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NEW Avatar Consciousness Quantum LightBody DNA Clearing Activation

NEW Avatar Consciousness Quantum LightBody DNA Clearing Activation

3D Prison Incarceration - Avatar Consciousness LightBody DNA - Cosmic Akash Karmic Clearing Activation

EXITING 3D PRISON EARTH - Cosmic Remembrance (Disclosure)     
A 12D Activation Story to Awaken Fully Now
3D Incarnation = Incarceration = Quarantine
Clearing Cosmic Karmic Debt/Akash (various levels of this occur over each Embodiment phase)
☼ Light Encoded Activation by Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Avatar Consciousness Codes


Before you start this activation, your conscious awareness of how DEEP this activation can “go” is beyond important…. This is to assist all who are truly ready and choosing, consciously, to utilize this activation to go straight to cellular programming that correlates to your own energetic and physical reality here. By you consciously choosing to “do/utilize” this activation, you agree to fully open your heart/mind/energy body, in order to consciously receive the light encodements shared within to assist you however is most appropriate for your own awakening, remembering, ascension, mastery and embodiment processes here. 

The more you choose/feel to do this activation, the deeper it will continue to assist you with unanchoring unconscious programming held for conscious shifting, clearing and restructuring by you. ♥

Conscious Soul Agreement means that you fully understand that EVERYTHING that occurs, is a part of your own pre-chosen Soul's Journey here. 

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Activation in (Somewhat Similar) Transcribed Format: (all may be updated/edited later)


Close your eyes

Quiet Your Mind

And Open Your HEART to Truly SEE

As a Galactic Holy Benevolent Species

As a Cosmic Species WE needed an Earth

We wanted to take Physical Form

So We needed a planet

This one was the only “inhabitable” one

(Not really, as we are doing this on other planets too)

Because we don’t exist within linear time

“How long” doesn’t matter to us

We saw “Landing” here

And that it was going to take a LOT to Evolve

(Terra Forming & Reverse Terra Forming = Terra Nova Version of Multi-Dimensional Earth)

All through REMEMBERING and higher states of consciousness

From within each of our bodies chosen, in conjunction with this planet Earth

Because the vibration was so low

The amount of Density of each’s body to incarnate into

Without already evolved crystalline structures, would have to EVOLVE into this…

As a Galactic Species

We “Tractor Beamed” the planet

Through the Photon Belt

Which would activate and awaken all LIGHT BEINGS on it

Choosing to incarnate/walk in here

To accomplish this massive task

We created a “mirrored version”

And called it “NEW Earth”

Coming through the photon belt “split” the earth into infinite dimensional versions

Infinite realities playing themselves out

The human aspect is unaware of “movement” between these earths

Because of how all occurs

On a Quantum Level and through Photonic Light

And various densities of each dimensional versIon of “bodies” and the Dimensional Earth they actually occupy

“Movement” capabilities are available as each fully EMBODIES PURE SOURCE LIGHT

NEW Earth offers vibrationally what Old Earth cannot
NEW Earth is only accessible after each starts to fully wake up
From the deep states of amnesia/coma ….
And living deep beneath these veils INSIDE and with the dense bodies chosen to complete the transformation process necessary to “exit” now
NEW Earth is a much higher vibrational version of Earth
Vibrant, Colorful, Alive and all communicates “telepathically” (energetically) on a Quantum Level here
It’s where ALL exists in UNITY and through the embodiment of PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE

At first, it was an agreed experiment
To see if it was actually possible
Or if We’d destroy ourselves again
Like we had so many times before

We “transferred” our consciousness here
Through Photonic Light
Into/through the DNA of all on this planet
Planting ourselves throughout (StarSeeds)
To awaken, grow… awaken and REMEMBER….
Who we truly are … from WAY beyond “here”
Our Light Intelligence of ALL Existences
A Compilation, if you will
LeMUrian, Atlantean, Star Systems/Planets/Galaxies… Inner Earth/Gaia
All different Consciousnesses
Awaken through our DNA here
All Emerges through our own Photonic Light Embodiment
A natural and organic process of Evolution
That occurs as we raise our own VIBRATION HIGH ENOUGH TO REMEMBER FULLY here
This “Transfer of Data” Storage occurs on a Quantum Level
Not a linear one
It’s all vibrational and energetic and relative to DENSITY and LIGHT
The more density, the lower the vibration
The LIGHTer the density, the higher the vibration
This is not “weight”
This is how “compacted” all is on a physical/cellular/muscular/tissue level
Affecting each’s LIGHTBODIES abilities here
The more carbon-based on a molecular/atomic level
The denser the dimension occupied
The more crystalline/plasma, the Higher the Dimension occupied (as LIGHT)
The more Crystalline/Plasma/Photonic Light held
The more Light Intelligence available to/through each here

