUS your ENERGY on NEW, accepting that you have not "created" in this "dimension" yet... yet it "waits" and "floats around in your Universal/Unified Field of Consciousness", until you embrace and GO FOR IT.... and your ENERGY IS DEDICATED ENOUGH to anchor those higher dimensional realities here.... 

SURRENDER... BE.... SEE/FEEL... and when your LightBody is charged/regenerated/ready to rock it, get up and "go BE/DO" as you feel/see/know.... GRAB THOSE DREAMS that are REALITIES and bring them forth/call them forth into this VIBRATIONAL NOW.... 

Your ego makes excuses, gets caught up in stories/blame/can't and focuses on EVERYTHING ELSE that DRAINS/SUCKS YOUR LIFE FORCE ENERGY until depleted and "can't" and then uses that as an excuse. Not enough "time", not enough "energy"... when in essence, if we are RESPECTING OUR OWN TIME/ENERGY and living from that SLOW PLACE INSIDE... THAT SPACE OF WONDER, EXCITEMENT and NEW DISCOVERIES.... of "I can see it, now all I have to do is "do", call forth, allow..... then REVERSING HOW YOU FUNCTION IS A part of activating your Merkaba, so it can build itself inside/out and bring your body through to THE ASCENDED REALMS of HEAVEN WITHIN YOU... so you can "live this" fully with your external too...... 

WHICH ASPECT OF YOU ARE YOU LIVING? BEING AND MAKING DECISIONS WITH? This will dictate your everything and HOW you experience all too..... When is relative to LIGHT... so as each integrate high frequency photonic light, when becomes "this now", where everything is POSSIBLE, because it's all vibrational and comes forth when/as we achieve the vibration within ourselves...................... 

GET YOUR BODY'S VIBRATION UP.... Maintain. Sustain. Maintain. Sustain. Hold........ AS YOUR HIGHEST EVERYTHING...  your new realities fully from inside... when you don't "go back" inside, the TEMPLATE FOR YOUR NEW EARTH REALITIES CAN LOCK-IN and become the basis for your NEW REALITIES here..... 

​NEW EARTH IS INSIDE.... AND YOU BRING IT FORTH AS YOU LIVE IT FULLY... not just the "fun parts", but all of it.... everything/everyone in your reality.... is the frequency bandwidth your physical body and consciousness are "anchored in". Untether, cut the cords, let go and BE FREE INSIDE and align your realities yourself.... This is YOUR CREATION... no matter what you tell yourself. This is what you ALLOW.... accept all as is.. then move your body/whole BEing/You, to a "new reality", in UNISON WITH YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.... 

Everything you actually desire... awaits for you to "arrive"... first inside then "out there". It's all the opposite.... REMEMBER.... 

You have to HOLD THE NEW LONG ENOUGH for the outside to become a vibrational match to that "new". If you don't hold, then the vibrational match shifts with you as you do. 

YOUR HUMANITY IS RETURNING.... all not this will become visible for you to hear/see/feel/experience.... so that you can CHOOSE which version/aspect of YOU that YOU ARE GOING TO BE NOW..... ♥

With love and excitement for all embracing, honoring and returning to EXPERIENCE the magnificence from within too!

p.s. I'll be sharing more on the foggy/groggy veils dissolving/anchoring processes and also some of the physical body stuff many are going through to shift the density and clear our immense linear programs too. Shifting "Earths" is a massive process.... Honor your process/LightBody/You and live from fulfilling your Higher Purposes... to live a fulfilling life full of love and simplicity too. Every act of kindness matters... you can make a difference in every way as you live this way too. ♥

Remember, you are on a Multi-Dimensional Earth now. You get to "choose" which Earth you Live from inside.... the dimension you function from INSIDE.... dictates your own experience here.

​This entire experience will shift all's priorities... where all is visible and what's important changes with every step of the process too. 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Lisa Brown  

I was born (walked in at 3) to a human existence as Lisa and my remembered name is Transcendence. I "fell backwards" into this journey of consciousness, awakening, remembering & ascension. It was "long after", when I looked back and started to "connect the dots" and put the puzzle pieces together that I actually understood everything. This IS how it works here, unless we have someone or something to guide us along the way. I used this "new knowledge" to develop courses and teaching tools for others. Little did I know that in all of the time I was listening to "higher guidance", that I, as my future self, was leading me to "this point in time" of becoming a WayShower, Ascension Guide, Light Anchor, Gatekeeper and more, for the 5th Dimensional Realm (and higher). It was by using my own experiences & expansion that I created and shared, every step of the way. It is what brought me here now, to be able to share with you. www.AwakeningToRemembering.com

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