WE all AGREED to BE the “new species”
A Hybrid of sorts
Where all of our Galactic and Cosmic Divine Aspects merge into ONE within our physical form
We agreed to incarnate/walk into these physical bodies and these human lives
And integrate Photonic Light fully
Because we have the capability of a Multi-Dimensional Existence now
With our evolving physical body form

The ATMOSPHERE of the higher dimensional realms is very different
So our bodies have an immense process to go through in order to be able to live/exist/function here
In order to transition, they must integrate, recalibrate, recode, reharmonize and synchronize constantly
To breathe the “different” density of breathable air (plasma/crystalline)
In order to understand, picture yourself in a spacesuit on “another planet” and taking your helmet off to adapt to the learn to breathe the thinner, lighter, plasma aire… This is how this occurs here…. Through “adaptation”...

The 3D/4D Human body’s vibration was wayyyyyyyyyy to low
And “planted” deep beneath the Veils
Where all went deep asleep and “forgot”
This Divine Plan & Agreement for incarnation/occupancy here
While human aspects “struggle inside”
Regarding “ET” or “off planet life
They do not fully comprehend
It’s in their own DNA (Inside)
And that as the vibration of this planet constantly raises now
That DNA is activated to awaken NOW
And begin/accelerate a “reconfiguration” process that throw’s the human “off balance and unravels their old realities to align all on a Cosmic OverSoul/Avatar Level now.

All who are a part of this Divine Plan/Experiment/Experience
Evolve Now (awaken) through Photonic Light
This awakening is multi-faceted
And occurring over the human separation of Linear Time (for each’s whole life)
Those not choosing to awaken fully, prior to incarnation (3D incarceration)
Continue to remain in a dimensional version of REALity in what is referred to as 3D Old Earth until it/they die
Those who CHOSE to “leave” and “EMBARK” (SHIP NAME to transition to 5D/12D NEW Earth
Agreed to evolve with the planet
For our beloved species to unite
5D/9D/12D Higher Dimensional Earth has different versions (and experiences)
Dependent on Planet Earth’s current Evolution and Light Embodiment Phase(s)

The Light Councils/Emissaries/Ambassadors/Dignitaries/Guardians/Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers/Stabilizers
Carry the “Codes” for all of this
With the ability to consciously activate this within each
The Gatekeepers are the ones opening/working with these StarGates for all “Species” to move back and forth
Through these “Delivery” Stargate Systems (Portals/Gateways/Vortexes)
Remembering their Roles for ALL of a much Higher Consciousness HUmaNITY here
They not only hold the information/knowledge
They hold the (StarCodes) DNA for our NEW PLANET
From all other planets/Star Systems and versions of existences as Record Keepers/Living Libraries Here

Your Evolution is through Love & Unity and Peace
Lower Vibrational/Dimensional Earth will die off
As NEW Earth replaces it
There are so many of us here
Not all have REMEMBERED FULLY yet
The confusion as each awakens
Is the REALization that the harmonics of old earth don’t vibrationally “match”
What REALity is “supposed to be” NOW

For many, the density of their bodies
Hold the Karmic Akash of the entire Cosmos that must be fully cleared
To REMEMBER to “earn” the “right”
To Live Freely here
Many won’t yet REMEMBER THIS PART to the extent of this version of one truth
And still distort it all, due to unconscious programming still held within
That 3D was actually a “Prison Tank”
Created to HOLD the Unconscious vibrationally “at bay”
This incarceration, on one level, was a Galactic-Soul Choice
An alternative to other options, to “serve time” for crimes against humanity and a part of clearing Cosmic Karmic Debt where all had to be ‘REVERSED’
This agreed penalty/incarceration/sentencing
Was Decided in front of the High Council, the Cosmic Court, if you will
Where the “bid” for “freedom” from alternative options was Unconscious 3D Earth

As it’s “time” (vibrationally) for each to start to awaken from the (often un-realized) prison/hell
4D Earth is where each awakens through
Liken it to “prisoners” all saying/fighting “I want out”

In order to transition to 5D Earth Society
4D Earth is where each learns to Reverse Polarity
And clear karma of the earthly plane, through their heart/Higher Self
Unaware that the walls of the prison were armour around each’s heart
All of that protection, survival and “surrendering” of “freedom” of FREE WILL/CHOICE

This prison reality is the “term” that each chose/received
For Galactic/Celestial “Crimes” committed by each
These sentences now conclude/end for all who REMEMBER
This version of reality
And one of the many reasons for why you are actually here…
This virtual prison was “implanted”/imprinted/held by you on a cellular level
With your pre-agreement prior to incarnation/walking in
Would CLEAR (complete) your sentence/agreement/incarceration/karmic debt vibrationally for each

Dedication to Higher Service
AS Pure Source Light
Dropping all of the 3D Stories of disempowerment/give my power away
And shifting your Entire Consciousness fully into THIS NOW
Focusing on YOUR overall/total vibration
And what you hold/transmit out
Making your amends
Owning all as “done”, so that you can let all go from within you
So that you can shift/move on/out/over
Will assist your body with raising it’s vibration
High enough to “Leave” your 3D Prison
That you called “reality”, yet was held within your self/cells…
Raising your vibration high enough to expand your consciousness fully here
Lifts you OUT of 3D Incarceration (on a Sacred Level = Hell)
Out of Duality, so that you can return to full UNITY again

The physical reality is a vibrational match to the Levels of Consciousness that you hold/occupy
In order to transcend 3D and return to 5D REALity, you must expand your Consciousness BACK
To before your incarceration
When you were pure and free before
In all of your “other” alternate existences that run simultaneously to the one you are currently/always in
Your expansion through Purity gives you access again

3D is a Level of Consciousness
As is 4D, 5D and all the other “D”’s too (Dimensions/Densities)
The higher you go, the less dense all is, the LIGHTer all is… the free’er all is, the simpler, easy and magical too

With this understanding, resonance and remembrance
ALL now get to choose
Which Dimensional Version of Earth each desires to occupy
Which is determined by way of each’s full ability to bring themselves/all into full heart consciousness now
If you can shift your MINDSETS
You cn now leave as YOU are READY
Yet not before…. Because “if you try” and you are not ready
The doors (portals/gates) won’t open fully, because you are still holding on/back from inside…

Only as a fully inner-connected LIGHT BEING
Are you able to “do” this now.
In order to “leave”
You must choose to surrender
Your ego fears
Your ego blame and finger pointing
Your ego manipulation
Your ego selfishness and disempowered states
Your ego lack and all excuses
Your ego holding on/inability to let go/move on
Your disdain and disregard for our beloved Gaia, yourself and each other now
All of your EGO separation must be released
Otherwise, all of “this” continues to “hold you” to your 3D Reality

5D is the Portal/The Ascension Gateway
Your Living your Ascended States of much Higher Consciousness
Where you are always loving, always kind, always respectful (on a Soul Level), always appreciative, always open and sharing, always caring and unified inside and with all as ONE

This is your passageway out of 3D/4D and back into 5D+
Love for ALL AS ONE
Is “how” you “Leave” (Exit/Transition)
Out of your 3D Matrix Prison
You hold the KEY(s) (Keycodes)
In your DNA
Activated as you open your heart
For your own Light to come through you
In order to REMEMBER FULLY again/here
As you let go of the blame, shame, hurt, hate, pain, stories, finger pointing and not taking full responsibility for your ENERGY AS A COSMIC LIGHT BEING here
You must embrace your own Higher/Highest Self Aspects fully for EMBODIMENT (within your body fully)
To live your NEW EARTH LIFE of Pure Love, Full abundance and FREE from the constraints of “before”
The shackles and chains and “punishment” (sentence) of 3D
Ends when you REMEMBER
Why you chose this experience here
Technically, nothing was done “to you”.... All was “for you” and all
This was your choice/agreement to clear all of your Cosmic Karma/Akash
Your chosen experience, often referred to as “the experiment” on a Galactic Level….
When you “shed these shackles” and awaken fully to transcend the entire human experience here
Because it’s not “just for you”, it’s for all….
For as you “unburden” yourself, you do this for all others simultaneously as well….
Which is part of a collective agreement/gift
For all to leave “those cells”....
(Metaphor intended)

Look to the Great Central Sun/Solaris and the Stars
That appear within you and your external skies too
To activate your remembrance/memories as well as the “FREEDOM CODES”
And where these are encoded to activate vibrationally within you

Look at your body differently
Understand how important Vibration and Energy and Consciousness are
Understand that you are the ONLY ONE that can do this for you
No one else can….
Others can activate, guide and assist, yet you are the one that must go DEEEEEEEEEP within to do this….

These KEYS to FREEDOM (also called the Keys to the Kingdom on a Sacre Soul Level)
Are located through your Pure Heart Space
Activated through your own continual opening and expansion through Your Oversoul/Christed/Avatar Consciousness here

Understand that “prison” is only “still REALity”, if you allow it to be
Understand it’s a belief and a thing your human ego conforms to
Until you are truly ready to break/be free…..

As of this moment
HAS ANCHORED ENOUGH PHOTONIC LIGHT (in conjunction with our beloved Gaia Earth Ship)
And held it long enough for the StarGate to now remain OPEN FOR ALL!


Unity Love Consciousness “ends” your 3D “sentence”
And returns you to “our society” as a Cosmic Galactic Soul/Light BEing here/again

Our “new” Species, if you will, is all of us as Souls, Galactics, Star BEings, Elementals, Celestials & Sacred Light BEings here…. With all of our higher consciousness Avatar DNA activated as each embodies their own Higher/Highest Selves…..

On a Sacred Level, the conversion is Heaven/Hell
On a Galactic Level, the conversion is Prison/Completely free (Full HUmanITARIAN Service “converts” each’s “sentence” over)
On a human level, the conversion is Unconscious programs or fully Conscious Intentional Existence….
Also referred to as each’s “Prison Matrix” to be cleared vibrationally by each on a cellular level, entire body template and entire energy field.

What humans “battle” is as a Cosmic/Galactic/Holy Species, yet they “think” it’s their human differences, because they have not remembered fully yet…..
It’s each’s Galactic War within
Holy War within (Sacred battle between Heaven and Hell)
As each resolves all through PURE LOVE
This battle now ends…..

On  Cosmic/Galactic/Soul Level:
3D Version of Earth = Our prison planet
5D Version of Earth = Our Ascended & Freedom Planet
4D Version of Earth = Where all work through programming to clear the linear matrix structures held in the body from within
6D Version of Earth & Higher = Fulfilling all Service Roles through Unity Consciousness and Pure Source Creator Energy
12D Version of Earth = Basis Template for Avatar/OverSoul Consciousness (= 144 Template/Codes)

At first, most are unaware of “different dimensions” of Earth…. Because the capability for full multi-dimensionality didn’t become possible until 2012 when the Gateways opened for Physical Body Ascension to start to occur for each on an individual basis here. Now we have collectives, which is how the gridwork/networking system for higher dimensional NEW Earth strengthens and is held/anchored/embodied by each, as a part of an intricate “NEW System” that replaces the old ones completely. All through Unity Consciousness…..

You agreed to this “Cosmically”, in order to “right your wrongs”, to reverse all polarity and to absolve yourself of ALL….

WE Consciousness… ONE.

Lisa Brown  
I was born (walked in at 3) to a human existence as Lisa and my remembered name is Transcendence. I "fell backwards" into this journey of consciousness, awakening, remembering & ascension. It was "long after", when I looked back and started to "connect the dots" and put the puzzle pieces together that I actually understood everything. This IS how it works here, unless we have someone or something to guide us along the way. I used this "new knowledge" to develop courses and teaching tools for others. Little did I know that in all of the time I was listening to "higher guidance", that I, as my future self, was leading me to "this point in time" of becoming a WayShower, Ascension Guide, Light Anchor, Gatekeeper and more, for the 5th Dimensional Realm (and higher). It was by using my own experiences & expansion that I created and shared, every step of the way. It is what brought me here now, to be able to share with you. www.AwakeningToRemembering.com
Source: here

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